SAA helps passengers stranded by Sandy

2012-10-30 08:37

Johannesburg - South African Airways (SAA) has stepped in to help US-bound passengers stranded in South Africa due to cancelled flights in and out of New York.

Hundreds of passengers were affected after Hurricane Sandy stopped all flights in and out of New York, reported the TimesLive.

SAA said it had made a bigger aircraft available to fly passengers to Washington on Monday night.

Among the stranded passengers was a marathon runner wanting to take part in the New York Marathon, which was scheduled to go ahead as planned, said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

International relations and co-operation department spokesperson Nelson Kgwete confirmed that there are South Africans who are spending an extra day or two in New York because of the storm.

"It is hard to work out the exact numbers, but those who need consular assistance can contact our consulate in New York," Ngwete said.

- Are you affected in any way by the storm? Send us your eyewitness accounts and photos

  • JuliusYouPrick - 2012-10-30 08:43

    Trying to save their reputation?

      Robin - 2012-10-30 08:56

      what reputation?

      kgolane.thulare - 2012-10-30 08:57

      Wet blanket.

      MarcelKotze - 2012-10-30 09:00

      "Trying" to show that they do at least one good deed with the taxpayers money... Not working

      nicholas.wessels - 2012-10-30 09:09

      I have flown SAA to New York on numerous occasions and they were by far better than most other airlines I have used. Only Delta I would say is better for the JHB-ATL route. They may have a bad reputation, but their service on long haul flights is still pretty decent.

      nicholas.wessels - 2012-10-30 09:10

      I have flown to New York on SAA numerous times and their service is still pretty good. In fact I would say they on a par with any other airline that flies to the USA. Only Delta I would say is better and this is only because they over a non-stop service.

      hamish.drake1 - 2012-10-30 09:34

      My understanding is that if you are not in your "home" city, they are obligated to help you.

  • sam.madori - 2012-10-30 08:46

    very sensetive!

  • joe.soapie.73 - 2012-10-30 09:53

    Suck ups.

  • nkuli.gcanga - 2012-10-30 11:25

    Once again South Africans find fault in something good. SAA CEO and boardmembers quit,it becomes a big HUHA. SAA helps pax and its still becomes a big HUHA? SAA will order new aircraft im sure it will still be a problem to South Africans. South Africans are never satisfied.

  • japie.duminy - 2012-10-30 12:39

    Give credit where credit is due. Well done SAA

  • Aletlleroux - 2012-10-30 16:48

    We were stranded on OR Tambo Sunday night waiting to fly to Washington DC. SAA is the most unhelpful, uncommunicative and arrogant airline in that building. They let 500+ people stand around with no information , without any plan on how to deal with the situation, without a spokes person dealing with the problem and refusing three times to help us reroute through Europe. Nelson Kwgete can talk all the talk he wants but not him or one of his personal are equipped to deal with even a minor situation. We have used SAA numerous times but will never again. The customers service cubicle was filled with up to12 personal at the time and not even one person was dealt with in the 90 minutes we stood there trying to see if SAA will reroute us. We bought two tickets from Delta and flew out and are safely at home before the storm hit our thanks to SAA who will probable not refund us or even care what happened to two of the paying clients. THEY ARE USELESS!! You cannot make statements in a newspaper on Monday morning and say it is actually have to do something... a very wide spread problem in SA!!The fact that you say it does not mean it's done!!

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