Safety first, 1time maintains

2012-08-06 19:24

Johannesburg - Low-cost airline 1time stressed on Monday that the pilot and officer aboard a plane that made an emergency landing at King Shaka International Airport followed the correct procedures.

According to a Captain Wayne Jefferies, director of flight operations, upon take-off from the Durban airport on Sunday all operations were normal, but soon after climbing above 500 feet above ground level, the captain heard a noteworthy noise, followed by a sudden jolt.

"A Mayday call was signalled by the first officer as the quick confirmation test done to check thrust parameters indicated damage to the engine," Jefferies said.

Both the captain and first officer followed procedures and deemed the incident as severe, and therefore made the decision to turn the aircraft around, and notified cabin crew and passengers that the aircraft would be returning to King Shaka International Airport rather than continue to Cape Town, he said.

Jeferies said passengers were advised that precautionary emergency procedures were in place upon landing, so that they would not feel alarmed by the sight of the response vehicles on the runway.

"We wish to reiterate that safety is our airline’s first and foremost priority, and that we will never compromise our passengers or crews' safety, and therefore every precaution was taken to return the aircraft safely to Durban," said Jefferies.

"1time airline sincerely regrets any inconvenience that was caused for passengers aboard the flight, as well as those that were delayed at the airport as a result. "

  • richard.zanner - 2012-08-06 19:33

    Good stuff to the crew. Things are bound to go wrong from time to time but we accept that the crew are trained for this and seemingly acted appropriately. Well done.

      philani.goba - 2012-08-06 19:45

      yeah..mmmh I wonder why they would call an airline company 1time..(ticket to heaven perhaps?)

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-08-06 19:56

      Mr Kcopah - that would be 1Way. The name says it all - you will only fly them 1 time then go back to Kulula. Still, well done to the crew.

      john.loveland.9 - 2012-08-07 09:34

      @Xenswim1 And if the pilots had not turned around and it didn't arrive you would have waited longer and spent a lot more than R100. Be thankful for competent pilots and ground crew who obviously inspected the plane before sending it on its way, or replacing it with another plane.

  • Billy - 2012-08-06 19:34

    no harm done. you handled the situation well.

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-06 19:54

    Ground the fleet as this was not the first time...One time may employ all to disagree and then we will sadly see....Chancers !

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 20:28

      The aviation industry is heavily regulated...even the spare parts are regulated. If the fleet was too old by legal standards, they would be scrapped. Wait for the CAA investigation to complete before jumping to conclusions.

      kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-06 20:45

      My personal opinion is this is the second or third time...Unless we pay the way out.The fourth time may say something so stop playing with public.

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 20:53

      No Offense intended Kevin, please prove me with the evidence of the previous times (just asking for it, not saying it didnt happen), because I never heard of it. The crew are well trained, both cabin and flight deck, and that is as far as I know about 1time operations (have friends in the company). But, as I said, the CAA investigation will show what was the issue and from there the fault can be squarely laid on whoever was responsible. Untill then, it mere guess work. If 1time as a company is at fault, then CAA will hold them acountable as they did with Nationwide back in the day. I am neither pro or against 1time. I just think its better to have all the facts before making a judgement. :)

      kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-06 21:47

      With all respect Klasvaakie refer to previous articles.This is not the first time and sorry but lifes are being played with.

      marc.hugo.75 - 2012-08-06 21:49

      I agree with Klasvaakie - Kevin, you're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. 1 Time have an excellent record - all airlines, local and international, all experience delays and cancellations for technical reasons, as well as motor shutdowns. Third time, fourth time - I think you're making that up. The last incident that made it to the news with them was an idiot mother who wanted her daughter off a flights and called in a bomb-scare. I'm sure you'd rather sit on a taxpayer-subsidised, loss-making disgrace of a government airline and hand your and MY money to Transnet. And earn airmiles too. Luckily there are those of us with consumer ethics.

      Renee Potgieter - 2012-08-06 21:58

      Kevin, if the CAA ground every airline in SA that at one stage or other had a problem, there would not be any! Please think before you spit venom!

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 22:00

      I get your concern Kevin, but none of my friends know exactly what you are referring to. If you could give me some specifics I would be able to pin it down. I tried googling with no results. :)

  • fanie.viljoen.73 - 2012-08-06 20:06

    I applaud the attitude of these pilots. Well done!

  • eidel.bock - 2012-08-06 20:23

    Well done. 10 out of 10 for the pilot and co-pilot. Nobody would like to be part of statistic if it can be avoided.

  • gordon.turner.37 - 2012-08-06 20:26

    No one ever thanks the pilot for making the right decision. Some idiots would rather be dead than late. Just look at 99% of all air crashes in SA if you want a lesson in bad decision making by pilots and remember that the next time you are delayed for safety reasons.

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 21:01

      Too true. Aviation industry is about safety first.

      Renee Potgieter - 2012-08-06 21:59

      Well said Gordon!

  • chris.lang.581 - 2012-08-06 20:30

    Well done 1-Time! You can rely on my continued custom.

      kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-06 22:05

      My relative was honoured for his space with a military fly past for his contrbution to S.A.A I am sorry but time will tell unless yhese sort minded wake up.

  • ld.vanvuuren - 2012-08-06 20:39

    The planes may be old but they are extremely reliant (very Dakota-like) and provides a nice flight at a very good price. The fact that they are safety conscious is a big plus. Well done pilots. I hope your colleagues in the newer planes follows the leader - else we will have some very modern wrecks splattered all over. (Mr Kcopah - are you new here?)

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 21:02

      Id, curious what airline you are talking about, just curious? "I hope your colleagues in the newer planes follows."

      jacques.theron.3304 - 2012-08-06 21:43

      lol...when one asks a simple question, you get a thumbs down? lol, I was just asking. Some people :P

  • johnwilliam.roberts - 2012-08-06 21:20

    well done to the crew and to all the want to be pilots that comment about something they know nothing about , remember it could of been your wife or mother on that flight !!!

  • barry.clemence - 2012-08-06 21:29

    SAA: Slow Arrogant Aloof I booked via the internet two return tickets to Durban for my mom and I to go to my her brothers funeral. We arrived at the airport and boarded the plane on the 19 July. The plane took off and then developed technical difficulties, forcing the plane to turn back. The next flight to Durban would leave at 11h00, which would not suit us as the funeral started at 11h00. While still at the airport on the 19th, I started the refund procedure. I thought it reasonable to ask for a full refund as it was SAA who could not fulfill their obligation. This was followed up via numerous emails from the 19th with the required supporting documents. SAA's Replies: "Mr. Clemence's flight to DUR this morning was cancelled because of a technical problem." "your mom's flights were Y and K class- Y class is fully refundable and K class is 50% refundable. Your reservation was made in H class and K class- H class is not refundable at all (only the airport taxes) and K class is 50% refundable." "I did point out to him that on acceptance of an airline ticket a passenger agrees to the terms and conditions thereof- one of which is the rules of the booked class." The estimated refund would have been about R 4 000 of the R 6 700. Fortunately, I paid with my Standard Bank Master Card and there is a Credit Card dispute option. Standard Bank handled the situation brilliantly, and within a couple of days, I had a full refund.

  • Renee Potgieter - 2012-08-06 21:54

    Eerstens: diegene wat so kla oor die "delay of 3 hours".... Gebruik jou brein en oorweeg die alternatief. Tweedens:Om hemelsnaam gaan praat met enigeen wat jy ken wat deel is van die kajuitpersoneel. Hierdie mens word opgelei om teen ongelooflike desibels te skreeu tydens ontruiming... Dink jy regtig hulle gaan gehoor word wanneer hulle ontruimingsprosedure in sagte soet stemmetjies fluister? Here I refer to a previous newspaper article "the cabin crew 'panicked'. En derdens...niks het gebeur nie, almal veilig op die grond gekry! Well done to an obviously well trained Captain and First Officer!

  • willem.leroux.75 - 2012-08-07 09:04

    On any (air)craft the pilot is Captain of the ship, with safety of the passengers being his primary responsibility. If the Captain and his team messes up everything but lands the aircraft safely, with passengers lives intact, then he has done his job well. These aircraft are well maintained. I always look at it from the point of view that if the Captain inspects the aircraft and he is willing to risk his own life by getting in and flying it, then chances are the plane is good to go. The Captain and his team made the correct decisions and landed the plane safely. Investigation will eventually show if the age of the aircraft has anything to do with the incident.

  • David - 2012-08-07 09:08

    Well done guys! These things happen often and all over the world. Dealing with it correctly is what counts. Great to see!

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