SA's murder rate drops 6.5%

2011-09-08 11:22

Pretoria - South Africa's murder rate dropped by 6.5% to 15 940 murders in 2010/11, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Thursday.

"It is perhaps worth mentioning that during the 1994/95 period our murder ratio as a country stood at 27 000," he said in Pretoria on the release of the annual crime statistics.

The figures were drawn from April 2010 to March 2011.

"Murder is one of the most reliable forms of crime statistics," the minister said.

Attempted murder decreased by 12.2%.

Sexual offences

Though there was a decrease in sexual offences by three percent, Mthethwa said this was "an area that still required focused attention".

"We are mainly concerned about the number of rapes that occur in the country... the number of reported cases of rapes still remains unacceptably high," he said.

The number of rape cases reported rose from 55 097 to 56 272.

Mthethwa said rape, based on international trends, was often under-reported.

During the period under review, 94 police officers were killed in the line of duty. This was down from the previous year's figure of 110 police killed.

Assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm dropped by 4.5%, while robbery with aggravating circumstances was down by 12%.

Robberies down

Two years ago, house robberies had increased dramatically and last year, it showed signs of stabilising, Mthethwa said.

This crime declined by 10% to 16 889 cases during the 2010/11 financial year - the first decrease since 2004,

"Our engagement with the insurance industry reflects that they too have started to witness the impact of this decline," the minister said.

"According to the SA Insurance Crime Bureau, different insurance companies are experiencing decline in the range of between 4% and 31%."

Car hijackings were down to their lowest level since 2003/04, after a steady increase in the past three years. This crime had now dropped by 23.6% to 10 700 cases.

Truck hijackings decreased 29.2% with 413 reported cases.

After a 2.7% increase in the previous year, the number of burglaries at residential premises had now dropped 4.8%.

However, there was an increase in non-residential robberies of 0.9%, particularly among small businesses like spaza shops, supermarkets and schools.

ATM bombings soar 61%

Cash-in-transit crimes were down 18.7% and bank robberies declined by 58%.

A decrease in these two categories of crimes was, however, leading to an increase in ATM blasts, which increased significantly by 61.5% to 399 cases.

The majority of the bombings, 57.1%, took place in Gauteng, followed by the North West at 12.4%.

There had also been a substantial increase of 10.2% in drug-related crimes, which had become a long-term trend with drug-related crimes doubling in the last eight to nine years.

Cases of drunken driving or driving under the influence of drugs were up by 4.5%.

Commercial crime rose 2.8%. This was increasingly dominated by cyber-crime.

  • Nedkelly - 2011-09-08 11:24

    Absolute! Have farm murders been included in these stats?

      Zizo Snr - 2011-09-08 11:27

      Yes they are, and they are decreasing also.

      bvdwesthuizen - 2011-09-08 11:28

      As you say Nedkelly the murder rate has not dropped its just that the reports thereof have deminished due to the lack of results and convictions by the police

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:31

      farm murders ..............

      Gazza69 - 2011-09-08 11:31

      Oh goody, only 15 940 people were murdered last year!!! WTF that is staggering!! What about the bodies that are never found? No body=no crime! Scary stat there Nathi. Don't pat yourself on the back just yet!

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 11:32

      Murder is probably the most reliable statisitic we have, the minister rightly said. You can actually count dead bodies, unless people are under the impression that the country is litered with dead bodies that no one knows about.

      Heibrin - 2011-09-08 11:34

      @Zizo Snr: based on what is the farm murders dropping?? I'll bet dollars for donuts that the farm murder rate has increased since '94-'95.

      Susannomore - 2011-09-08 11:35

      Really - some people are never happy unless they have something to moan about. Something is being does right. As you have been shouting for, less people are being killed. Be happy for goodness sakes...

      Phelan Wulf - 2011-09-08 11:37

      So the other 6.5% where just really bad casses of suicide where they?

      Thouca - 2011-09-08 11:37 do u know this is bullsh!!t? ....why would they exclude farm murders?..... pls enlighten us

      John - 2011-09-08 11:37

      agree, total lies, maybe the 6.5% drop are now classed as accidental deaths

      sushi - 2011-09-08 11:38

      something is not right here,minister being honest sometimes it assist.

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:39

      i think they also forgot Rhinos murders

      Richard Townley-Johnson - 2011-09-08 11:39

      I rate people have just stopped reporting murders cos nothing gets done about it... Either that or this stat related to murder cases being solved by our police force.

      Thouca - 2011-09-08 11:41

      convictions are post-murder and dont necessarily drop murder rates....many social, schooling, job creation, racism and other problems more directly effect this problem

      Kyle - 2011-09-08 11:43

      susan that is very sad... we should have stats on murder and such...why should murder just be the norm? another day in africa.....

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:45

      don't stress Nedkelly. they'll release the stats for farm murders @ farmland 24

      LloydSix - 2011-09-08 11:47

      And 56 272 rapes, seriously? That is waaay worse than I even expected. That's 154 rapes per day... WTF

      Dazbo - 2011-09-08 11:49

      Not too sure if Farm Murders have been included or not but i would dispute the figures anyway. Check out the link above...SA has a murder rate of 121.91/100,000 and is 2nd on the list of highest murder rated countries. Swaziland comes in at No 3 with 93.32/100,000 and Lesotho @ 5 with 50.41/100,000. If you add them together because they all fall within the borders of SA then you end up with a figure of 265.64/100,000. This is 4 times more than Columbia !!! ANC sure are doing a F*cking great job !!!

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:55

      try lol

      Zelios - 2011-09-08 11:55

      @African'shtr - You mentally deficient prole, those "lonely bastards" you are referring to are the ones that grow food for the community to purchase. Knowing this, how are they not part of the community? Couldn't of expected a less moronic comment from a person who uses such a retarded username.

      Kenno - 2011-09-08 11:59

      @ Zizo....and you know

      device - 2011-09-08 12:05

      its pretty simple people. Murder stats are seen as being more reliable because murders are not tallied by the police alone. The information on murder stats comes from hospitals, paramedics, Department of home affairs etc. This means that there is far less opportunity for corrupt local police station commanders to manipulate the numbers since they are compared with hospital records etc. this is different from the info on robberies, car-highjackings etc. which comes almost exclusively from the police (given how few South Africans have home or car insurance).

      Campfire - 2011-09-08 12:10

      @Dazbo. Learn to do maths dude.

      P-JB - 2011-09-08 12:10

      And don’t forget at least 1 of those murders was in Kempton Park when a nutcase policeman shot and killed a women in her car in front of the police station.

      Prof - 2011-09-08 12:11

      Nedkelly-- Is it possible to exclude them? Common sense is always not common and now I have a proof.

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-08 12:12

      Dazbo, I don't even know where to start pointing out your stupidity. An apple divided by Monday equals blue. That makes the same amount of sense as what you're saying

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 12:16

      The murder rate is likely to have dropped - remember that 8% of that year was world cup and the country felt so peaceful then

      willieman - 2011-09-08 12:19

      Unless if you want to tell us that farm murders are not reported.if that is the case i think you should be arrested and explain your rationale,Give us your stats Nedkelly and tell us where you got them

      Campfire - 2011-09-08 12:22

      By Dazbo's reasoning, the life expectancy in SA is 48.98 years, Swaziland is 39.6 years and Lesotho is 40.38 years (according to If you add them all together (because they of course all fall in SA's borders) then our life expectancy is 128.96 years... which is 56% more than Japan's!! Hooray!!

      Komasa - 2011-09-08 12:24

      @Phiwe these uneducated idiots would not comprehend that.

      Deon - 2011-09-08 12:26

      Are there actually anyone in this country that BELIEVE these stats ?? C'mon people !!!!!!

      Dazbo - 2011-09-08 12:31

      @campfire & Will2.0...Can't see what you're complaining about guys...the figures are correct !! 121.91 + 93.32 + 50.41 gives you 265.64 per 100,000 people ? Maybe you thought that the "/" was a divisibe or it sshould have been per 300,000 people or you're both just F*cking retards. The fact remains...SA's murder rate is unreal and instead of trying to justify it the government should be doing something about it..

      HogHo - 2011-09-08 12:35

      It's true...........They're running out of victims to be murdred. That's the only reason

      sjkranenburg - 2011-09-08 12:48

      Dazbo... you even answered your own question... you should go back to school and ask for a refund. btw. stats are independantly verified and debatable, but maybe crime is going down?!?! why would this be such a shock??

      resiststance - 2011-09-08 12:50

      @dazbo: Learn to do maths you idiot you can't just randomly add only the numbers you want together... That would actually be 265.54/300000 or 88.5/100000 - Of course this isn't 100% right either as the countries have different populations to get the correct figure you would have to total the deaths and populations again and calculate a new figure per 100000. I'm not sure which is sadder, your stupidity, or the fact that you are oblivious to it. As for the fact that you got more thumbs up then thumbs down this reflects very poorly on the average iq of news24 users I'm afraid - anyone that gave this bad maths a thumbs up should feel ashamed of themselves.

      Vullis - 2011-09-08 12:55

      dumb-ass - murder is murder!

      ProudExpat - 2011-09-08 12:56

      Let's put that into perspective: 15940 / 365 = 43.67 murders per day 63.67 / 24 = 1.82 murders per hour. Yeah, GREAT reduction there...

      Wayne Hayes - 2011-09-08 13:04

      @ProudExpat - Damn 26 people have died already

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-08 13:04

      Dazbo got 10% for maths, 30% for woodwork, 15% for science, 15% for biology, 10% for geography and 20% for English, thus scoring a perfect 100% in his final exams.

      Anonymus - 2011-09-08 13:06

      The US Forces have roughly lost 4800 lives in the Iraq war which has spanned for almost a decade. Whereas, South Africa can reach over 15000 killings in a year!! Mind blowing!!

      JH - 2011-09-08 13:18

      Wow. We are so proud to be living in South Africa. Crime has gone down. We now only have 15 940 murders and 56 272 rapes a year. Wow, this is an amazing country to live in and crime figures to be really proud of. WTF?????

      JacobMoletsane252 - 2011-09-08 13:30

      Uit die blou van onse hemel, Uit die diepte van ons see, Oor ons ewige gebergtes Waar die kranse antwoord gee. Deur ons vêr verlate vlaktes Met die kreun van ossewa. Ruis die stem van ons geliefde, Van ons land Suid-Afrika. Ons sal antwoord op jou roepstem, Ons sal offer wat jy vra: Ons sal lewe, ons sal sterwe, Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika. In die murg van ons gebeente, in ons hart en siel en gees, In ons roem op ons verlede, In ons hoop op wat sal wees. In ons wil en werk en wandel, Van ons wieg tot aan ons graf. Deel geen ander land ons liefde, Trek geen ander trou ons af. Vaderland, ons sal die adel Van jou naam met ere dra: Waar en trou as Afrikaners, Kinders van Suid-Afrika. In die songloed van ons somer, in ons winternag se kou, In die lente van ons liefde, in die lanfer van ons rou. By die klink van huw'liksklokkies, by die kluit-klap op die kis. Streel jou stem ons nooit verniet nie, Weet jy waar jou kinders is. Op jou roep sê ons nooit née nie, Sê ons altyd, altyd ja: Om te lewe, om te sterwe Ja, ons kom, Suid-Afrika. Op U Almag vas vertrouend het ons vadere gebou: Skenk ook ons die krag, o Here! Om te handhaaf en te hou. Dat die erwe van ons vadere Vir ons kinders erwe bly: Knegte van die Allerhoogste, Teen die hele wêreld vry. Soos ons vadere vertrou het, Leer ook ons vertrou, o Heer: Met ons land en met ons nasie Sal dit wel wees, God regeer.

      SiphovdMerwe - 2011-09-08 13:34

      I can only assume that by farm murders, that includes farm workers.

      DoublySalmon - 2011-09-08 13:36 1. Murder – 16,834 2. Rape – 68,332 3. Attempted murder – 17,410 6. Culpable homicide – 12,272 Add Culpable homicide 12,272 and Murder 16,834 and rape (68,332 * 5% HIV = death) and the actual murder rate is 32522.6 per year.

      Fu Manchu - 2011-09-08 13:52

      Firstly Sipho, how often do you read about farmers being murdered and how often do you read about about farm workers being murdered? Secondly, who bought the concept of education to Africa and why didn't your forefathers have an educational system?

      Fu Manchu - 2011-09-08 14:08

      US has 17 000 murders a year on average with more than 6 times our population. They have one the highest murder rates in the industrialized world. We have nothing to be proud of. @Dazbo, don't call other people retards... ever heard of the term: 'The pot calling the kettle black'. Lol

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 14:29

      As a paramedic I personally feel that the crime has dropped over the years. I had nearly nothing to do during the world cup!

      jen - 2011-09-08 14:59

      @Zulufox - last week.

      Karin - 2011-09-08 15:35

      @Phiwe, yes dear you can count dead bodies, but are they being counted acuratly? I sincerely doubt that the actual figure is being given. It is just another eyeblind. Do yourself a favour and look up every paper and the farm murder website daily and count for yourself at the end of the year. It does not add up to the BS they try and feed us.

      7thFloor - 2011-09-08 15:46

      @Susannomore how can anyone in their right mind be statisfied with crime unless it was at 0? Just because murder decreased by a fration I hardly think it calls for champagne to flow or to be content and statisfied. Crime in general is still hopelessly to high and to there little honest policing going on.

      Heibrin - 2011-09-08 16:12

      @7thfloor - She falls into the "At least it didn't happen to me" category.

      Warren - 2011-09-08 21:41

      I was robbed of R3000.00 in 2008. When I reported it to the cops they laughed at me & asked what I wanted them to do about it. The next year I was robbed of R7000.00... needless to say I didn't bother.

      Frankly_Every1 - 2011-09-08 22:00

      What they do is they count Hi-Jacking murders and any murders on the roads as "traffic incidents" Anybody who believes their lies deserves their incompetance.

      Denise - 2011-09-09 03:48

      South Africa... #1 - MURDER capital of the world again! still! whatever!!! What's up with these CRIME STATS? Down 6.5%? I don't think so... Whats the difference between MURDER, HOMICIDE & MANSLAUGHTER? All elements of the 3 offences are the same as for 'MURDER'? Both murder & manslaughter are forms of homicide, or the killing of one person by another ... manslaughter IS homicide IS murder! Notice below that the murders & homicides are 'with firearms'... Where are the stats for murders WITHOUT firearms? !!! Gun violence > Homicides > Overall homicide rate > per 100,000 pop # 1 ................... 125.965 Gun violence > Homicides > Firearm homicide rate > per 100,000 pop # 1 ................... 74.5748 Gun violence > Homicides > % homicides with firearms # 2 ................... 59.2028 Murders with firearms # 1 ................... 31,918 Manslaughters # 2 ................... 11,202

      noremac - 2011-09-09 13:41

      This has made me so angry.white farm murders.the pictures they don't want us to see.warning.very disturbing!

      ousie - 2011-09-20 11:15

      Dazbo! I sure am glad you're not the one in charge of the stats! Damn, but you're stooopid! How embarrassing...

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-26 04:50

      Rubbish, firstly the minister in charge of all this has been up for fraud. The same guy has a mandate to reduce crime, if he meets the mandate he gets a fat bonus. He was found messing with the stats but still got his bonus. The other point is this, South Africa now have a bill to control what gets out in the media, the prime reason for this is to cover up the crime, corruption, fraud etc. Why? Because the current exposure is hurting the ANC bad, they are going to lose votes, international relationships are breaking, there is media all over the world naming and shaming them. There are more and more ranking sites coming out, comparing countries in terms of economy, corruption etc. South Africa is failing bad at all of it… So what do they do to avoid this, they create the info Bill. Smart, but so evil and the nation will forget about it in a few months. Take a look at what Cele gets paid: And his recent suspensions:

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2012-01-19 00:41

  • Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 11:25

    okay so what does this mean

      ronheidtmann - 2011-09-08 11:40

      It means the police are doing an EXCELLENT job!

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 11:44

      not sure if that means their doing an excellent job

      slojam - 2011-09-08 12:18

      It means nothing actually. These are not figures to be proud and boastful about 15904 murders is 15904 murders too many! Nathi should get of his high horse and drive the SAPS the way they should be. I am pretty sure that the sudden decrease in this years figures are due to the increased police and security presence before, during and after the World Cup. Why cant we see such presence all the time? It would make a huge difference and then actaully mean something!

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 12:30

      Yeah The World Cup definitely made the country relatively crime free for 1/12th of that year. Maybe we should have the Olympics! Well done SAPS for your work, but more must be done, and that World Cup uncompromising attitude to crime must be rediscovered!

      schalkpjvs - 2011-09-08 12:31

      it means nothing since most crime goes unreported and secondly because the police are not very trustworthy and I would not put it below them to edit the stats, also the medical association who says according to their stats crime is much higher since there are a lot more bodies than the police stats say

      Captainmorgan - 2011-09-08 12:47

      Means that some people can't count

      Nipcat - 2011-09-08 12:54

      @ronheidtmann It means that there were 15 940 murders, not that the police had solved these murders, so where does the excellent job come in.

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 13:25

      This means that we are 6.2% shy of last years slaughter and therefore we are only being massacred!

      cliffarc - 2011-09-08 14:54

      - It means that they take us for fools.

      Warren - 2011-09-08 21:47

      It doesn't really matter what it means coz someone (c'mon, we're dealing with the ANC here) no doubt tweaked these figures.

      noremac - 2011-09-09 13:52

      This has made me so angry.white farm murders.the pictures they don't want us to see.warning.very disturbing!

  • echo - 2011-09-08 11:25

    I wonder what process they used this time to manipulate the figures!

      Thouca - 2011-09-08 11:34

      the figures go up,we take as correct, and we bitch and hate ourselves....the figure comes down, we take as incorrect, then carry on bitching and moaning........???

      echo - 2011-09-08 11:38

      We bitch and moan because whatever happens to the figures, we dont have faith in the people who calculated the statistics as there is way too much interference from parties who have their own selfish interests at heart.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 11:43

      so true thouca! If people can accept the stats when they say crime is going up then surely they must accept them when they say crime is going down. Maybe it hurts some people that crime is going down because it ruins their tactics of fear mongering.

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-08 12:05

      So if your mind is made up about everything why read the news?

      the kid! - 2011-09-08 13:08

      I have been the victim of crime several times. Firstly the police try to convince you not to open a case. When you insist, they open a case that would reflect the best on their stats. One of my workers were kidnapped, by men posing as police officers. They beat her up and threatened to rape her. they stole the company wages. She jumped out of the car when they got caught in a traffic jam. The case opened: ROBBERY! so their stats does not show the abduction, assault, or impersonating a police officer. I can also manipulate stats. THE truth of the matter is, the person on the street feels the true affect of crime. Not the manipulated no's dished out by politicians to try and cover up their own inabilities.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 13:41

      Leon Groeneveld - did I indicate I was? I ma happy that is it going down. And of course 44 people murdered a day is not good, crime is still high. But if we cant be encouraged by a decline then nothing ever will. And I kind of figured that a decline in murder would not make people like you happy because it doesnt sit well with you that the ANC can do something positive for the country. To you it's better to think the ANC is always doing wrong, cynism is your favourite vice. Unfortunately for you Leon, crime is going down and murder is going down.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 13:42

      cynicism even *

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 14:03

      Leon - calm yourself down.

      Sbongile - 2011-09-08 14:05

      @Leon Groenewald: Read carefully what Phiwe wrote. She didn't say anything about "white" people. Paranoid, or is because you're failing to address the issues she raised so you pull a race card? Uyadina maan!!

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 14:17

      I'm a dude, dude!

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 14:25

      Leon you need to read what Phiwe says!

      Sbongile - 2011-09-08 14:27

      @Phiwe: girls can also be named Phiwe. Don't act as if it's obviuos like Gert, Leon etc.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 14:39

      Sbongile - I was just letting you know that I am not a girl. I know Phiwe is a unisex name. So maybe you were hasty in forgetting that fact.

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 16:21

      You call for calm in the face of such an emotive topic as murder? Sorry I'm human and calm about people being slaughtered is not even a consideration! As to the race card. Crime statistics are now colorless; but in EVERY murder I've witnessed or had known about (one in my own kitchen where the victim was black) the perpetrator had always ALWAYS, with the exception of ONE (only one!) been black! I'm not pulling the race card; the criminals are doing it for me!

      device - 2011-09-08 16:55

      @ Leon I agree with you that the vast majority of murderers in SA are black, but then again the overwhelming vast majority of murder victims are also black. Come to think of it the overwhelming vast majority of people in SA are actually black! do you see the pattern here? my question to you though is how come the only statistic that draws your attention is the fact that the criminals are black? why does it not seem to appall you that the victims are also black?

      maseratifitt - 2011-09-08 17:53

      Echo: The Minister's laptop was stolen. Fell into the hands of 2 Bangladeshi's. Called the Makeless Process.

      noremac - 2011-09-09 13:52

      This has made me so angry.white farm murders.the pictures they don't want us to see.warning.very disturbing!

  • Geraldo Mc phu - 2011-09-08 11:25

    Still too many deaths though ...

      Geraldo Mc phu - 2011-09-08 11:36

      ...infact we should have a negative zero percent murder rate to a point that we'll even consider suicide as murder for stats purposes

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 11:46

      hahahahahaha right on brother

      noremac - 2011-09-09 13:52

      This has made me so angry.white farm murders.the pictures they don't want us to see.warning.very disturbing!

  • Chingchao - 2011-09-08 11:26


  • Zizo Snr - 2011-09-08 11:26

    Credit to the South African Police Force. And RIP to those who lost their lives while protecting us.

      Susannomore - 2011-09-08 11:35

      Amen to that!

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:39

      nice positive comment dude

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:42

      but then again i know some people who never appreciate any positivity coming out of this country ,some times i wonder why they still stuck in this horrible country they claim to be in

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 11:47

      Tbooze>> u say positive comment and you comeback with a negative comment..which is which ??

      shaun.cousins1 - 2011-09-08 11:51

      its the crimals that walk free and the innocent being killed.

      TBOOZE - 2011-09-08 11:51

      Buic Unix read the comments on this page ,very few appreciate the effort made to downsize crime

      Boerseun - 2011-09-08 12:12

      I am pretty sure the masses will agree that you are wrong. Overall, very little has changed and inmy opinion these figures should be taken with a few bags of salt. Also note that whites in RSA is now officially at level 6(just before full scale genocide) on Genocide watch's list. I wonder why people like you ignore that fact.

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 12:12

      Tbooze if they were doing their job they wouldnt even have time to do stats..if they were doing an excellent job, we would know bcoz we live here, and if they were doing a good job, Julius Malema would be behind bars for murdering South Africa's tax payer's money these stats mean nothing

      ands - 2011-09-08 12:19

      @TBOOZE ... 44 murders a day cannot be something we should be positive about. I appreciate any reduction myself however lets not loose sight of the fact that there are way too many people murdered every day here in this country. Unless we CONTINUALY voice this concern we will never reduce our murder rate to an acceptable level. 44 a day TBOOZE from any angle is putrid law enforcement. Police are trying hard but fight a losing battle with the problems we have with forensic expertise, "lost evidence" at trials and overcrowded jails. All of which contribute. PS. I am starting to like Zizo's comments lately :)

      willieman - 2011-09-08 12:33

      Good comment ,those who complain there is a high possibility that they do not even participate in community police forums

      willieman - 2011-09-08 12:36

      @ Boerseun you really try hard ne!!!,where do you see"full scale genocide",please do not expose your full colours of ignorance

      Kevin King - 2011-09-08 13:01

      @ Zizo: Please, I beg you, dont cower away! Please answer me this time and I'd like others to contribute: Recently, the government released a report on the demographics of South African prisons (which are already overcrowded) as at the end of February this year. The report breaks down the entire prison population into race, gender, offence etc. (see ) Next I browsed through the latest SAPS crime statistics report for the year ending 30 April 2010. The major categories listed include and can be viewed at 1. Murder – 16,834 2. Rape – 68,332 3. Attempted murder – 17,410 4. Robbery with aggravating circumstances – 113,755 5. Robbery (residential and commercial)- 328,350 6. Culpable homicide – 12,272

      Kevin King - 2011-09-08 13:01

      Other categories include arson, shoplifting, public violence, kidnapping etc but these will be ignored for now. This leaves a total of over 550,000 criminal offences in a single year alone. Compare this to the current prison population of 162,162, the numbers don’t add up. So I’ve taken it a step further. Let’s use the following conservative assumptions: 1. Every murderer murders 2 people before being caught and sentenced to 25 years in jail. 2. 1 in 10 rapes are reported, each rapist rapes 5 victims before being caught and sentenced to 10 years in jail. 3. Each attempted murderer attempts to murder 2 victims before being caught and sentenced to 10 years in jail. 4. Each violent robber commits 5 robberies with aggravated circumstances before being caught in sentenced to 10 years in jail. 5. Ordinary robbers commit 10 robberies before being caught and sentenced to 5 years in jail. 6. Each perpetrator of culpable homicide kills 2 people before being caught and sentenced to 10 years in jail. 7. Crime levels remain constant (SAPS has reported a decline in the last decade) After doing the maths, conservatively speaking there should be at least 2.1 million criminals in jail today. This means that almost 2 million criminals are out on the streets and this excludes those criminals that have served their full sentences and have been released.

      DoublySalmon - 2011-09-08 13:53 1. Murder – 16,834 2. Rape – 68,332 3. Attempted murder – 17,410 6. Culpable homicide – 12,272 Add Culpable homicide 12,272 and Murder 16,834 and rape (68,332 * 5% HIV = death) and the actual murder rate is 32522.6 per year.

      Kevin King - 2011-09-08 15:07

      @ zizo: A child under 10 could comprehend that if 10% of the people that should be in jail are never caught and jailed, its bad! Please explain how you cannot understand this because that will fascinate some of the readers including myself.

  • AntiRacist - 2011-09-08 11:27

    Bull Sh#t

      Susannomore - 2011-09-08 11:42

      So AntiRacist - what are the real figures? You obviously have the correct facts that the rest of us are not privy to. Spill the beans...

      shaun.cousins1 - 2011-09-08 11:53

      I wonder how many murders are being reported!!!and how many are swept under the carpet.

      Tolerant - 2011-09-08 12:19

      Interpol says murder rate is double, Medical Reseasch Council of SA, said some time ago it could be +- 50% higher, so rather take the police stats with a pinch of salt.

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 12:59

      @tolerant - can you send us a link to interpol stats?

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:56

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:58 - this is the origianl article.

      Tolerant - 2011-09-08 14:19

      Thanks Dr Zeek, yes the "Getting away with murder" tell a much different story of law and order in SA. No wonder many people think being criminal is now a new career.

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 14:27

      @Dr Zeek - thanks for the article - it is 11 years out of date though - does anyone know of anything more recent?

  • Susannomore - 2011-09-08 11:27

    Why did this come through as breaking news? A step in the right direction - yes, good news - certainly. But "breaking news". For goodness sake, will someone please do something today which is news worthy to give News24 something to do!

      jester - 2011-09-08 13:25

      Be careful what you wish for!

  • jayrozz6 - 2011-09-08 11:28

    WFT, is it worth mentioning that figure of a drop as around 15000 ppl are killed yearly or even more than that.

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:33

      Phiwe, you are wrong. Less people murdered during 40 years of apartheid by the security forces than murder stats in 6 months of "freedom". Go check the TRC report. So, stop peddling BS.

  • Phiwe - 2011-09-08 11:28

    This is such good news!! Well done SAPS and the decline continues.

      Allrightythen - 2011-09-08 11:33

      Actually if you have been to any civilised country in the world you would notice that a single murder is not acceptable...only in Africa where the majority do not care for human life can this figure remotely seem as good. The police force should be solving 90% of all crime and 100% of all murders. All murderers and rapists should be given the death sentence, only then will crime start to slow down.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 11:48

      and if have been to any so called "civilised country" you will find that there are more murders than just the one. You have misplaced your thinking fella, in case you did not know, in South Africa we do not necessarily accept murder. However it is something that happens here and across the world including the so called "civilised" countries but any decline in murders is something we celebrate and we celebrate it precisely because fewer people are murder. We will never get to zero, no country can even boast that much including your so called "civilised" countries.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 11:52

      I hate that you say "5h3 majority in Africa do not care about human life" I hate it. Historically the people who've been known to not care about human life are those you call "civilised" who have killed more people than any other people, probably combined. So you tell me who's uncivilised again or was it their civility that made llike that? In which case I will pass on a eurocentric view of civility.

      Kenno - 2011-09-08 12:07

      @ Phiwe.. My colleague had a family member murdered for a cell phone yesterday!! Pure savagery!! Sorry I cannot accept that as being a human!

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-08 12:17 end off with "...only then will crime start to slow down." The 6.5% decrease in murders is in fact crime slowing down. Crime cannot hit a brickwall. Let's all agree that decreases are a GOOD thing. And we can also all agree that there is still too much of it. Both can be true, you know?

      willieman - 2011-09-08 12:41

      @ Allrightythen Please tell us about those "civilised country in the world" "murderers and rapists should be given the death sentence" do you know of Texas crim e is still high despite

      G.du Plessis - 2011-09-08 13:01

      Statistically the American states with death penalty have higher crime. Murderers don't commit crime thinking they will be caught!

      slojam - 2011-09-08 13:18

      @G.du Plessis - Murderers dont think they will get caught but those that do get caught and convicted in a state with the death penalty dont have a chance of doing it again. How many times have we read of stories where criminals are released only to commit the same type of crimes and more again?

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:34

      Phiwe, you are wrong. Less people murdered during 40 years of apartheid by the security forces than murder stats in 6 months of "freedom". Go check the TRC report. So, stop peddling BS.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-08 14:13

      Dr zeek - no no you are wrong. fewer people are killed now by the security forces than during apartheid ;) But I wasnt talking about apartheid per se, I was talking about the european need to label African uncivilised because of murder when it is the europeans themselves you have killed more people than any other people combined in history but then again it is the African that is savage.

  • Kyle - 2011-09-08 11:29

    wip di flippen do...a whole 6.5% percent....veels geluk a couple HUNDRED of you wont be murder this year!!!

  • werner.smidt - 2011-09-08 11:29

    Haha. Right. But back then, we had competent reporting.

  • Mark Singh - 2011-09-08 11:29

    Even though these are doctored stats, still nothing to be proud of. Too many murders in SA. the 6.5% drop means jacksh1t to us if 16000 people have been murdered. How many of the perpetrators are behind bars serving lengthy sentences?

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-08 11:50

      @Mark my point exactly ... and the answer is none..they kill to go to jail where they become more free, criminals in south africa have more rights than an old lady who pays for taxes and wakes up to work and she will still be these stats are jst corny

  • scott - 2011-09-08 11:29

    how about the manslaughter rate????? is that added? still a death

  • legens - 2011-09-08 11:29

    thanks minister.Now i can take down my security gates , fences and get rid of that irritable alarm . only about 16000 murders. gee , i can live with that well done . now go and buy yourself a new car. i`ll pay for it.

      Sbongile - 2011-09-08 14:16

      The funny thing about this is that I live in Soweto with a very low fence and no alarm system, but I'm more free than those in high walls. I can drive around the township and in the affluent surburbs anytime, but the "rich" can't do that. The question here is who is rich, really?

  • Nepster10 - 2011-09-08 11:30

    Hope it has not only droped on paper only but on the ground as well. Some murders go unreported

  • Koos - 2011-09-08 11:30

    tjo tjo..... who did the maths here on this one? fro0m 27k down to 15 6%??? and also... in 1994 the most was in the township with the taxi wars in kathlehong, tokoza en en en.... my boet went in plenty time to go and count bodies!

      lydonmcg - 2011-09-08 11:36

      It's down 6.5% from 2009/2010, not 1994...

  • Johan - 2011-09-08 11:30

    I feel much better now...

  • panafricanis - 2011-09-08 11:31

    Still too high...about 30000 people died in a recent war in Libya and there is no war in South africa yet so many lives are lost

  • Ihavenocolour - 2011-09-08 11:31

    Blah Blah Blah. No one believes your dribble.

  • African'shtr - 2011-09-08 11:32

    I hope you did not change the figures with your pen mr Minister as I don't believe what you telling the nation.

      Cheryl Muir - 2011-09-09 23:23


  • ApolloZA - 2011-09-08 11:32


  • 106SA - 2011-09-08 11:32

    Iraq has fewer deaths a year than SA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      willieman - 2011-09-08 13:20

      That's conspiracy,relocate to Iraq and keep us informed

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 14:15

      @Willieman - Happily you sheep! At least there I'm allowed to shoot back at my attackers! Liberal pansy! (Like I said, done being polite!)

      RealDutchman - 2011-09-09 13:53

      well bon voyage Groenewald, F off then!

  • John - 2011-09-08 11:33

    lies, maybe the 6.5% drop are now classed as accidental deaths.

  • Andre van Staden - 2011-09-08 11:33

    Only because most murders, including my dad's has been reclassified as "botched robbery" by the SAPS.

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 14:20

      My heartfelt condolences. I have no words to console you; save for the fact that I understand.

      mozzer - 2011-09-08 19:08

      Very sad to hear that Andre

  • clx - 2011-09-08 11:34

    well done to all involved. still lots of hard work to be done. ironically (and rather insensitive and probably factually incorrect, i suspect) one may argue the number of murders declined because there are less poeple to kill and less killers

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 14:24

      You mean the South African Photographic Services; taking naked pictures of young girls; or the Sympathetic ANC Political Servants; suppressing any but governments views. Well done for what corruption or for cooking the books successfully? People are dying; perhaps a few less this year; but dying none the less, in droves. Well done indeed; the failure to protect the public is less pronounced than usual!

  • lydonmcg - 2011-09-08 11:34

    Still too many murders, but it's great to see such a steep drop in the murder rate. As usual, you'll have the regular whiners in the comments section, but the fact is that the murder rate is dropping, and whichever way you try to spin it, that is a good thing. We aren't going to go from a high murder rate to a low murder rate within a year. It takes time...good progress is being made.

      Morne - 2011-09-08 21:09

      Steep? Really??????

      David - 2011-09-09 17:30

      Like an Ostrich with its head buried in the sand!

  • baasdingane - 2011-09-08 11:35

    and..... is that supposed to be good news? thats still bleddie out of control. 43 people murdered every day! SA is sick.

      Allrightythen - 2011-09-08 11:39

      Maybe the police chief and Zuma should not take a salary until the murder rate is down to 1 a day? After all we do pay them to keep us safe so I assume they would be willing to work for free until they can show results? i have reported two easy to solve crimes in two years and nothing happened...they simply do not care, just waiting for the golden handshake or something.

  • boetman123 - 2011-09-08 11:36

    That's still 43 people a day! Enough said.

  • Darter - 2011-09-08 11:37

    The police mean murder "is one of the most reliable forms of crime statistics" because murders are almost always reported. Very unlikely that families have dead bodies chilling in their living rooms, because they dont trust the police. And these figures can be backed up by the number of death certificates (with cause of death) issued. But 15 900 +/- a few hundred is still way too high. Well done to the police anyways

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:36

      Wrong, Darter. Many other stats point to much higher murder rates in SA. Many parties ahve reported that the no of bodies in the morgues and the no of murders do not tie up. No-one can verify these stats...

      Darter - 2011-09-08 14:34

      Which is why I said +/- a few hundred. And the number of bodied in a morgue aren't a pure result of murder. Car accidents, natural death etc etc. And you still need a death certificate, which indicated the cause of death to close bank accounts, pay out life insurance, etc etc. The banks, insurance companies, etc etc would easily be able to detect police lies if they weren't seeing the same trends. But they are silent on the issue...

  • do I have to say - 2011-09-08 11:37

    Julius_S_Malema is NOT an official Twitter account for Julius Malema - it has not been 'Verified' - so i don't think you can quote on it?

      Susannomore - 2011-09-08 11:38

      Good. Thanks for that. I can immediatly see how it is relevent to this article.

      do I have to say - 2011-09-08 12:09

      sorry I posted this in the wrong article by mistake bad!

      Susannomore - 2011-09-08 12:31

      I too have bad days!

  • Leica - 2011-09-08 11:37

    Die mediese navorsingsraad het gese daar was verlede jaar +- 32000 moorde maar net 18500 kon deur die polisie opgelos word so hul statistieke wys net die opgelosde moorde... ie 18500. Daar kan absoluut niks geglo word wat die polisie en regering gorrel nie. Die ANC gan als in hul vermoe doen om "goed" te lyk maar ons almal weet dat alle korrupsie, moord en diefstal buite beheer is en sekerlik die hoogste ni die wereld is.

      Leica - 2011-09-08 11:38

      die verbeterde misdaad statistiek beteken eintlik die polisie doen eintik nie hul werk om rekord te hou van alle misdaadgevalle nie. Een van die dae gan ons volgens die polisie byna 'geen' misdaad he nie.

      Leica - 2011-09-08 11:39

      this from 2003. So the police been lying to us all along. Misdaadstatistieke wat privaat versamel word, verskil van polisiestatistiek. Navorsers van die Mediese Navorsingsraad (MNR) het 32 482 moorde in 2000 getel teenoor die polisiediens se 21 683 moorde (Steenkamp 'Navorsers tel meer moorde as die polisie' Beeld (2003-05-28) 7; vgl ook Fitzpatrick 'Skokke oor misdaad' Beeld (2003-08-25) 4; Louw 'Elke halfuur word iemand in SA vermoor' Die Burger (2003-07-05) 2). Een van die politieke partye het die Wet op Bevordering van Toegang tot Inligting 2 van 2000 gebruik om die minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit te verplig om misdaadstatistieke vir die jare 2001-2002 bekend te stel (Booyens 'Géé die syfers oor misdaad' Beeld (2003-06-23) 6). Die minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit het egter aangekondig dat misdaadstatistiek net een maal per jaar vrygestel gaan word (Van der Westhuizen 'Misdaadstatistieke wel deur minister gebruik' Beeld (2003-06-01) 2).

      Leica - 2011-09-08 11:40

      Die onlangse verskyning van 'n verslag oor misdaad op die Kaapse Vlakte plaas die ontstellende misdaadstatistieke verder in perspektief. In groot dele van die Kaapse vlakte word misdaad nie as afwykende gedrag beskou nie, maar word dit toenemend gerasionaliseer as sou dit 'n ekonomiese noodsaaklikheid wees (Brits 'Misdaad op groot dele van Vlakte geduld' Die Burger (2003-07-05) 8). Dié verslag wat deur die Instituut vir Sekerheidstudie bekend gemaak is, dui onder andere aan dat die gemeenskap, uit vrees vir weerwraak, selfs vals inligting aan polisie sal deurgee. In hierdie gebiede is dit veral bendegeweld wat hoogty vier wat, teen die agtergrond van 'n werkloosheidsyfer van ongeveer 46%, werk en goedere aan duisende mense wat sosiaal uitgesluit is verskaf. Die bende-elite vervul ook funksies wat normaalweg deur die staat verrig word, onder meer die toepassing van geregtigheid deurdat hul aktief by die beslegting van geskille betrokke is.

  • kaz - 2011-09-08 11:38

    right everyday you read about murders where hell did they get these stats because i think it has increased.....

      Darter - 2011-09-08 14:50

      If you read 20 murder stories a day, does that mean there were 7300 murders in that year? What has the number of stories the media decide to print got to do with the actual number? Please just go back to sleep....

  • GT - 2011-09-08 11:39

    56,000 RAPES!!!!!! That is not a policing issue, it is a SA male issue. How many sick fks are there in this country?

      Allrightythen - 2011-09-08 11:43

      And how many are not reported because woman do not want to sit in court for days on end and have to face the perpetrator and their friends? i say death penalty for rape as long as it can be proven as unconsensual.

      hester.ferrezuelo - 2011-09-08 12:02

      Exactly!! And it is a known fact that only 1 out of every 10 rapes are reported. - 2011-09-08 12:29

      56,000 sickos

      JohnyBlue - 2011-09-08 14:19

      JZ recons if you are poor you become a criminal out of necesity, maybe the men of SA are not getting enough and by exstension therefore have to get some.... Jokes aside how sick are the men out there?

      David - 2011-09-09 17:34

      How many get HIV and ultimately the death sentence through rape?

  • arthur.amgen - 2011-09-08 11:40

    Who is counting. OH the SAPs them selves. Did not know they could count. Shoot to kill. Where is Field Marshal Cele(ebe)I Billion these days? There are lies, lies and then there are statistics some one once said. All lies.

      Kenno - 2011-09-08 12:16

      The SAP are counting ...The same people who cant work out the correct rental rate to pay their friend Roux!!!

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:38

      Same SAP that can't read, write or do 'rithmatic...

  • Thelma - 2011-09-08 11:40

    I don't think they included all the race groups in their stats.

  • Johnny - 2011-09-08 11:41

    hopefully the "books have not been cooked" to make the stats look better, if however they are correct then things are looking up

  • Orosman - 2011-09-08 11:42

    Even with the murder rate going down, This is 43 murders per day. If all the murderers are caught and sentenced say to 15 years then we would have, after ten years 159,400 murderers in jail.Now this does not take into account all the other criminal acts for which people are jailed. This is serious pressure on the tax payer as all of the criminals have to be fed, legal people have to be paid, jails have to be maintained and so on.

      Boychild - 2011-09-08 12:52

      MMMMMM see my later comment and figure that at year 15 with no increses in cost, the housing cost alone of the convicted murderers (1 per murder only) would mean the effective loss of over 194,000 houses @ R 85,000.00 each per year. Now that would be money better spent don't you think

  • sarelvdwalt - 2011-09-08 11:42

    Death penalty!!!!!!!!!1

  • JohanDuToit - 2011-09-08 11:42

    still an embarresment. The US population is 6 times higher than ours; yet we have the same amount of murders per year than they do.

  • SAdefender - 2011-09-08 11:45

    I wonder what the racial breakdown was?

      BusyB - 2011-09-08 11:53

      99.9% Black on black and white

      Felix - 2011-09-08 12:25

      0.1% Bees Roux

  • LadyJJ - 2011-09-08 11:46

    I really don’t think so it is just getting worse

  • Stan - 2011-09-08 11:48

    South African men have too much Libido. Raping rate of 6.42 women per hour is just out this world. So minister, what is the solution to this one????

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:39

      Get a President that does not have 35 kids or was accused of rape as a LEADER?

  • Dorsy7 - 2011-09-08 11:49

    Ha ha...we are commenting on this like its normal or acceptable. I don't care whether it has dropped by 95% or 6.5%. There should be no murder stats to start with...its totally abnormal and wrong to commit murder. No stat increase or decrease should be celebrated.

  • Verbatim - 2011-09-08 11:50

    @Chingchao - then murder on squatters should also be left out. They are the cockroaches in SA and deserve NOTHING.

      Verbatim - 2011-09-08 12:29

      @ African one of those arent you ? Good luck with your grade 5 exam, and dont let the fact that you are 19 put you off. Go kokkerot go!

      Verbatim - 2011-09-08 12:43 shaking in my vellies.... Let me guess, you killed your father? Or perhaps your mothers boyfriend?

  • Comic - 2011-09-08 11:50

    I know why this stats is wrong. Half the people that conducted the stats were killed. Thats why they did not get the correct count.

  • derkus - 2011-09-08 11:51

    only 15,940 murders wow a safer South Africa

  • haroldrvjansen - 2011-09-08 11:52

    What was the crime rate prior to 1994/95?

      RealDutchman - 2011-09-09 13:56

      about 95% of the population was oppressed.. dont think SA will ever hit a crime stat that high again

  • daaivark - 2011-09-08 11:53

    Looks as though they've redefined "murder". This report is obviously a complete farce.

  • Lonewolfman - 2011-09-08 11:54

    What Bull sh.. may be just me but seems to have increased are these educated people reading the stats sheet the right way?? After speak to many officers who tell me i am right but it never gets said as not to raise alarms bells some even say make sure your safe as targeting your area this week.

      Dr. Zeek - 2011-09-08 13:40

      Many reports of SAPS members being forced to doctor the stats...downgrade crimes...not report serious crimes, etc