SA's democracy in crisis - Chikane

2012-05-10 09:04

Johannesburg - South Africa's democracy is in crisis because of compromised leaders running the country to serve interests of crime syndicates, says Reverend Frank Chikane.

"If you read articles in the weekend newspapers about [former head of police crime intelligence Lieutenant General Richard] Mdluli, you can see that we are in trouble," the Sowetan quoted the former director-general in the presidency saying.

Chikane is author of the book Eight Days in September - The Removal of Thabo Mbeki.

Speaking at his book launch at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, Chikane said the syndicates were employed within state security agencies and some worked outside the system, but have strong links with political leaders.

He said corruption in the country had increased since Nelson Mandela's presidency, and worsened under the current leadership.

  • Aisha - 2012-05-10 09:09

    It's time to try a new goverment, I wish 60% of the country can vote for DA in the next general elections.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-10 09:26

      Hang in there Aisha. If they carry on this way you might just get your wish!

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-10 09:28

      the problem is that 100% of the people voting for the ANC still believe that they're in a struggle against (& lets be frank), the whites.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-10 09:32

      You mean all 5000000 of us? Wow we must be so scary!!!

      Glyn - 2012-05-10 09:36

      Reverend Frank Chikane has guts! I wonder whether the anc will suspend him! Ha! Ha! Does he vote COPE? DA? Go for it Frank!!

      Kala - 2012-05-10 09:51

      Right now African Leadership is a bit of an oxymoron.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-05-10 09:57

      Phumi, I think, to be frank, you are talking for the sake of it. What you speak is utter nonsense.

      Gert - 2012-05-10 10:01

      I doubt it if enough blacks will vote for the DA simply because it was founded as a mostly white party. With the anc things are so bad that maybe they will vote Cope again. That Shiwawa or what ever his name is must just be kicked out. He was planted in Cope by the anc as to destroy Cope and you will find he is probably still on a secret payroll of the anc. Cope couldn't cope but Cope has more potential to be the major opposition.

      Andres - 2012-05-10 10:14

      @Phumi: All either unsubstantiated accusations or proven false (including Public Protector clearing Midvaal of corruption, she just said the awarding of a legal services tender needed to be re-tendered to follow appropriate protocol). You really need to read unbiased reports, more than just reading ANC-spokesperson press releases!

      goyougoodthing - 2012-05-10 10:16

      Anyone who thinks that the ANC is better than the DA is driven by anti-white racism and not logic. Face it, the ANC is more corrupt than a corrupt thing acting corrupt in a bucket of corruptness. If you refuse to see this then all you are seeing is hatred.

      Eric - 2012-05-10 10:21

      Good wish Aisha but it wont happen. I am a young black professional and I would never vote for the ANC but neither would I vote for the DA. Not because im racist but simply because Zille thinks after just 18 years then we are all equal. Even though 10% of the population owns 90% of the economy and are quick to call us lazy and incompetent. And once the WC becomes the best run province in the country, maybe then i will change my mind. I have been to Khayelitsha in the Cape and our people still live in the most disturbing conditions there. Shaks get demolished..WTF. If they cant perfect 1 province, how on earth can they run the entire country

      stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-05-10 10:29

      If you can get the impoversished blacks (who still vote for the ANC despite having received nothing from them)to vote DA, then you stand a chance. Easier said than done.

      Alan - 2012-05-10 10:29

      @Bones whaaahaa - sure bro. Like the ANC will rule till Jesus comes again, like Toll roads WILL go ahead on 1 May .. blah blah blah I have never seen SA so united in it's condemnation of the current political misfits.

      stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-05-10 10:30

      I mean "impoverished".

      revaro.winkler - 2012-05-10 10:41

      not in the next 100 years

      brionyl.french - 2012-05-10 11:02

      so start educating people... the voters still voting the ANc are the ones without TV, Radio and or education they dont know better but to keep power away from anyone not of the same skin colour as themselves... They believe the lies of Zuma saying they wont go to Heaven.... We need to take our country back from these idiots....

      John - 2012-05-10 11:14

      @ Phumi – agree that DA will never run this country. An ANC breakaway opposition with a shred of decency is the only realistic chance of unseating the ANC. Names that come to mind are Sexwale, Ramaposa, Vavi, Manual and a few others. As for the DA you are wrong! No allegations of corruption have ever been proven in a court of law and most of the issues you talk about are as a result of ANC mismanagement of almost everything they touch. For example why do you think millions of EC people flock into CT looking for work? The infrastructure cannot support the population. It is as simple as that. No hidden agenda’s. Oh and no country in the world is winning the war against drugs.

      Edwin - 2012-05-10 11:15

      @eric_t: the reason why the odds is still like that is because of the ANC's failure to serve the people. Instead of educating the masses they only serve their corrupt selves leaving the 90% black nation uneducated and neglected. Whites still have that basis because instead blindly following and empowering corruption like the blacks do the ANC they make do with what they have. The black government, controlling all the SA funds, all the state mechanisms and all the empowerment opportunities have done minimum to help anybody except themselves. It's the blacks own choice to suffer like they do because they blindly follow it. The people promoting voting for the ANC just proves their blind selfish ambition. They don't care for anything except their egos, even if it means making millions others suffer. That is pure ANC mentality

      Ronald - 2012-05-10 11:21

      Phumi and Bones, each and every one of the so called "rot" mentioned was open to public scrutiny by the Public Protector. The results? Or have you gotten no further than parroting the charges of the ANC, but not capable of registering the results as they do not suit your biased and racist needs? Compare that with only the number of ANC politicians proven to be criminals by a court of law, and the list starts looking like Johannesburg's telephone directory. That will quadruple if you include those cases like Mdluli's, Zuma, etc where the evidence gathered by government agencies themselves has been hidden, suppressed or ignored. Then add to that the numbers that must still be uncovered for investigation. Wow, the sheer numbers will put the Maths literacy system of the Department of Education under severe strain. And can you imagine the mass exodus of people afraid of being prosecuted( or hunted like animals by their own ex-supporters)if the ANC should lose an election? I can see a new reality show in the making. Judge Matthis, move over!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 11:56

      Glyn, Frank Chikane is an honest man with morals I wish he could share with those in Government. No wonder he is now doing some obscure job.

      henningvw - 2012-05-10 11:59

      I think there's still an unconscious belief amongst the uneducated majority that any other party will change things back to pre-'94, which is absolutely not true.

      Anton - 2012-05-10 12:14

      No one ever expected the ANC to rule perfectly, but we at least expected them to try. Instead after 18 yrs it’s gradually declined into something resembling pigs feeding at a trough. Irregularities, maladministration, corruption, cronyism, and nepotism is rife, with officials not even attempting to cover it up anymore. Crime, healthcare, poverty, and access to basic services are still a major concern. Past injustices and economic disparities have not been adequately addressed. Wealth redistribution (yes, mostly white) should happen and IS happening through inflated taxes across those income brackets. The frustration is that, instead of seeing those taxes being applied to things that matter, we see lavish parties, monthly overseas shopping trips, fast cars, and big mansions being built for those in power. And the poor are getting frustrated as realistically they’ve not experienced any socio-economic change. Freedom (economically or otherwise) starts with education. If nowhere else, this is where the ANC have failed after many years in power. Chances are no political party is squeaky clean. But if you have any moral fibre left, at least vote for one that tries their best to be.

      Daan - 2012-05-10 13:29

      @Eric-t Thanks for your positive comment. All we need is for 30% cANCer voters to vote for ANY OTHER PARTY.

      Wandile - 2012-05-10 14:49

      only minority will vote DA, Ita may appear in some ppl tht DA can offer goods to the public, i think you saying this because you are white and you believe white supremacy cn do better for the country. If DA is as transparent sa they say, no doubt ppl would put it into power, but so far i don't see any changes they will implement except to oppose even the ryt things. I mean look at the removal of former police commisioner Gnrl bheke cele, he is not yet found guilty but they wanted him to be removed. If you look at the impact he brought to eliminate crime, you can see the different after he left. So tell what is DA here to offer before you recommend DA. for me i would say let us work together to fight crime, create descent jobs and fight poverty, then to preach which party to vote for. we have to stand up for our country, do something, don't criticise when not due, talk like a leader, encourage, bring hope, donnot show wat color you representing. DA is a party which i admire mostly, like i respect all other organisation, but to oppose even the reality just because it's an official party, that is not gonna build this country.

      Antonio - 2012-05-10 15:11

      In your dreams. DA is only the folklor

      Ken - 2012-05-10 21:56

      @E=MC2 You be Frank and I'll be Ernest!

      Steve - 2012-06-21 08:59

      Agreed aisha. SA has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine trying to clean up the mess left behind by the cANCer.

  • Vaaldonkie - 2012-05-10 09:14

    We never HAD a democracy.

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-05-10 16:27

      Democracy is a form of government meant for a homogenous population. "democracy" in a multi-racial/cultural society is more accurately referred to as oppression of the minority.

  • The-third - 2012-05-10 09:15

    WHAT A RACIST thing to say. (hehehe). Watch the ANC say something to the effect that it is disappointed with Frank and they would like to enter into a discussion with him... or something like that.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:10

      No, they will not discuss these things with Frank Chikane. He was working in the Presidency at the time I got my Luthuli. Straight forward, honest and a lovely person. Imagne a ANC made up of the likes of him.

  • Salome Luella Potgieter - 2012-05-10 09:16

    No kidding Reverant?

  • sika.ncamane - 2012-05-10 09:17

    heh heh heh wait for Jackson Mthembu aka Jameson Select Reserve to reply lol I can't wait

  • mike.clery - 2012-05-10 09:19

    No wonder Mbeki was so worried about a Zuma presidency.

      Eva - 2012-05-10 10:05

      I'm even more worried about what's coming after Zuma goes ...

      stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-05-10 10:33

      Well I thought Mbeki was pretty damn useless as well.

      Hester - 2012-05-10 14:59

      Foe, I would rather be a worried loser than a dumb@ss like you. I am sure you are one of the leaders when it comes to protest marches?!?!?!

  • DrGonzoSA - 2012-05-10 09:20

    Unfortunately it has never been a true democracy but a de facto single party state. Which has allowed corruption to spiral unabated. Hopefully come the next election the electorate will make informed choices, not historical ones.

  • johannes.ramara - 2012-05-10 09:23

    Chikane you were in Government and you had a share of this corruption cake. Can you now go back to tell your friends enough is enough they must stop. There is no what you call freedom. You people were fighting for the right to loot, corrupt'and destroy.

      Gary - 2012-05-10 09:45

      Agreed 100% Johannes. It started back then under Mbeki and Chikane's watch. Unfortunately, you can't say it is now out of control. They were aware of what was happening and were either directly involved or turned a blind eye. You can't have "a little corruption is ok but don't go too far" attitude. Once you open Pandora's box, it is too late!

      mbongeni.allan.magubane - 2012-05-10 10:03

      why is the assumption that because he was in government he had his share of the corruption cake? Do you mean to say that merely by being in government one is corrupt? furthermore i struggle with your reasoning insofar as his commentary is concerned that just because he is now being critical there is something wrong that he is doing. surely we ought to be engaging with the merits of what he alleges rather than just assume he too should be silenced?!

      Gary - 2012-05-10 12:00

      Being in government does not mean you are corrupt... agreed. But in my opinion, I believe that every ANC MP back then (and today probably), if they were not directly involved, at least knew of some corruption taking place (eg arms deal, travel gate .. sorry the list is too long to list them all) but CHOSE to turn a blind eye... "ill let this one go by attitude". Unfortunately, u cannot be selective with corruption; you either stamp it out whereever you see it, or, like cancer, it silently grows. I am not saying he should be slienced and in fact am glad that people like him are speaking out.. i am just making the point that what they started is coming home to roost. Engaging in the merits of the case is futile as it is patently obvioius even to the blind what is happening in SA today... and debating may be too late, we may be past the point of no return; so what is the alternatively ... as least get some satisfaction from saying to the face of those reponsible ..."we told you so".

      koos.vandermerwe.92 - 2012-05-10 12:35

      He didn't speak up while he was in government, because?

  • mholthuysen - 2012-05-10 09:24

    Agreed - yet the "beloved" leaders still believe that they are the saints and from god appointed. Hope there will be a shake up - but with the sand box games within the ANC, ANCYL and ANCWL - nothing will ever come of it - therefore not only democracy is in crisis but also the country itself.

  • E=MC2 - 2012-05-10 09:27

    but yet the masses insist on voting for a party that only has an interest in their own back pockets... The only struggle we’re in now days is with the very people who are running the country. STOP BELIEVING THE LIES!

      Felix - 2012-05-10 11:17

      Yes Craig, like you will get everything for free. Haha, luckily for them People like you have empty heads. Education to save the Nation.

      Bomb - 2012-05-10 19:31

      @Craig.....where you bought all these fake papers bru?

      Felix - 2012-05-11 10:19

      Haha Craig, I only have a matric and own houses in five countries, a fleet of boeing aircraft and have 30% shares of Mediterranean Shipping Company suck on that BS. Love how you diss 'colonialists' and in the same breath harp on about how well you are doing with their education systems.

  • Gerald - 2012-05-10 09:29

    Mr Chikane thank you for a riveting read that showed us apolitical animals the machinations of state and party, of balancing the role of governance and thus interests of the country at large against the relative interests and agendas of a ruling party and those it comprises. Methinks the whole rsa is in agreement about the rapid deterioration of our society, just about any sphere of government seems to be collapsing save for sars. I do believe though it started with honourable thambo mbeki though, remember that fateful day when then mpumalanga premier said he lies and it was OK as all leaders, incl. Clinton, lie. I don't remember hearing any strong condemnation from t man or your office. ANC politics need to change as or failing that an alternative party is needed. Lastly tx for sharing of you in 8 days in September.

  • Glyn - 2012-05-10 09:35

    Reverend Frank Chikane has guts! I wonder whether the anc will suspend him! Ha! Ha! Does he vote COPE? DA? Go for it Frank!!

  • jwdupreez - 2012-05-10 09:37

    Where have you been holidaying the last 18 yrs Frank Why the book now? Nothing left for you to st.............nevermind!

  • Musawenkosi - 2012-05-10 09:39

    Hi Reverend, this government is heading rapidly in a direction of full blown predator state which is run by corrupt, greedy demogagic political hyenas.

      Bomb - 2012-05-10 19:33

      In other words, the same way as 98% of all other African countries, which has been predicted by many.

  • smapedi - 2012-05-10 09:42

    Nothing but the truth.., say it like it is Reverend!!

  • antionette.leroux - 2012-05-10 09:43

    "Sob" our beloved country

  • Phumi - 2012-05-10 09:46

    Chikane is a disillusion Mbekietes who is trying to rule this country from the grave! We will never go back to the era of dictatorship he once presided on! Those who are wearing borrowed robes disguised as man of cloth whilst on the side pushing their own narrow political agenda of greed. Will be exposed for who they are and will be rejected by the masses like we did in Polokwane!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-10 13:13

      Phumi, you don't know who you are talking about. Don't you have respect for no one?.

      Daan - 2012-05-10 13:46

      Phumi, in polokwane you and your masses jumped from the fat into the fire. What fu$%s my brain is how, someone as intelligent as you, can be so stupid and blind. (Or have I got it wrong? Where do you sit on the GRAVY TRAIN?) (Or are you one of the conductors on this gravy train, because you are certainly NOT the DRIVER.)

  • Tee - 2012-05-10 09:47

    Government of the people by the people for the people!Sorry for your heart aches guys but we will keep on voting the ANC!!Call me a moron,uneducated,stupid,a K-word...I don't care apartheid failed to destroy me.ViVa ANC(without Zuma-Mdluli-Cele-Manyi-and the rest that are busy destroying our glorious movent)!

      Thapelo - 2012-05-10 10:00

      i agree with u. i rather merge zim,libya with south africa than vote for this racist whit party

      Gerald - 2012-05-10 10:47

      lol Thapelo, you just cracked me. On a serious note i think you are a barometer of the sentiment amongst black voters, esp. in rural areas, not to disespect you or insinuate anything. I wish you could realise that voting DA would not in itself mean you support them or their policies, but could mean that you are trying to build an effective opposition to safeguard and keep the ANC which I believe you clearly love. I respect your view because I also do share in the mistrust that you have of white south Africans, esp. their unfortunate perception of us black people. I hope others here will engage you with respect and not revert to calling names or intellectually compromised. To borrow from tsosi who always makes me laugh unfailingly...power to the people

      Felix - 2012-05-10 11:20

      @Gerald, for such a smart chap I hope you noticed the hypocrisy in your comment. Enjoy your lovely racially divided day.

      Gerald - 2012-05-10 11:26

      why, thank you Felix, and you your racially 'harmonised' (if there is such a word) day

      Christopher - 2012-05-10 11:45

      @ tee thapelo craig I couldnt care less who you vote for, If I had a party and you wanted to vote for it, I would make sure I have big abusive minders to make sure you do not vote for me and my party. Brainless dumb people not allowed, you need to vote for that brainless party known as the anc...your kind must go... go far gone...

      Marco - 2012-05-10 13:51

      You going to go hungry with all your pride. open your eyes

      Daan - 2012-05-10 14:00

      Shame Thapelo & Craig. You MUST be on the GRAVY TRAIN. Please tell the nation what you and your cANCer cronies will do when "our"(white) money runs out!!!!!!!!! You, and the likes of you in Africa, are still living in the dark ages. You continiously bite the hands that feeds you. That is why Africa is in the state it is in. It took "the Setlers" 300 years to teach you to hold your 2 hands together. And that is what you do well. What will you do the day the money runs out????

      Dee - 2012-05-10 15:09

      It was such a hard won vote Tee. That must surely make it a very precious thing. Voting squandered on mere 'melanin' /'skin pigment' or blind loyalty seems disrespectful to those who fought and died for a better life for you, me - and generations to come. There are many political parties to choose from :

  • Cedric Papa-Junior Kgatla - 2012-05-10 09:49

    As an ANC supporter I agree thers corruption...! And it didnt start after democracy,it was even there during apartheit era just that it was formalised ONLY for whites! AND NOW ITS A DEMOCRATIC STATE EVERYONE DESERVE A SHARE..

      Brad.Kopping - 2012-05-10 10:19

      Even us whites neh?

      sheldon.s.harding - 2012-05-10 11:17

      and coloureds neh

      johncarlos.biza - 2012-05-10 11:55

      @Thapelo so you agree that by voting for the DA, Coloured communities became on top of blacks' (i.e they improved)

  • Cedric Papa-Junior Kgatla - 2012-05-10 09:49

    As an ANC supporter I agree thers corruption...! And it didnt start after democracy,it was even there during apartheit era just that it was formalised ONLY for whites! AND NOW ITS A DEMOCRATIC STATE EVERYONE DESERVE A SHARE..

      Gerald - 2012-05-10 10:25

      i don't understand how you can get so many thumps down for what is obvious. Also, does the thumps down mean people want to revert? Do those who have given thumps down know how much money was siphoned out of the treasury between 1990 and 1994? Hell, even zuma and company pale in comparison to the the Nat party of the early 1990s. Amazes me, almost as if a white person is incapable of corruption. (By this I am not condoning what is happening now)

      brionyl.french - 2012-05-10 11:05

      Buddy no one will be giving you anything.... If you want a share in this country you have to steal it yourself... like everyone else

      Anton - 2012-05-10 12:48

      @Cedric, the problem is that this ‘privilege’ only befalls a select few, whilst the poor are getting poorer. And surely African leadership should amount to more than a “if they stole then we can steal” attitude, otherwise this will just perpetuate until we’re a starving, struggling country, ravished by civil war (just look at Liberia, the DRC, Ivory Coast, etc.). @Gerald, I have no idea how much money the Nats syphoned out of the Treasury in the early 90’s. Care to share how this was done and the figures involved?

      Maredi - 2012-05-10 13:40

      O tagilwe moshaa, goba ke patje?

      Jim - 2012-05-10 15:07

      You poor blind, misinformed ANC stooge...what do you think BEE is all about..equality..!!????????NEVER..

  • Ferdie Van Der Merwe - 2012-05-10 09:51

    Finally. Someone who actually make sense!!!

  • Thapelo - 2012-05-10 09:56

    all unpatriotic redn!?ks nw is the time to pack ur bags and head home were the grass chemically green

      Felix - 2012-05-10 11:21

      After you, mad bob is waiting with open arms.

      Maredi - 2012-05-10 13:43

      And how is that going to help SA when their bags are packed and they have left, huh? Or is that supposed to mean we blacks see nothing wrong with the state being run by criminals, as long as it's black criminals. Don't be so dump Thapelo.

  • Stephen - 2012-05-10 09:56

    Tell us something we don't aleady know.And remember Chikane,you were part of the team that started the rot.......bloody agent.

  • Isabel - 2012-05-10 09:57

    Did anyoneexpect anything else when the ANC came to power?

      Gerald - 2012-05-10 11:00

      Where you disappointed when the Nat party left power?

      Bomb - 2012-05-10 20:00

      @Gerald...actually not, SA needed the change, needed to correct the wrongs. We all had high hopes, and for a couple of years I thought it actually went well. SA with Mandela commanded respect for the difficult process we went through. After that though its all been a rot.If the anc ACTUALLY did what they have promised over the years, I would also vote for them. But be honest, this country is falling apart. The political leaders are a disgrace to its people. How stupid is it to justify the goverments failures by claiming the previous government also did it. Wasn't the anc supposed to be better than that? That means actually the current gov is no better than the previous one, isnt it? Let me tell you something, the anc has realised it is losing support slowly, and is fuelling black/white conflict whenever they get a chance, to try and influence the majority. The people of SA need to realise, that until there is a strong opposition, the anc will do whatever they want, whatever party that may be.I can assure you, that except for a small percentage of the white population, the rest of us want to see this country reach its full potential. You dont have to vote DA, vote for any other party, but put pressure on the anc to improve by denying them your vote. Its funny that the most effective department in state is probably SARS, with revenue collection increasing every year, but still nothing gets done, and bills aren't paid. That should tell you something.

      Gerald - 2012-05-10 21:18

      @ bomb agree with you.

  • Theo Ferreira - 2012-05-10 10:08

    Give that man a Bell's.

  • Maria - 2012-05-10 10:11

    New Brooms sweep clean. Time for change. (Vote with your brain and not your heart!) Make S.A a better place for all, and bring back the death penalty....

      Daan - 2012-05-10 15:36

      No CRAIG. Anyone with brains votes ANYTHING BUT ANC.

      Daan - 2012-05-10 15:38

      Did you understand my comment CRAIG. Or shall I draw you a picture? Oh, so sorry CRAIG. I forgot. You are mos blind as well.

  • Nigel - 2012-05-10 10:22

    Sorry - no pat on the back from me for stating the obvious. But OK, hopefully some might now believe the fact that the ANC was never big on Democracy. We need real leaders, regardless of what race they may be. A gang of Freedom Fighters just doesn't cut it when it comes to running a country.

      Alan - 2012-05-10 10:34

      What is a Freedom Fighter? Somebody who is told to wear a yellow or red T shirt, down tools and toi toi? I think that far too many of our people believe that being dictated to by corrupt dictators is the definition of 'freedom'. Well - they are half right i.r.o. freeDOM

      Daan - 2012-05-10 15:45

      So True, Nigel. I will even vote for BoB, if he was honest. Race, colour etc. is sh%t our currently disadvantaged (including whites)try to bring into each & every discussion regarding our current situation, but they are ALL wrong. ALL politicians are BAST^%D$. What we need is HONEST BAST^%D$.

  • Danie - 2012-05-10 10:23

    Is it not from one of their own, and not a racist white?

  • sthe.ndlovu - 2012-05-10 10:25

    Chikane is just a bitter old man. He needs to sit down.

      scaztanza - 2012-05-10 11:31

      Fellow countryman, suppose he is bitter, what are you doing or saying about the apparent rot in government? Either you are in da circle, you are like a tree and move with the wind or you are strictly stupid.

  • sharon.truebodyvice - 2012-05-10 10:28

    U think..............Fluck it is time u people woke up, it might be too late already

  • andy4real - 2012-05-10 10:32

    Rainbow Nation Is In Trouble

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-05-10 10:42

    No sh#t Sherlock Holmes. Please tell us something we don't know.

  • Andres - 2012-05-10 10:42

    @eric_t: Unfortunately, you're wrong: Helen Zille supports BBBEE and affirmative action. Redress is written in DA policy.

      Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-05-10 15:17

      U kidding right?

  • brionyl.french - 2012-05-10 11:03

    Some stuff for your interest: if you click on these links and educate yourselves too, you will see how corrupte South Africa is.

  • daniel.w.gie - 2012-05-10 11:05

    Black leadership .....comedians on line .

  • Ligblou - 2012-05-10 11:05

    This country nis already down the drain. Every African country ran by a black government goes down the drain. The ANC dont care about its people- they have proved it already. Fact is the black people realise that and its starting to boil over. The problem is not white against black. The black people are starting to take each other out. And i dont mean to be rude or rascist. Look around you and see for yourself.

  • Maredi - 2012-05-10 11:08

    I totally agree with the statement made by Chikane.

  • Maredi - 2012-05-10 11:11

    @Phumi What does Zille have to do with the criminals in the ANC. You have just gone on a rant and completely off the topic. The DA did not appoint the criminals in government. The ANC did.

  • Monyamathe - 2012-05-10 11:19

    Was this man and rev not part of mbeki gov , so what?

  • Louis - 2012-05-10 11:28

    What democracy?

  • Joseph - 2012-05-10 11:31

    Democracy can only work if the person on top is not part of all the scams and fraud. If you put an honest hard worker in charge of this country who rules out corruption he will make this country the first in Africa to be democratic.

      Dee - 2012-05-10 14:50

      Like your post - but would make it "she" and "her". Someone like the Liberian leader. The African women in my life are FANTASTIC!

      Sterling - 2012-05-11 06:42

      You are wrong democracy works best when the people are allowed to participate in the government on a grass root level. In SA the voters can only vote for the party and nobody is directly elected by the people and accountable to the people. SA is run by kingmakers and these people will meet and name the next president.

  • Jacqui - 2012-05-10 11:53

    What democracy?.

  • Jandl Reevo Reeves - 2012-05-10 11:54

    Corruption has increased because zuma is the kingpin.

  • Brilliantx - 2012-05-10 12:01

    Corruption increased since Mandela? I think this is a misquote or I have reason to doubt the right health of the Reverend's mind. Corruption and wasteful expenditure was legalised before Mandela. e.g.forced removals were unnecessary expenditure.

  • William Teixeira - 2012-05-10 12:01

    You know how corrupt our Government is when somebody like our friend Mr Mduli is allowed back into his position and when things heat up again he writes a letter to our esteemed leader Mr Zuma and he (Mduli) gets transfered to a different position ( probably with the same pay) What Mduli know that Zuma is afraid of? In the private sector they would both been fired long time ago!

  • Nigel - 2012-05-10 12:12

    Thats because Cosatu & the ANCYL threw out Mbeki & put a criminal in his place, now we suffer as a result of their ignorance & intolerance.

  • Nigel - 2012-05-10 12:13

    eVota DA!!!!!!!!

  • rasthami.m1 - 2012-05-10 12:27

    Rev chikane don't use the platform to cause some controversy as a strategy to try to market your book-

  • Jim - 2012-05-10 14:26

    I wish the government represented the people, not just the comerads...

  • Linds - 2012-05-10 14:30

    Chikane has discredited himself. He conveniently forgets that President Mbeki protected a corrupt National Commissioner (Selebi). Why didn't Chikane say we were in trouble then?