SA's traditional kings roll in the money

2013-01-28 09:40

Johannesburg - South Africa’s 10 kings are each getting a salary of R1m a year as well as many other benefits and subsidies - all courtesy of taxpayers.

A government official confirmed that 10 kings, 829 senior traditional leaders and 5 311 chiefs had been paid over R650m over the past year, reported Beeld.

The kings’ official salaries were R927 000 a year, but each province determined what benefits and other subsidies were paid in addition to that.

KZN last year paid R59m for Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini and his royal household, which included 27 children.

Zwelethini also asked for an additional R18m to build a palace for the youngest of his six wives.

The Eastern Cape’s four kings each got a brand new Mercedes-Benz ML 320CDI of about R703 000 in the past year.

Constitutional expert Pierre de Vos said the Constitution didn’t specify renumeration of traditional leaders and kings.

  • virginia.barker.37 - 2013-01-28 09:47

    Please,please can someone get rid of these freeloaders! They do not serve any purpose other than to spend the taxpayers money. Bunch of losers.

      ThaboMdodo - 2013-01-28 10:10

      They do something for the ANC, they ensure that their families and peasants vote ANC in return for some handouts and a free shirt

      angelanair3 - 2013-01-28 10:45

      Aaaaaaargh - add this to Nkandla, SAA and Eskom - we are damned if we do and damned if we dont. If we do pay taxes they steal it - if we dont pay taxes? Ja SARS is waiting for us......... But really - Come on Pravin - do your job properly! You care how you collect our tax money - but you dont care which idiots you give it to? Come on now - we are gatvol - we need a revolution - we need bread not cake ha ha And these Tribal Leaders? Why must we support them - I dont belong to any tribe - please can I have my money back!!!

      Jaap - 2013-01-28 11:34

      And Pres Zuma has the audacity to talk about inequality between white and black households! This kind of "Free payment" never occurred in the past. And to think this is done without the tax payers consent! Not even remotely every-bodies King! Why must we pay?

      brian.ocinneide.7 - 2013-01-28 11:53

      Thyey are not losers. They are winners at our expense.

      shooshyu.tu - 2013-01-29 21:54

      @Brian the better life for all - Aintsee members at the trough.

  • DanielDennett - 2013-01-28 09:48

    What an outrage while the overtaxed struggle to make ends meet!

  • Desilusionada - 2013-01-28 09:49

    Poverty has been the overthrow or downfall of many a regime. If it happened once, it can happen again.....

  • julian.booyens - 2013-01-28 09:49

    Down with the monarchy, we dont need them

  • mike.hoffmann.334 - 2013-01-28 09:50

    Kings of what. These parasites must get a kick under their fat arses and put to work

  • asdhasgd - 2013-01-28 09:50

    And the ANC wants us to stop calling them corrupt????

  • NicolasGombert - 2013-01-28 09:52

    I thought SA is a democracy? Where do these "kings" come from? Oh, I forgot, they are there to entrench the ANC in rural areas.

      mastersvoice - 2013-01-28 16:25

      I'd be interested to see how many countries in the world have multiple "kings"! It would also seem we actually have 11 "kings", as it appears Zuma counts himself as a "king" these days too, what with pilfering taxes for personal gain at his compound...

  • mark.shatkinson - 2013-01-28 09:53

    At least South Africa isn't wasting tax payers money on prehistoric traditions... oh wait...

      Tuyez - 2013-01-28 11:41

      And queen of England

  • djmain1 - 2013-01-28 09:54

    In this day and age, there is no place for the concept of royalty. What some people have a "God-given right" to rule over us mere mortals? What BS is that? I say if the Zulus (or anyone else) want a king, let them pay his expenses. I don't buy into that rubbish. They are just leeches who can't do an honest day's work!

  • Killbot79 - 2013-01-28 09:54

    Parasites, how many kids can that money educate? How many RDP houses can that build?

  • Rashida Patel - 2013-01-28 09:55

    Corrupt Government , corrupt and useless kings !! SHAME ! SHAME ! God help our beloved country.

  • hasani.malungana - 2013-01-28 09:55

    I suggest the renumerations of these traditional leaders should come direct from their own subjects, not the entire country. Most of us from the rural villages do not see what role the chiefs or kings play except to attend traditional fuctions. most of them are aloof from the people they claim to be leading.

  • paulo.teixeira.39948 - 2013-01-28 09:56

    don't you miss English rule all of a sudden! at least then it was just one Queen (who's moral standing is way above this lot!). oh well do as i say and not as i do-viva rule of traditional law viva

      sven.gohre - 2013-01-28 11:22

      @Mark.sing, the Queen of England brings more than £4 Billion into the country from tourists that come to see her. Mainly from the USA who do not have the monarchy. The useless black tribal kings do not contribute a cent to the fiscus of South Africa, but are busy draining over R600 million a year to bolster the CancER party and keep them in power. It is sad that the CancER have as yet not learned to govern, but are hell bent on RULING the citizens of South Africa like the Tribal leaches of old. - 2013-01-28 11:27

      Most of us on this page don't even remember English rule! We've been a republic since 1961. And the English queen may be a leech to some, but she does pay tax! And that's all very far away - what suits them won't work in RSA.

  • giles.lord.5 - 2013-01-28 09:59

    Glad to see that my tax money it's going to some good use like housing, basic right to fresh water, oh wait, it's not.

      zondra.hoffmann - 2013-01-28 14:17

      And then SARS has the cheek to advertise - at our expense as well mind you - on TV how they help people to study, how they uplift the community and what wonderful work they do according to their mandate. I wonder who mandated these extraordinary expenses which should not even be part and parcel of this South Africa we live in.

  • Ettienne Hawley - 2013-01-28 10:00

    WHAT THE HELL????? the days for kings to rule are long gone!!! this isn't a monarchy!! i work my ass off for peanuts and they get paid millions of rands paid by US, for doing what?? having 27 children????? this is beyond me!!!

  • nico.dejongh.90 - 2013-01-28 10:02

    ..the Constitution didn’t specify renumeration of traditional leaders and kings...if this is 'illegal' do they get away with all these daylight robberies.. can someone explain please.

      Concerned86 - 2013-01-28 11:02

      loopholes papa...its all they good that! Remuneration was never stipulated therefore they can make it whatever they want!

  • linds.ronhouse - 2013-01-28 10:05

    At least the government is transparent about this. We know that the apartheid government paid many traditional leaders handsome bribes in order to convince their people that apartheid was a good policy. Some of the traditional leaders who opposed the system were exiled, e.g. Chief Albert Luthuli. Those who towed the line were rewarded.

      womba.wonder - 2013-01-28 11:16

      Very true. And those quisling chiefs and their sons are the very people who are now pretending to be "kings" and who have Patekile Holomisa defending their tribal powers and privileges in cabinet, but paid for not by their own subjects but by the general taxpayers.

  • sean.fenwick.3 - 2013-01-28 10:06

    What A freaking waste. Get rid of this system.

  • tsomakae.dire - 2013-01-28 10:06

    Useless people who have never worked a day in their life. This ANC with their big but empty head president sucks!!

  • rowan.maulson - 2013-01-28 10:08

    None of these morons are my king.. why the hell are my taxes being used to support these cretins?

  • eagles.eyes.54 - 2013-01-28 10:09

    Hey Zuma I think I am also a king, my great grandfather was a chief in mangamanga land! seriously, u guys are killing us here!

  • Muffin_man_can - 2013-01-28 10:10

    Unbelievable! This government is screwing us over left, right and centre! If we could only stop feeding these thugs with our taxes :(

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-28 10:11

    In the meantime people have no electricity, no water and no toilets, live in shacks, and without work don't know how to feed themselves and their families.What a world we live in.

  • wendy.sithole.5 - 2013-01-28 10:12

    For what, I ask?

  • kallie.joubert.7 - 2013-01-28 10:14

    And the FNB advert is treason. Stealing from the tax payers isn't? Please ANC give more grants and pay more to the kings. You think the limited active tax payers is an untapped source of income. Wait until there isn't anything left to give, what will you do then? How will you support your 30 children then?

      zondra.hoffmann - 2013-01-28 14:20

      The Government will be forced to take a loan or ask for a bail out like many countries in Europe have had to do, as well as the USA. That's coming, wait and see!!! Our taxes can only be stretched so far and no further.

  • hasanibooysen.hlungwana - 2013-01-28 10:15

    Easy money in RSA.. .

  • michael.hogg.9083 - 2013-01-28 10:16

    27 children?? At least have the guy fixed so he can't have any more.

  • lisa.evansdominick - 2013-01-28 10:18

    Shocking and disgusting. the only reason this government supports these fat, bloated idiots that consider themselves royalty, is so that they encourage the poor starving masses to vote for the ANC. We must be the only country in the world that supports 10 roayl families and their hundreds of children. Even England the roayal children work to support themselves and their families!!! We have millions starving and being deprived and education while the ANC only thinks of supporting those who have influence in drumming up Votes.

  • hudayfah.newman - 2013-01-28 10:23

    What is so traditional about a benz? Give that king a horse.

      zondra.hoffmann - 2013-01-28 14:27

      Ha ha, that's a good one Hudayfah. The emphasis is on traditional so everything about this should be exactly that - scrap the palace (build a hut); scrap the compound (build a kraal); scrap the dinners and celebrations at expenses hotels (slaughter an animal, drink the blood and dance around the fire in nothing but thongs and beads). Oh how I long for those nothing but Prime Minister days with 4 provinces. Corruption was there, but the scale has become an avalanche which is going to engulf us very soon.

  • Denton - 2013-01-28 10:23

    These "Kings" are not mine nor are they Kings of the country.They have not been elected by the national votes. The represent certain groups of people and if those people want them then they must pay for them. I am gatvol and a pensioner trying to get a state pension!!!

  • John Pieterse - 2013-01-28 10:29

    Whonder how my black bro,s feel about this....

  • jerome.fortuin.71 - 2013-01-28 10:29

    en die kant vrek ek van honger so moet ek tax betaal

  • John Pieterse - 2013-01-28 10:31

    Cant they just give them mirror's like in the past?

  • sango.jika - 2013-01-28 10:39

    I see all these kings there is no king that demands things like the ZULU king yho that guy wants everything.

  • luqmaan.abrahams.77 - 2013-01-28 10:43

    by next month the eastern cape will get 15 new kings, all base in P.E - 2013-01-28 11:31

      I hope that with only 1 year to make their mark (ridiculous, the tarnished lions propped up the bottom of the table for YEARS) they stay Kings. Like the way PE have been able to keep their stadium and use it for soccer and rugby and concerts.

      oliphant.mzolisi - 2013-01-28 17:57 and luqmaan.abrahams.77 guys u ar really confused this has nothing to do with PE there ar no kings residing in PE and what does the issue of PE stadium had to do with the kings salaries please get yur facts right b4 commenting myb u do not know E/C. PE is not the E/C guys dont comment for the sake of commenting please.

      adrian.strydom - 2013-01-30 09:40

      Nice one, Luqmaan ! Oliphant, don't even try to understand what Luqmaan is saying, You don't want to cause an overload on your brain. Alternatively I could start a fund for you to purchase a sense of humour ?

  • womba.wonder - 2013-01-28 10:45

    Real kings have their upkeep paid for by their own subjects, not by outsiders who owe them absolutely zero allegiance. These "kings" are all fake.

  • ben.louw.5 - 2013-01-28 10:47

    *facepalm Stupid will always be stupid.

  • mahlorislash - 2013-01-28 10:48

    And still they force communities to make annual 'donations'

  • matthew.rielly.5 - 2013-01-28 10:49

    That sums up to roughly 1billion for the 11 "kings"( which is pure BS no person is my king!!!). How can they expect not to be called corrupt!

  • Anthony Mayoss - 2013-01-28 10:50

    and that's how you buy votes..

  • Vutomi Mudabula Maswanganyi Masingi - 2013-01-28 10:51

    i am from so called royal family and no offence i think its disturbing for us tax payers to see such an disgusting behaviour from our government...they should get 2500 they are in villages ntlaaa..on that note why only zulu kings?

      kallie.joubert.7 - 2013-01-28 11:02

      And what's the chances of them paying taxes on that salaries they earn? Its disgusting that people earning the lowest bracket of taxable income should pay taxes but kings earning a CEO's level of income can go on tax free. It's insulting and unacceptable.

      womba.wonder - 2013-01-28 11:22

      "So-called" is the apt word.

  • jeanpierre.pienaar.7 - 2013-01-28 10:56

    Yes but I am a traditional white King..were are my money

      mahlorislash - 2013-01-28 13:06

      Lol, funny

  • annalene.plessisdemoel - 2013-01-28 10:56

    Then Britain complains about their Royals, at least their Royals bring billions of pounds into the country, in the way of tourism,trade deals and generally buttering up foreign countries. Who is up for a tour to Zwelethini's palaces !

  • tinyika.mathebula - 2013-01-28 11:00

    This is a total waste of money that could be well spent on education. These guys are feeding their concubines with our hard earned money.

  • tom.hudson3 - 2013-01-28 11:03

    These are unelected people in a republic. The very fact we are a republic tells us that we do not recognise these parasites being eligible to take from the public purse

  • gwilym.howes - 2013-01-28 11:06

    'Kings'! What a laugh. Like the Managing Director of a newspaper stall...

  • nick.crossley.395 - 2013-01-28 11:08

    To all those who complain about paying tax and it being wasted, think on this. Become a self employed contractor to your previous boss and register for low turnover taxing(i.e under a R1000000p/a) and you will cut your taxes by thousands. Every cent spent on persuing profit is tax deductable.

  • greg.engelhardt - 2013-01-28 11:09

    Bloody Wonderful to see what these useless sods earn for doing buggerall...parasites..

  • phatudi.nathaniel - 2013-01-28 11:10

    Nothing exciting about this government

  • oliphant.mzolisi - 2013-01-28 11:10

    I have noticed that 99% of people that commented on the matter ar white,it is very clear they do not have any origin thats why they ar negative about the Kings salaries they ar our kings and we will never be apologetic about it those whites who ar not happy must go and find out who their kings ar so that they can also get paid @Stan Luthuli u should be ashame of yurself zwelithini is not the only king that has a pure bloodline and the only 1 to deserve luxury shame on u i dont thing u ar from the former president of the Anc,do not degrade the Luthuli surname.The Eastern Cape Goverment must provide more money on their budget 4 our 4 Kings in the province they ar our kings they should be taken care off i pay tax so ar others who love their kings. - 2013-01-28 11:33

      Since you love your kings so much, perhaps you should pay an extra tax to support them. I was never white enough and now I'm not black enough, and I don't want to support bloody kings!

      oliphant.mzolisi - 2013-01-28 11:45

      U guys black people ar in the majority in this country that means they ar paying more tax than white people if u do not c the logic or methodology its not my problem but the fact remains they deserve even better than the peanuts they ar getting especially the Kings in the E/C.

      OwenCPT - 2013-01-28 11:47

      Ja, isn't it always easier to bring up race? Do YOU know your roots? I bet you don't know your origins. That fat king is not your origins. Your kings just leech off you and suck you dry, yet you gladly give it to them. What do these kings actually do to deserve this money?

      OwenCPT - 2013-01-28 11:48

      Black people pay more tax than whites, yet you and Zumba like to say that the economy is still in white hands. Make up your mind

      FeebleGastro - 2013-01-28 12:09

      Only YOU must pay for YOUR king. Nobody else. He is nothing to most taxpayers in SA

      oliphant.mzolisi - 2013-01-28 12:28

      This is not a racial issue u have turn it to b by missing the point if u say give them mirrors,a bag of maize and a bag of suger what ar u saying thats what yur forefathers did,is that not racial or degrading our kings,this is about black heritage not white i suggested ealiar that go and find yur kings they will also get salaries as 4 the economy being in the hands of the whites who is the working class who pays more tax use the methodology i gave u to find out who is paying more tax.

      mmangaliso - 2013-01-28 12:35

      Thank you well done! Couldn't said it better myself. Proof that these white people dont like us and we did nothing to hurt them its just that we are black.

      OwenCPT - 2013-01-28 14:00

      Huh uh, don't come with that generalising k*k I do not hate black people. I do not like this Goodwill King, that doesn't mean i do not like all black people.

      monica.clark.777 - 2013-01-28 14:01

      You better make a good life for your kids and family. What about you? You don`t deserve luxury? How many lives do you have? You think God will praise you for the charity given to kings? You will get a treasure in haven if you will feed the hungry and the poorer.Don`t forget all the Europe was ruled by kings in the past and people from that side of the world eventually get fed up to pay them. So has to happen in South Africa too.

      louise.s.kleinschmidt - 2013-01-28 18:46

      1. sigh!!! bring up the boring old race card again 2. sigh! ... they do not have any origin - ha ha ha ..... think you're missing the point here