Samwu gather for wage strike in Durban

2012-10-26 13:27

Durban - Hundreds of municipal workers began gathering at Currie's Fountain stadium in Durban on Friday for a protest against the SA Local Government Association (Salga).

There was a heavy police presence outside the stadium, with a number of Nyala riot vehicles and a water cannon parked prominently.

The protest was organised by the SA Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) against Salga's intention to appeal against a labour court ruling.

Earlier this year, the labour court upheld a wage curve agreement between the collective bargaining parties, signed in April 2010.

Under the agreement, some workers would receive back pay from September 2009.

The workers were expected to march through the Durban city centre to hand over a memorandum at the city hall.

  • danie.strydom.7 - 2012-10-26 13:50

    Yet Another Productive Day .... at least they showed up for ''work''

      mark.richardson.3914207 - 2012-10-26 20:08

      Go on strike its great , no wonder the country is on a further downgrade watch by the S & P and Moodys , we soon will be junk like 75% of africa . Then there wont be much for the municipal workers to do as everything will be degenerated and in a state of disrepair. oh sorry it is already like that.

  • peter.j.cock - 2012-10-26 13:58

    FFS... what a ridiculous reason for them to wanting to stike. I suppose if a garbage truck ran out of petrol, they would stike against the petrol refineries for bad service.

  • Pete7930 - 2012-10-26 14:19

    Bunch of neanderthals!

  • - 2012-10-26 14:19

    I think the 'S' in RSA or SA stands for 'Strike'.

  • parys.fotograaf - 2012-10-26 14:35

    Fire the lot. They are disturbing the peace, so arrest them and charge them as well for this.

  • andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-26 14:36

    I love playing dominoes but this is going to have an "effect" on our country as a (w)hole. Excuse the puns. After trashing the city, they'll have to clean up after all ......

      elspeth.hassall - 2012-10-26 14:50

      and get "overtime" to do it!

  • dali.mpofu.9 - 2012-10-26 14:36


      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-26 15:35

      @dali Uti "W" ?? "Wankers" ??

  • elspeth.hassall - 2012-10-26 14:49


  • ralph.thornley - 2012-10-26 15:01

    Striking is a national pass time of this country together with rape, corruption, murder, robbery, child molestation, money laundering, drugs, destruction of private and public property, destruction of schools and in some areas the education system.The problems we face today are there because those people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living. I am sooo proudly South African!

  • wicus.berg - 2012-10-26 15:08

    All these f*ck3rs do all day long is chow KFC and strike. They certainly don't deserve any increase. WTF is wrong with these bloody people. If I dont like my job, I work my ass off and get another job that pays more. Eish, I give up.

  • wicus.berg - 2012-10-26 15:16

    Why my post get deleted moderator? All i said was These buggers sit and chow KFC and strike all day long....

      elspeth.hassall - 2012-10-26 15:39

      It wasn't deleted! :-)

      wicus.berg - 2012-10-26 15:53

      Sorry moderator.. site was just slow.

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-10-26 17:21

    Hahah, not even 24hrs after we were assured that public sector workers' salaries were 'pegged for 2 years'

  • pamela.magadla - 2012-10-26 17:45

    News24 get your facts straight and stop contradicting yourself, 1st your headline says Samwu Strike so u can attract readers, then at the end of the story u correct yourself by saying a march. FOR YOUR INFO NEWS24 IT WAS A MARCH got that? A HARMELS MARCH TO HAND OVER OUR MEMORANDUM, and all went well.

  • john.cryink - 2012-10-26 19:33

    It is time that vavi and cosatu disappear glorius that day will be

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