SA does not trust foreigners - survey

2012-10-09 14:20

Johannesburg - Six in 10 South Africans do not trust foreign nationals, a survey by Afrobarometer and Idasa revealed on Tuesday.

The distrust of foreign nationals among locals had increased from 60% in 2008 to 67% in 2011.

The survey was conducted among 2 400 adult South Africans from rural and urban areas in October and November last year.

The research was executed by Afrobarometer in partnership with the Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (Idasa).

The actual data collection was done by Citizens Surveys. It was aimed at gauging South Africans' perceptions and attitudes on migration.

Forty-four percent of the respondents disagreed with providing protection for asylum seekers in South Africa.

Close to a third (32%) would take action against migrants moving into their neighbourhood.

Just above the third (36%) of the sample would also stop foreign nationals from operating businesses in South Africa.

Sixty-three percent of the sample said government had failed to adequately manage migration issues in South Africa.

  • darryl.scott.77770 - 2012-10-09 14:31

    How many murders by Zimbo's the last year. Bob sends them here on a mission.

      lynette.mufaro - 2012-10-09 14:34

      Proportionately,how many murders by saafas last year?Yes there are bad apples within the foreigner community BUT I can guarantee you,Zimbabwe's crime rate (or any African country that is not involved in armed conflict) is haven compared to SA.

      rofras.rassie - 2012-10-09 14:42

      @ Mufaro Go back to haven please.

      besilcaptain.fredman - 2012-10-09 14:46

      @letlalo you have a misplaced mind and you will cost us in an argument, internet is also in zim

      mosimane.letlalo - 2012-10-09 14:48

      And what are you doing on news24, go to Zim24 or something...

      bibi.vanzyl - 2012-10-09 15:09

      @Lynette: half of Zimbabwe is in SA. Why if all is honky dory in Zim?

      aniken.vader.31 - 2012-10-09 15:11

      just to be clear - when you guys speak of foreigners are we speaking only from africa? zim? nigerians? or EVERY FOREIGNER? just wanted to get that clearer. As about the percentage from 60 to 67 from 2008 to 2011 shows that south africans were already anti-foreigners and not much has changed, just about 7% if stats are to be believed. Also - this hate against them sounds more and more like the hate the nazis had for the jews because the jews were owning business' and the nazis did not! hmmmm care for peace anyone?

      bibi.vanzyl - 2012-10-09 15:14

      @Lynette: me thinks you are a Zimbo living in SA>

      mosimane.letlalo - 2012-10-09 15:28

      Go home and kill mugabe, problem solved.

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 15:30

      ha ha ha surely Mosimane do you really think News24 only exists for people living in SA? Do u really know that even guys from USA, UK, Canada are logged in right me! I guess u are one of the 6

      thabani.ngema - 2012-10-09 16:32

      @Mufaro, Zimbabwe a haven? lol. go back then

      pj.egolie - 2012-10-09 16:55

      Yes we do read New24 and no we are not in SA i'm reading this in my chair here in The Netherlands and must say we do have the same problem here but our Zims come from Morroco and be glad you people don't have them in SA they will make Zims look like childeren .

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-10 02:01

      I am so glad this topic came up.As a Nigerian who has resided in SA for the past 10 years ,i can tell you that i have never expereinced such hatred in my life before.If i was not obligated to work in SA i would have left a long time ago.I can easily tell you that the last 10 years has been the most miserable of my life time.I have been called all kinds of names e.g drug dealer,fraudster,makwerekwere,bloody foreigners, magongo,vermin,leach, M0nkey,bab00n,k..f e.t.c

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-10-10 02:03

      I have to deal with racism and xenophobia on a daily basis and i sometimes wonder how i have managed to survive in SA all this while.I thought i will get used to all the hate,i thought my success will cushion the pain and it won't hurt anymore but it still hurts.The occasional racist or xenophobic remarks still makes me mad.This year was one of the worst because my 6 year old son became a victim of xenophobia for the first time.It was the most shocking thing i have ever seen.After witnessing my son being called a kwerekwere by another older child i realized that i can no longer remain in South Africa anymore.My children do not deserve to live a hate filled country like South Africa where their lives are in constant danger. I have since made plans to leave South Africa for good and come 2013 i pray that my plans comes through so i can get my kids to safety.I have had enough of the insults and knowing how violent some people are in SA,i know my children are not safe here,not in the slightest.One thing i will never forget though is how i was treated by some South Africans ,i will never forget that my own black brothers hated my guts for no good reason except that i am a Nigerian.I will never forget how some white South Africans called me unmentionable names all because i was black and Nigerian.I will never advise my worst enemy to migrate here because the current SA gives "hellhole" a new definition.Ubuntu unfortunately is a myth in SA,there is no real ubuntu here.

      gestoffle.vaneerdenvark - 2012-10-10 02:18

      @omonaija - I am sorry to say, but your reputation as a Nigerian precedes you my friend - but you have to look at the humour in it. I see genuineness in your story, and i would not disagree the way people are in SA. Most have no respect for life, possessions, etc. I would be surprised if you were not blamed for apartheid too. SA has this little "nack" of blaming for it's failings, instead of getting over it, they dwell on it. They wont see you as the best person for the job, but rather a person who is taking a job. I have always had the argument that competing makes you better, even if it is against a foreigner. I am glad you still alive and good luck.

      benjamin.doyle.351 - 2012-10-10 09:07

      Go Mosimane!!!....If a foreigner goes and lives in another country, he should not even think about doing crime. There should be no crime done in SA by any foreigner, you are guests(not always wanted guest, I might add) What would happen to to a South African if he should be caught doing crime in Zim or Nigeria? not that any South African would wanna go to those $h1tholes! To all those foreighners complaining about conditions over here in SA, feel free to go, the sooner the better and take all these bleeding heart liberals with you! Less crime and more jobs for South Africans!!!!

      merven.halo - 2012-10-10 16:41

      Hey omonaija, look at the bright side, Nigeria got the best internet hackers and fraudsters in the world!

  • jackal666.daniel - 2012-10-09 14:32

    LOL I'm marrying one!

      benjamin.doyle.351 - 2012-10-10 09:33

      Your problem......

  • sisie.indola - 2012-10-09 14:34

    Its not surprising that foreigners are viewed with suspicion (i am presuming that you are talking about the visitors from other African countries)when you take into account - who will work? who murders? who robs? who are the drug dealers? who are the con artists? who are the scammers? should i go on.........

      Alice - 2012-10-09 14:40

      Mufaro, and your point is?????

      bibi.vanzyl - 2012-10-09 15:12

      @Lynette, get of your high horse (I very much doubt it is a Zim one) and talk about your own problems. Zimbabwe is the world's no 2 failed state and bob the no 6 dictator. Fact is we have massive problems in SA with foreigners.

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 15:44

      ha ha ha Rufaro is damn right. SA guys you always blame foreigners for your misfortunes as well as incompetences instead of sitting down and iron out the real issues..and foreigners are not one of your real issues. The main thing is you have a corrupt government run by greedy and selfish people just like their Zimbabwean ZANU PF counterparts, and SA is slowly but surely falling into the same dilema. Instead of voting for the exit of foreigners why dont you vote for the exit of the corrupt governemnt? You waste time on things that you cant change, do you really think you can chase all of them out of SA? Only Hitler tried to do that and faced the heat. Only one thing you can for the right people and bread will be on your table...everyday

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-10-09 15:54

      Lynette is trolling, South africa has more foreigners than any other african country...they come from their countries to commit crime here

      medhanie.ghezehey - 2012-10-09 16:17

      .......and the civil war continues.

      delish7564 - 2012-10-09 21:01

      Sisie, never presume :). Actually I object to being lumped in under the "foreigner" label although that's what I am. I chose to come to SA from Europe and defended the country against those who said I was mad bringing my family here. We love living here, bring hard currency into the country which we then spend locally, don't ask anything from the State, nor do we expect it and generally go about our lives without causing trouble for anyone. In return I am grudgingly permitted to stay here for a couple of years after which my visa may not be renewed, whilst others are welcomed with open arms yet they do not bring any skills, have no way of supporting themselves and do expect to be supported by the State, which they are, no doubt at the expense of South Africans. There are, of course, other "foreigners" who are just thankful to be here and try very hard to find a job to support their family without the need for State help. If I want to stay here permanently, I have to have Rand x million sitting in the bank and yet others don't.......why should that be I wonder?!!!! Whilst I understand the frustration caused by "foreigners" taking essential services and jobs, please don't lump us all together, some of us don't want anything from you, other than being allowed to live in this beautiful country :(

  • henry.vanderburpenfart - 2012-10-09 14:37

    Looking at the Rand at the moment, the feeling seems mutual.

  • rofras.rassie - 2012-10-09 14:40

    Life will be great for South Africans if we didnt have foreigners competing with us. Mugabe should come and take his people.

      besilcaptain.fredman - 2012-10-09 14:48

      @ rofras why u scared of competition?? stop b@#$@%ing around and pull your stinking socks!

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-10-09 14:57

      rofras only an idiot would think all foreigners in SA are from Zim or even exclusively african! LOL you are such a fool!

      Alice - 2012-10-09 15:00

      Jackall 50% of foreign nationals in SA are from Zim. They exceed the number of Basotho, Swazi's, Batswana and Namibian Nationals.

      rofras.rassie - 2012-10-09 15:00

      You guys are too desparate and you settle for anything, i cant compete with you.

      besilcaptain.fredman - 2012-10-09 15:04

      Alice please provide us with the facts and stats for what u saying, did u count them? where do u get that ?

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-10-09 15:11

      Alice ever heard of Europe or America to name but two continents?

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-10-09 15:20

      Alice go to any post graduate department in any SA university and you will find Americans, New Zealanders, Australians, Germans the works :) LOL you are so bigoted.

      Alice - 2012-10-09 15:30

      Jackal, I agree with you because I have studied in SA and Europe too. The results of this survey conducted here is probably extracted from mainly black SAns. The questions are probably directed towards finding out about their attitudes towards African neighbouring countries nationals who walk freely into SA, it could exclude Europeans cz majority of them are here on study, work, business visas. I have never seen or heard of an Irish, British, Spaniard, german etc breaking, killing farmers, hi-jacking and breaking into ppl's house before but our African brothers are the ones committing these horrendous crimes.

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 15:48

      ha ha ha you have metric i have a doctorate in sciences you cant compete with me rofras...i also have a big snake in ma pants and SA women love the big ones so definately u cant compete with me. Sit down and watch the game

      Alice - 2012-10-09 15:53

      Mutemi yes you have a doctorate and a big anaconda. Wit your doctorate you guys settle for getting paid R5 an hour. So shut up and enjoy your Sadza and don't forget to down it with a big glass of Mazowe.

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 16:08

      ha ha ha Alice come on i cant give u ma real salary coz then u might hate foreigners more. Enjoy the small snakes...and please eat beetroot before that

      Alice - 2012-10-09 16:23

      You are bored Mutemi,My husband is European( won't disclose which country in Europe). I left SA 8yrs ago and now working, have dual citizenship and contributing to both my adopted country's economy and SA too, cz I have invested in SA. I don't get paid peanuts even my last job in SA was a good job. I don't feel threatened by anyone, as long as people are over there for legitimate reasons and working towards contributing to our economy I'm cool with that. I worry because my whole family is still there and Zimbabweans broke into my mom's house twice, my sister was mugged for her cellphone, I can go on about the things they engage in.

  • mosimane.letlalo - 2012-10-09 14:42

    I dont trust them either, after a house break their finger prints cant be traced because they are aliens.

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 15:53

      even south african thieves without IDs their fingerprints cannot be traced.

      maune.moima - 2012-10-09 17:15

      am sory but I dnt trust dem too !

      maune.moima - 2012-10-09 17:17

      Vambozha is Bored...very Bored, how old a u Vam'? My 3yr old son can reason beter ?

  • warren.rodel - 2012-10-09 14:54

    hey if they dont strike then I'm sure they will be beneficial.

      mosimane.letlalo - 2012-10-09 15:30

      I hate strikes as much as u do but What if they rob you business and disappear?

      warren.rodel - 2012-10-09 17:26

      its the norm for a criminal to disappear.

      warren.rodel - 2012-10-09 17:26

      local or not.

  • patrick.pitjeng - 2012-10-09 15:07

    If only their presence in S.A boosted our economy nd nt boost unemployment nd homless stats

      patrick.pitjeng - 2012-10-09 15:29

      Thats the minority of foreign people...go to downtown joburg and start counting...nd i don't suppose the millionair is from europe or america

      patrick.pitjeng - 2012-10-09 16:22

      As i mentioned b4 ben its a MINORITY, of our african neighbours such as ur congolese boss, who would actualy come here for business nd education purposes...the majority resort to desperate tactics such as crime nd street squattering which cripple our country

  • Klaus - 2012-10-09 15:07

    in my travels through southern africa, many of the locals have voiced their dislike for indigenous south africans, wonder why, seeing that same rsa's used hospitality of our neighbour's to the fullest - or not? What happened?

  • Shirley Van Heerden - 2012-10-09 15:07

    I wonder what honest hard working foreigners living in SA think about us. Especially investors...

      Steven - 2012-10-09 15:29

      Think the comments here would scare off any would immigrant from wanting to come here to be honest. As a foreign national, who's here legally and paying taxes, I find it absurd that many people view foreigners as the number cause of crime, when we all know its far from the truth. Yes criminals are everywhere, but to blame foreign nationals for crime, is akin to blaming Apartheid for the lack of education to the current generation of school goers. What this proves though, is that South African's (the ones who comment not the population at large), are quick to blame others for their own misfortune rather than try fix their own lives on their own. SA has a huge you owe us complex hence the constant strikes etc. Stop blaming others and fix your own life, No one will fix it for you

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 16:04

      am one of them and it hurts...thanks for pointing that out Shirley

  • butch.poulter - 2012-10-09 15:15

    Government had failed to adquately manage migration issues and crime and corruption and strikes and SAA and Escom and, and, and.

  • elvis.bolokang - 2012-10-09 15:23

    I do nt trust

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-10-09 15:24

    South African have rightly learned not to trust anybody, regardless of where they come from.

  • elvis.bolokang - 2012-10-09 15:27

    I do nt trust white people of south africa from europe

      Stlouis Heidtmann - 2012-10-09 16:32

      really so you rather trust raping barbarian stealing corrupting killing blacks

      Cameron - 2012-10-09 23:21

      aaahh shame....

  • gail.welman - 2012-10-09 15:31

    Please be clear when you say 'foreigners'. What they mean is invaders from our border countries. And let's be more clear when we say 'asylum seekers', becaus it is still invaders from our border countries. THey come with nothing and spread murder and mayhem. THey are definitely not talking about immigrants from Europe, America, Asia, Australia, because they bring money, brains and work ethic.

      Steven - 2012-10-09 16:01

      Stupid people make my brain sad....And you've just made mine really really sad.

      nombuso.n.mtshali.1 - 2012-10-09 16:38

      I'm just not happy about these Vietnamese nationals that are killing our rhinos for their horns. With the help of Mozambicans and South Africans

      Paul - 2012-10-10 08:29

      I have read comments, I want to your guys to understand something, You talk all such of bad things to Africa foreigners and one thing am 100% sure of is that crime has been in South Africa before any nationality come to SA, Point No2, You guys call Nigerians criminals traffic drugs and fraud,As your self,How can a drug come into the country without passing the Authority at the airport and boarder,That means they are corrupt them self. Nigerians are not the only one who deal in Drugs in SA, But for the fact that they are noise maker its look like they are the Boss in Drug..Point 3, I hardly see South Africa talking about the infact of some foreigners who are professionals in South Africa, Which they are in all sectors. Point 4, The Postbank fraud worth of millions of Rand was it by foreigner? NO. Its by a South Africa, Please don't pretend that all SA are saint...Last advice, Any country who dust not accept foreigners/investor or expectational skill professional may fail..try and associate yourself to foreigners who are professional and not criminal. I rest my case..

  • gail.welman - 2012-10-09 15:33

    Lynette Mufaro if South Africa is so bad and foreigners from Zimbabwe are so good, please move there. I guarantee you that you won't move.

  • marcel.okafor - 2012-10-09 15:42

    I hope this report wont cause another xenophobic violence?

  • eddie.marinda - 2012-10-09 15:48

    If statistics is anything to go by - there were 116 000 inmates in 2007, 3600 (3%) of whom were foreigners! 28 000 of these were in prison for murder and attempted murder, and by the wildest of assumptions if all foreigners in jail then were convicted murderers/attempted murderers thats 13%!

  • archie.mooki - 2012-10-09 15:49

    love ...hate.. dislike love HATE .... I will hate course some are working in government LIKE SARS doing just Admin that below average matriculant can do instead of S.A. people phew

  • edgar.mooi - 2012-10-09 15:51

    That's how we feel about them inrespect of race, wen i ws a teenage the zims come to steal cattels hear an my fada lost about 63 of his cattels , he become bankrupt wanting to commit suicide . I grew up feeling ds anger , hate and how many crime do these foreigners commit . I get shocked to see de farmers giving jobs to them. , but one day u will du like my father an government dont care. Can i sue the goverment about my father s cattels im paying tax to be looked after safety of all my belongs .

      ryan.sthole - 2012-10-09 15:59

      And your father killed many blacks

      mlungisi.mwelase.9 - 2012-10-09 16:37

      Attention seeker, thaat is a lie it is not possible for cows to cross the boardeq

      vuyanie - 2012-10-09 17:09

      you can't blame a foreigner for spelling errors though. Maybe you need one to SPELL for you.

  • Nkosinathi.Sibbs - 2012-10-09 15:53

    I work with white foreing nationals and Africans from other African countries but our African brothers are hated species by our black South Africans and as a black person myself I do feel we black people we do not accept who we are. Black other blacks and this is pathetic. I can understand why Michael Jackson changed his skin colour, he was running away from a race that hate itself. Thabo Mbeki protected Mugabe too much and according to some publication by Mrs Sisulu and Moeletsi Mbeki Mugabe commited genocide of more than 20 000 civilians of Ndebele who are viewed also as foreigners to be exteminated by Mugabe and his people. Therefore Mugabe wont leave power because he is afraid of beign arrested. All crimes commited by Zimbabweans are as are sult of many events starting with genocide, dictatorship and the protection Mugabe received from Thabo Mbeki, loans given by South Africa to Zimbabwe proping racist tribal regime.

      nghamula.mdunwazi - 2012-10-09 16:11

      My brother lost 2000 from nigerians,so don't trust them that mch.yes we have to love one another like I can enjoy my life with mozambiqueans or zimbabweans but becarefull when we talk about nigerians

      isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:13

      if you say mugabe commited genocide why is he not at the icc?do you have the evidence?dont say stuff you dont know cos you will end up being stupid

      Paul - 2012-10-10 08:37

      @nghamula.mdunwazi,Your brother lost 2000 to Nigeria so doest trust them,Did your brother even trust you at all, NO.. If he does am sure he cant give you his bank card with pin, Criminals are everywhere and no one is pure...

  • kenpeg.dawson - 2012-10-09 15:54

    At the rate we get robbed and murdered by them no wonder they not trusted.

  • vuyanie - 2012-10-09 15:54

    the racists, they hear foreign and all they think of is Black people. There are many Europeans and Asians causing dangerous crime in this country but the racists go for the black foreigners.

      Hein Van Wyk - 2012-10-09 16:24

      the truth is there is more crime done by foreign black ppl...there are jest more of them. like if i say terrorist you think Muslim... stereotyping

      Stlouis Heidtmann - 2012-10-09 16:24

      what crimes the only crime europeans commit is looking after your behind rather thank us for our tax money paying for your grant and jacobs luxurys

  • ryan.sthole - 2012-10-09 15:55

    Yes its true nand those foreigners being blacks from around Mother Africa.its suppose to be Black citzens don't trust Black African Foreigners because I don't think White are in this they are much ahead of this and ofcourse they LOVE each other.this reserch was conducted among Blacks

  • derek.smith.12177276 - 2012-10-09 15:55

    imagine how many jobs will be available in S.A. if we send all the foreigners home...

      ludwe.kolwapi - 2012-10-09 16:19

      There's so many of them I can't even imagine that thought...I believe there's about 30mill s'africans,the other 18/19mill is them

      vuyanie - 2012-10-09 16:19

      what I can imagine is what will happen in this country if all black and white educated foreigners left this place. Chaos. Anglo/Boer/Zulu war again.

      vuyanie - 2012-10-09 16:35

      @Ludwe what a dumb arse. If you think Education is expensive, try Ignorance.

      Sewela Marcia Rapudubudu - 2012-10-09 16:38

      Plenty of jobs Derek

      vuyanie - 2012-10-09 16:48

      most people are unemployed in this country both Afrikaner and Black cause most have no education. Period. Most are even illiterate (can't read and write). You can't survive in this competitive world if u can not read or write. Borders are there to fool you. The world is 1 big world. Hope you'll be able to READ this.

      yusufchinyengetere - 2012-10-09 17:12

      L0l chase them foreigners and s.a will go down the drain. Remember that's almost the same thing mugabe implemented, jobs will be there but there wont be enough qualified personels.

      gift.moyo.52 - 2012-10-09 19:58

      I came from Zim 5 years ago, worked on the shop floor, I now have my own engineering company (you don't want to know how much I make a month)and the SAcans I worked with 5 years ago are still doing the same thing. What do you have to say about that?

      Paul - 2012-10-10 08:41

      derek.smith.12177276, Its fine when you send them back home.. But ask your self do you have the qualification for some of the jobs, which they still request for people to occupy? Less think very well before you send some kind of message.. Imagine when you have a metric and you looking for a Medical Doctor Job, Is unrealistic, Less learn how to leave with foreigners..If they send them back home the dollar will drop more than expected, Because some vital post may be vacant for years

  • nghamula.mdunwazi - 2012-10-09 15:57

    That's true, I don't trust them but I like to share a lot of ideas with them but every time I'm hearing a new bad stories about them about fraud,faking certificates and Id's and human trafiking

  • rofhiwa.ronald.1 - 2012-10-09 15:59

    zimdollars enough is enough gor home pls. We fought for this democracy not for u but for our children .ONE

      isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:07

      yea you fought to live in shacks and squalor while white people live in luxury looooooool

      Cameron - 2012-10-09 23:25

      Hows Zims doing for you then Isaac? I can guarantee you that there are alot more black South africans better of here than there are Black Zimbabweans in Zims!

  • ryan.sthole - 2012-10-09 16:04

    No there won't be any xenophobia now because they are on strike now

  • - 2012-10-09 16:07

    If you factor out Naijamen, the distrust will automatically improve from 60% to 10%. If the research had foreign nationalities, almost 100% wouldn't trust Naijamen. But do you believe these people mistrust Batswana, Basotho, or Namibians so badly? Don't think so.

  • vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-10-09 16:10

    Hate us all u can but still it wont bring food to your table. Did you know in the next 50 years the president of SA will be a foreigner and you wont know it?

      johnny.matsetse - 2012-10-09 16:25

      You lie,U keep on voting Mugabe in order to come running to SA knowing fully that our own Poorly Corrupt led ANC governmet will accpt u as refugees Forgetting that U are the ones who brought misery to Your own Country,I'm living with some of your Brothers n Sisters in my area they share same stupid sentiments as Urs coss now u arew enjoying ur newly found SA life

      Sewela Marcia Rapudubudu - 2012-10-09 16:27

      Vambozha or what ever you call your self that was Stupid comment ever I think you are insane.

      isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:38

      the next president of sa will be half nigerian,a quoter somalie and also zimbabwean coz black sa pple are illiterate kwa kwa kwa kwa

      Mukuku Michael - 2012-10-09 16:49

      we don't care Trust us or Not nd it true dat in 50 years 2 cme de SA president gonna b a foreigner

  • sanchez.sancho.7 - 2012-10-09 16:19

    we are not going anywhere, you just need to understand that you south africans. we came here on our own and we will go on our own, when we want, not because you hate us, deal with it and grow up

  • medhanie.ghezehey - 2012-10-09 16:20

    do south african trust each other?

  • isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:27

    its those illiterate black uneducated south africans who live in shacks.nowonder why white people there hate them.they dont think and are jelous of imigrants.

  • Ntshobs - 2012-10-09 16:28

    Even though I dont blv these statistics, South Africans are damm wright not 2 trust foreigners.

  • isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:30

    i can guarantee you a 100 pcnt that the tide will turn and we will see where those black sa idiots will do.

      Justin Mettew - 2012-10-09 17:11

      your comment is regrettable.

      isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 17:18

      so as yours full

  • isaac.tapfumaneyi.5 - 2012-10-09 16:33

    what do these black south africans have ahhh last time i checked....nothing.nowonder they feel insecure.i encourage white people to continue treating these low lives idiots bad.

      aphiwe.mayola - 2012-10-09 17:25

      I don't get it, maybe I'm missing something, but where in the article do they say that it's black south africans that feel that way? Smh!

  • phahla.matwa - 2012-10-09 16:35

    I dnt hate foreigners. I lv Zims

  • ryan.sthole - 2012-10-09 16:41

    If foreigners leave who's gonna work for white people.because everyone is getting child grant there no need to work

      Shane Kelly - 2012-10-09 17:38

      foreigners don't only work for whites, a lot of black company's out there.

  • Astro Kam's - 2012-10-09 16:41

    foreigners, good or bad will be hated in S.A love starts at home first. South African themselves hate each other. I wonder what would be the stats if they asked how many whites trust blacks? how many tswanas trust xosas? how many Zulus trust vendas? you will be very surprised...

  • ryan.sthole - 2012-10-09 16:42

    If foreigners leave who's gonna work for white people.because everyone is getting child grant there no need to work

  • yusufchinyengetere - 2012-10-09 17:00

    I have dual citizenship, i have lived both in zim nd s.a, i can tell that for all the time i lived in zim, i didn't even know how a gun looked like except js seeing it on the t.v, nd the crime is relatively small due to the fact that the community works together to avoid it. I got mugged twice coming from skool here in s.a and nobody gave a damn, its now like a game, also poor jail sentences. It's only that mugabe is messing with the nation but otherwise if zim and s.a had the same economical power, people would migrate to zim.

      Nkosinathi.Sibbs - 2012-10-09 17:11

      I was roobered twice by Zimbabweans at gun point 2008 November and last year 28 February but I must be clear it does not mean all Zimbabweans are donkeys like these thugs

      Alice - 2012-10-10 00:19

      Ohh! Have laws changed in Zim? Do they allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship? Last time I checked Mugabe didn't allow it.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-10-09 17:02

    who is better betweenn xenophobic dude and homophobic fella?

  • raphael.moyo2 - 2012-10-09 17:04

    Who cares?? Everyone is a foreigner one way or the other!!!!

  • john.halfpenny.395 - 2012-10-09 17:22

    hahahaha. Most murders are committed by our local scum. Zimbabweans in general are way friendlier and sociable. The scum which are murdering farmers and walking around at night in "white" suburbs are home-grown. I'd dine with most other African countries' people before I dine with my own. I've just sent a letter asking our neighboring countries governments whether they would like to exchange their black population with ours. Mugabe said he would like to see a merge, and Guebuza said "Only if they will elect me for a third term". I told him they certainly would were he to provide them with free t-shirts and a coke. the others blocked me unsurprisingly.

      bibi.vanzyl - 2012-10-09 21:58

      What the hell? Go and live in Zim.

  • don.mug.3 - 2012-10-09 17:23

    A black foreigner is unwelcome,a white foreigner is very welcome,that's cannibalism.

  • yusufchinyengetere - 2012-10-09 17:31

    South Africans dont trust each other, you have to walk making sure your back is clear and be prepared like we in a war zone. Nobody trust the other from whites to blacks(all races)

  • don.mug.3 - 2012-10-09 17:33

    They trust African Americans not African Africans, atrocious mindset.

  • masupa.tsela - 2012-10-09 17:49

    My interpretation is that News24 refers only to black people as 'foreigners'. And I believe that I'm not far from the truth. Because a white men is 'global' citizen.\r\nIf people do research, one will realise that more 80 million men were brought from Mozambique and Lesotho as miners without wives by the way. And I can add many other african as well as european countries who produced kids in this country!\r\nAs things stands, this country has more 'illegitimate' kids both white and black!

      Siviwe Bangani - 2012-10-09 22:51

      i think the problem is ignorance on the part of the south africans of which i don't blame them coz bantu education during apartheid never taught them about african history or about the rest of the continent, all the lent abt was that jan van reebek fella,im pretty sure if they knew what our african brothers did for the ANC during the struggle they wouldn't have a reason to treat them with such hate. that also ma explanation for xenophobia too.

  • forest.wrights - 2012-10-10 08:53

    Stop beating around the bushes and hit the real issue. Real issue is foreign nationals are too smart and ambitious to be your competition, don’t waste their time on alcohol, making babies without having plans to race the child, alienate their responsibilities and all that . Honestly if I find a non-black in SA being a racist I really don’t blame that fellow. Some black South Africans have actually painted a very stupid picture of the black race, motherf@kers sit the @$$e$ down and do nothing, after every three months they hit the street striking for salary increase, all wanna have jobs without skills and always feel like the whole world is indebted to them. Never seen grown ups b!tching like this. They are taking our jobs, our women and our oxygen I guess. America is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to hard working foreign nationals as well. A strong economy must be diverse. I have been to so many African countires, the people are not interested in who is from where and what, and all that matters is economic growth of their nation. Believe this or not if most black south Africans don’t change their mentality about everything, Man!!!!!!! Can’t really say. We all see how things are going right now.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-10-10 09:10

    So how come South Africans dont employ one another if they trust each other?