SA experts to help Nigeria tackle Boko Haram

2015-01-26 13:08

Pretoria - Former South African Defence Force soldiers will reportedly form the core of a multinational team of private military experts, who are en route to Nigeria, to help the country fight against Boko Haram militants.

Netwerk24 reported on Monday that the 100-strong team have been tasked with training the Nigerian military in a massive campaign against the terrorist organisation.

This comes as more than 200 combatants were killed over the weekend as the Nigerian military battled against Boko Haram militants who attacked Maiduguri in northern Nigeria.

A Nigerian presidential security adviser recently stated that Nigeria's campaign against Boko Haram is being hampered by "cowards" within the armed forces, signalling dissatisfaction with how the military is handling the situation.  

Leaders to be targeted

According to the Netwerk24 report, Boko Haram leaders and fighters will be targeted.

The team will attempt to thwart Boko Haram's bloody raids and also try to free the remaining kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls. More than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram last year.

The leader of the team told Netwerk24 that they are not mercenaries, but have a government contract to assist the Nigerian military with training. The team involves South Africans who gained experience during the border wars, as well as Britons, Indians and other nationalities.

The African Union is reportedly considering military intervention as a regional multinational force including Niger, Chad and Cameroon fight against Boko Haram.

An earlier report revealed that a team of South Africans were involved in training Nigerian soldiers, and the Nigerian government had asked for additional training.

A military expert earlier in January warned that South Africa would be under threat if SA soldiers joined AU forces in fighting against Boko Haram.

  • Rudi De Jager - 2015-01-26 13:13

    Show them what ??? how to strike and toi toi ?

      Ronni Stevens - 2015-01-26 13:32

      So...what about BEE..?? Can anybody go fight a war for the ANC but not be employed in real life...

      Theo Marx - 2015-01-26 13:42

      Send in the real boys!

      Dawid Venter - 2015-01-26 13:45

      Where do I apply? Does any one know? About time that the old brains be called in. Pity the government does not doe the same with people that can not do their jobs.

      StormerHJ - 2015-01-26 15:26

      Send the entire SADF Army to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram - there's nothing for them to do at home - just sitting around !!!

      Rodney Bevan - 2015-01-26 17:01

      You are making the mistake of confusing SADF with SANDF, huge difference.

  • John Stoltz - 2015-01-26 13:15

    If this team does not include members of the pre 1994 era, they will come back in body bags!! Get some real soldiers and not these deployed Mkonto cronies, and it could make a difference!

      PointBlank - 2015-01-26 13:18

      Did you read the article?

  • Jeremy Forbes - 2015-01-26 13:18

    Haven't we got enough problems of our own, this is Nigeria's problem not ours, we can't even afford to keep the lights on let alone getting involved in a foreign war.

      PointBlank - 2015-01-26 13:22

      No this is not Nigeria's problem. If we do not do anything about it we will either be overrun with refugee's or boko haram will be on our doorstep in no time.

      Jeremy Richard Schaffner - 2015-01-26 14:14

      Nobody seems to realize what a major development this is for ordinary people in SA. It is huge. We are likely to get targeted in our malls, churches, trains, and what not.

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:00

      Jeremy - these are private contractors, not SANDF troops. It costs SA nothing.

  • John Stoltz - 2015-01-26 13:20

    Just hope this does not earmark the RSA as the next battle front that Boko Haram will open against the infidels!! These extremists got the mentality of morons and will easily be convinced that is the right thing to do!!

      PointBlank - 2015-01-26 13:21

      Calm down, check your blood pressure.

  • Amanda Pui - 2015-01-26 13:25

    LMAO. ... South Africa

  • Donald Ceronio - 2015-01-26 13:27


      Alan John Ingram - 2015-01-26 13:57

      Not rekkies they would not waist their time on scum

  • drsparky - 2015-01-26 13:29

    Oh no... this can only turn out badly.

  • Errol Snr Oake - 2015-01-26 13:36

    Call up the terrible ones the old 32 battalion and 7SAI send them up

  • Theo Marx - 2015-01-26 13:47

    It is scary to think that even the Nigerian Army know that our current defence force is too useless.

      Theo Marx - 2015-01-26 13:48

      Oh yes, and our own government. Seeing that they didn't even bother to send our current forces.

      Nickie Zee Ngozo - 2015-01-26 16:43

      THE SAME SOLDIERS (PARA TROOPERS) u say its useless, stood their ground against seleka rebels in 2013, do ur homework an do not just read news articles.. they killed over 1000 of them with a minus company. the same sandf instructors trained ugandan troops to wipe out al shabaab in salomalia.

      Rodney Bevan - 2015-01-26 17:05

      Nickie, you need to read the article properly, there is a massive difference between SADF and SANDF, the article refers to former SADF, not the clowns in SANDF.

      Nickie Zee Ngozo - 2015-01-26 17:26

      rodney an u need to understand theo comment..idiot,,as he was saying current defence force is useless

      Rodney Bevan - 2015-01-26 20:11

      I did/do, why do you think I used the word clowns to describe SANDF.

  • Alan John Ingram - 2015-01-26 13:49

    They may be ex SADF but they are still going as mercenaries ! By sending military personal ex or present, we are opening up this country to Terrorist attacks and we don't have the means to defend ourselves ie SADFS is useless and the SAPS are just a service!!!!

      Piet Snot714 - 2015-01-26 16:09

      Sorry no service from the SAPs

      Nickie Zee Ngozo - 2015-01-26 16:45

      THE SAME SOLDIERS (PARA TROOPERS) u say its useless, stood their ground against seleka rebels in 2013, do ur homework an do not just read news articles.. they killed over 1000 of them with a minus company. the same sandf instructors trained ugandan troops to wipe out al shabaab in salomalia... wether SA sent SANDF in or not,,u stil going to complain.

  • Taurik Kemp - 2015-01-26 13:53

    @sean wolf...real soldiers like those of the sharpeville those soldiers never killed innocent people...mmmm?seems like you hinting that only the white apartheid ers soldiers are good enough to do the job...once again you show just how racist you are and how far our country and our people have to go before we can really be considered a rainbow nation...

      Theo Marx - 2015-01-26 14:20

      Too bad that the rainbow is becoming only 1 colour more and more each day.

      Anton De Beer - 2015-01-26 16:28

      There were no soldiers at Sharpvile, only SAP. The government passed a law in 1998, that private S-Africans were not to be employed as mercenaries (Foreign Military Assistance Act). What has changed?

      Rodney Bevan - 2015-01-26 17:12

      Anton, they are not mercs, mercs don't train others, this lot have a contract with Nigeria to train their soldiers, nothing in the article says they will be in the frontline. whether they do take part is another matter.

  • Ian Murray - 2015-01-26 13:55

    Logic doesn't work in Africa. Only absolute power. Hope they have the balls for this. They have guns, money and are on a roll. They will not be rehabilitated. They will have to be killed in large numbers. Defending positions is not going to work.

  • Alan John Ingram - 2015-01-26 13:55

    @PointBlank We are going to have Boka Harlem on our doorstep very shortly if SA has sent ex SADF mercenaries to Nigeria that you can bet on!! The anc regimen will deny having anything to do with white exSADF

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:05

      We are going to have them on our doorstep anyway. Better to stop and defeat them there before they get here. You think they are going to let this country go free? Theres over 4 million muslims in South Africa, its on their agenda already.

  • Ian - 2015-01-26 14:06

    here we go again, interfering in something that has nothing to with you and putting the lives of citizens at risk, oh wait you have already done that with your slapgat approach on crime, USELESS

  • Collin Sithole - 2015-01-26 14:09

    Hahaha, let's wait and see if these Ex-SADF guys can hold their own in a full out skirmish. War is war ladies and gentlemen. Believe me you can tout them as much as you like, but in reality when full skirmish is underway it certainly won't be child's play. Wait and see.

      Theo Marx - 2015-01-26 14:22

      They have ... multiple times ... and with great success.

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:06

      Colin Sithole, I can see you were never involved in the old SADF. You clearly know nothing. Anyway, they are going as advisors, not fighting troops. clown.

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:18

      They fought an all out war in angola Colin Sithole. Yes I'd say they can handle a skirmish.

      Dan Hollier - 2015-01-26 16:37

      Colin, agree with you, war is not child's play, people get killed etc. As for us ex SADF guys holding our own, yes we have, still can and always will be able to. So unless you know something we ex SADF guys don't know then, please feel safe we can.

      Raymond Billson - 2015-01-26 20:43

      Collin, If anything can stop the onslaught it can be these ex soldiers who have seen and been in a lot of combat. Lets look beyond the colour and history of our country and have professionals do the job and bring the country back to DEFCON 5 thus bringing stability to the region again.

  • Tric - 2015-01-26 14:21

    So what about the report that we should not get involved!!!!!

  • James jonas - 2015-01-26 15:05

    before going there just find out who is funding Boko haram. you need money to fight wars, and African countries are not prepared to invest in military and someone capitalized on that by investing in boko haram sending weapons and ammunition. Boko haram is a sponsored terrorist group, only their sponsors can stop them not anyone else. good luck

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:38

      They can be stopped by severe military defeats. The only reason these guys like Isis and Boko Haram get recruits is because so far no one has stood up to them. Now that Isis is being defeated and driven back by the Pershmerga their recruits from Europe are deserting.

      rsleetcher - 2015-01-26 16:46

      Funding by Shell and the Nigerian government, until they have full control of the Delta region and have displaced the people from the Delta region

      Dan Hollier - 2015-01-26 16:54

      James, as Graham says, you will see a big change once Boko Haram has been given a blood nose a few times. These fighters will realise that it is not worth it and move on. It is not as if they are defending their country or loved ones, lets see how much heart they have. I also say lets stop them now before they start here.

  • Thapelo Makepu Makgae - 2015-01-26 16:22

    We cannot fix our problems and yet we can assist Nigeria? What is in it for us? Why are we interfering? Can we build more houses and work on the crime levels specifically smash & grab and armed robbery taking place in Johannesburg?

      Raymond Billson - 2015-01-26 20:38

      Thapelo this seems to be a private initiative and not inter - government. If anything can stop the onslaught it can be these ex soldiers. Lets look beyond the colour and history of our country and have professionals do the job and bring the country back to DEFCON 5 thus bringing stability to the region.

  • Anton De Beer - 2015-01-26 16:29

    It would be illegal. In 1998 South Africa passed the "Foreign Military Assistance Act" which bans citizens from acting in such a way.

      Graham Toddy Edwards - 2015-01-26 16:36

      Then how come South africans are in Afghanistan and Iraq as contractors? huh?? With the govt's blessing? Oh, and in the indian ocean fighting piracy ? Get your facts right first before you post.

      rsleetcher - 2015-01-26 16:44

      Nothing stops them going as security personal

      Anton De Beer - 2015-01-26 20:29

      Sure but the nature of security personnel is providing security - in other words guarding something. They are not employed to act offensively, the same with the pirates, they are protecting the ship, not attacking the pirate staging areas. This is something different. Freeing hostages implies offensive operations.

      Anton De Beer - 2015-01-26 20:36

      The facts I did not check, taken from the act - "Foreign military assistance’’ means military services or military-related services, or any attempt, encouragement, incitement or solicitation to render such services, in the form of— (a) military assistance to a party to the armed conflict by means of— (i) advice or training; (ii) personnel, financial, logistical, intelligence or operational support; (iii) personnel recruitment; (iv) medical or para-medical services; or (v) procurement of equipment; (b) security services for the protection of individuals involved in armed conflict or their property;

  • Gerrit Van Der Vyver - 2015-01-26 16:48

    Haha if he come to SA hope the first place he visit is Nkandla

  • Godlwayo Khumalo - 2015-01-26 16:51

    Ex SADF too old too long ago, what can they advise on the art of war has changed Boko Haram is not Swapo or MK. These old men must just die peacefully in their farms

      Raymond Billson - 2015-01-26 20:41

      Godiwayo, if anything can stop the onslaught and slaughter of the local population it can be these ex soldiers. Lets look beyond the colour and history of our country and have professionals do the job and bring the country back to DEFCON 5 thus bringing stability to the region.

  • Daniel Nick Mabaso - 2015-01-26 17:55

    To all South Africans, please do not take comments made by Beeld racist editors and their bloody afrikaners hatred mentality against black South African. It is a fact that they want Boko Haram to turn againts South Africa. Let boko come, finally you will all run away so that we can have our land back.

      Louis-Wilhelm van Heerden - 2015-01-26 18:37

      To just move your shacks from point A to point B? That's what I heard on the radio today...

      Gavan Corry - 2015-01-27 23:02

      Strange comment , Let Boko come and you will get your land back? why would they give the land to would be lucky to be alive , the land would be scorched there would be nothing left.

  • May G Nkambule - 2015-01-26 19:40

    South Africa must stop putting its nose in every conflict in Africa we are not the Messiah of the world very progressive countries who are our neighbours are coming corned with the interest of their economies we cannot manage our simple electricity we go on our knees to Namibia the attention we bring to ourselves is unnecessary........

  • Mukanya - 2015-01-27 10:28

    These are mercenaries unless South Africa or the group want to redefine what a mercenary is. How much are you going to be paid anyway?

  • Mamello Meme Lefefa - 2015-01-28 08:58

    And there goes the beginning of our troubles as South Africa. Truth is that, by us involving ourselves in Boko Haram issues, we putting ourselves and our country at risk. Boko Haram will strike back and strike back hard at us for interfering!

  • Adriaan Wehmeyer - 2015-01-29 13:59

    hampered by "cowards" within the armed forces

  • Frederick Johnson - 2015-01-29 19:46

    well its a !Africa Affair! not a !Private security/Mercanries! affair to tackle this problem...Nigeria just has to ask for ! Foreign Military assistance! will be given....after all its part of the african continent....for !Private Security/Mercenries! to get involved creating more of a !Security Risk! to themselves..than merely assisting...

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