SA woman captive in Pakistan for 2 years

2012-02-14 22:36

Johannesburg - A South African woman and her two children have been rescued from Pakistan where she was allegedly held captive by her abusive husband for nearly two years, police said on Tuesday.

Colonel Vishnu Naidoo said 37-year-old Sajida Sungey asked for help in a telephone call to an SA Police Service liaison officer at the South African High Commission in Islamabad two weeks ago.

She claimed she had been abused and was being held captive by her husband and his family in Pakistan.

Naidoo said Pakistani authorities traced Sungey through the phone call and rescued her and the children.

"She and her daughter are alleged to have been 'abused and not allowed' to return to South Africa," Naidoo said in a statement.

Sungey's family in South Africa had contacted the charitable organisation Gift of the Givers for help in finding her.

Extremely traumatised

"Sajida is on a flight to South Africa today [Tuesday], paid for by Gift of the Givers to 'rescue' her and the two children," Gift of the Givers spokesperson Imtiaz Sooliman said in a statement.

He said Sungey married the Pakistani man and moved to Pakistan after the birth of their son in 2010. Her daughter is 11-years-old.

Sooliman said the man claimed to have denied Sungey contact with her family and the outside world in order to "culturise" her.

He said it still was not clear how Sungey managed to make the call and said details around the case were still sketchy.

Sooliman said Sungey was extremely traumatised. He would speak to her only after she had been assessed by a trauma counsellor.

Naidoo said Sungey had not filed any charges against the man and he had not been arrested.

Sungey and both the children boarded a flight from Pakistan to Cape-Town on Tuesday.

  • John - 2012-02-14 23:34

    It is unsettling that people do not know what they getting themselves into when they go to such extreme old society. One way of knowing is to check if slavery has been Abolished. Another is the laws regarding recognition of women in civil society. If there is slavery, and no recognition of women, don't go there. Why be treated like an animal? God gave you life. Don't give it away.

  • Andre - 2012-02-15 06:25

    Isn't this a muslim country? Aren't muslim woman in general catives of their men and treated with indignity?

      Samia - 2012-02-15 07:22

      NO,Not all muslim ladies are captives of their husbands, it is just unfortunate that we have men like this guy who thinks he is greater than God, not only does this happen in Islaam but in different religions and cultures. So before we make coment like Andre look around in the world and see what is happening. Its just sick that men think that they have so much power over their wifes.

      John - 2012-02-15 09:00

      @Samia Main misunderstanding about muslims is missing of adequate information. If the general audience can identify diferences between Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, I'll take my words back. ... I'm not defending cases where woman is abused and treated as a non-human. Please don't get me wrong about that. Well done and congrats to SA Police Service liaison officer at the South African High Commission in Islamabad. At the same time there are many ordinary muslim people without any "fanatic belives" and they living an ordinary life like everyone else. It is dangerous to overgeneralize. I can point countries where muslim woman has an equal rights. We had not long ago a post from a muslim man "I pray to my good to protect all South Africans".I cannot recall of someone that reply back to him with same. ...THE SUN SHINES ON EVERYONE. To disseminate people becouse they have a different religion or skin color than yours is just stupid.

      Castle - 2012-02-15 09:13


      Solly Rand - 2012-02-15 12:06

      this is not what islam teaches us.muslim woman are not captives nor are they treated with indignity.the type of behaviour of this man has no basis in islam and is totally unacceptable.many a time,the west portrays a bad outlook of islam so every1 just thinks muslims are bad.we cannot paint every1 with the same brush.if a man from another relegion has to do something bad,we do not pick on his relegion.its his own relegion in this world teaches people to ill treat others.

  • Kekeletso Nakeli - 2012-02-15 07:32

    Guess she never watched the movie Not Without My Daughter before she moved to Pakistan...

      Janice - 2012-02-15 10:18

      Or read the book, Jeez was tha an eye opener!!!

  • Castle - 2012-02-15 09:18

    Why do these women get involved with these type to men anyway.These are cons who are aware of the Sa immigration rules ad after they get the SA passport their true colours are shown.I am aware of cases where a few of SA women have been left stranded with kids after the man returns to Pakistan after he gets his SA citizenship and to be seen or heard off again.They live in Remote villages and lie to their SA wives while planning to marry women in their own villages.Its sad that so many SA women are falling for these cons.

      PB - 2012-02-15 10:17

      Castle, I do agree with you to some extend. However, unfortunately most abusive men tend to be very charming to start out with - regardless of race / religion. It is human nature to believe that your situation is the exception to the rule. People like the Modimole a-hole are everywhere - it is just a question of listening to your inner voice and believing those people around you who warn you about someone (who starts out)treating you like a princess.

  • Angela - 2012-02-15 09:29

    In our search for love , we really need to make sure we are not putting our lives in danger mwe.

  • lhenama - 2012-02-15 10:13

    We can comment all we want the fact is that we will not know exactly what are the main problems are in the Muslim cultures as there are different interpretations and categorizing that we as non Muslim can understand or know. Yes we can relate to the movies, some of them being vocal about their experiences but it all depends on an individual to decide what they want in life besides any belief or a way you're brought up.

      Solly Rand - 2012-02-15 11:56

      islam does not teach us to behave in this manner.there are many different cultures in pakistan which forms absolutly no basis in islam

  • Eric - 2012-02-15 10:40

    Once again, "Gift of the Givers" have proved to me the passion they have for mankind,regardless of religion. Imtiaz, you have the right to be very proud

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