SA drug mule 'recruited by ex'

2012-08-30 08:07

Bloemfontein - Friends of South African drug mule Donja Preston, 22, say she was recruited as a drug mule by her ex-boyfriend and the father of her baby, 1.

Volksblad reported that Preston, 22, and another South African, Riaan Stephens, 20, were arrested at an Indonesian airport with 6kg of crystal meth and could get the death penalty.

Preston was allegedly pulled into the murky drug world by her unemployed ex-boyfriend and his wealthy brother who were both allegedly involved with Nigerian drug gangs.

The 29-year-old father of Preston’s child was apparently a drug addict who had stolen from his own friends and family while his brother was friendly with a Nigerian drug syndicate and did recruitment for them.

“He is a real Nigerian drug buddy. He likes everything that is luxurious. He drives a blue BMW and dresses to the nines,” a friend of Preston’s said.

The wealthy brother had organised Donja’s passport and flight ticket to Indonesia.

But the man, who was not identified, denied the allegations. He said his brother was not a drug addict and loved Preston.

Preston’s mother, Margaret, said she received SMSes from her daughter, saying she was fine.

“Today [Wednesday] she said I should sleep well,” said the distraught mom.

  • Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-08-30 08:22

    Unfortunately, she will pay dearly for her stupidity.

      justindeklerk - 2012-08-30 09:09

      And I suppose her death makes you happy? While the recruiters, the real criminals roam free?

      john.loveland.9 - 2012-08-30 10:09

      He may have recruited her, but it was still her choice. Lets not try shift responsibility.

      junebugg.kinte - 2012-08-30 10:11

      When I first heard the story of the dreadlock mule and the one who was executed i really fell sorry for these morons...Now I have no pity for all of them , they can rot in jail for all I care...What the hell are they doing mixing with these people in the first place?? looking for a quick buck?? well thats the price they have to pay, Lock them up, execute them...THEY DO NOT LEARN, STUPID WOMEN

      jackie.stone.501 - 2012-08-30 10:12

      @WotzisName Please let it rest, it was her stupidity of trust her EX-boyfriend that landed her in that mess. I wonder if she honest thought her Ex would look for her best interest. Well let me make it clear that her death would not directly affect me, but I become happy each time one this drug mule are arrested, and I hope they get to drag their bosses with them to Jail. ########################################## Wishing SA Paralympics team all the best ## ##########################################

      koo.doyle - 2012-08-30 10:13

      No one is saying it makes them happy Wotzisname, but you have to admit, its a stupid thing to do. I feel for her, but surely everyone must know, that there is no money in the world worth it. The potential consequence is just too extreme.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-08-30 12:05

      Well that's her stupidity. Ex, Nigerians, mule really says it all !

      sedick.gydien - 2012-08-30 13:18

      NO SYMPATHY!!!!!!!!

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-08-30 13:32

      As a Nigerian living in SA ,i am deeply infuriated by the kinds of crimes my fellow citizens are perpetuating in SA.I am one more time appealing to the Hawks and the SAPs to do what the FBI did in the USA to cripple Nigerian drugs syndicate. Set up a special task team,employ Nigerian informants,Nigerian undercover detectives ,Nigerian interpreters and destroy these criminals gangs.You can not succed without the help of good Nigerians. The only way to destroy a foreign crime ring is to use one of their own agaisnt them. If the authorities are serious ,i am willing to offer my help and i know many hardworking ,honest and legit Nigerians in SA who are also tired of what is going on.This is about the 10th time i am repeating this advise on SA forums.I urge the law enforcement agencies to please take my advice.I am tired of having to defend my nationality everywhere i go. If we work together we can clean up the streets in a matter of months.These scumbags who give Nigerians a bad name should be deported back home and banned for life from entering SA like they do in the USA.Once you arrest them show their faces on Tv so everyone can recognize them.

      kirsten.a.foster.100 - 2012-08-30 15:10

      you're all quick to judge until it's YOUR child in trouble. Yes it's wrong and there must be consequences. BUT who the hell are all of you to say when a person deserves to die or not. Siss on you

      nicholas.graan - 2012-08-30 18:41

      @WotzisName - more like a long stint in the chook, I doubt very much that they will hang her.

      Hugh - 2012-08-30 20:26

      Sorry this girl deserves everything she gets. One does not just get sucked into drugs. You know that world because you are involved or partake as wel. If the BF owns up and collaborates her story then all will be well.

      gordon.trevat - 2012-08-30 20:39

      @omonaija You guys really are true to form. Always one to spot an opportunity to make a quick few bucks. If you really were passionate about this issue, why not report the guys you already know that you suspect of being involved?

      Christopher - 2012-08-31 01:45

      Omonaija I agree with you there are many good Nigerians, peaceful & hard working folks however concerning the USA, the Mexican cartels rule that part of the world, Nigerian drug dealers will & do not last long.

      herman.bester.58 - 2012-08-31 09:14

      Stupid is as stupid does

      js.mysman - 2012-08-31 14:20

      @omonaija - I understand your feelings and support your call. I work with a number of highly educated, hard working Nigerians who are here on legitimate papers. They are only trying to provide their families with a better life. But they also get lumped in with the criminal element and sometimes pay a very high price for the way we stereotype Nigerians. I have known some to be beaten up, or arrested for no reason, amongst other things. A task team is the way to go, and send the bad guys home.

  • sanchez.sancho.7 - 2012-08-30 08:23

    This is a grown lady who can make decisions on her own. She shoul have refused to be 'recruited', simple!!! lets not blame the ex, bmw , wealthy brothers and nigerians. These drugs where not planted in her belongings unknowingly, she knew what she was doing and now is the time to face the Indonesian music. 6kg of meth would have killed a lot of people. harsh as it sounds but she deserves everything thats coming her way. peddling drugs doesnt happen by mistake.

      J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-08-30 09:06

      I feel that with the sort of ex this woman had, she was probably bullied and coerced and threatened until her self-esteem was at its lowest. Some women are prepared to do anything to escape being bullied and regain some self-esteem. It is the ex and his brother who should be arrested. - Kathy

      moi.carla.1980 - 2012-08-30 10:18

      Kathy, you're making assumptions. There's no indication that she was bullied, coerced or threatened. She is old enough to realise the huge risks involved in being a drug mule and old enough to weigh those risks against chosing to not get involved and rather stay at home with her child.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:00

      J. Stephen. Whiteley. Oh please the usual 'she is a victim' story. Sorry to have to say, but let me tell you some of those drug mules are cold, calculating bitches who knew what they were doing and, they will tell you, the lure of the money was just too great.

      coachman.coaches - 2012-08-31 08:43

      - I'm sorry, JStephen. Did I miss a part in the story where it says she is retarded and doesn't know right from wrong? Being bullied is not an excuse to bring filth into a country and break the law. We CANNOT keep making excuses for criminals.

  • Jo.Davies123 - 2012-08-30 08:30

    At the end of the day, she had a choice. There are some sad points though; she was stupid enough to get involved and her family and baby have to face the consequences of her actions.

  • daniel.w.gie - 2012-08-30 08:48

    pay the price .....

  • JevonMarshallJohnson - 2012-08-30 08:50

    Get rich quick or die trying.

  • nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-08-30 08:52

    I've got 0 sympathy with this girl. She knew EXACTLY that what she was doing is wrong. Don't they read the news and see what happened to all the other mules ? Pity the child will be scarred for life.

  • atholl.hay - 2012-08-30 09:01

    Moral of story: stay well away from anyone you even suspect of doing hard drugs because "they'll drag you down in the hole the're coming from ..."

  • Maria - 2012-08-30 09:03

    I don't know how many girls are gonna be involved in this so that the other girls can learn - you involve yourself with Nigerians - that's what you get. I'm staying in Springs - that place has turned to "LAGOS". Please Government do something - we had our crime before but now, since those people came here - hayi bo

  • ryan.glenn.758 - 2012-08-30 09:28

    Everyone just remember, if we bring back the death penalty to South Africa we going to have to get used to these stories. You reap what you sow.

      irma.white.9 - 2012-08-30 09:34

      And that isn't necessarily a problem. No tolerance is important, and if the death penalty is brought back, I'd be more than happy to hear that a man who murdered a child has been sentenced to death, etc. Harsh, I know. But then they shouldn't do it.

  • jeffrey.mnisi - 2012-08-30 09:31

    recruited or not, let Indonesia'law take its course. only stupid SAs will sympathise with this mules, enough. RIP

      butch.grealy - 2012-08-31 09:39

      I was born in Kroonstad so I'm already stupid, but why do the mules go to Indonesia? If the verdict is out before the trial how does the law work? Surely another mule death will drive the price of the drug up. Isn't that good for business? Maybe the the drug-lords will be able to offer desperate single moms more money and still make a profit. This whole system is like clearing a mine field by forcing women & children to walk in front of you. Maybe when I have the truthful answers I will be clever enough not to sympathise.

  • irma.white.9 - 2012-08-30 09:35

    It's just a pity the poor mother has to deal with his. It is extremely selfish to do this kind of rubbish, you obviously don't care about your family to stay out of trouble. Stay strong to the mother!

  • chez.kri - 2012-08-30 09:45

    Feel sorry for her family, especially her child. She never spared them a thought when she did this. How is her son going to feel when he is older and finds out how his mother put her greed above his need for a loving mother.

  • psk2004 - 2012-08-30 09:55

    We all read the newspapers, and we use the internet,and we all know the risks, if we do illegal things. So lets stop complaining about the ramifications. She did the crime she pays the price. PERIOD.

  • Riffak Traws - 2012-08-30 09:57

    Another bites the dust. How sad...

  • klipkop.degroote - 2012-08-30 10:04

    Donja or Dom Ja!?

      kimsaiyanprincess.murison - 2012-08-31 18:07

      - hahahhahahahahahahahha that's brilliant!

  • richard.sloman.5 - 2012-08-30 10:12

    Name and shame him too!

  • patrick.maphosa.7 - 2012-08-30 10:12

    It's time for drugs dealers to take precautions before they export their stuff to other countries-shame on their recruiters.

  • kate.leshabane - 2012-08-30 10:25

    Yu know guys this Nigerians mustjust leave our country alone,they are busy messing our country is too much please nigerians we plead with u just go back to yur country.if is not churches with their magic is drugs killing our youth. This girl was stupid to listen to his boyfriend why didn't he go for himself especially as is not working,let her serve her sins she wanted to leave her daughter and work for this rubbish boy.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:07

      Kate, you should have read the 'get rich quick' scheme the Nigerians send me this morning. i wish there hands will fall off when they type my address.

  • ravin.govinden - 2012-08-30 10:35

    say fu***** kill all of them , her, the Nigerians and all involved. Her baby deserves better.

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-08-30 11:09

    Yesterday people were blaming the Nigerians and wanted them to be flushed out and today it's the boyfriend. FYI this is Africa and Nigerians are here to stay whether you like it or not. This trailer trash scumbag little blondie was so stupid to fall for this tricksters. I will never associate myself with Nigerian drug dealers because I'm not stupid. What do they say about dumb + blonde??? You go to Japan, KDR, China you will find Nigerians so chill up people, they are here to stay and they will ruin your life if you are an idiot!!!

      butch.grealy - 2012-08-31 09:47

      How old are you clever boy?

  • grant.hide - 2012-08-30 12:31

    I have to agree that punishment is due, but the fact that people who commit serious offences such as rape and murder get off scott free here in this country nevermind mass killing by orders of presidents,we as citezens of the world do nothing about it, but support someone being executed for some drug, makes me sick, all of you who say she should be popped must think about the fact that she has a child and that worse criminals are at large and free to attack their next victim here in SA.

      irma.white.9 - 2012-08-30 14:50

      While I agree with you, it's not entirely true. You really cannot say we do nothing in this country about rape, murder, etc. Everytime there is a murder there are lots of calls for the death penalty, there have been petitions- what else are we supposed to do if the government is not budging? If the death penalty WAS here, then I'm sure the comments that you are reading would be relevent for all the death penalty announcements you would read here.

  • pjthesecond.eldest - 2012-08-30 19:32

    WotzisName I have read your line of thinking. Hopefully you don't have a child, who become dependent on drugs brought into a country by people like Preston. I believe countries should do what they have to, to protect my and your children from drugs.

  • jcoetzee1975 - 2012-08-30 20:31

    Yea...and now the druglords are sending sms's to her mom with the poor girl's phone.

  • Christopher - 2012-08-31 01:48

    People just don't learn. Its really not worth it. Work for what you want in life. There is no quick fix. Word of advice stay on the right side of the law if you have any value for your life.

  • ruan.lacock - 2012-08-31 03:39

    ....ur ex is a moegoe/.....

  • ruan.lacock - 2012-08-31 03:41

    ....she looks daft....

  • tony.leeson.18 - 2012-08-31 09:19

    Soooo many South Africans have been caught smuggling drugs and have been sentenced to harsh punishment. By now surely people should know that a South African passport virtually guarantees they will be searched thoroughly? But they still try it... How stupid can they be?

  • richard.zanner - 2012-08-31 09:54

    It is sad that a 22 year old girl gets herself into this trouble. At 22 she is still a baby and probably did not think things through. I am all for the death penalty for drugs but this case somehow feels different. You can kill her but the real culprits are still out there using youngsters to do their dirty work. I agree lock her up for a long time but death seems a little harsh.

      irma.white.9 - 2012-08-31 13:04

      I'm sorry Richard, but I don't agree with you. Like I said in my reply to other people, she is a distrubter. She willingly tried to go and distribute the drug. I'm sure she knows what the drug can do to a person. We ALL know drugs kills. She didn't HAVE to go and "do their dirty work". She knew the people, knew their lifestyle and obviously wanted in. Greed will do that to a person. Greed can completely change a person. She may as well have tried to deliver firearms. It's the same concept.

      kimsaiyanprincess.murison - 2012-08-31 18:00

      - So at which age do you start 'thinking things through'? No-one should be making excuses for her.

  • rdeloca - 2012-08-31 13:03

    @RabbleRouser It's not stupidity but greed. Stupidity isn't a sin. Greed, gluttony, lust, etc... form the 7-deadly sins

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