SABC news chief blasted over too much Malema

2012-04-11 10:06

Johannesburg - The SABC has placed group chief executive of news, Phil Molefe, on special leave after apparently defying senior executives’ orders to stop giving too much air time to Julius Malema, a report said on Wednesday.

Molefe allegedly refused to obey orders given to him by SABC CEO Lulama Mokhobo and the acting chief operating officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, this week, The Star wrote.

The newspaper said that the root of the conflict was Molefe’s decision to give full coverage to rallies addressed by the expelled ANC Youth League president.

The rallies were in Tzaneen and at Wits University - where Malema accused President Jacob Zuma of being a dictator.

Malema’s comments at the Wits rally forced the basis for the ANC national disciplinary committee under Derek Hanekom to suspend his membership of the ANC, his presidency of the ANC Youth League and his membership of the ANC’s Limpopo provincial executive committee member.

Not enough Zuma coverage

A source told The Star that Mokhobo and Motsoeneng allegedly went to Molefe’s office and demanded that he hand over his editorial diary to them.

Molefe allegedly refused to do so, saying it was against the public broadcaster’s editorial policy.

“This happened after the CEO complained that President Jacob Zuma was not getting enough coverage on TV.

The two also complained about a one-on-one interview Malema had on TV which attracted the highest viewership of the SABC in the past four years.

“The CEO is under pressure from people who appointed her. They believe that the SABC is back to the pre-Polokwane era when the chief executive, news, Snuki Zikalala, gave more coverage to Thabo Mbeki,” the source said.

2nd time on special leave

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago confirmed that Molefe had been placed on special leave pending a discussion between him and Mokhobo. Kganyago emphasised that the special leave was just for that purpose and nothing else.

The Star understands that Mokhobo and Motsoeneng called a staff meeting on Tuesday morning and announced Molefe’s special leave to them.

This is the second time Molefe has been placed on special leave. He was initially placed on special leave in January, until March.

  • Marion - 2012-04-11 10:12

    This is why I prefer to watch eTV news. Sometimes the first ten minutes of an SABC news broadcast is devoted to ANC activities.

      NrGx - 2012-04-11 10:25

      @Sganja...and here we thought INDEPENDENT news was paramount to a democracy.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:27

      @Marion, SABC is a SOE and ANC is the "State".

      NrGx - 2012-04-11 10:33

      @Siya...the SABC "should" be an independent news organization, and the anc is a political PARTY which GOVERNS the state. they ARE NOT the state, they are no monarchy!

      Brett - 2012-04-11 10:38

      @Sganja more like infamous.

      Marion - 2012-04-11 10:40

      @Foc - What does the length of my memory have to do with this topic? @Sganja - When I watch the news I want to see what is going on in South Africa and the world, not what is going on in the ANC. The SABC is supposed to be an independent broadcaster. The ANC sends out regular emails to its supporters 'The ANC today' that it can use to blow its own trumpet. You should subscribe and allow the non ANC supporters to actually see what is going on in the world.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:41

      @Foc, thanks @NrGx, there is no such thing as "entirely" independent. Go to any country, you wont see such. Let's stop dreaming and be realistic about things. This is common cause. @

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 10:42

      The dictatorial juggernaught is starting to seriously picking up steam! No lawyers at hearings, presidential and government influence and control on the press, no freedom of speech, blue light madness, changing the constitution.............brace yourselves and head for the exits while you still can!

      kgomotso.radise - 2012-04-11 10:48

      This explains why there is such dramatic drop of viewership of SABC news prime time. People jump ship to eTV and pay channels.

      NrGx - 2012-04-11 10:51

      @Siya..the common cause should be a true democracy, not a totalitarian state under the guise of democratic rule. Really?, no such thing as "entirely independent" ... BBC reports ALL faults on both sides of the political spectrum, the Australian, is non biased and reports on all faults and concerns of the citizens. Lets not be narrow minded and bring in international organisations, lets speak of SA's problems.

      alexander.lombard - 2012-04-11 10:51

      @FOC Is the point of the new South-Africa not to move away from the previous era. Why would some people asume that by critisising something current is to condone the past? I belive if they did not force us to pay for our TV licences they could do what they wanted. The biased interference by polititions in broadcasting is like you mentioned old school and very resemblent of China and other totalitarian rule. Like mr. Kerkorrel sang "Sit dit af sit dit af" (Shut it of shut it off) while pointing out a tv set with PW Botha's face on it in a music video.

      Tshifhiwa - 2012-04-11 10:53

      E-TV air a lot of DA activities and understandably so, I would be mad if SABC stop airing ANC activities. Let E-TV air DA and SABC for ANC.

      William - 2012-04-11 10:55

      Marion, I think you counted wrong. Is it not fifteen minutes?

      paul.coetzee1 - 2012-04-11 11:09

      Marion: The state controls the SABC. Soon, via the new Media Bill, it will control E TV as well as all media publications. Then comes the control of the independant judiciary. Then comes ontrol of the Police, Army and Secrete police and Hawks. (Currently) 99% under ANC Control)Then comes the changes proposed to the constititution. It is all part of a process. If you are not yet sure what that process is - then have a look North of the Limpopo River.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 11:11

      @NrGx, you are just being disingenuous now. BBC has several times been accused of political bias hence it was banned to broadcast in some countries. In 2008, it was criticised of being religiously biased and particularly being against Indians and Hindus. But I'm diverting now from the topic at hand. Guys, my point is. Media is a very strong tool to push political agendas. you can go anywhere, countries use the media to push their own agendas, how can SA be different? By the way, how is the conduct of ANC detrimental to SA citizens?

      Ina - 2012-04-11 11:27

      I agree, Marion, and about time they cut the attention they are giving to that rabble rouser. @ Sganja, the ANC is fast becoming INfamous, and it's high time for a change of government. Then we will complain about all the time they are getting on our screens. But, that's people for you! Never satisfied. LOL

      Christopher - 2012-04-11 11:39

      Hooray for DSTV...and their many news channels!!

      Jacqui - 2012-04-11 11:50

      Siyadyosiba, Sorry to dissapoint you, but in many countries television and radio are entirely indepentdent and thus free to broadcast things as they see it. You haven't been to many countries have you?.

      elize12 - 2012-04-11 12:01

      Amen, eTV news covers a wider variety of news events in any way - it doesn't just stick to politics (because they are ordered to do so);

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:21

      @Jacqui, I think you missed what is being reported here. Broadcast airtime is regulated in each and every State Owned Broadcaster. The issue here is not the content of the report but "airtime". SABC executive feels Malema has been given too much airtime, which he does not deserve. They are not saying do not report what but saying do not spend much of broadcast time reporting about person X, Malema in this case.

      spartanx93 - 2012-04-11 12:27

      Who even watches SABC? It such a mind numbing experience....

      Neville - 2012-04-11 17:07

      Even ETV these days makes sure it covers Malema every single news cast. Its sickening! Our media is so Malema obsessed its weird!

      patrickmpanyana.mogwaneng - 2012-09-13 15:05

      Sadly that is correct.Zuma and his friends are being forced on our faces.I stopped watching SABC News long time after realising they are promoting Zuma.I rather buy newspapers.

  • Pearl - 2012-04-11 10:12

    News24 Editor should be placed on special leave regarding the same

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 10:45

      Actually that would be a serious mistake, for it is through Malema, much as I dislike him, that we are aware of just how bad our government is becoming. Freedom of speech is not only for those who agree with you!!!

      Rob - 2012-04-11 11:00

      No Scebberish...It is through those dedicated journalists that spend hours digging up the dirt on the ANC that we are aware how bad the cANCer has spread. Melema has nothing to do with it, he is just a little bed hopping tsotsie within the ANC that shares a bed with whomever will allow him. He is fast running out of " sleeping partners " within the higher echelons of the ANC.

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:43

      Rob, point is he is entitled to his freedom of speech as a citizen just like anyone else, whether we agree with him or not,if we deny him this we no better than they are, but as long as it is not inciting violence and racism.

      Rob - 2012-04-11 12:06

      Scebberish. True, but then as a citizen he would not / should not be appearing on TV.

  • Kala - 2012-04-11 10:17

    If you were ever wondering if SABC News was fair and unbiased then wonder no more. It can now be confirmed that the SABC is nothing more than a propoganda machine for the ANC.

      Atholl - 2012-04-11 10:59

      Goebbelsonic Intervention! Always a problem when Goebbels becomes stubborn.

  • Terence - 2012-04-11 10:20

    SABC should re-name their channels ANC1, ANC2, & ANC3.

      Amanda.Mamanci.Nonkenge - 2012-04-11 11:29

      Terence seconded evrythng on SABC z bwt ANC we all knw itz a rulling party bt itz 2mch nw therez a lot going on in thiz country......

      Kala - 2012-04-11 14:23

      Amanda's spelling is a prime example of what you can expect from the SABC learning channel.

  • lytteot7 - 2012-04-11 10:29

    But truth be told, Malema sells. Whether people like him or not, they will watch his interviews, read about him and even comment positively or negatively about him. If you don't believe it after an hour or so, this story will have close to 100 comments. If I owned a newspaper or any kind of media, I was gonna feature him all the time. Money is money it doesn't matter how it came as long as is legal.

      Philip - 2012-04-11 10:36

      Jip ... just because we want to hear how stupid he really is.

      lytteot7 - 2012-04-11 10:53

      Phillip it don't matter if u want to hear how stupid he is, the point is he attracts a lot of people and advertisers love this so I don't get why would people that depend on ads worry about something that increases ratings?if demand is high that means more business unless if this is just some stupid politically motivated agenda but if is business then those big boss at sabc are morons of the highest order.

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:30

    There is nothing wrong with giving the ruling party more air in the SABC channels. We just have to be frank and objective about this. SABC is governed by the state. Lets just accept the truth even if it doesn't play sweet music to our ears, it does to other ears (of the majority).

      Marion - 2012-04-11 10:43

      I reckon at least 50% of the citizens of this country do not vote so it only plays sweet music to approx 63% of the other 50%. Therefore the real majority may prefer to hear other music than the ANC's trumpet being blown constantly. :-))) I know I do.

      Tshifhiwa - 2012-04-11 10:56

      @Marion are you in Namibia?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:58

      @Marion, 1. I would assume that the portion that did not vote is not eligible to. Under ages conform to what what their parents decide. 2. The ones that did not vote and eligible to will have to live with the results. They gave away their right to choose their own destiny at free will. We cant blame ourselves for being afforded more power to choose the destiny. Now, ANC is the ruling party which was chosen democratically by the majority of the country, whatever the ruling party decides will prevail, unless we can prove that the right processes of decision making were not followed. Lets just be truthful about democracy.

      lytteot7 - 2012-04-11 11:09

      Marion those 50% that didn't vote were not denied the opportunity. They chose to do that themselves because they are not interested so ANC won 8 provinces and DA 1 because of majority that were interested to vote. Non voters should vote next time or shut up.

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:10

      and where do you think the state gets its money from? Zuma's goats? TV is about viewers, are you as one person the majority? Seems you dont read to well! Understandable though I guess as you probably burned your school down first chance you got. QUOTE "The two also complained about a one-on-one interview Malema had on TV which attracted the highest viewership of the SABC in the past four years."

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 11:18

      @scebberish, your comment is in disarray. I can’t gather a point that one may respond to. Your questions are self-answering. If you care please forward a well constructed comment so that we can debate constructively.

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:33

      Ok Seeyadasheepa, I will spell it out for you as simply as possible. SABC is a state controlled company; The state gets its money via taxes; The tax payers are the viewers; Malema HAD THE HIGHEST VIEWERSHIP OF THE SABC IN THE PAST FOUR YEARS; also Advertisers contribute to the SABC coffirs; viewers are music to advertisers ears; more viewers, more advertisers and higher income from primetime viewing due to supply and demand for airtime; Advertisers are NOT complaining, the ANC is. I feel this is still all way above your head though, which is why you would vote ANC in the first place! Another concept to try follow is freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. hmmmm...... methinks wasting my time!

      Archie - 2012-04-11 11:35

      ANC/comm/union get their views across on tax payers money most of which is probably DA voters cash.ANC and others should pay for time on ANC1/2/3 tv.This country is going down fast because ruling party is so occupied with their own agendas that the have dropped the ball and cant see past today at the best of times.

      Marion - 2012-04-11 11:55

      @Steen - yes I am. How on earth did you guess? @siyadyosiba - Your point is valid. But let's just look at voter stats in numbers to make it easier. There are approximately 23650000 registered voters. There are approximately 5000000 people who are eligible to vote but aren’t registered. That gives us 28650000 people who could vote if they wanted to. Of those 28650000 only 13600000 actually voted (shame on those who couldn't be bothered). Of those 13600000 only 8432000 voted for the ANC. That doesn’t make the ANC truly representative of the majority of citizens in the country. It only makes the ANC the majority in terms of the number of people who voted. What is wrong with democracy is that the decisions for the entire country are decided by only about 30% of the total potential voter base.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:07

      @Scebberish: 1. Tax payers money: the tax payers took a decision, through voting, to entrust ANC with the responsibility to manage the tax revenue and all state owned assets. So, unless you prove that what is happening SABC is democratically uncalled for, your moaning is just like stirring a 20 litre bucket of water with a teaspoon. 2. Advertisers: These people buy air time from SABC and they get as much as they buy. Until you show a complaint where advertisers are expressing their dissatisfaction or complaining about SABC depriving them their well deserved right, I won’t say much about advertisers. 3. Freedom of speech: that’s a discussion outside this article. Let’s not get into it in fear of losing track of this specific discussion about SABC and Malema coverage. I personally feel Malema is being given much publicity and he is not worth that as I believe he is one of the people who are throwing this country into trash bin. I am not saying, we shouldnt at all get news about him but he has been given too much coverage. Its time we concentrate on more pressing issues especially that now he is one foot out the ANC door. We need to hear and see coverage about service delivery and all the things that need to be attended for the better of our country. Malema is just waste of our valuable time.

      mfudzi.wamambo - 2012-04-17 14:32

      @siyadyosiba as long as they get the majority airplay for the right reasons

  • Dennis - 2012-04-11 10:32

    I would like a job given to me by the ANC !! I will stuff up on the first day and go on special leave for the rest of my life !!!

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:47

      NO you would not, you would be in line for President!

  • Andrew - 2012-04-11 10:32

    SABC is nothing more than an ANC mouthpiece. 90% of content is always about the ANC.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:44

      are you surprised or you are just being ignorant?

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:49

      Hey Andrew, no worries check out how many thumbs down SeeYaDaSheepa is getting, so just ignore the self centred moron!

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:28

      @Scebberish, I won’t dignify your insulting attitude and intolerance of different views to yours by being reactional and retaliate immorally. I know better. Thumbs down means nothing to me because they are subjective in news24.

  • abner.malema - 2012-04-11 10:33

    Malema interview attracted the highest viewership of the SABC in the past four years. Is it not what the advertisers want. People want what is interesting

      Marion - 2012-04-11 10:45

      The highest viewership does not mean the highest support. Agree with you that people want what is interesting - or they simply want to see what next stupid thing someone like malema (julius, not you abner) comes out with (entertaining).

      Bongani - 2012-04-11 10:45

      I take it you did not go to school for a long time. If more people are watching, that simple means perfect time for advertisers. Even carte blanche got more views when they had Malema interview. These people who say they want to hear how stupid he sounds are just joking. its like people who say models are skinny and unattractive, but they buy magazines and watch model shows on TV so that they can see their bones, that is a joke my friend.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 10:46

      Remember that Malema is now the enermy of the ANC. Would you give more air to an enemy if you were in a position to call the shots in SABC? I dont think so.

      Scebberish - 2012-04-11 10:50

      Well said Sir!!!

      given.ramanugu - 2012-04-11 11:59

      @Marion,Malema stupid? In my books, stupid people don’t pull well calculated stunts like Malema does. He might have failed woodwork, but like any richest people in the world, his talent was elsewhere.

      Marion - 2012-04-11 12:13

      @given.ramanugu - I never said Malema was stupid, I said 'the next stupid thing someone like Malema comes out with'. That is entertaining.

      Cosment - 2012-04-11 12:27

      The guy is dumb! I listen to malema only to laugh

      mochabelamochabela - 2012-04-11 14:01

      @cosmet dump people won't attract people's attention. The fact that they are listened to means what they say is of importance. Mugabe,terreblanche, G bush et al all got too much attention cos what they say or do affect lives of the ordinary n de poor if not de oppressed. Ur comment shud be to say u hate Malema n stop there. I agree fully with Malema about woodwork, if he passed the stupid woodwork what was he going to do with it. Thanx he didn't show interest in that stupid subject. As for ur comments they're narrow n divisive. Get a life.

      mfudzi.wamambo - 2012-04-17 14:36

      @abner.malema seeing as bad news is what news is all about, isn't it?

  • Richard - 2012-04-11 10:49

    Well if they keep putting people on special leave and suspend them on full pay then I can only wonder who is going to switch off the lights when they are all gone.

  • Ian - 2012-04-11 10:50

    I do not know why we keep paying attention to Malema because he is unproductive.

      mfudzi.wamambo - 2012-04-17 14:38

      @Ian its because he is bad news, that's why

  • Ryan - 2012-04-11 10:56

    Brilliant!! This propaganda for Malema should have been silenced months back. well done Zuma! Slowly slowly Malema is dying into oblivion. It was so obvious that he had a friend in the newspapers pushing for doubt for a buck. Now i call on all people and media to not read any Malema article or write any story about him. Then you will see this individual for what he is..just 1 arrogant man. Whenever he mentions WE..he actually means I.

  • Ian - 2012-04-11 10:59

    and they expect us to pay a cANCer licence, ha

  • Cylvesta - 2012-04-11 11:00

    they shud amend their codes of practice 2 alow 4 such coverages as dey interests the public.

  • Scebberish - 2012-04-11 11:00

    The progression of Dictatorship, and the pro ANC people who are not from the same tribe here dont realise they will be next to suffer. They still stuck with their belief the ANC is an anti-apartheid movement. 20 years have passed since then you morons, now they just cementing their position, they will never move out, not even if voted out. Once they finished with the racist part of ridding the country of the other races, then it will be the turn of tribalism, mark my words! Most world governments only get max of 8 to 10 years for learning curve and a shot at changing a country for the better before the opposition takes over again, so why is there a problem here. Oh yes, because there is no urgency as the ANC is here to stay, even if by force!

  • E=MC2 - 2012-04-11 11:12

    GOOD!\r\n\r\nSensationalistic idiot

      Marion - 2012-04-11 12:16

      @E=MC2 - I asked someone else this and instead of giving me an answer he attacked me about being a racist. Could you please explain to me what \r\n\r\n is in many postings I see on News24? Is it caused by cellphone internet usage or what? Genuine question.

  • Kmalebye - 2012-04-11 11:13

    zuma is now using his powers because he sees that the country is bound to listen when malema speaks but i'll understand why cause whenever he speaks he is not saying the things people want to here jobs,unemployment,food aid,medical aid and health aid he is rather riding the same horse mbeki got on "overseas tips".

  • xolile.hanse - 2012-04-11 11:15

    Aag Zuma and his peto's again... For the fact that Julius Malema interview attracted the highest viewership of the SABC in the past 4 years he is of public interest.... SABC must give JUJU a lot of airtime coverage!!!

  • mzijimmym - 2012-04-11 11:20

    When will the powers that be stop meddling with news content?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:37

      are they meddling with news content or air time? Those are surely two different things.

  • Genesistt - 2012-04-11 11:20

    So much for independent news broadcasting. The SABC should just start charging air time to both camps like they do the advertisers. At least then they make a buck from all this.

  • Frank - 2012-04-11 11:35

    Tjo, even Zuma is playing a role in crushing Malema at SABC! Dont stress young man, he can keep his state owned SABC. Go to etv

  • frans.visserdsb - 2012-04-11 11:40

    So, Foc, because the previous regime did it, it's ok for the current regime to do the same? I thought the whole point of 1994 was that we were not happy with the stuff the previous regime did. I have not watched SABC news for years - it's a blatantly biased organisation with a political agenda...and the fact that the senior executives want to dictate editorial policy to the news chief based on political expediency is just further proof of this.

  • Ramuthivheli - 2012-04-11 11:43

    I also think News24 Editor should be placed on special leave regarding the same

  • Darra - 2012-04-11 11:44

    Confirmation! Lets change Lets change the acronym from SABC to 'ancbc'! How much airtime has Ms Mazibuko had in the last 6 months? .... and Vavi? ...and ... Further .... I wonder why Padayachee was so suddenly and unceremoniously removed from his Portfolio? Was it possible that he too did not toe the line? never never never again?.... The man is not dead yet and they go yet again yet again yet again. The ANC hasn learnt well from their baas of yesteryear!

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-11 11:45

    S.A.B.C is ANC all the way. It's one way to make sure people don't get the news they deserve. Give me eNEWS

  • Phumi - 2012-04-11 11:53

    These are all singns of a dictatorship we were warned about about one showerhead! How can a person who was nominated as a Newsmaker of the year by the National Press Club togethor with Madonsela not get more news coverage than the president? Even in the US that Republican Mitt Romney gets more coverage than Obama! This paranoia reminds us about the pre-Polokwane days where state institutions were used to settle political battles!

  • Mpondozephela - 2012-04-11 12:10

    What did y'all expect from an institution that has ANC lapdogs on its board ? Viva e-News and e-tv ! There can NEVER be any independence as long as that status quo remains....

  • justjimbean - 2012-04-11 12:21

    Well it's about time ! I said about three weeks ago that the SABC had a mandate to promote Julius...

  • Norman - 2012-04-11 12:22

    Malema 3 minutes, Zuma 3 seconds. There is no difference it is still ANC. Nothing interesting, no better choice.

  • jacob.k.motadi - 2012-04-11 12:30

    Isn't he more newsworthy than Zuma

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:40

      Surely he is. but is that the criteria used to allocate broadcast air time? Its definitely not.

  • Cosment - 2012-04-11 12:31

    As much as I hate malema but I also tune in 2 listen to his interviews just to laugh @ da next stupid thing he delivers.. He failed woodwork, failed politics, maby he should try stand up comedy

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 12:43

      The reason SABC is now shifting time from useless coverage to more meaningful and valuable coverage is exactly that. We cant waste SABC resources for "laughing", we can use the resources to empower people and learn more about waht can be done to change the current situation we find ourselves in.

      modise.dise1 - 2012-04-11 13:17

      Malema is stupid youth leader who does not respect his elders,he used to say zille this zille that and now zille is suing him millions of rands,eseless former youth leader

  • Carlo - 2012-04-11 13:13

    Finally, thought I was going crazy or something. The world doesn't revolve around Malema and the ANC. Honestly their must be other more important issues to report on.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 13:24

      Thank you for this comment. I dont know how many times I have to say this to people.

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-11 13:34

    One thing I like about this forum is that, many people have been complaining about the recent excessive articles and news about Malema. They were saying Malema is not newsworthy and is a "racist, ill disciplined, corrupt" bastard. They are tired of hearing about him day in day out and need news about the real pressing issues in the country like education, social welfare, crime etc. SABC is granting them exactly that, now SABC is dictatorial and politically biased. Malema is now newsworthy and they need to hear more about him. They put it nicely “Malema news attract public interest and should reported”, ALL OF A SUDDEN? Mhhmmm, I love this forum.

  • mochabelamochabela - 2012-04-11 14:12

    Wow shower man has won again, this time using the stupid research lacking SABC. I wonder what his next move wud be like,broadcast his endless multiple marriages,his swarm of kids with their ill-gotten tenders n his blunders on international stages. Like it or not as a Black man ANC won't make any relevance in SA in 20 years or less to come.

  • damonsb - 2012-04-11 14:13

    YOUR FIRED.....Thats all.

  • Tumelo - 2012-04-11 14:16

    Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't know that the SABC is Zuma's publicity agency!SABC is heamorrhaging viewers daily and I don't think that airing Zuma can help change that.

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-04-11 14:28

    Less Juju coverage = less pay .If the SABC reduce their Juju coverage then I'll stop paying my TV licence . It's the right thing to do

  • holger.behrens.88 - 2012-04-11 14:40

    And we have to pay licence fees to fund this fiasco - I am simply astonished at our willingness to put up with poor use of our funds.

  • Phillip - 2012-04-11 15:16

    What is special leave is that,I think that Makhobo is Zuma's gitlfriend,News without Malema is not news.

  • Lerato - 2012-04-11 15:59

    Come on now, Malema is a newsmaker, he is in the Forbes Top 10 Inflential men, he has been newsmaker of the month countless times. Its not just SABC, actually eTV were responsible for giving him so much coverage. How many times was he interviewed by Deborah, Justice and all those \independent\ etv hosts? Wake up and smell the coffee, media is never 100% independent SABC is pro-ruling party and eTV is pro-DA

  • Lerato - 2012-04-11 16:00

    Come on now, Malema is a newsmaker, he is in the Forbes Top 10 Inflential men, he has been newsmaker of the month countless times. Its not just SABC, actually eTV were responsible for giving him so much coverage. How many times was he interviewed by Deborah, Justice and all those \independent\ etv hosts? Wake up and smell the coffee, media is never 100% independent SABC is pro-ruling party and eTV is pro-DA

  • Kevin - 2012-04-11 16:14

    Wish News24 would also give less coverage to Malema. They certainly also have some fascination with him.

  • Neville - 2012-04-11 17:05

    Even ETV News constantly lets us know every day what Malema is doing and what he has for breakfast! I don't want to hear what this racist facist corrupt idiot has to say or what he does! Stop giving him airtime!All media is guilty of propping up this brainless infamous wannabee.

      Thabang - 2012-04-24 07:52

      If u dnt lyk wat E-TV is doing by letting us know about Malema,stop commenting,switch of ur TV Set,then ur problem is solved.South Africa is wat it is today cause of people like him,who dedicated their lives to us(South Africans)SABC gives air to anyone deserving it!!

  • Philemon - 2012-04-11 18:15

    Even better why not just put him on Big Brother alone.

  • Mark - 2012-04-11 18:50

    This is why I do not watch the news anymore. Too much politics and bull. It is time we all stood up and demand real news!

  • Peter - 2012-04-11 18:54

    Scebberish- I like your comments. Its the truth

  • Raj - 2012-04-11 21:07

    Well Done to the SABC CEO Lulama Mokhobo and the acting chief operating officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, for the suspension, I think all other mediums of media should follow suit. News 24 I told you so a week or more ago that the editorial space wasted on reports over Malema should be sold and the funds raised should go towards the needy organizations. Its like giving a hyper active child sugary stuff to eat, the more he consumes the more he/she will misbehave. The more media coverage he is given the more he will misbehave.

  • lihle.majozini - 2012-04-12 07:03

    Zuma and his group must not silence malema, news without malema are not good news.....its a intefering with the public broadcaster iz a sign of dictatorship... So let Malema Speak on our raido and television and we paying T.V licences for dat ...

  • EmperorNemisis - 2012-04-12 09:14

    And then they say that the SABC is not used to broadcast the ANC's propoganda. The SABC is supposed to be a state run institution, but it seems that the ANC thinks it is the state, a mentality it had better start shedding when looking at the decline in numbers of their supporters. One of these days, the ANC will be a relic of the past, no remembered and not revered and it will not even reach the history books as idiots seldom do!

  • gailcarolynhayes - 2012-04-12 09:50

    Well at last! Thank goodness for this and about time too. It's not that we aren't aware of the inherent dangers of Malema's rabblerousing antics but let's have a year from ALL the media of blackout on the ANCYL and its rantings and ill discipline.