Sangoma arrested for rape

2012-10-02 08:40

Johannesburg - A sangoma from Soweto was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly raping a woman who had gone to him for healing, Gauteng police said.

The 50-year-old man invited the woman to his residence to carry out a cleansing ritual on Monday night because she believed she was cursed with bad luck, spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said.

"She was instructed to buy a white chicken and when she arrived with it... the chicken was killed and the blood was mixed with water and medication."

The sangoma then ordered the 37-year-old to take a bath in another room and not wear clothes after she was done.

"Then he went into the room and told her she was healed. All of a sudden, he was on top of her and he raped her," said Makhubela.

The man later threw the bath water out and said she was healed of the bad luck.

A case of rape was opened.

  • dhirshan.gobind - 2012-10-02 08:42

    welcome to sa, bring back the death penalty!

      ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-10-02 09:00

      This country does not need death penalty.

      jonathan.dutoit2 - 2012-10-02 09:38

      what does it need then ndyeboreginaldmazawule??

      themba.ntuli - 2012-10-02 10:38

      Let's say the woman is staging this rape.cops arrest the dude the courts give the dude capital punishment,the guy dies then it is later found that the woman fabricated all this! Who is the loser and winner here? Death penalty or prison term? I will choose the former.....because its the smarth one not the emotionally satiesfying on the short term.

      cindy.victor.1042 - 2012-10-02 13:12

      @themba.ntuli I'm pretty sure that if the death penalty is brought back that no one is going to jump to any conclusions. I'm sure the state would need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the man is guilty before sentencing him to death. I'm not saying it's impossible that someone could be found guilty on false terms or evidence, but highly unlikely that any judge would sentence a man to death if the evidence isn't completely concrete. In the USA there are many appeals before someone is sentenced to death. Its not some quick decision made on a whim. However, in this particular case I'm pretty sure death penalty would be too steep of a sentence. The facts of the case still need to emerge before anyone starts calling for blood.

  • sanda.mnyazi - 2012-10-02 08:48

    SMH, people still believe in these things?!?

      jonathan.dutoit2 - 2012-10-02 09:38

      only the uneducated masses

      gerhard.debruijn - 2012-10-02 09:46

      @JdT. And they determine who governs the country. Sad Hey! No logical thought, but they are burderned with supplying representatives to govern the country.

      jonathan.dutoit2 - 2012-10-02 09:54

      @gerhard, Yes it's classic. They strike over everything but they ARE going to vote ANC again. oh the insanity. As Einstein defined insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • teleki.maker - 2012-10-02 08:49


  • bond.ndalo - 2012-10-02 08:49


  • lielie.smit - 2012-10-02 08:54

    You have got to be kidding me! A chicken, a bath........ no, seriously!

  • maditabalucia.mmatli - 2012-10-02 08:54

    that realy sucks!

  • brionyl.french - 2012-10-02 08:56

    Its probably how they have been healing people for years!!! Clearly lack of respect for woman and regard for their well being is being practiced nicely in the Townships, This is why RAPE is our biggest problem....

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-10-02 08:58

    Send the bastard away.

  • sarecen.smith - 2012-10-02 09:07


      Lunga - 2012-10-02 09:52

      These people?

      Badger - 2012-10-02 10:14

      Yes Lunga,,,,,,,,,, "THESE PEOPLE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tkmatewa - 2012-10-02 09:09

    May Jehovah help us!When are these women going to work up and stop believing in the nasty tricks of these love poachers?Pray to God to get rid of bad luck,finish and klaar.

  • gerald.mphuthi - 2012-10-02 09:12

    ...and people still believe in this mumbo jumbo going as far as believing they will be invincible when faced with police R5's. Where is our beautiful continent heading ?

  • kumba.bamenda - 2012-10-02 09:15

    what was the stupid woman thinking, How can a human heal you, did he create you in the first place, the idiot who call himself Sangoma should start by healing himself, to God we come and to God we shall return

  • david.wenengere - 2012-10-02 09:32

    Why were pple we believe in Sangoma?

  • david.wenengere - 2012-10-02 09:32

    Why were pple we believe in Sangoma?

      balu.mqadi - 2012-10-02 09:38

      Bcz it is our cultre n traditoin. There r false sangomas just like there r false preachers

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-10-02 09:33

    The devils are ruling and people are stupid enough to follow them. God have Mercy, May the rapist be flogged in public.

  • sisie.indola - 2012-10-02 09:39

    Probably insisted that rape was a cure all.

  • Zaba - 2012-10-02 09:46

    Stupid sangoma, his brains ar in his balls. His muth can't help him now behind bars.

  • parlo.mkatazo - 2012-10-02 09:54

    isn't raping her adding to her bad luck?

  • takudzwa.mugwangi - 2012-10-02 10:09

    He scams the lady then rapes her !!! That man needs cleansing himself and from his definition of cleansing ,i hear prisons do some serious cleansing.

  • sj.fourie.56 - 2012-10-02 10:15

    Lol sangoma's lol oh my

  • themba.ntuli - 2012-10-02 10:28

    Frankly to be true I do feel for the victim, but at the same time I do understand why this loser did this, if a sucker is told to get naked by a stranger who has some weired unknown healing powers that she must get naked then she does so!! What is she expecting?

      bobby.boon.18 - 2012-10-02 12:28

      STUPIDITY WHAHAHAHA on Both Counts you reap what you sow

  • freedom.nation.5 - 2012-10-02 13:49


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