Report: SA soldiers helped Gaddafi

2011-10-23 09:20

Johannesburg – SA and Libyan diplomats are investigating the possibility that South Africans tried to help Colonel Muammar Gaddafi escape, and died in the process.

Rapport on Saturday spoke to one of the South Africans who was apparently working for a security company, hired on contract to extract Gaddafi from Libya.

Deon Odendaal, a spy, on Saturday spoke from a hospital in North Africa, saying that their paid extraction operation was a “huge failure”.

He said about 19 South Africans had been contracted by different companies for the operation.

Odendaal gave the name of one of two South Africans who were apparently killed, but this could not be independently confirmed.

An official from the South African department of international relations could not provide clarity on the situation and said the SA government definitely did not officially support any such operation.

Odendaal said he met Gaddafi on Monday when the mercenaries arrived in Libya. Vehicles were sent out of the city on Tuesday to begin transporting Gaddafi to neighbouring Niger.

Odendaal and four other South Africans were apparently in a Jeep when they were chased out of Sirte in their convoy.

“We all believed they wanted him [out of Libya],” he said, but Nato forces started firing at the convoy from the air.

Libyan soldiers attacked the convoy and Gaddafi and a few of his guards fled to the storm water drain where he was found.

Mercenaries fled in all directions.

“It was a gruesome, gruesome orgy,” said Odendaal.

Soldiers shouted to one another not to shoot foreigners in the process and they helped Odendaal escape.

He said he was still trying to find other South African colleagues but their Libyan cellphone numbers had apparently been switched off.

Cellphone video material that has been spread worldwide, indicated that Gaddafi was tortured severely before he died.

“The poor thing screamed like a pig,” said Odendaal.

  • John - 2011-10-23 09:28

    " said the SA government definitely did not officially support any such operation. " WE are used to ANC double speak, and to the thinking and actions of the ANC and comrades. This looks to me like an admission of guilt. The families must take the SA ANC government to court for the deception of sending "fetchers" to break a genocider out of jail.

      Kevin - 2011-10-23 09:49

      Anc .This needs to be investigated. Surely no moral government would help this mass murderer to escape.Oh sorry I said "moral". Does not apply here

      zeekoevlei - 2011-10-23 09:52

      As always, the SA ANC government bringing our beautiful country into disrepute and into the spotlight. Thank God the bastard is dead and the 2 million SA taxpayers are NOT SUPPORTING HIM IN OUR COUNTRY thanks to the ANC's generous handouts to dictators, murderers and thieves

      Juan - 2011-10-23 10:02

      They were "soldiers for rent" and paid for by Qadaffi. I am pretty sure the SA government had nothing to do with this.

      Michael - 2011-10-23 10:12

      Once again ABSOLUTE RUBBISH @John. It is an OPEN secret that former (white) Special Forces operatives (Recce's) from South Africa sell themselves to the highest bidder irrespective of the political persuasion of their employers. They have been and remain in hotspots around the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. Why would the ANC govt (or any other legitimate government for that matter) align themselves with these mercenaries?

      Grant - 2011-10-23 10:57

      @Lagaulle. Please re-post in English.

      Donder - 2011-10-23 11:23

      Juan - 2011-10-23 13:06

      @getitok I cannot speak for Odendaal but generally speaking the Recces were some of the finest special forces around, and far from useless as you described them. They convoy was taken out by airstrikes they could have possibly defended themselves against and they were then vastly outnumbered by the rebel forces. Any sane person would have ran. First you portray Qadaffi as a tyrant, then you praise him as being a hero, LOL make up your mind dude!

      Levett - 2011-10-23 13:24

      Gaddaffi's money? ... did Gaddafi make a PayPal transfer to Odendaal while busy fighting for his life? Bonehead argument from Getitok again! Sounds more like the ANC is behind this. Glad I'm not in their shoes now. Getitok rather do us a favour and take Mandela's Nobel peace prize back (also drop off your so called degree that you bought at the university you scammed)

      Levett - 2011-10-23 13:31

      WTF are you trying to say Getitok? What's NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE? Tyrant & your inability to construct a sentence?

      Levett - 2011-10-23 14:04

      Sorry Getitok I'm off to a restaurant so can't read any further. But there's a little project you can do while I'm gone: Study all questions I ever asked you where your best answer was "Levett is a racist". Then think (really hard)of better answers and make notes on the KFC lunch box so you don't forget it when we chat again OK?

      Peter - 2011-10-23 20:19

      @Getitok - maybe you should first learn to write properly before wasting space here. Usually the uneducated correspond in caps.

      Pieter - 2011-10-24 11:54

      If gaddafi was such a great Colonel for 42 years. How come he never made General. people all over the continent have started panick buying fried chicken after hearing the news of the Colonel's death.

  • Ian - 2011-10-23 09:35

    said the SA government definitely did not officially support any such operation. of course you didnt you just supplied the murdering bastard with arms and ammunition , dont bs me anc, terrorist looks after terrorist

      Greg - 2011-10-23 11:12

      Yep, and perhaps SA government should stop meddling in the affairs of other countries and tend to our own crime, corruption and pothole holocaust.

      Anthony - 2011-10-23 13:37

      Well I,am glad the PIG is dead.

  • Leon - 2011-10-23 09:35

    mmm idiot

      Leon - 2011-10-23 10:39

      again mmm idiot odendaal ..shut your mouth

      Myth - 2011-10-23 11:28

      He has to protect his skin, what he did will get him jail time in SA. Perhaps he will try to trade some info for impunity.

  • Brandon - 2011-10-23 09:37

    The world is trying to pull the wool over our eyes! This is the truth about Gaddafi, the facts!

      Sean - 2011-10-23 09:47

      Thank goodness there's someone here who thinks laterally and critically. Big thumbs up :)

      Nico - 2011-10-23 10:12

      The FACT is that he refused to be de-seated by popular demand and that's what he payed the ultimate price for. Clinging on to power like this is frequently seen in African history and I hope this sends a clear message.

      Grant - 2011-10-23 10:12

      This ia a very biased and one sided article. There is truth in the assertions that Gaddafi did a lot of good, however if he was the saint that is portrayed in this article, why would his own people have taken on such a violent role and be rejoicing so whole heartedly in his demise. There are considerably more facets to this man than portrayed in this piece of blatant propoganda.

      Chris - 2011-10-23 10:44

      Any and all good-will he achieved got kind of negated by the fact that he used his airforce to mow down civilians in the street, which was incidentially also the catalyst for the armed uprising in Eastern Libya. All in all I think the entire removal process of Ghaddafi with the support of the West went fantastically, and I hope it also continues into Africa proper, make these tin-pot dictators aware that they can be held responsible. And the sweet tears of bleeding-heart liberals denouncing all of this on the basis of conspiracies such as Oil, Neo-Colonialism etc whilst ignoring mass murder of civilians are what really put a spring into my step.

      Reshan - 2011-10-23 10:45

      While I think this man should have left a long time ago when he was asked. I also believe that we should not fall prey to the words of the media they do work for the highest bidder after all. Race, religion, culture, media all wonderful tools of you're a man wanting to be a king.

      Lordwick - 2011-10-23 18:04

      Thank's Brandon,eventhough some might disagree!!!

      Heinrich - 2011-10-23 21:47

      Brandon : Could you provide us with some reasons to believe this "truth"?

  • Nico - 2011-10-23 09:49

    We need international exposure of stories like these to expose our government of supporting this murderer.

      Mike - 2011-10-23 12:22

      How does a reference to selected youtube posts become absolute truth. I would prefer the opinion of politcal analysts who give all sides to the story

      Nico - 2011-10-23 17:11

      Getitok, you are an idiot. Need one say more.

  • Zulu - 2011-10-23 09:53

    Seriously ?, sounds a bit like bs

  • El-Hajj - 2011-10-23 09:56

    Poor ANC, used and abused as one sees fit! This article says absolutely nothing about the ANC but an Afrikaner mercenary and his oukes, as the many other Afrikaner mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there are some turkeys in this thread whose hooby is ANC bashing on news threads.

      Lionel - 2011-10-23 10:37

      Maybe he's blocked annoying persons?

  • lehlohonolo.mphafi - 2011-10-23 10:48

    I wish SA soldiers could succeed their-saving-Gaddaffi`s-life!!! But i`m proud of their trial even thou they failed!!!

  • chantzm - 2011-10-23 10:58


      Myth - 2011-10-23 11:33

      Yes, but the capital. demand and expertise is in the West. Without that Africa and it's resources is nothing. It's in the interest of the West to keep Africa in a primitive state with the collusion of African leaders, especially those less educated. I am sure you can work it out.

      Mike - 2011-10-23 12:31

      when youtube reaches the status of absolute truth it may become a source of reference but until that time it is nothing more than a selection made by a particular person to support their argument. Try reading an article or articles that deal with both sides of the coin for fair comment.

      Juan - 2011-10-23 13:13

      Bullcrap in a bucket. The West has been rather interested in Qaddafi all along. Payback for Lockerby

      Silvana - 2011-10-23 15:38

      I only have one word to your posting. K*K!

      Stan - 2011-10-24 11:27

      You got that right alright. Wonder why they didn't want him to remain alive so that he could reply to all the subversive Western propaganda and disinformation crap that's been and is still being said about him?

  • Sam - 2011-10-23 11:03

    Read!!!!! Odendal said they were hired by a private company. PRIVATE means non-gov. Ur embarrassing yrselfs

      Yar - 2011-10-23 13:52

      Charter House Investments is a "private" company.

  • Buhle - 2011-10-23 11:05

    Odendaal!!!! said he met Gaddafi on Monday when the mercenaries!!! arrived in Libya... I am not a fan of the ANC but really did they have anything to do with this? And if I have to play the race card, its always the whites who are mercenaries why? but I wont play that card. “The poor thing screamed like a pig,” said Odendaal (sies)

      Chris - 2011-10-23 11:11

      It's always the whites in South African terms because they lost their jobs and careers in the Defence Force due to AA/Cadre deployment etc and hence have no jobs.

      Sam - 2011-10-23 11:15

      @Chris, the unemploymen rate in White South Africans is very low about 5%. I wonder where do you get the stuff ur talking about... just pulled it out of ur s?

      Albert - 2011-10-23 11:18

      But he was willing to take money from this screaming pig if he was succesful.What a pig himself(from white afrikaner)

      Chris - 2011-10-23 12:02

      @Sam. Enlighten me as to how the general employment rate of whites in South Africa correlates to the soldiers in units such as 32nd Battalion, which were completly disbanded by the ANC? Especially as many mercenaries come from this exact unit.... Didn't think that one through properly, did you boy?

      Johan - 2011-10-24 12:46

      So because one guy is white you assume all of them must be white? Ex SA special forces (Recces, Parabats and 32 Battalion) were made up of all races, not just white, especially 32 Battalion. You're a racist.

  • annelize.jerling - 2011-10-23 11:22

    Mercenaries not soldiers - sell their souls to the devil for a few dollars.

      Myth - 2011-10-23 12:02

      That is the basic commercial principle, everything is for sale. All values in the modern world are based on commodities.

  • Theprodigy - 2011-10-23 11:48

    they should have shot the mercenaries execution style, who was involved in the hiring, let get that answer, no doubt the ANC.

  • mmoledis - 2011-10-23 12:02

    Rescuing some one in danger is not a problem, because after the person wanted was going to appear at court to answer, now he is been taken and where will information about countries monies and wealth come from and again at the end the same group that did that are investigated for disobeying international treaties on armed conflict.

  • William - 2011-10-23 12:32


      Harold - 2011-10-23 13:57

      For the money William, for the money - hence the term "mercenary"

  • dplessis - 2011-10-23 12:34

    During Apartheid we were seen as the scum of the earth due to our internal policies now we are the scum of the earth due to our external policies.

  • Cheryl - 2011-10-23 12:48

    Don't protect the corrupt' – Madonsela Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has warned the public against turning a blind eye on bad governance including corruption, saying this was the reason government service points such as hospitals had little or no equipment. You are the victims of bad governance and so, it does not help you to protect those that are corrupt, including Youth League leaders.” ... “It is not that you hate the system or your organ of state or people in it when you report corruption. If you turn a blind eye, it will get worse and before we know it there will be no resources for the much needed basic services.”

  • mpumelelo.toyise - 2011-10-23 12:54

    May be some of us are just refusing to hear and see things for what they are. I hear of this "his own people" overthrowing Gaddafi supposedly brutal regime and killing him but can someone tell me if NATO is the Libyan people? All the reports of bombardments, the actual cause in the demised of Tripoli and Gaddafi, sight NATO forces. If Malema and his Youth League Botswana command, helping the opposition in that country(which actaully welcomed Malema's announcement), had actually unfolded their plan of toppling the Botswana government, would we say the people of Botswana had toppled their own government? The UN failure to deploy peace keeping mission in Libya, as is customary the case in civil strife torn areas, denied us all of an opportunity to have the popular appeal of both sides in the conflict tested. Now we have a manfactured outcome that may very well be a further distortion of the people's will in Libya. The only will that rules there now is that of the fire power through the parrel of the gun and NATO/Western powers. Even the will of the rebel forces may afterall be circumvented.

  • Sir-Themba - 2011-10-23 13:02

    READ READ READ - This has NOTHING to do with the ANC or the Govt. These were former soldiers hired by PRIVATE PRIVATE i repeat AGAIN PRIVATE companies to carry out the operation. hahaha Im suprised that u lot haven't made any racial comments and blame the Africans for such. WELL DONE

      Levett - 2011-10-23 18:36

      BEE private companies = ANC = Zuma is guilty

      Catie - 2011-10-25 14:25

      Someone (maybe a government) TOLD this PRIVATE company to do it. Why would the PRIVATE company do it otherwise ???

  • Victor - 2011-10-23 13:26

    They did not help much, these new South African soldiers.

  • Sharkshoot - 2011-10-23 13:39

    This could potentially blow up in someone's big fat round shiny face.

  • Jackson - 2011-10-23 13:46

    job is a job they hired by private security and the needs of the that company,as SA government no way to intervene even if they were also murdered.JD in Mpumalanga

  • Jenny - 2011-10-23 14:38

    What a sad state of affairs. Brave men dying and wounded to protect a useless piece of flotsam, who could have avoided the whole tragic mess if he'd only stepped down as asked. If he'd been granted asylum in SA, our Juju would have had competition from another insane dictator.

  • sibusiso.mpofu1 - 2011-10-23 14:47

    Not surprised!! Unemployed former soldiers need to make a living! There is nothing wrong with making a living. I am sure they got paid handsomely too. Condolences to the families of the fallen. A man gotz to do what he gotz to do!

  • Leon - 2011-10-23 14:56


  • Alex - 2011-10-23 15:03

    be happy we dont have hufe reserves of oil, the america will invade us. Who will be the evil target?

  • hurgie.tramostrassen - 2011-10-23 15:11

    "19 South Africans had been contracted by different companies" Is the journo making assumptions based on limited facts? How many Americans, Brits, Greek, Aussie, Korean ... work for the same companies? But when Herman writes that "Odendaal and four other South Africans..." he is leading us to believe that by association, these men acted as agents OF South Africa (and her foreign policy. Give discredit where it's due. Bad reporting.

  • Silvana - 2011-10-23 15:23

    Deon Odendaal, I'm sure the pay was good (blood money). You are no better than a prostitute. Where are you principals? This planet is rotten with the greed for money. He was tortured? Ag shame! How many people did he torture? Did he squirm at their screaming. I think not.

      Chris - 2011-10-23 17:05

      For someone who can't spell principles, you sure got strong opinions about them....

  • shadreck.mnisi - 2011-10-23 15:57

    The killing of Gaddafi shows Lybians have no human heart.Lybia is no good future in their hands. If South Africa is said to have tried the recue, it was good samaritan to a poor soul.

      Sterling - 2011-10-23 16:56

      If Gaddafi had not talked on his cell phone nobody would have known were he was but, one of his aids told a reporter that he was always talking on his phone. The US sent a drone to attack this convoy b ecause they knew he was in it and a French fighter attack it.

  • Chloe - 2011-10-23 18:12

    Mercenaries don't work for any governments. They work for private companies around the world. So why should anyone worry what nationality they are. A mercenary is an occupation you are free to apply anywhere in the world for money, does not mean you support the cause or the person,,,,,,,,do it for money ONLY. So all you moaners, get on with your own work and leave them alone.

      Leon - 2011-10-23 19:25

      Spot on

  • Gail - 2011-10-23 20:06

    @Frikkie and others. It is a total fallacy to believe that without the white man Africa would be without the wheel. Yes it was wite men who invented the wheel etc however I have often wondered what would have happened if the colonisers of America had decided to colonise Africa back then how different things might have been in Africa. They took no prisoners and still don't while our ancestors made nice and we are still doing it with the likes of people like Gaddafi. That's the bottom line here to blacks like Legaulle and also to those who blame the Africans for the fact that we were stupid enough to try and uplift them and bring the wheel and consumerism and technology and better health care and education to them so that they multiplied even faster than we could have anticipated. Not even the introduction of diseases like TB and AIDS has reduced the population growth. In a funny kind of way we are the architects of our own doom because we didn't do what the American colonisers did and are still doing. Imagine if the 90,000 whites who applied to come out here in 1820 hadn't been whittled down to 4,000? Imagine if the Afrikaners and the English had made peace instead of war not to mention love which would have led to multiplication. Oh and by the way these guys sold their services as mercenaries and had nothing to do with the ANC.

      AkalKing - 2011-10-23 21:42

      Actually, the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia in the middle east, so they would have been Arabs. Because of trade in the region, culture, ideas and inventions spread from east to west. So there was no need to always re-invent the wheel, so to speak. But this never spread to sub-Sahara Africa, so nothing from the east came across to Africa. The only other race that has progressed being detached from Asia and Europe where the South American Indians. So your point is very valid.

  • inga.kabane - 2011-10-23 20:19

    What part of 19 South Africans from different companies don't people get? How is this the government's fault? People on News24 search for every excuse to blame the government. these were clearly private companies. Eish, honestly, you people need help. And what is with pulling the race thing on every article on News24?

  • Marius - 2011-10-23 21:14

    1. There is no electricity bill in Libya ; electricity is free for all its citizens. 2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law. 3. Home considered a human right in Libya - Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi's father has died while him, his wife and his mother are still living in a tent. 4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinar (US$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

  • Marius - 2011-10-23 21:15

    5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya . Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%. 6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms - all for free. 7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government funds them to go abroad for it - not only free but they get US$2,300/mth accommodation and car allowance. 8. In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price. 9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter. 10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion - now frozen globally.

  • Marius - 2011-10-23 21:16

    11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found. 12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is, credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens. 13. A mother who gave birth to a child receive US$5,000 14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15 15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree 16. Gaddafi carried out the world's largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country. Which other dictator has done much good to his people?

      Carlos - 2011-10-23 23:33

      Marius I worked in Libia for an oil company for 2 years and a half and I know exactly what you talking, we both know that ist´s true, but to explain that to the Obama´s,Sarkozy´s and Cameron´s of life? they just want the oil. Wait and see the a mess they did it´s going to be worth than Iraque.

  • bnyamane - 2011-10-23 23:41

    wish you were one of those were killed

  • chantzm - 2011-10-24 08:41

    @ Myth & Mike- It's people like you who haven't got a Clue what's Really happening in the Real World. People like You who actually live in a Bubble. Thank God for Common Sense, travelled Marius and Carlos comments. Thank God!!!

  • doreenhillm - 2011-10-24 09:50


  • Taun - 2011-10-24 10:28

    There is a difference between Mercenaries and soldiers, but it wouldn't surprise me if the SA government paid and arrange this operation with the mercenaries.

  • Hugh - 2011-10-24 12:00

    There is no doubt in my mind that the ANC are the sponsors of the security companies trying to get that troll out of Libya. They are..were best of friends and this is exactly what they would do. Sadly some of SA's finest soldiers may have perished in the ordeal and the ANC can claim innocence. The truth will come out and these supporters of criminals i.e. Mugabe, Castro etc will be exposed for the trash that they are.

  • alexandra.nett - 2011-10-24 14:39

    LIBYA'S war was a civil there should have been NO INTERFERENCE from NATO or any other country for that matter. Whilst I did not support the Gadaffi regime I do wish to point out that it was a civil war and NATO and/or any other regime had NO BUSINESS interfering. Please do not think for one minute it had anything to do with human rights.....more like OIL and self serving GREED. If it had anything to do with human rights then I must question where were NATO and the rest when the genocide in Rwanda took place!

      Marlene - 2011-10-25 09:27

      This is quite an interesting read. It has info on how the civil war started. Also, the fact that the international community was asked to get involved, by Lybia's people, as Gadaffi was slaughtering his own people, who dared take part in the opposition marches. Who can ever know the true motivations of any act?

  • Robbie - 2011-10-24 15:26

    well they didn't do a very good job. His dead

  • VaalDonkie - 2011-10-25 07:24

    "Deon Odendaal, a spy,..." LOL, not anymore!

  • Tiaan - 2011-10-26 11:26

    If South Africa had half the army the old regime had there would not be mercenaries. Recces were trained to gather intell not smuggle people out of a country. 32 Bats purpose were to oppose the communists not smuggle people out of a country. These guys are amatures who were under paid by the SAPS or other security firm in South Africa.

  • cute102 - 2012-04-21 09:47

    So funny

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