SA's biggest HIV centre to close

2013-01-20 07:15

Durban - Staff at McCord Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal have received notices informing them that it would close in March, the Sunday Times reported.

This comes after the provincial health department said it would no longer provide the hospital with an annual subsidy.

In the notice, the hospital's chief executive, Kevin Smith, says: "McCord has not received notification of an intention to renew this funding. As a result of the loss of this grant funding, McCord loses its licence to operate as a state-aided hospital and cannot afford to continue operating."

McCord is one of KwaZulu-Natal's largest hospitals, consisting of 140 beds and 400 staff. It also runs the country's biggest HIV care and treatment programme.

The hospital is scheduled to stop all healthcare services on 31 March, according to the report.

Patients will be referred to other state-funded hospitals in the city of Durban.

The province's Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo declined to comment on the matter.

  • jack.trend.3 - 2013-01-20 07:18

    didn't Zuma just pat himself on his back for his HIV healthcare?

      denis.delaport - 2013-01-20 07:38

      Yip!, and then transferred the funds(oops Focus)to Nkandla?

      frank.vankaapstad - 2013-01-20 07:41

      This closure is absolutely understandable. It is far more important for ministers to fly around in private jets than it is to keep this hospital open. Another feather in the ANC's cap, well done. Now the hospital and media will start a massive appeal and non-ANC voters will help raise funds to keep the hospital open.

      derek.francois.3 - 2013-01-20 07:44

      seems like the 2nd transition the NDP N. National D. Destruction P. Plan is well under way......................

      mathata.fela.7 - 2013-01-20 07:47

      Exactly what I said yesterday: "So if only 1.7 million South Africans are on anti-retrovirals, it roughly implies that only about 3.5% of South Africans are HIV positive....the lowest rate in Africa. Any person older than six that still believes one word from the ANC must seriously consider seeing a psychiatrist.". The problem with the ANC is that they think the rest of the population is as intellectually challenged as they are.

      johan.jacobs.5680 - 2013-01-20 08:01

      Back to beetroot.

      yaya188 - 2013-01-20 08:26

      I want to puke.....the 'state' has just announced that it spent R65 million upgrading, nay "sprucing up" 'ministers' homes...

      nuus.reeder - 2013-01-20 08:31

      They're correct mathata, how many of this countries people are even slightly well educated, really. And why do you think the ANC is trying to maintain the status quo? So don't expect most people to think better than a 6 year old, the ANC is staying in power for sure.

      andre.vandeventer.16 - 2013-01-20 08:47

      It's because Nkandla cost too much, eish!

      enlightened.bowman - 2013-01-20 10:00

      Zuma does a lot of things.

      yolanda.r.haripersad - 2013-01-20 10:01

      R250 million+ for a luxury shack in the bush plus R65 million for minister's homes....yet none for South African's health care. Nice. Special place in hell for the people who approve this Where are all the ANC supporters now??? Is this what you want for our country???

      fidel.uncensored - 2013-01-20 10:16

      Yolanda, I was about to type the same thing but you beat me to it. I just recommended you comment, and I agree with it so much I feel the need to add an approving comment too. +1000

      rodney.overes - 2013-01-20 11:04

      Another 400 jobs gone!

      charlesbronson.bronson - 2013-01-20 11:17

      All these research would help JZ from dying!!

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-20 13:32

      There we go again, people are blaming Zuma for this. #Thumbs down!

      carpejugulim - 2013-01-20 13:41

      no funding for health care but R65 million on upgrading select ministers houses ... priorities are obviously a thing of the past

      joe.soapie.73 - 2013-01-21 07:17

      // This is just the start of the beginning of the end to a once well run country. // That began the moment ANC took control.

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-01-21 07:34

      And yet the ANC supporter will still vote for the ANC, there is a reason why Africa will ALWAYS be a third world country.

      hannah.p.mostert - 2013-01-21 18:05

      well Im not donating a cent to anything that doesn't benefit me directly, Im tired of giving and seeing everything stolen. The sooner we cut aid the quicker the people will notice and start to think for themselves, we have done nobody any favours by giving.. I think we can see that by what we are facing everyday .. give give give.. the international funding is drying up quickly its time for people to learn where the money comes from

      steve.goedhals - 2013-01-22 02:22

      read this

  • TheBlackRaptor - 2013-01-20 07:20

    Support the ANC and you'll become prosperous!

      rory.short1 - 2013-01-20 08:23

      hoefully before AIDS gets you

      nuus.reeder - 2013-01-20 08:32

      To be fair, if you join them and get to the top of their ranks, there is a very good chance you will prosper financially. Heavily prosper. You must just make sure you scrap your conscience.

      Lyndatjie - 2013-01-20 09:28

      YEP! because just below this article is one that reported a R65 million rand spenditure to spruce up Ministers' homes... :(

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-20 13:33

      Indeed, I will remain a supporter of the ANC.

      Montagnes.Bleues - 2013-01-20 19:28

      Seeing ANC 2013 as............. SA's own Vaudeville 'Great Gatsby' style of showtime extravaganza BLACK BEE BUBBLE BURSTING - No Clever Blacks Allowed!. Jackson Mthembu juggling and spinning bottles and smacking his lips as utterances. Jessie Duarte doing more spin but his time sprucing it up on HipHop upside down on the head with legs flailing in the hot air. Mac Maharaj throwing spinning contracts to Vivian Reddy and all the Guptha's to inspire awe among the dwindling base of followers. Mantashe drooling at the teeth as he whips the alliance members into obedient frothing frenzy wherever a white face dares to peek out of the ever blackening gloom of a collapsing economy with only Gordhan's oratory ability to make seemingly sense using longterm jargon to cover up short term theft. And of course the limelight not to be stolen by the main mascot being wheeled about in a wheelbarrow by Ramaphosa, but Zuma and his entire court of thieves with harem dragging down and behind the son - not so much as to make it appealing to the audiences but with swirls and stomps enough to crush a mine or rail road or ore carrier each stomp, whenever he deigns to land in SA with his more frequent flier trips than his nemesis Mbeki flew. while reaching out for another large popcorn.......................>

  • vince.vanrooyen.1 - 2013-01-20 07:22

    Unbelievable! The MEC for health in KZN can charter helicopters to get to meetings but they cannot keep a facility like this operating!

      maureen.churchill.9 - 2013-01-20 08:36

      Closing a hospital that helps and services poor people and deals with medication for HIV patients, BUT spending R65m on sprucing up ministers homes. How's that DUARTE and your big mouth? Target DA why don't you clean up the acts in front of you instead of gunning for the DA. Double standards I tell you!

      fidel.uncensored - 2013-01-20 10:20

      But where is the DA? Why isn't it visiting these communities and tell them about what is happening and where their money has gone. It seems that DA politicians are as clueless as the ANC!

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-01-21 07:36

      @fidel, then the DA will be blamed of being using the bad situation to market themselves.

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2013-01-20 07:25

    Lets now hear how President Zuma and his spin doctors squirm out of this one. Having boasted how wonderful his government has succeeded in overcoming this dreaded pandemic. The mind boggles at how little they know or care about the peoples of this country who are in dire need.

      rory.short1 - 2013-01-20 08:28

      Sadly the ANC has been hi-jacked by people who are dedicated to self-service rather than public service.

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-01-21 07:36

      They will just find a way to blame Apartheid or the white people.

  • gwvickers - 2013-01-20 07:26

    Now why doesn't the Anc also step in here, but the can step in when Anglo America decided to shut down 4 of there shafts because of the the strikes, but then again its boils down to mentality I guess

      thanuj.thulsie - 2013-01-20 08:07

      the anc goverment cant sustain a 140 bed hospital but like u say they jumping becuase of the mines clsing down,it goes to show that its all greed

  • Michael Kleber - 2013-01-20 07:26

    what is this now ? when Amplats want to retrench huge uproar by our govt , but what are they doing now ?

  • gary.parker.75839 - 2013-01-20 07:26

    Well at least the ministers' houses have been upgraded to the tune of 65mil. Phew!! Wouldn't want to have wasted that on silly hospitals...

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-20 13:39

      There's a difference between Public works department and Health department, hospital service is not a provision of Public works department.

      adri.conradie.96 - 2013-01-20 20:41

      Now let's see...R248m on Zuma's Private Shack...R192m on the Official residences of the president...R65m to spruce up the minister's residences.That's about R505m for the comfort and/or safety of the esteemed government.How much remains for health care?Not much it seems.What makes the government so much more important than the people they are supposed to be serving?

  • andy.andrews.359126 - 2013-01-20 07:28

    Again the corruption in this country has forced the closure of a clinic that is needed by the poor people who need it the most. The ANC has a new logo but has not revealed it to the public and it is "F..K. THE POOR"

  • JohnnoBfree - 2013-01-20 07:29

    Not to worry Zoomer said that the HIV treatment program is a huge success so the hospital obviously is not needed anymore. Well done ANC! Not!

      pdvermaak - 2013-01-20 08:29

      Not to worry, Zoomer will suggest they take a shower instead.

  • louiseroger.higham - 2013-01-20 07:29

    This is what happens when u vote ANC everything goes downhill!

  • terence.wessels - 2013-01-20 07:32

    Yes nice one ANC. Build your laughing,dancing gangster primate a private clinic in Nkandla which the community can't use, and close down a 140 bed hospital for the poor. Viva king corruption.

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-20 13:45

      there's also a difference between private clinic and public clinic, Zuma's clinic is for his own family and security guards thus it can't be shared by the whole community.

  • rkashiri - 2013-01-20 07:34

    The ANC government is so blinded by "comradeship" that they forget the real issues in the ground. This nation needs a wake up call. Sooner before these ANC folk run the country aground

      Mbongeni Masilela - 2013-01-20 23:01

      Let's wait for 2014 elections.

  • barbara.k.smillie - 2013-01-20 07:35

    Sad beyond measure. Some years ago I trawled the hospitals for treatment for one of my staff who had AIDS. They gave her the best diagnosis, care

  • kobus.swart.75 - 2013-01-20 07:36

    So, the government of the day is now just going to let the people die like flies? And the people are still going to vote for that exact same government? Just asking.

      btloti - 2013-01-20 08:15

      Yes we are!!!

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-20 10:49

      Btloti. Well if you keep voting for the same government, you obviously don't mind people dying from lack of medical care and AIDS treatment. No compassion for your brothers and sisters. Oh well it takes all sorts to make a world.

      gerda.vanrooyen.39 - 2013-01-20 11:49

      @btloti, you must either be blind or very stupid. Open your eyes and see what's happening around you!!!!

      gerhardw - 2013-01-20 14:14

      true they will unfortunalety still vote for the anc, i use to feel sorry for them, living in shacks, living in poverty, but now i realize they deserve to live like this, it is by own choice that they live like this. They could have changed their fate long time ago by voting DA. So stuff them, let them suffer they brought it on themselves.

      gail.rieck.9 - 2013-01-20 16:53

      Ya btloti, until you wake up and find YOU or a family member have HIV and there no help available! Then you'll be screaming foul hey?

  • Dave - 2013-01-20 07:36

    This is a disgrace, the arrogance displayed by the ANC once again....You can moan about a private sector organisation closing, but you just close without a comment? Disgusting

  • grace.andtruth.77 - 2013-01-20 07:38

    Well done ANC fat cats and your leader spending millions feathering your own nests! Now the poor people can die on the streets or by picking up infections in your filthy, over-crowded state facilities. As I see it you and the Human Rights Commission are more concerned about the well-being of criminals! Disgusting!

  • thanuj.thulsie - 2013-01-20 07:40

    ja vote for showehead man,this is what you get,a kick up your @ss

  • Dumblabrat - 2013-01-20 07:42

    Once again the ANC government show their true colours by turning their back on those who voted them into power! Sickening to say the least??????

  • maraisl - 2013-01-20 07:45

    Wow only 2 days after we hear how great zoomer's govt. is coping with the fight against HIV. Another facepalm moment.

  • PureProteas - 2013-01-20 07:47

    and the fat anc cats get fatter, stuff you all but remember to vote anc, for the love of God, surely with all the stealing they are doing they can make a donation and keep the clinic going, oh wait, oh yeas the parties and tenders are more important, my bad

  • xmkungeki - 2013-01-20 07:49

    I don't support showerhead...but all the comments are based on incomplete information..what if the centre has been poorly managed I.e. Financial and otherwise?.most of u are ppl of integrity puliz don't act lke some ANC idiots!!

      ctheron - 2013-01-20 08:31

      Ummm, they lost their government does that equate to bad management?

      mo.haarhoff - 2013-01-20 08:49

      Just to put this in context: McCords is probably the best run public hospital in the country and one of the oldest. It's considered the hospital of choice in Durban, by those without funding for private treatment.

      nokwanda.ngcobo.71 - 2013-01-20 09:04

      U never being in McCord so shut up!

      chris.whittaker.9047 - 2013-01-20 09:29

      If McCord was closed due to bad management the MEC would have said so. He knows its government fault and that's why he declined to comment.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-20 10:51

      Nokwanda.ngcobo.71. This is a place where everyone can share his/her views and it is not for you to tell them to shut up. Do something about your manners.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-20 11:42

      If that was a result of bad management, then new management could have been hired instead of closing a facility down and allowing patients to suffer. Besides, the article would have said so

  • haroldrvjansen - 2013-01-20 07:49

    .... and in other news "R65m spent to spruce up ministers' homes.....

      delish7564 - 2013-01-20 08:22

      Yes, just read that. Disgusting!!!!!! Heaven forbid their homes weren't repainted for a couple of lack of priorities :(

  • D_MAN - 2013-01-20 07:53

    Typical ANC. Spend million's on showerheads private home and million's on upgrading useless ministers houses and because there's no more money they close a hospital. It just shows the ANC cape more about there luxury life style more than the ppl of SA. Keep it up ANC. The more voters u loose the happier we get.

  • facts.peter - 2013-01-20 07:54

    With headlines like "R65m spent to spruce up ministers' homes-" what can you expect? Just another 18 months max and SA will be all over. No one will be able to challenge Zuma because these fortunate ministers will protect him. He is bribing them in order to protect himself. Zimbabwe, the blueprint comes to mind.

  • Mamushcka_ - 2013-01-20 08:06


  • isabelle.menzies - 2013-01-20 08:09 it says it all..............

  • pjbadenhorst - 2013-01-20 08:10

    A hard choice needed to be made. Hospital or NKandla

  • btloti - 2013-01-20 08:13

    This centre was subsidised by goverment to provide care and treatment, but they still charged their clients exobitant amount of money for that. They(management) were stealing from the public. The goverment had to close this rubbish.

      Dipstix Dup - 2013-01-20 08:32

      @Btloti. Do u have proof that the hospital stole from the public, or are u just defending the government's decision blindly like the other apes. I wanted to warn u about libel charges but u are probably to thick to understand anyway. Hu Hu Hu

      nuus.reeder - 2013-01-20 08:37

      Can't just write off btloti's opinion without knowing more. It is strange though, how they happily let this centre close without even a fight (if there was corruption) I mean, money isn't a problem, with ministers getting R15m upgrages to R5 million homes. Priorities perhaps a bit off course, btloti???

      stefanus1 - 2013-01-20 08:45

      You are talking utter nonsense! Shame on you. McCord hospital does charge minimal additional fees, because it is not fully subsidised by government - it is the only remaining missions hospital in South Africa. They charge a minimal fee. Why are patients from all over stream to McCord to receive a compassionate, well run and caring service? That is because they are the biggest and most efficient in the country. Are you jealous, an ANC cader or anti-Christian? Shame on you! Shame on you!

      derek.francois.3 - 2013-01-20 09:21

      btloti you must be on the urgent waiting list for a full frontal lobotomy...........

      gerda.vanrooyen.39 - 2013-01-20 11:57

      @btloti, do us all a favour and go play ball outside or something to keep yourself busy. Can't you see that nobody agrees with what you are saying. Like I said earlier.....

      Twolips - 2013-01-20 12:10

      Hi, btloti. You know a lot about McCords even while living in Kazakhstan! You're a fake.

  • arthur.salvado - 2013-01-20 08:15

    What a joke this Jacob is. He was shouting his mouth off ....... I give up.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-20 10:58

      Btloti. Consulted in hospitals?. Just give us a break.

  • emile.knoetze - 2013-01-20 08:21

    Haha! Funny how ANC supporters always gets to feel their incompetence and miss management first hand... Did anyone notice 2 stories up from this one where 26 Mil were spent on ministers house upgrades??? IDIOTS!

  • siphiwevusi.mabika - 2013-01-20 08:21

    ANC will lead this country until the end ot the world.

      nuus.reeder - 2013-01-20 08:38

      ...until the end of the country.

      derek.francois.3 - 2013-01-20 09:24

      To lead you have to capable of doing so!............... You sound like a victim of Angie's lowering of educational standards........

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-20 11:44

      Siphiwe where will you run to? Zimbabwe?

      mantsho.tlali - 2013-01-20 15:37

      if you think so your an idiot, nothing last forever. we are changing our votes for the best

      johan.jacobs.5268 - 2013-01-22 07:09

      You are ignorant.....

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2013-01-20 08:24

    Eish the ANC needs the money to upgrade Zuma's house.

  • nuus.reeder - 2013-01-20 08:28

    Why waste money on HIV when you can spend it on yourself? Can't people understand ANC logic, its so simple? I think the "upgrades" alone could have funded this facility for a few years. Ah well, guess most of its users were black, so it doesn't affect me...

  • sally.lewitt - 2013-01-20 08:28

    Reading this saddens me to the core. No proper explanation as to WHY. How many of the poor are being screwed again and again and again... SA is on a slippery sloap going nowhere, yet THE elite few are robbing, pilfering and to me, this spells murder of many HIV patients.. How else..? Bunch of dumb as-es, incompetent jacks!

  • henk.venter.754 - 2013-01-20 08:29

    cause zuma spend 300 million on his private family kraal!

      nonhlanhla.jama - 2013-01-20 08:59

      It is soo sad that McCord is crying fowl while we workers pointed out challenges to be faced very early. The hospital used to be funded with huge amount of money by bith gov and PePfar. The management never accounted to gov. The Doh funded the institution in question, but patients were paying huge amount of money. We got retrenched in June and the number was 162 in total. Anc or any political party for that matter hv nothing to do with this. Mc Cord Hospital Management hv themselves to be blamed. Imagine that around McCord hosp. We have all nations who are poor, but hospital use to chase away poor people yet government was funding the institution. No statistic for indigineous patients was to be given to patients. Thanks to our united gov to act responsible.

  • Neil Alberts - 2013-01-20 08:31

    The health department cant fund it any longer cause they want the money for the cronies! somebody not getting enough so now they wanna steal the money for HIV patients too!!

  • chris.avantsmith - 2013-01-20 08:31

    Well, I am sure the President will be delighted to host the HIV clinic at his personal state funded compound, after all I am sure with R245million refurbishments, there will be enough showers

  • peake.grant - 2013-01-20 08:32

    Ironic, as I am busy reading this article, this pops up on my screen:

  • nigel.olifaunt - 2013-01-20 08:33

    Zuma and his ANC cronies are more concerned about the 'white danger' and the 'decolonization' of its people (whites excluded) than the health, well being and lives of their people.

  • mark.heydenrych - 2013-01-20 08:36

    As I read this, I see: Next on News24: R65m spent to spruce up ministers' homes. What a shocking state. People are dying because you wanted a better pool.

  • Boika Function QJ Jakuja - 2013-01-20 08:36

    but why ANC????????? dammit! they nvr get enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      lee.brand.73 - 2013-01-20 09:51

      beacause they can. And they are confident they can till Jesus returns - their words

  • stefanus1 - 2013-01-20 08:37

    The most caring and compassionate service to HIV patients in South Africa - that is why people from all over are streaming to McCord. Is the government withholding their subsidy due to jealousy or because of the Christian ethos of McCord? It is time for all health professionals, Pepfar, Avaaz and international community to put pressure on our National Minister of Health to stop this madness in KZN. (

  • gillian.sanderson - 2013-01-20 08:39

    Why? Because all the money is being spent on Jacobs new home!

  • svrutherford - 2013-01-20 08:42

    Al the funding was used for Zuma's house why worry about a hospital if he can live a life of luxury.

  • HermanK - 2013-01-20 08:50

    This is what happens when Idiot Zuma spends millions on a Private Residence!

      herman.kramer.988 - 2013-01-20 09:45

      Good Question Fannie!

  • Ntsoaki Shongwe - 2013-01-20 08:54

    why Zuma must do samething because people will suffer

  • mo.haarhoff - 2013-01-20 08:56

    I quote Stephanus1's comment: "The most caring and compassionate service to HIV patients in South Africa - that is why people from all over are streaming to McCord. Is the government withholding their subsidy due to jealousy or because of the Christian ethos of McCord? It is time for all health professionals, Pepfar, Avaaz and international community to put pressure on our National Minister of Health to stop this madness in KZN. (" This would be a really worthwhile investigation for news24 or m&g to undertake. McCords has a long and enviable history and is the hospital of choice for those with no medical aid. Please don't let this stop here...

  • lizette.vanwyk.arts - 2013-01-20 09:01

    18 January report stated that aids fight is a success story according to Zuma? It could have been if he could keep his paw out of the cookie jar. Sure does not sounds like a huge success according to this article? Hehehe stupid selfish arrogant idiot.

  • Spha - 2013-01-20 09:05

    i worked for an ngo that was directly involved with sinikithemba(hiv clinic) at the same institution n i must say a lot of people actually saddened by this hoping its 1 of many news 24 poor just cannot b true.

  • talana.malherbe - 2013-01-20 09:06

    Oh Zoomer just a few days ago you were spinning lies about how successful your ANC government is against fighting this pandemic! Our people need your help you lying corrupt man! Stop filling your and your corrupt friends pockets and for once grow a pair!