Sanctuary owners locked up inspectors

2012-07-04 22:02

Johannesburg - More charges may be laid against the owners of an animal sanctuary in Magaliesburg in the North West, the National Council of SPCAs said on Wednesday.

Recent inspections had revealed that the owners of Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary might have contravened the Animals Protection Act, said inspector Jaco Pieterse.

"The owners verbally abused and hindered our inspectors from performing their duties in our recent routine inspections," he said.

Pieterse said after consideration was given to the well-being of certain animals on Friday, a warrant was obtained from the Koster Magistrate's Court.

"Our inspectors were obstructed... when they wanted to remove a dog and cat for a second opinion, in respect of which a warning had been previously issued," said Pieterse.

He said police had to free some of the inspectors, who were locked inside the property by the owners.

"The owners were issued with a warning for several other concerns that were noted," he said.

Pieterse said another inspection was conducted on Monday, where six more animals were confiscated for various medical reasons and taken for treatment.

"We are waiting for veterinary reports before we can request police to add more charges including of intimidation, crimen injuria and obstruction," he said.

Pieterse said the organisation had a pending case against the sanctuary, related to similar charges, which had been opened in 2011.

Comment from the sanctuary could not immediately be obtained.

  • BulletProof. - 2012-07-04 22:21

    Just it them hard,it seems they are more animals than this poor creatures.Animals!@@#??

  • tyroymike3 - 2012-07-04 22:55

    There is information claiming that the SPCA has been acting in a very dishonest and callous manner regarding this particular animal shelter and others. The animal loving public has a right to all the facts regarding this despicable situation reportedly created by the SPCA. The above shelter takes in all abandoned and severely abused animals and tries to nurse them back to health and some sort of happy life - all at the owners expense and donations from the public - these facts can easily be verified. The SPCA reported objective is to put the animals down or ' perform their duties ' as they do not have the facilities to rehabilitate or house these animals. If you are really interested in the well being of badly abused animals and feel repulsed by the reported SPCA's demonic policy of destroying unwanted animals - by the hundred . please do some investigations of your own and you will , as an animal lover , be mortified at what has been going on - evil does not even begin to describe it !

      stephanie.sutherland41 - 2012-07-04 23:26

      I have to back up Tyromike3 on this. I had a ex-Racehorse that had been starved and was 17hh. The owners stopped paying for his stable fees and the stable owner stopped feeding him and only gave him hay to keep him going. It took me 2 years and R7000 to bring this horse back from a bag of bones, as he had a heart murmur and some liver issues. THe SPCA then threatened me, even after i gave them the facts, saying he needs to be put down. I got all the top vets on board as i had 3 of them monitoring him and also submitted his rather wobbly medical history. I stuck it to them and won the case with the help of my fantastic vets who also believed in him. He lived to the age of 13 before he did himself in unfortunately. Don't always take the SPCA at face value, they do what it the easiest not always whats right by the animal. If this sanctuary are in the right then fight them, if not they must do the right thing.

      gregory.wellsclifton - 2012-07-05 06:55

      DOWN with the SPCA. I have for years refused to support them in any way. Sorry for the animals in their care. They don't stand much of a chance. Inhumane and money hungry organization hiding behind a surface attitude of care, and there IS some good work done, but ultimately they don't give a damn about the animals.

      Rob.Trianglem - 2012-07-05 07:19

      @tyroymike. About 2 weeks ago I bought R 1000.00 blankets and took them to SPCA ( Put my name in the book ). 2 days after supplied them with 150 wooden pallets to raise the dogs off the cold cement floor R 8400.00 cost and a big kennel we dont use anymore ( put my name in the book so they can call to thank us ). Its just the principal of appreciation I ask for but got nothing. Very different people out there if you ask me.

      mandy.robinson.5074 - 2012-07-05 07:37

      Whereas I respect the work the spca does, I do NOT agree with them putting that dog to sleep just because it had mange, a VERY treatable condition (there is a vet's report that the animal was indeed receiving veterinary care for the condition) The photos the inspector won't show you are the photos indicating the condition the animal was in when he first arrived, which would clearly indicate a marked improvement. I am in favour of humane euthanasia, but not when animals are being killed when suffering from treatable diseases and there are people willing to accomodate those animals. This sanctuary needs help, no two ways about it, but we can all start with NOT supporting backyard breeders and sterilising our pets.

      teresa.correia.7583 - 2012-07-05 08:32

      I have been to HY and although the property has fencing around it it has no gates ie. you can go right in. The owners live in a wooden structure. Where could the SPCA inspectors be locked up? There is no place on HY to lock them up. Pure fabrication on the SPCA....

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-07-05 01:00

    Hope that there is NO harm done to these animals at this Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary.. Lets hope that this story HAS a Yappy ending.. Animals don't have a voice, we have to be!

      wilhelm.fouche1 - 2012-07-05 09:24

      Sally she love every single dog deeply...i promise you that ! We have been there..she is such a great person !

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-07-05 01:04

    Oh.. After re-reading this headline it puts a complete new spin on this! How did the sanctuary owners get it right to lock up the inspectors?? Wonder what cage they used?

      badballie - 2012-07-05 10:18

      cornering animals is quiet easy actually, so I would say the inspectors walking into the cage without so much as a nose twitch or raised ear.

  • pur.pleibus - 2012-07-05 05:45

    SPCA have found lost dogs, obviously well fed and cared for. They don't even bother to read their collar tags, and just put them down. I will never support the SPCA.

  • ljibucher - 2012-07-05 09:01

    Always interested when I read comments saying that the SPCA is cruel for putting animals down. Id like to know where all the homeless animals should go for those who believe every shelter should be a 'no kill' shelter? Should they all be like other overly large shelters with 15-20 dogs in cages with little human interaction - living out their days with a shoddy quality of life because it makes us feel better that they are alive? Reality is there is not the space nor the financial resources for this to happen. Rather put in place a decent euthanasia policy - its sad - but I for one would rather my pets be put to sleep if something happened to me then live another 10yrs in some cramped quarters simply to 'be alive'!

      wilhelm.fouche1 - 2012-07-05 11:09

      I am all for no kill shelters !!!!

  • marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 10:06


  • badballie - 2012-07-05 10:16

    Over the years the SPCA and is board the NSPCA have deteriorated from being a service to animals to being a profit driven organisation that is not only useless but also consistently unavailable, try going to your local SPCA with an animal in critical condition after hours and see how quickly you get turned away. I have also done a little investigating into the sanctuary in question and cannot find any relevant negative public perceptions or complaints. It is crucial that this matter be properly investigated by a third party so that blame can be assigned, for the SPCA's sake I hope they can prove their case, if not I will personally start a campaign to stop their flow of donations and have them shut down permanently.

  • marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 11:04

    marlene.hugo65 - July 5, 2012 at 10:04 Report comment tyroymike3 i completely agree with what you are saying. I think a full investigations should be done to uncover the truth. Right now it is hurting and damaging a shelters that takes in and cares for animals that was abused and abandoned. If it was not for HY they would all be dead, is that what the SPCA is aiming for now MASS PTS ? The public is currently only getting one side of the story, i think they are entitled to both sides, i have been to HY more than once, and i have gone from animal to animal and have not seen once case of neglect and abuse, and i am totally agains any form of abuse or neglect. The SPCA collected the animals and then killed them... and then they say it was the most humane thing to do ?? i am sorry i cannot wrap my brains around that statement, everyday we see animals that was RESCUED and healed, the one animal in question had MANGE wich is treatable and the animal was currently under vet treatment, I really think that there should be a full investigation done into the allegations made by Mr Pieterse.

      marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 11:29

      what i meant was that the animals was receiving vet treatment.

  • marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 11:05

    ljibucher for your info there are currently thousands of people networking those animals to find them loving homes. do you really think they dont deserve a second chance to live and be loved in a loving home or should they all be killed? So yes the shelters and spca are full but the adoption rate increased dramatically due to people networking them, people should realise that they should ADOPT and not SHOP. There are people who CARE and helps in rescuing and saving animals. I have seen too many times where the SPCA collects and kills, where is that RESCUE ???? i am sorry but people needs to start thinking and stop being brainwashed. The SPCA do do a good job and say they are pro-life yet EVERYDAY they kill animals without giving them a proper chance of being re-homed..with the help of the public.

      Eye's Cue - 2012-07-05 14:59

      Marlene, I could not agree more!!! The S.P.C.A. has a NO advertising policy for stray animals and if they are not re-homed by kind people who wish to help animals in distress, without any effort at all to help these poor pets, they are killed (euthanased) when their day of reckoning comes!!! To all of you out there reading my statement, please consider this:- "PLEASE DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE THE HOMELESS DIE" and "GIVING A PET A SECOND CHANCE MAY NOT CHANGE THE WORLD BUT TO THAT ANIMAL THEIR WORLD WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER"!

  • marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 11:07

    now as a result of Mr Pieterse's statement some people that have NEVER been to HY and do NOT know all the facts (both sides of the story) are screeming CLOSE THEM DOWN without thinking of what is going to happen to ALL the well cared for happy loving animals that are currently there. i know i have seen them..even though they are not in their own loving houses they are happy... this is causing more damage than doing good... for goodness sake it is a shelter not a 5 star hotel what do people expect? where are all those people...why are they not helping and supporting?? what are THEY doing for the animals? if it was not for HY those animals would be lying dead in townships or next to the road or in a gutter or on a dumpsite. So please stop being brainwashed by the media sensation and start THINKING. Unfortunately the rest of the animals dont have a voice here !!!

  • marlene.hugo65 - 2012-07-05 11:09

    badballie. I second that.

  • John - 2012-07-09 01:24

    If the INSPECTORS overstepped the terms of their WARRANT then the owners of PRIVATE PROPERTY have every RIGHT to arrest and to charge the criminal with trespassing. These SPCA THUGS need to stick very carefully to Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 which I have personal experience with them that they do not. Stand up to THUGS. Make them follow procedure.

  • John - 2012-07-09 01:32

    Who the hell are you? Pieterse to do ROUTINE INSPECTIONS. You ass. That is unlawful search and trespassing. Your crew should have been arrested by the owner the moment you violated his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to PRIVACY by attempting to enter his private property without his CONSENT. You deserve what you got you THUGS.

  • John - 2012-07-09 01:41

    Typical of a THUG to commit an offence and then to run to their mates to make themselves right. You should apologise for you criminal acts and learn the CONSTITUTION and CRIMINAL PROCEDURES ACT 51 of 1977 and obey the law. THUGS.

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