SA rapture man: Change of plans

2011-05-26 11:52

Mbombela - A group of doomsday Christians say that a recent tornado that hit the United States and the volcanic eruption in Iceland were not signs of the end.

Family Radio’s leader in South Africa, Johannes Coetzee, has repeated the international group leader’s announcement that Armageddon will now take place on October 21 after the world failed to end on Saturday.

Coetzee said God would send a series of global earthquakes that would swallow the world in sulphur and fire.

"The tornado (in Missouri, USA) and the volcanic ash (in Iceland) have nothing to do with end times.

"Those are things that have always happened. When Jesus Christ returns, the world will experience earthquakes that have never been seen before," warned the preacher.

Using sophisticated technology

Coetzee, who held a news conference in Mbombela on Tuesday afternoon, told journalists that he and the members of the movement were recovering from the trauma of the world not ending on Saturday as predicted.

He and 80 fellow believers gathered at the Devonshire Hotel in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, anticipating the end on May 21.

He said he and his two sons were constantly monitoring earthquakes across the world, using sophisticated computer software that would immediately signal any tremors occurring anywhere in the world.

“I slept while the two boys stayed by the computer. At times they would say, 'Dad, it's happening,' and I would wake up, only to find that they had not read the machine correctly," said Coetzee.

He denied he had stopped one of his sons, Joubert Coetzee, from completing his university studies.

“My son is a third-year graphic design student who dropped out on his own. He is the one who designed all our billboards. He believes in the rapture and he is the one who has strengthened me through all this,” he said.

He said it took him and his fellow believers two days to accept that the rapture had not happened.
But then they turned to the Bible to find out where they went wrong.

“We have gone back to Scripture to be corrected, and we now look forward to October 21 when God will bring an end to the world,” he said.

Waiting for wisdom

He advised all South Africans to continue reading their Bible to gain more wisdom.

“The Bible said no one knows the date or hour, but did warn that in the end times the seals will be opened and wisdom shall increase. We are praying for more wisdom as we wait for October 21,” said Coetzee.

He insisted that the original date of May 21 was not entirely wrong, but was sent out “as a cry to warn the world that the end was coming.”

“We are the world’s biggest fools right now. We are called false prophets and liars all over the city. However, we still believe that the end is coming, and it is 150 days away,” he said.

He said the number of days between May 21 and October 21 amounted to 153.

"This is the same number that we find in Scripture right after Christ rose from the dead. When he died, his disciples were disappointed and went on with their lives. He rose and found them fishing and they were able to draw 153 fish, and none [were] lost,” he said.

  • Greegs - 2011-05-26 11:57

    And you will live to be 153. Bloody idiot!!!

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-05-26 12:04

      153 days....still remains an idiot though.

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:28

      @HonestDude... Proof man, proof, show us proof! Don't say the bible! It was founded on stories from other beleifs and "scriptures".

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:29, although incomplete due to parts not being found, does this not sound very very similar to something else you might have read?

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:42 <-- remember, this was written well before the bible and its a known ancient myth.

      DracoLusus - 2011-05-26 12:42

      Spot on Andy...people need to watch Zeitgist to get the summary of it, all the stories of Jesus birth, crucifixion, etc etc from other mythology, thousands of years before. From there, do some research and you bunch of blind followers will see. Its not us open minded people being deceived by the devil, but you retards for 2000 years by a big black story book. So sad.

      RiverStone - 2011-05-26 12:47

      Or it is the proof that all these stories have one origin and therefore they are a like.

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:52

      @Draco, from experience they won't even read those links and if they do they will just dismiss it. I've got first hand expereince of a religious person in my family and she refuses to even read up of listen to anything anyone else says, i can only presume incase it proves her wrong. Noone will get through to this Johannes guy, he's set in his ways. He'll want everyone to listen and read what he tells them but won't do the same from others. - 2011-05-26 12:53

      I honestly can't figure out whether you're being sarcastic or serious Honest Dude - what a pity if you really see the world that way!!

      Stephan - 2011-05-26 12:54

      @Honest dude : Am I the only person laughing at you sarcasm? hee hee hee!

      herrie - 2011-05-26 12:57

      @Honest Dude You sound like a fanatical muslim. Sies man, no one should rejoice in the demise of others. The Jesus you praise is not the Jesus of the bible, because he cared for sinners, yours torture them in hell forever. Get real man. Christianity is not that shallow.

      Honest Dude - 2011-05-26 12:58

      @stephan - thanks. :) It went right over their heads.

      willem.p.grobbelaar - 2011-05-26 13:00

      @honestdude : "Praise Jesus the blah will return and torture the unbelievers forever" . . .WOW . . WOW dude, no words to describe . . . F@#$ing WOW, I know I can praise "Jesus" for not knowing you in real life . . .

      Andy - 2011-05-26 13:05

      @HonestDude, nice one mate ;-)

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:08

      Don't worry Honest Dude... your sarcasm wasn't lost on everyone

      schmerz - 2011-05-26 13:19

      You see, just like the uneducated believe the filth that the ANC spews (like saying DA will bring back apartheid). Just so do you believe the way the world has turned the Bible into a fairytale. There is a difference between fact and fiction, it's your own responsibility to tell those apart. If you want the truth, go do the research, don't take for granted what another says. I believe we are allowed to gain this amount of scientific knowledge in order to realise the existence of God, as we have forgotten our origins. Reality as we know it will end someday, but nobody knows when. I think it would at least be before we colonise other planets, and that is fairly close. (just speculation) Again, don't even believe what I'm saying, go do the research instead of blindly following the world

      DracoLusus - 2011-05-26 13:19

      Think everyone needs to read Sam Harris' book called The End of Faith. See that religion is a plague on this planet. How people are happy when things turn to shit, because its a sign of the end times and everyone (read chrispies) sits back and does nothing to fix this world we live in, cause Hey Zues is coming!

      Andy - 2011-05-26 13:26

      @schmerz - Just proved my point. Did you even read the links I provided? You should take your advice and research what the bible is based on. Again, don't even believe what I'm saying, go do the research instead of blindly following the church.

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:12

      To reply to Draco - Zeitgeist is rubbish! I'm an out-and-out Christian and I watched it. They take inaccurate info + assumption and then try to link all old religions. Like, 25 December is crucial to all religions. It is not crucial in Christianity - the Catholics used the date of the end of a pagan ritual to create Xmas, so that more pagans would join them in early days. Jesus born on 25 December? Impossible - "shepherds watched their flocks by night" what, in December when it was cold? It couldn't have been later than early-October when they kept the flocks indoors, or else the shepherd would be watching over carcasses by night! So, if 25/12 has no relevance in the Bible, then how could it be linked to other religions?

      schmerz - 2011-05-26 14:18

      @andy, I have seen both zeitgheist 1&2.

      Andy - 2011-05-26 14:37

      @schmerz - I never said anything about Zeitgeist, i'v never seen it. I was talking about 1 specific set of writings, Sumerian. - 2011-05-26 14:46

      @schmerz - Zeitgeist 3 is mind blowing, if you enjoyed the first 2 then it's a must!!

      schmerz - 2011-05-26 15:02

      @andy, Ok, in zeitghesit they name like 200 different stories of the same thing. Not just the Sumerian part. There is enough evidence, even scientific, to make the Bible plausible

      LadyKrios - 2011-05-26 15:03

      @Staalburgher - - "Believe or be punished for all eternity"????? What kind of a cruel god is that!? A short life of mistakes to be given an eternity of pain and anguish? Such a punishment/sadistic act would not come from an all-forgiving loving god. If he/she does exist, they sound like a tyrant. I pity u.

      DracoLusus - 2011-05-26 17:10

      Thats the point, Zeitgeist is just something to get someone to think. So that they can go out and do the research themselves and see that a lot of the stuff they take to "be the word of God" is just stolen myths, legends from all over the Mesopotamian area. That hell is a myth, created by the Roman church to keep the flock in line, get them to PAY for their sins to be forgiven, to fear going to hell, etc etc...

      KBHS - 2011-05-27 10:51

      Greeg - 153 means something entirely different - it is the combined IQ of the entire rapture movement....

      schmerz - 2011-05-27 15:08

      ** meant to say 'Regardless, there is enough evidence...'

  • G7 - 2011-05-26 11:59

    At least he has some ethics in math .But yes the world is coming to an end at least his as revolutions speak of the false prophets needless i may say we all fall short of his glory but please do not mislead .As the holy book also say that he will never let his people go via fire or water .Do the wise thing and repent

      mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:24

      Enough with the empty threats...

      JMan - 2011-05-26 12:56

      Repent...Don't tell me what to do. I'm not telling you either. I don't need to do sh*t.

      Nuraq - 2011-05-26 12:59

      @G7 - I don't blame christians for being so confused. The holey bible does seem to be a bit vague on some points.

      Lab-Rat - 2011-05-26 13:17

      Rather you do the wise thing and educate yourself to stop believing in fairy tales.

      CronoslayeR - 2011-05-27 08:49

      Why dont you educate us quickly Lab-Rat..... And to the guys pretending to be athiests , the whole dig is to NOT give a damn about religion, and not constantly scrutinize others beliefs, cause its getting kind of lame, and retorting to extremists just makes you just as sad as them.

  • Leigh Robinson - 2011-05-26 11:59

    LOL - okie dokie then...

  • PMG - 2011-05-26 12:01

    You just cant trust these happy clappy believe in fairy tale Christians,it is actually very embarrasing.What a bunch of fool's

      daje - 2011-05-27 10:21

      SA will never be united because of one thing - RELIGION. There are simply too many different denominations with two many fanatical followers who'd rather wait for their fairytale god to fix things than go out and do something about their situation themsleves! Ever wondered why the most stable and successful countries are also the most secular?? Now you know why!

  • nangamso1 - 2011-05-26 12:01

    Plz I dont know to believe this or not at firs these prophets said 21 may will be the end and now 21 october I wonder, but they are backing their faillure, we will see them.

  • Papsak - 2011-05-26 12:03


  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-05-26 12:03

    ...members of the movement were recovering from the trauma of the world not ending on Saturday as predicted....ENOUGH SAID.

      schmerz - 2011-05-26 15:26


  • omrisho - 2011-05-26 12:03

    when all else fails... try, try and try again... lol

      Airborne68 - 2011-05-26 12:22

      So much for skydiving then...

  • Stryder - 2011-05-26 12:04

    I am not a believer, but I do know the Bible quite well. Especially regarding the return of Christ. If I was a believer I would never ever believe any date stated by thee people. One thing that is clear (the rest is very unclear when it comes to the end of days in the bible) is that no man will ever know the date. Therefore I can state that whatever day anybody states the end will come is definitely not the right day. That is if I was a believer.

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:32

      Yep, but it also says that the sun revolves around the earth, and we all know thats wrong!

      Helen - 2011-05-26 12:44

      I think you are a beliver! Come on man, with insight like this be a believer-you wont ever regret it!

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:53

      haha, a thumbs down? I didn't write the bible guys ;-)

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:10

      Helen, I think you'll find that generally, non believers know the Bible better than believers themselves... that is part of the reason they ARE non believers...

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:11

      Don't worry Andy, I gave you a thumbs up

      DracoLusus - 2011-05-26 13:14

      @ Andy and NuttyZA .... classic and too true!

      GLY - 2011-05-26 13:49

      @Andy where does the ible say that the sun revolves around the earth?

      Andy - 2011-05-26 13:59

      @GLY, just a quick google brought up loads of info, i'll past this, its short and to the point. Some Christians still believe sun revolves around the earth because they take the Bible literally. For example, Joshua commanded the sun to stop, not the earth to stop spinning. Walter Lang published the Bible-Science Newsletter in the mid-1960’s with articles from strict Biblical literalists who believed the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolves around the earth. They quote verses such as Psalm 93:1 which states, "the world also is established, that it cannot be moved" (KJV). Therefore, the earth does not spin around on its axis or orbit the sun, but according to Joshua 10:12 it is the sun that is moving around the earth. Also, This link has some more info -->

      Stryder - 2011-05-26 14:23

      @Andy-The bible does not specifically say that the sun revolves around the earth. That is the problem with religion (all of them) they get interpreted by men for their own reasons, even the bible as we know it was created by men in about 100 AD I think. I know Atheists who believe the world is flat. So what?

      Andy - 2011-05-26 14:34

      @Styder, Exactly! A point i've been trying to make for ages, people interpret the bible to suit their needs! Also, I seriosuly doubt you know any athiests that think the world is flat. Unless they have never attended school or traveled in their life.

      Stryder - 2011-05-26 14:43

      I do, just one person. But hey one is enough. There is also the flat earth society. Look them up. :-) But yeah, I totally agree with you with regard to the interpretations.

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 15:31

      Yeah, but I do think the flat earth society is a bit toungue-in-cheek

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:11

      Job 38:19: Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof Light is in a "way" - in other words, light is moving all the time. Hey, isn't that scientific? Darkness is in a place - in other words, what is the speed of darkness? Zero... How many years before the ape-men discovered this? This only came from a book about 4000 years old you know...

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:13

      Job 38:24: By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth? You may need to learn some meteorlogy for this one, but the sunlight causes the wind. Any weatherperson will tell you this. Oh wait, it came from a book of fairytales... it must be wrong then ;-)

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:15

      Job 38:16: Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? Springs of the sea was something the monkey-men loved to scoff about - till 1977 when they found some for real... only some 4000 years after it was written!

      Stryder - 2011-05-26 17:22

      @Matt - you assume that we are the most advanced humans to ever have existed. The bible is a primitive attempt to explain tchnologies that seemed like magic. There are many other similar writnigs in existence. Where do you think The name Adam came from? It was lifted form an even older text. Also the bible was hacked and edited to pieces in Rome. What you read today was selected for you to read.

      Andy - 2011-05-26 17:25

      @Matt. Genesis 1:3 - And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. Genesis 1:And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. 19 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day. Very strange how he created day and night BEFORE he created anything to make light eh. You can twist the bible to suit your needs any way you want, there's absolutly no point posting verses here as your about to see. I've interpreted those 2 verses above to be a mistake, how can you seperate day from night without any light but your about to have another answer.

      Ozz - 2011-05-27 07:12

      @Andy: About your um oppinion that God created night and day before light... He IS light (Everywhere in the bible were God appeared before people, the people either went blind or had to look away!). Read a bit further than Genesis and all answers will be supplied. Also, how on earth were these primitive folk supposed to know that the Sun was not orbiting the earth? I mean, come on, the only reason we know that this is not true is because we have technology to prove it!

      Andy - 2011-05-27 07:39

      @Ozz, Exactly! Science continues to prove the bible wrong. Why should those primitive folk believe that the earth orbits the sun if the bible tells them the sun orbits the earth? Why should you believe the earth orbits the sun now? After all the bible says otherwise. When the bible is found to be wrong you guys simply reinterpret it another way. So if god is light, then how did he sperate the light from day? He's either there or he isn't! When it suits you you can read the bible and make up what you like, as soon as something is proved wrong or doesn't sound right then you simply interperet it different way or say its taken out of context. If it sounds plausable then you do as Matt does and use quotes to try and justify things. Btw Matt, I don't see anywhere in the bible where they predict planes, cars or even the northern lights! I'll say it again, if you want to find something that's not there, you just have to keep looking, you'll eventually find a verse to twist.

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 11:15

      Matt, you are grasping at straws... all those verses you quoted could be interpreted anyway you see fit! e.g. (and this would make more sense to me than your interpretation) Job 38:19: Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof In other words, "how do you get to the place where light lives and how do you get to the place where darkness lives?" And according to this verse Job 38:22 "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail". In other words, "have you seen where we store all the snow or have you seen where we store hail" Us "Ape-men", as you like to call us, seem to think that hail and snow come from freezing water vapour NOT gods little storage areas!

      Matt - 2011-05-27 11:28

      @ Nutty - but that is why the verse says WAY and PLACE in different context. WAY means it's moving, PLACE means it's staying somewhere. Pretty straightforward :-) so no, it can't be interpreted differently... And besides, this is something from 4000 years ago that was only "discovered" relatively recently... for a "book of fairytales" that's pretty neat!

      Andy - 2011-05-27 12:12

      @Matt, Come now matt, you can't state that you left me something to read then continue to totally ignore what I'm writing to you about genesis?

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 12:19

      In what language does "Way" mean moving??? The verse is written this way (and when I say way here, I am implying no motion whatsoever), as it is more poetic... And please respond to my JOB 38:22 comment and to Andys comments

      Slayer - 2011-05-27 12:41

      @Matt Dude please tell the story of the dinosaurs on the ark again....

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:14

      @Andy - and g-d said: "Let there be light". And then you could see for f@cking miles!

      Ozz - 2011-05-27 15:29

      Well, the bible was written by people and what we read is actual people writing out of their perspective and what God tells them. Not everything is a word-to-word relationship to what God said. If we have a look at Revelations, for example, the writer is told to write everything down that he can see happening, not what God tells him to write. But the whole point of any religion is belief. It's not about facts and things you can see, unless you worship the moon or some object. Religion is purely belief. If only we knew what were coming after this life. That would simplify things allot don't you guys think?

  • - 2011-05-26 12:05

    If only all the energy, time and money spent on religion throughout the world was concentrated on science and technology. Imagine what life would be like. We wouldn't be plagued by diseases and famine. We probably would have ventured far beyond our solar system. Most wars would not have happened and people wouldn't hate each other as much as they do now. We would have conserved nature and planet earth. Just imagine...

      donkerhond - 2011-05-26 12:14

      I don't agree with you... but your last line sounded like a John Lennon song. So props for that \:D/

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:40

      Agreed dave! The earth wouldn't be as overpopulated as it is now (Go forth an multiply) and there wouldn't be the terrorists blowing things up in the name of a god.

      RiverStone - 2011-05-26 12:50


      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-26 13:02

      Well, there probably would still have been wars. Wars are fought more many reasons, not just religion. Religion is just a tool to define the Us vs Them groups, to motivate your group against the other. If religion was not there we would use other methods.

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:13

      @Donkerhond... ahh Yes, Imagine by John Lennon... his very popular anti Religion song!

      Harry - 2011-05-26 13:15

      Does that mean I will have to work on a Sunday too?

      Itumeleng - 2011-05-26 14:02

      People would still hate each other and wars would still happen. Violence and hatred are in our nature, religion doesn't start them it's just used by some people to justify the atrocities. I got to hand it to religion, though, it does seem to keep some people in check because we all know if there's anything that can keep one from doing bad things, it's the belief that something bad will happen to you if you don't. Ha! I just sort of defended religion for the first time since I declared myself a non-believer, maybe I really am sick today.

      Mark - 2011-05-26 15:22

      You sound even more delirious than this Coetzee oke.

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:18

      @Nutty SA - maybe anti religion (Lennon's song) but on the other hand if we could live by the maxim propogated in the song . . need I say more? Then religion is out the door - and good for all of us. Hooray!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 15:40

      Mike, I'd be the first person celebrating if religion was no more.. believe me... think you misunderstood the reason for my comment :)

  • kolobe - 2011-05-26 12:05

    put your money where your mouth is,donate your wealth since the world is ending

      grumpy - 2011-05-26 12:19

      donate ur wealth to who? what do they hope to do with it when the world ends ?

      Gerhard - 2011-05-26 12:41

      Yep, and there you go again. Begging for something that you do not deserve or worked for. It is just in your type's nature hey!

      Big Al - 2011-05-26 12:47

      @ Grumpy: Me Me I will look after it. Please Please send it to me.

      Shumba - 2011-05-26 14:09

      kolobe that's the 1st comment of yours I've ever given the thumbs up to

      Mark - 2011-05-26 15:24

      Gerhard, Kolobe is not asking for this guy to give his welth to him. He just said donate, could be to any needy person.

      whitesa - 2011-05-26 16:32

      Grumpy. They can donate their wealth to me. I ain't going to be beamed up by any Scotty and I will put the wealth to good use till the REAL end comes. Man, from what I have read so far it seems to me that there is a problem that needs understanding, the problem being the bible which is actually very easy to understand if time is taken to study and see it's reasonableness. I am not a happy clappy by the way !

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:21

      What are the people who receive this donatiln going to do with the wealth as you put it if the world ends. LIke the aunty in the queue who was talking about the world ending on the 21st (and believing it) waiting to buy her car licence. What on earth for? What is she going to do with it? Poof! Goodbye.

  • Spinnie - 2011-05-26 12:05

    STFU Johannes!

  • - 2011-05-26 12:07

    Ah crap... And there I was thinking I could cancel my bond and car repayments.

  • - 2011-05-26 12:07

    Why use machines if the force of god is so strong in you? If your bible says no-one will know when it will happen, what makes you so special to know it? And now your dropout son is the clever one? Bloody f@cknut !!!!

  • Susan Maritz - 2011-05-26 12:08

    He he he he he. Okay, we will read about your tears again on 22 October 2011. Would you mind giving us a specific time? Which time zones are we suppose to work on you know, the world is round and the global population will not be able to sit and wait all in one place for an exact time...

  • masterpaul.mcmaster - 2011-05-26 12:08

    "The Bible said no one knows the date or hour" - yet he somehow knows it will be on October 21. Maybe you and your followers should instead next time check into Valkenberg, and we will toss the keys away.

  • Fnuik - 2011-05-26 12:09

    My son is due to be born on 21 October 2011. Does this mean he will be born just in time to die again?

      stigmata - 2011-05-26 14:13

      That must mean your son must have a name with a R (rapture day)

  • Mike - 2011-05-26 12:09

    *Singing* "Wake me up before you go-go, Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo. Wake me up before you go-go, I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high. Wake me up before you go-go, 'Cause I'm not planning on goin’ solo. Wake me up before you go-go, Take me [dancing] tonight… I wanna hit that high... Yeah, yeah."

      mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:20

      I thought there wasn't a hell - until you reminded me about Wham!

      rene.simpson - 2011-05-26 12:39

      good one!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:14


      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:22

      Oh yeah, and Mike... please never audition for idols... your voice is really kak... ;-)

      Hadaya - 2011-05-26 13:27

      You just made my day!

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:17

      @ Mbossenger - if you think this Wham song was bad, get hold of "Wham Rap" - when you listen to it, hide the razor blades first :-)

      whitesa - 2011-05-27 07:50

      Before listening to any Wham 'songs' - hide the razor blades, give the rope to the neighbour for safekeeping, ask someone to take your car away for a bit becuase exhaust fumes can beam you up as can most of the stuff in your medicine cabinet - ok, so you got all the danger stuff out of the way. Two choices left. Listen or not. Nah, just burn the darned cd's, they will drive you to drink and forgot to tell you to get rid of that also. Mind you, enough of the spirit will make you think you have been raptured by Scotty - nope keep the drink, you all need it to keep calm and cheer up with !

  • Shimzo - 2011-05-26 12:10

    Matthew 24: 36 Read this Bible Passage in its Context But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Matthew 24: 36 The Father knows when that Day will be(spoken about 33 A.D.)….and He gave Jesus the Revelation to tell us and show us the things to come ( written about 90A.D.-Revelation 1:1)… What did Jesus meant About” THAT DAY & HOUR”? He MEANT IT ABOUT THE DAY AND HOUR OF HIS COMING AGAIN ( see Matthew 24:37, 42, 44-note the word “day/hour)… One thing OF note to remember JESUS Second coming is AFTER THE GREAT TRIBULATIONS THAT HAD NEVER HAPPENED YET-HE COMES TO INTERVENE (see Matthew 24:29-30 note the words “After” & “AND THEN”)… Several years back a Korean Pastor had predicted about the 2nd coming on a certain date. And all the members of his church were told to sell their possession and donate the money to him…each member were given a helmet and gathered on a certain building in preparation for the rapture…then came the day of the pastor predictions and there was no rapture….the pastor was a scumbug…he fleed with all their money taken fromt hem by his humbug preaching….they were very gullible! No one knows for sure when this will happen. Only the Father knows when. He tells you to look at the signs…they are in the bible… we are in the end times,as described in the bible. No one can point at a date and say, this is it…no matter how they calculate the years….only the Father knows.

      Maarten - 2011-05-26 12:55

      Pastor fleeing with the money is called "chlorinating the human gene pool". Anybody dumb enough to believe this crap deserves everythign that happens to them.

      Anonymus - 2011-05-26 13:30


  • GinSA1 - 2011-05-26 12:13

    So it's not just him who is stooooooooopid, but his stooooooooooopid son is also stooooooooooooooopid. Knows computers well but was reading it incorrectly after waking Pa up and saying 'Dad, it's happening'. Why would Dad be sleeping at this time, the most exciting in his miserable life? Bunch of *ankers.

      Mike - 2011-05-26 12:34

      lol Ja! And they booked into the Dev nog al *roflmao* - 2011-05-26 12:41

      Mike - I wonder if they paid upfront for the hotel or if they were hoping for a free stay?

      nic - 2011-05-26 12:52

      probably not. Thats why they were so traumatised after the world did not end. They suddenly had to pay for hotel bill they didn't budget for.... LMAO

      Mike - 2011-05-26 13:05

      @kalabafazi: Who knows, but I bet all hotels will be asking full payment upfront on the 20th of October. I know I would - just in case ;-)

      darkwing - 2011-05-26 13:10

      And to think of the money wasted on the education of those children.

      M_I_P - 2011-05-26 13:45

      In the IT world we refer to this type of misinterpretation as a ID 10 T error!!!

  • ExRecce - 2011-05-26 12:15

    I beg to differ from some commenters regarding Christianity. Non believers, Atheists or whatever they prefer to be called are the ones wasting huge amounts of energy trying to prove Christians wrong. I do not recall reading one comment rediculing the non believers........Yet the non believers choose to redicule the believers for some reason. Please carry on with your comments regarding the eend of time prophets because that is truly rediculous. The Bible says that nobody will know, not even the Angels. But people..........Why spend so much time swearing at Believers??? Why??? Do we bother you that much?? Why don't you rather spend time bothering the Buddists, Muslims, Etc, Etc........

      Indian Chief - 2011-05-26 12:38

      It's not Christianity that bothers but organized religion in total. YOU PEOPLE KILL, RAPE, STEAL, PLUNDER, YOU EVEN DECLARE WAR ON EACH OTHER ALL IN THE NAME OF A LOVING GOD. You need to wake up and see what organized religion has done to the world. If Christ has to return today, he would first be crucified by the Christians for his contradictory believes.

      rene.simpson - 2011-05-26 12:43

      you know it's not about trying to prove the Christians wrong. It's about these people make stupid predictions. at the end of the day everyone is intitled to their own beliefs. it's also about respecting each other's beliefs. just because people believe in something differnet to you that does not make them wrong and you rigt.

      RiverStone - 2011-05-26 12:53

      There is a difference between Christianity and organised religion. Then swear at organised religion and not at Chritianity.

      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-26 13:06

      I don't see many people here trying to prove you wrong. In fact it is impossible because you believe in something that has no proof, thus proof is of no concern to you. The issue we do have though is the mentality. It is that same "head in the sand" mentality that causes so much of the problems in the rest of the world. The unwillingness to see the cause of a problem or the falsehoods you cling to.

      Lab-Rat - 2011-05-26 13:23

      We're not trying to prove religion wrong. Religion does that all by itself. We just like poking fun at all the believers whilst being astonished that there still are adult people in the year 2011 that still believe in fairy tales.

      Andre Grobler - 2011-05-26 14:20

      You don't recall one comment ridiculing non believers? How about your belief that people whom you deem lower than yourselves will die in the most tormenting manner conceivable, a belief which you seem to revel in. You just want others to suffer - that's just the sign of a bitter and rotten soul, nothing more.

      Ke maketse - 2011-05-26 14:20

      Bhuddists & Muslims are also belifevers. Their just differ in their beliefs from u

      MikelPh - 2011-05-26 14:24

      I can understand and I too also realize how somethings in the bible do not add up. But people are in such full support of whatever is said in the name of science that they don't even spend time to think. How can everything around us come from nothing. Should we really believe that all we see was just a mere coincident that happened to take millions of years. Look how everything around you functions. Do you really believe that there was no intelligence in creating it? How can it be coincidental that men happen to be attracted to women and vice versa. And men happen to carry sperm cells and the females carry the egg. The woman's body happens to be perfect for carrying a baby for nine months and while this is taking place she happens to produce milk that happens to have the best nutrition for the baby. And it's not only this example but it's everything. But scientifically it all happens to be just a big accident, natural selection. What caused the big bang and where did all the things that caused the big bang come from? You cannot get something out of nothing. Don't tell me there is no God!

      Hydralisk - 2011-05-26 14:29

      No one knows the hour when our Saviour returns, so people predicting dates and claiming to be christians are very much misinformed and are just causing more of the population to classify Christianity as a fail religion.

      Andrea - 2011-05-26 14:54

      Thanks you ExRecce, you took the words right out of my mouth!!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 14:55

      MikeIPH... The Big Bang Theory does not state that everything came from nothing, perhaps you should read the theory and try and understand it before making a judgment call. Did you know for instance, that the "Big Bang" Theory was first Hypothesised by George Lemaitre, a Priest! .... anyway, if you do believe in a god, then you do believe that everything came from nothing (as you cannot explain where god came from)! No one (in their right mind) can argue that they are 100% certain that the universe wasn't created, but we can argue that there is no need for a creator and we can explain how this is so. So I am not going to tell you, there is no god. I will tell you though, that in all likelyhood, there is no god and even if there is/was a god, it is even more unlikely it will be the god Christians, Muslims and Jews worship!

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:30

      @ NuttyZA - would the Big Bang in your view entail the infintesimal region or a nebula? Basically, a dot - which some textbooks call it. "A dot no larger than a period on this page". Read back your theory - here's my thoughts. 20 billion years ago, there was nothing. Then came a dot (from where?). Dot spun really fast and exploded ("expanded" - still had combustion). That created the universe (law of conservation of angular momentum?). For the first 4 billion years there was no oxygen, yet rocks managed to absorb it. Bits and bobs formed the earth 4.6 billion years ago (earth cannot generate the heat and energy required to keep it all together). It was hot hot hot but 3.9 billion years after it cooled down (polonium rings show the lava cooled quickly). It rained on the rocks for millions of years, formed the primordial soup. Life "must have emerged" from this chemical soup (that's literally what textbooks say). Evolution via FARM, then to apes and then humans, and some are more evolved than others... Now, let's remove time and terms. A dot exploded/expanded, breaking laws. Bits and bobs formed the earth. It was hot, but cooled down, rained on the rocks, the rocks formed a soup, the soup came alive and here we are. I rest my case. Sorry, we really do need a creator... and we have one! BTW Nutty, I tried to answer some more stuff on that other page (a bit more seriously than this, fear not).

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:37

      @ NuttyZA. PS... I know it was a Belgian priest called George Lemaitre who devised the Big Bang - as much as I love Catholic people, I give their church very little credibility (numerous reasons which are easily proven to be anti-Scripture). Besides, even if he were a man of God, doesn't mean he was right and doesn't mean all religious people must now believe we came from a dot 20 billion years ago! (and for that matter... where did the dot come from? Same as "where did God come from" - honestly we don't know. Big-Bangers have tried though, saying the "dot" expands and contracts and happens every 80-100 billion years... er, proof? Does a scientist know that or think that? Still, it's in some textbooks as fact as if the scientists were actually there...)

      flamewulf - 2011-05-26 21:09

      @ Andre Grobler There are millions of Christians who don't believe in hell. There is no evidence in the Bible for hell as popular culture sees it. None. We do have Sheol/ hades, which = death. Then there is the lake of fire, which comes only at the Day of Judgement. There is no verse which explicitly says that hell is permanent. Only God will decide who goes where - not Christians, not Muslims, not Jews, not atheists, not any human being for that matter. Come to think of it, there is no evidence in the Bible that we believers will shoot off to heaven either. Heaven is God's dimension - we don't go there. @ Matt Once again you demonstrate your lack of understanding of evolution. In addition, the man known as the father of genetics, the one who started it as a scientific area of study, was a Catholic priest. his name was Gregor Mendel.

      Matt - 2011-05-27 08:51

      @ flamewulf - that's the theories given in textbooks. Please tell the world where I went wrong? "your lack of understanding regarding evolution" - no, I understand it quite well thanks. But please stop implying that you're smart and I'm dumb, and enlighten us? BTW there is a hell - how would you explain the parable in Luke 16:20 onwards? Was a whole part of Luke just added to scare us? New Bible versions say Sheol, Hades and "The Grave" but all mean "the grave". Or even if it refers to death - every single person on earth will die, every single person on earth will go to the grave (be it burial or cremation). So, if there is no hell, then what did Jesus save us from? And if the whole evolution theory is true (note - whole - micro-evolution happens and even the Bible says so - the rest is a fairytale), then Genesis would be wrong, and as the NT refers to Genesis 200x, Jesus refers to it over 30x, then you may as well pack away your Bible and preach the Gospel of Humanism...

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:32

      @Matt - "And G-d said: 'Let the be light' " - - And you could see for f@cking miles! How nice!

      Andy - 2011-05-27 16:19

      @Matt, " then Genesis would be wrong, and as the NT refers to Genesis 200x, Jesus refers to it over 30x, then you may as well pack away your Bible and preach the Gospel of Humanism..." I guess you've just packed away your bible then.

  • Neil - 2011-05-26 12:15

    Hasn't he learnt his lesson yet? They are absolute fools to believe that they can foretell the end of the world. Johannes, you are making a mockery of your religion and yourself! Go home! Moron!

  • Papsak - 2011-05-26 12:15

    Eternal optimist.

  • ntombzam - 2011-05-26 12:16

    This guy just doesnt give hey!

      Colin - 2011-05-26 13:57

      Damn, full marks for persistence on his part if nothing else! The man is a fruitloop!

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:33

      @Colin - a fruitloop? - please don't praise the religious jerk!

  • Deon - 2011-05-26 12:18

    Could somebody please tell this man to SHUT UP!! We are not stupid and when he contradicts himself in the same sentence it is just annoying!! Shut up PLEASE!! QUOTE: “The Bible said no one knows the date or hour, but did warn that in the end times the seals will be opened and wisdom shall increase. We are praying for more wisdom as we wait for October 21,” He quotes scripture that no one knows... then claims to know it's 21 October. Take your pick: This guy or scripture!?

  • Gandalf - 2011-05-26 12:19

    On MY birthday?! No! Make it the 22nd! How inconsiderate of them.

      Stryder - 2011-05-26 12:24

      You probably get this all the time, but do I know you?

      Andy - 2011-05-26 12:33

      haha, nice one Stryder!

      mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:35

      Stryder, Gandalf - hmm, I'm sure you two do know each other :)

      rene.simpson - 2011-05-26 12:45

      Well happy birthday... just in case we not here on the 21 Oct

      Helen - 2011-05-26 12:49

      Please may I ask for three more days? Mine is the 24/10

      Elizabeth - 2011-05-26 13:16

      a day after my birthday hope im sober,nice thing is all my debts will be written off goodbye meraai im buying lots on credit now as i wont be here to pay them.

  • jowza - 2011-05-26 12:21

    will we all cum together in the end

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:21

      You sound like you believe in Amsterdam... perfect example of what atheism does to the world... plus, you can cum all you want :-)

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:22

      BELONG in Amsterdam... sorry, hard day :-)

  • Charmain - 2011-05-26 12:21


  • Clinton - 2011-05-26 12:22

    Hey thanks for letting me know. I am now in the process of developing a "End Of Days" calander for the year 2011 and for the next year 2012. On it I will mark the 21st of each month with a little description that will warn all mankind that the world might end on that day. With it you will also get a free T-Shirt that reads "Are we there yet" and a pen that will only last till every 21st of each month before you need to purchase another refill and start all over again. (repeat buznas peoples!) Calanders will go on sale the 21st of next month and then after that will only be available the 21st of each other month. Stocks are limited so act now to avoid dissapointment. PS - If your Leader in tha americas didnt think about this money making idea tell him to give me a call! We can make some more extra needed money from this entire thing. Think about it an oppertunity like this will only come along once in a lifetime. Or in our case every 21st of each month from October.

      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-26 13:07

      I was thinking to myself to maybe start a website with dumb announcements like this and see if I can get idiots to donate money to me.

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:36

      I'm in the printing industry - may I at least submit a quote?

  • Tazzy - 2011-05-26 12:22

    Doff, Doffer and Doffist! The village hast lost 3 idiots

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:36

      Yeah - G-d, his s-n and the holy grail!

  • Gorilla - 2011-05-26 12:22

    God has taken a leaf out of the book of the SA justice system and postponed the proceedings until the 21st October because someone has tampered with the evidence.

      rene.simpson - 2011-05-26 12:46


      Achmed - 2011-05-26 13:46

      @Gorilla. The SA plotitions are taking longer to destroy the world than what Johannes contemplated. He thinks they will have the job done by 21st October. Postponement is in order as Johannes's mesaage was taken out of context and the judiciary has postponed the matter to gather evidence of the plot after the event. Silence!! I ---- you

  • mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:23

    "A group of doomsday Christians say that a recent tornado that hit the United States and the volcanic eruption in Iceland were not signs of the end." - bloody hell, I could have told them that....

  • Indian Chief - 2011-05-26 12:27

    You guys are the type who will commit mass suicide or even worse, fly airplanes into buildings just to "Fight for your faith." Be very careful as the blind is leading the blind, and you will all fall into the ditch!

  • Mark Struwig - 2011-05-26 12:28

    Not even Jesus knows when the world will end... he says so in the bible... idiots!

  • BlackPoison - 2011-05-26 12:29

    This is really becoming a tiresome topic.

  • michaelp1 - 2011-05-26 12:30

    Please stop giving this lunatic media coverage. It VERY clearly states in the Bible that NO ONE knows and it also warns of these doomsday prophets. Mr Coetzee - if you claim to be a Christian desist from making these claims!!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:26

      Aahhhh Why... it's extremely amusing and entertaining!

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:25

      I know... I could easily forgive Johannes for being dumb about 21/5, but to then go from dumb to dumber... (facepalm) I just can't defend the guy. Hopefully someone will sit him down and show him a few things, and he can wise up - after all, he has a whole 5 months... But yeah News24 - why are you publishing this guy's every word? Possibly because you want atheists and believers to debate so much?

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 15:02

      Hey Matt... Second time I'm actually agreeing with you... of course News24 wants These debates to go on as long as possible... it improves the hit rate on their site, which in turn means they can attract more advertisers/charge more for advertising!

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:40

      @ NuttyZA - well... if we see an article tomorrow entitled "Johannes Coetzee woke up and had breakfast today", we'll know News24's motives ;-) BTW you mentioned you were a dual citizen... you from UK too and where? I'm originally a Yorkie, bet it shows hey :-) (and by "Yorkie" I don't mean I evolved from a Yorkshire Terrier, though both being mammals, you never know hey, lol)

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 10:33

      No Johannes Coetzee story today but that doesn't mean we were wrong. Yes, I am originally from Rochford, in Essex... and yes, can tell you're from Yorkshire (and it's not even your Was actually considering moving to York a couple of years back... had a good job offer, decided against it tho...

      Matt - 2011-05-27 11:30

      @ Nutty - lol! Yeah, I lived in Essex for a while too (Chipping Ongar). Lovely hills...

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 12:22

      Nah, Essex is a bit of a dump to be honest... If I were to ever move back, It would probably be to Devon...

  • thabiso.marumo - 2011-05-26 12:30

    So because the desciples drew 153 fish and the number of days between may 21 and oct 21 is 153 this ment the world was going to end, you can get that number betweet any 5 months of the year, this guys need to focus all that energy on something that will uplift people than wishing all of us dead. Now this guys are looking forward to oct 21 for our demise what happens if this end doesn't come then, are they going to look into the so called scriptures again and decipher another date. Why do this guys wish us so much hurm, why do they want all of us to burn in sulphur so much.

      Khonzi - 2011-05-26 13:50

      153 fish and 21st of october???

  • mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:32

    "We are praying for more wisdom as we wait for October 21" - it doesn't appear to be helping....

  • Spoofed - 2011-05-26 12:32


  • Durban Dave - 2011-05-26 12:32

    Please stop calling these people Christians. As has been mentioned in other comments a Christian would know that the Bible clearly says no one but the Father knows the day and the hour.

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:27

      But aren't the Father and the Son (and the holy Ghost) the same person/god??? Surely if the father knows, then the son should know too???

      whitesa - 2011-05-27 08:10

      NuttyZA. Nope, they are not the same person. eg from bible - sorry everyone, have to use the bible and the guys are gonna love this. "The head of the woman is man - this is the bit the men like, then - the head of the man is Christ and the head of Christ is the Father. Point to be noted. Christ the son has a father and the father is his head meaning there is someone greater than Christ. Can anyone who believes in the trinity please tell me where the 3rd person came from cause it is not in my bible just as the word trinity is not in any bible I have looked at and for the record I have 5 different bibles !!!

      Matt - 2011-05-27 09:00

      @ whitesa - the 3rd person is not a person, it's the Holy Spirit. I know the word "trinity" is not in the Bible, just like computer isn't but there really are computers :-) but the lack of the word "trinity" is actually how cults and sects draw people in - they say "there is no trinity, the word isn't there" and some people say "oh yeah, you're right"... but the Bible is laden with trinities. Father, Son, Spirit. A God who created everything, His only begotten Son who saved us, the Spirit that fills us. The same thing, but in different channels... BTW, just for interest's sake: Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Beginning = time = a trinity (past, present, future) Earth = matter = a trinity (liquid, solid, gas) Heaven = space -> trinity (time-space-matter continuum) A verse so simple, even atheists know what it says ;-) and yet contains a trinity of scientific trinities within the first 10 words. Beliefs aside, what other book can have all that packed into the first 10 words?

      whitesa - 2011-05-27 09:55

      Matt. The non believers are going to have a field time with this.Let's ignore them,their blinkers won't allow them to see beyond their dislike of the bible.I am completely lost by your explanation of the trinity.I accept there is a holy spirit and I stand firm when I say that it is God's power and it is this that we are given so we have the strength and courage to endure what we normally can't. The bible says Jesus is our shepherd, we must follow him and he will protect us and guide us.The bible further says that Jesus said all he does is what his Father commanded him to do and he does nothing without his Father.So, here we have two people, Jesus the son and his Father Jehovah.Bible tells us that Jehovah baptised people with holy spirit - how can holy spirit be A PERSON that you baptise people with? Not possible.But the spirit or power of someone can motivate you, make you positive, confident etc. ie you feeling depressed, a vibrant confident person can help you through the depression.(Have simplified this.)Jehovah's holy spirit or power works like that.So. No Trinity exists which is why it is not in the bible but Jesus and his Father exists and the Fathers power/holy spirit exists. ;))

      Andy - 2011-05-27 11:49

      Matt, Again I'll ask for your explination on this. According to gensis, god created day and night before he created the sun, moon and stars. How can this be? You can't have light before you have the sun, moon and stars? And if a day is like 1000 years, thats a few thousand years without the sun, moon and stars for this "Day and night". Will you ignore this too, again? Your not very good at replying to something that doesn't make sense in the bible, and this is at the very beginning of the bible!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 11:51

      Whitesa.. 5 different Bibles? you have 5 Bibles that all differ from each other???? No wonder you guys are so confused Matt: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit Hole = Space = a trinity (time-space-matter continuum) Ground = Earth = matter = a trinity (liquid, solid, gas) Hobbit = All Hobbits = a trinity ("Uncle - Frodo", "Nephew- Bilbo" and "Golum - an Ex Hobbit")

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 11:54

      WhiteSA "The head of the woman is man" Why the hell would I like that? As far as I am concerned, my wife is my equal in everyway. I would not want to be her "head"... what kind of disgusting, sexist book are you quoting from????

      Lou - 2011-05-27 13:19

      @ nutty Your sentance is fiction because there is no such thing as a hobbit.

      whitesa - 2011-05-27 14:03

      NuttyZA. Nope, I have 5 bibles that say the same thing - exactly!! No confusion here, just proof that no matter which bible you use the message is the same.;)

      whitesa - 2011-05-27 14:48

      NuttyZA.Sorry that you don't see the compliment to men in that they are the head or leaders in the family,meaning that they protect and take care of and provide for their families.Totally equal I don't think so.Do you have menstrual cycles?Did not think so.How do you deal with your wife's moods?Not easy hey!Does your wife earn exactly the same as you?Can she lift the weights you can lift? Thought not.You clean the house,dust,polish furniture,wash windows,iron,sew,cart the kids to extra mural activities,friends with her friends? Nope? Clean out cupboards and keep your own wardrobe and drawers tidy?Bible describes the wife as a helper to her husband - the man cannot do it all on his own,man and wife work together,bible says love your wife.When you love someone you become the protector/carer/leader because you want only what is best for the person.I am happy to have my husband as my head.I can go to him with any problem and we work it out together.I am not suppressed in any way, I am my own person as my husband believes women should be.When my emotional side becomes unreasonable my husband, my head, is there to steady me and get me back on track and I try do the same for him.Marriage is a partnership, man and woman cannot be equal because our hormones make us different but yes we can be partners who work together striving for the same thing.Bible tells wives to respect their husbands.My man has earned my respect during 41 years of marriage.Hope yours lasts that long!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 15:19

      lou... it is the first line from the book "The Hobbit" of course it is fiction... much like the bible

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-27 15:25

      Whitesa, Acually I do help keep the house tidy, keep my own draws and cupboards tidy, cook, bath the kids etc... My wife's salary is more or less the same as mine... True, I don't have menstrual cycles but I don't think menstrual cycles make her any less equal to me... My wife deals with my moods as I deal with hers... we are equal partners (as it should be)... If you wish to live in an archaic outdated manner where you are subservient to your husband, that is entirely your choice... It is true tho, that your bible does advocate this!

  • floyd.mapasa - 2011-05-26 12:34

    Dear Citizens of the World Due to a slight technical error, the world was unable to end on Saturday (21st May 2011). Our technicians are however working on the problem and we will communicate once the issue has been resolved. Once again, we'd like to apologize for any inconveniences caused. Regards, End-of-the-world Committee

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:30

      Oh Virgil, sail to the mainland one day and clear your head... Vikings didn't live thousands of years ago, but 1200-1300 years ago. As a Yorkshireman, Vikings still influence our dialect to this day. And they didn't destroy religions at all - Yorkshire was a Catholic HUB for centuries (sadly...) and yet Yorkshire was severley affected by Vikings. Probably, the reason the Shetlands didn't develop any religion after the Vikings is because it's a crappy little group of islands that nobody in the world cares about, unless it's so they can sh@g sheep or see what inbreeding does to a person ;-) Just kidding... but dude, lighten up... all Christians committed? Hmm like the Gulags in atheist USSR perhaps? Gee, quite a motivation to abandon one's love and compassion to become a self-sanctifying non-believer...

  • Barry - 2011-05-26 12:34

    Dear Mr. Coetzee I am a committed Christian and believe that all scripture is inspired by God and is good for teaching, Preaching and for the edification of the body and soul. However I would also like to complimend on your gross mathematical miscalculation of the end of the world: You have staged a COUP for the Christian faith by having the "whole world" agog and also "very bemused" by your understanding or rather lack and knowledge of the Bible. You had the Jews, the Gentiles, The Moslems,the Budhhas, The Zora-Astran Zendavistas, The Atheists and even the Mayans sit up and debate, discuss, argue, mock and jeer you, deride you and even laugh hysterically at you. Good The one good thing that has come from your frivolity is the fact that so many people worlwide has suddenly taken notice of my Jesus. I thank you for being such a "good witness for the kingdom" whereby many, many, many believers from all faiths are discussing your charade. This is good for the advancement of the kingdom of God as this has enabled many people to do some introspection of their own lives. I hope you continue with your charade still believing that the world will end on the 21 October 2011 as this will be even more exposure to the Gospel and it will also get people reading the Bible and discussing Jesus of Nazareth at lenght. I know I will interview you on the 22 October 2011 and please do not go into hiding again Ek se vir u Baie, baie dankie dat so baie mense skielik hulle Bybels lees

      mbossenger - 2011-05-26 12:43

      How do you think making a laughing stock of the christian faith is somehow furthering your cause?

      Lab-Rat - 2011-05-26 13:30

      I saw jesus on a piece of burnt toast once after a heavy night of partying, but on closer inspection it turned out to be George Carlin, so I ate it.

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 13:30

      Darwinian...lmfao!!!! Well, you know what they say, no publicity is bad publicity... don't know why Barry seems to think we haven't heard of Jesus before tho.... In fact, I saw him on TV just the other night on Sony Maxs' CML Mexican Wrestling Program... damn, he's one mean sob!

      NuttyZA - 2011-05-26 14:00

      Lab Rat... lol!!!

      GLY - 2011-05-26 14:04

      Darwinian Do you see the evolution of single cell life into man. It was even better!

      Driagnor - 2011-05-26 14:35

      I especially like Buddhists being referred to as 'the Buddhas'

      Jesus rocks - 2011-05-26 14:36

      Ek stem saam met jou. Dit is baie hartseer dat daar so gespot word met Jesus en christene wat waarlik glo en niks weghaal of by voeg van die Bybel nie. Gelukkig maak dit nie saak wat wie sê of doen nie, daar bly vrede in my hart, want Jesus is in my en ek glo dat daar baie van julle is wat dieselfde kan sê. Ek wil net vir julle sê wat nie glo nie, ek was ook daar, maar omtrent 4 jaar terug het ek my hart vir die Here gegee en dit wat ek nou beleef is die wonderlikste, onbeskryflikste liefde wat ek nog ooit ervaar het! Vrede, geluk, hoop! Ek weet ook dat al is my hart opreg met dit wat ek sê, sal daar wel mense wees wat sal wil verskil en ook wil redeneer. Dis ok, want my geloof is vas en ek is nie hier om mense aan te vat en te judge nie, dit is Abba Vader wat sal oordeel. Maak nie saak wat julle ongelowiges doen of sê nie, weet dat die Vader daar bo jou geskape het en dat Hy jou uniek gemaak het en baie lief het! God is almagtig en herlewing is hier en ja daar gaan false profete wees en en en. Wil vir my mede christene vra om nie ongelowiges terug sleg te sê nie...dit is nie wat Jesus sou doen nie en watse voorbeeld is jy wat ander oordeel? Dit is omdat christene nie meer in liefde leef dat ongelowiges n moeilike tyd het om christenskap te verstaan en n kans te gee. Ons moet gevoelig wees vir ander en eerder stil bly...sodoende sal ons nie skade doen nie. Ek bid dat elke een wat glo sal saam staan in gebed in Jesus se naam! Amen!

      clintmilne - 2011-05-26 15:43

      The Bible predicted all of this will happen! it is happening, false prophecies. Still these atheist do not believe? It's happening!

      oxygen - 2011-05-26 18:19


      whitesa - 2011-05-27 08:31

      Barry, good on you. The bible, existence of God, Good News of the Kingdom that is usually preached worldwide is now being discussed/argued about on a site such as this so more people are being reached. Trouble is that they are totally confused like the people were at Babel so none of them really are learning anything because they are too busy trying to prove who is right or wrong. I did notice that no one has so far blamed the politicians for the wars that result in food shortage, broken families and countries, where the soldiers rape and kill and generally man's inhumanity to man is on display worldwide. No one has admitted that imperfect politicians will not 'get it right' because an imperfect politician cannot bring about a perfect rulersip. Could go on and on but lets just quote from the bible 'forgive them because they do not know what they do (say)'.Do you people out there really believe that all christians promote and support war and horrific acts of violence, rape etc.Look a little harder - some of us do not support politics, war, violence etc.and have chosen to stay out of it all because it is disgusting.One thing is for sure - it will all end but not on the 21st or any other date predicted by an man.

  • jowza - 2011-05-26 12:35

    christian fundementalists

      Matt - 2011-05-26 14:31

      You called? ;-)

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:41

      @Matt - and G-d said: "Let there be light". And you could see for f@cking miles!

  • advurt - 2011-05-26 12:35

    Why are these damn idiots still getting any publicity at all?

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:43

      Because people like you and me go to and comment on the article...

  • rene.simpson - 2011-05-26 12:36

    Are these people for real?? are they so bored that they spend their time trying to predict the end of the world? get a life for goodness sake and live each day as if it is your last.

  • Nick - 2011-05-26 12:36

    How does one equate fish with the end of the world?! WTF??

      Matt - 2011-05-26 16:44

      Ever been to Something Fishy in Pinetown? At one stage they were on Carte Blanche, their oil was so broken down it was worse than using paint stripper... maybe there's your link?

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:51

      So Matt - you're a banana boy - now I know what makes you the way you are!

  • Keith - 2011-05-26 12:37

    He does realise that if he is right, he won't be able to say "I told you so". Right?

      Ke maketse - 2011-05-26 14:27

      I like that

  • eon.engelbrecht - 2011-05-26 12:38


      bekommerdeouers - 2011-05-27 12:47

      Oh for heavens sake, stop typing in caps, you retard...

      Mike - 2011-05-27 15:52

      @bekommerdeouers - he is trying to shout!

  • Chris - 2011-05-26 12:38

    Totally absurd and now backtracking as we all knew they'd have to. At least we will be able to forget all this on 22nd October and move on!

  • AGH - 2011-05-26 12:39

    Maybe all the believers of this nonsense will make a promise to all the evolutionists, that if the world doesn't end on whatever day they choose, that there will be a collective slitting of their wrists so they can go to wherever it is that they prefer to be.