SA man breaks braai record

2010-09-17 20:46

Cape Town - After 28 hours and 30 minutes, the world record for the longest braai is finally in South Africa, “where it belongs”, said new Guinness World Record holder, Jan Scannell.

Scannell, who is also known as Jan Braai, said it “felt fantastic” to have beaten the previous world record of 28 hours and 26 minutes, which was held by a German. “(The record) is now in its rightful home. Now we have to make sure it stays in (South Africa).”

Scannell began his record attempt at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town at 09:00 on Thursday morning. After braaing nonstop until 13:30, Official Guinness World Record adjudicator, Tarika Vara, announced that Scannell, “has met with all our guidelines and has beaten the previous record for the longest barbeque marathon”.

When asked if he would ever want to braai again after being at it for more than 28 hours, Scannell said: “We will braai here for another few hours now that the official stuff is out of the way.”

Scannell admits that there were moments when he felt dead tired.

“But it never crossed my mind (to quit),” he added


As per Guinness World Record guidelines, he had to have at least five different types of meat on the braai at all times. Just to be safe, he had six different types on the grill.

He was not allowed any direct help, although he was allowed an assistant to keep the fire going. He was only allowed five minute bathroom breaks every hour.

Also, all the meat had to be consumed. While not many may want a piece of braai meat early in the morning, students on their way home after a night out made sure that there were no leftovers.

The Guinness World Record adjudicator, as well as two timekeepers and two witnesses, made sure the rules were adhered to.

Scannell decided to take on this challenge to raise awareness for Braai4Heritage and to “get 15 million people to braai next Friday” on Heritage Day, which is also known as Braai Day.

Braai4Heritage hopes to transform 24 September into a day that brings the country together through doing something that South Africans love to do - braai.

Scannell, who started Braai4Hertiage in 2005, said that interest in Braai Day has grown exponentially. “I don’t think the word snowball is appropriate when talking about (a) braai, but (Braai4Heritage) has snowballed and gathered speed.”

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