Sailors saved from sinking yacht

2011-03-25 13:05

Cape Town - The crew of the Spirit of Izivunguvungu have been rescued after the yacht was damaged during the Cape to Rio race, the City of Cape Town said on Friday.

"The City received the good news [on Thursday evening] that the crew had been located just north of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic ocean after a cargo ship was diverted from its course to intercept it," said city councillor Brett Herron.

"The yacht was badly damaged by a storm... it lost its mast, had a broken rudder, and there was a hole in the hull. The engine stopped working and the tracking device stopped working."

The four-man crew were one of two development teams made of sailors from Cape Town townships, sponsored by the city.

The crew members are in their twenties and this was their first international sailing trip.

They are due to arrive back in Cape Town next week.

Herron said the yacht lost telephone contact on Sunday and lost tracking contact two days later which prompted the decision to send out an 'all ships alert' message.

The yacht was left to sink.

  • jeremy - 2011-03-25 14:02

    "Development" sailors? Sorry if this appears to be jumping to conclusions, but were they qualified to be out there? And capable of dealing with a yacht in heavy weather? The sea is an unforgiving mistress!

  • ji - 2011-03-25 14:05

    @Chezzabinks , I agree storms are not racist but you clearly are as Buzzbar said nothing about race .

  • Virginia - 2011-03-25 14:26

    Wow! you people really get your breeches in a knot, they have been saved not been taken by pirates or eaten by sharks. Kids have to learn, and if this is a way to give our children some culture, then so be it. The young men must have been very scared, give them a break.

  • Rick - 2011-03-25 15:01

    To all Pessimists. This could happen to any and has happened to many seasoned sailors. Just rememeber, these guys already sailed to Rio and were on there way back. They probably were not intending to sail back to SA, but were meant to get a ride back with the SA Tafelberg, but she was called out to Sierra Leone as a peace keeper. Other yachts were left in the same predicament. They are safe and that is what matters.

  • malput - 2011-03-25 18:10

    kader williams is a very capable skipper and so are all his crew ,i have sailed with them and they would not have taken silly decisions,storms respect no man

  • GeorgieB - 2011-03-26 12:49

    People with negative comments against our sailors should keep it to themselves. You dont know what it is like being out there in a storm. The sea and the elements you should always be wary of! Thank God they were found and that they are now safe and sound. They would never have been allowed to do the race if they were not competent to do it, so butt out with your negativity!!!!!

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