Sanral: Tolls roads will benefit drivers

2011-07-20 18:10

Johannesburg - The Gauteng e-tolling system will benefit motorists, SA National Roads Agency Limited chief executive Nazir Alli said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by the Johannesburg Press Club, Alli defended the contentious tolling system in Gauteng, saying little was mentioned of the benefits it would bring for motorists.

This included better roads decreasing the cost of wear and tear on vehicles.

SA Transport and Allied Workers’ Union general secretary Zenzo Mahlangu said workers remained worried and he repeated Cosatu's call for an integrated public transport system.

Transport solution

"We are quite worried... in particular with this monster called e-tolling.

"This animal with so many tails, we believe will have a depleting impact [on] our pockets," he said.

Alli said while a well-oiled, integrated transport system may "make life easier", it would not solve all problems.

According to proposals - of the new Gauteng toll tariffs - users of light motor vehicles would pay R0.40/km instead of R0.49/km, minibus taxi drivers R0.11/km instead of R0.16 and bikers R0.24 instead of R0.30/km.

The initial tariff announced was R0.66/km for vehicles without an e-tag account.

But the amount sparked an outcry from civil society, with Cosatu threatening to strike over them.

E-tag like pre-paid airtime

Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele and Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane met to discuss the matter and announced that a task team would examine the costing and make alternative proposals.

An e-tag works much like pre-paid cellphone airtime, it fits on the front windscreen of a vehicle and is scanned by toll gantries.

For medium-sized vehicles, the toll fee was reduced from R1.49/km to R1 and for large vehicles from R2.97 to R2. For commuter buses the cost would be reduced from R0.50/km to R0.36.

The proposals were made to the transport and finance ministers, as well as the Gauteng premier. They will then make a pronouncement on the matter, with Ndebele expected to make a final announcement.

Alli said it remained up to Ndebele on whether the proposal would be accepted or not.

  • Bloodbane - 2011-07-20 18:20

    what crap! Simple fact is this, I pay taxes for and that tax money is meant to be used on up keep of raods. Tolls will increase costs not only for me to get to work, but for all things delivered by road including basic food.... there is absolutly no intellegent reason for toll roads, and only idiots like the ANC fall for this crap, especially since it's the ANC's fault the tax money doesnt cover the road upgrades!

      Hugh - 2011-07-20 18:31

      I agree with both statements. Let us not forget that without a good efficient road system the government does not earn taxes through growth. That is to say unless they decide to scrap business claiming repairs as an expense in the tax return. Morfeover they allowed the rail system to fall apart. Traditionally the cheapest mode of transport. That in turn caused the heavier road traffic resulting in high wear and tare. The government wants to have its cake and eat it.

      Eric West - 2011-07-20 18:32

      Yup! For as long as I can remember, a portion of the petrol price was supposed to go to maintaining and improving the roads. This has obviously not happened and I can just imagine what happened to all those billions that the ANC regime had collected over the past 17 years.

      SAmizdat - 2011-07-20 18:34

      Now please be reasonable here, Bloodbane. The money for R16-million mansions and R78000 nights on the town has to come from somewhere. Surely you don't expect fat Pedi slugs and carpentry savants to actually work for their money instead of plundering soft targets like the taxpayer or motorists? Get real!

      majordad.007 - 2011-07-20 18:43

      @Bloodbane. I have just been to Canada where in 1 day we counted 4 trains drawn each by two engines with 96, 125+/- 147 and 200 carriages. The carriages had double stacked 12 & 16m containers (which I have never seen before) all bound for the coast, with export product. Others went in the other direction with equally long loads. Why, why, why aren't we doing the same. Incentivise private industry and get the goods off the roads. I do not believe that rail traffic delay would impede financial gain as the delays used to be 1 day in earlier times (before the 1980's) Then our roads won't require as much maintenance...

      cliffarc - 2011-07-20 20:53

      ' reduce the wear and tear on vehicles' - Oh please. That's the least of our concerns. And another task team - what happened to the last one ?

      Grazy - 2011-07-20 22:42

      majordad.007, maybe not double stacked containers, but trains hauling containers, cattle, coal, you name it, was a normal sight in the old SA. There was even a "milk train" while I waas young. Small stops along the rout where the farmers just leave their cans of milk for the train to pick up. Then later the afternoon on its way back along the rut it drop of the empties. We even "hiked" the train as children, going in to town, find the oldman there and bum a lift back on the truck. Our fair on the train was paid as a "working fair", taking over from the stoker, sowweling coal, and help loading milk cans. Had to jump off just before the station, otherwise the stationmaster will pop his top. He saw us, getting off and running to town, so it was obvious, but the blind eye is a thing that understand the soul of a boy. :-)

      DEVILS SON - 2011-07-21 07:04

      ERIC WEST,,yeah they spent it on shower heads, whoonga and zandspruit hookers

      PunkBuster - 2011-07-21 09:36

      I actually refuse to pay these tolling rates. We must be the biggest bunch of idiots to let them charge us to use facility's that our tax money payed for. Thats like going to spar and paying for your purchase twice. Just not practical as far as anyone is concerned. Except government ofcause.

  • Dal68 - 2011-07-20 18:20

    I will pay only if I pay the same as the taxi's.

      sheep - 2011-07-20 19:25

      Exactly, it's just as important for us to get to work as it is taxi commuters, the discrepancy in fees is prejudicial at best.

      Eternity - 2011-07-21 09:14

      They can take more people in one trip, it is logical that they pay less. 10 people in a taxi vs one person in a car. If more people used the taxi and public transport instead of their own cars it would decrease the amount the wear and tear on the raods and the traffic congestion.

  • Ederik - 2011-07-20 18:33

    Who do you try to bluff? R0.40 is still R0.40 too much!

      Organist-1 - 2011-08-26 17:34

      Edric, they are a brainless bunch of fatcat twits who know nothing about road transport. All they are interested in is the size of their back pockets and who they can get to build the tolls for a nice handout for the contract.

  • Phaedioux - 2011-07-20 18:34

    Are the powers that be going to deduct/stop the road levies in the price of fuel now that they are being replaced by these toll fees?

      cliffarc - 2011-07-20 20:54

      - Dream on - no chance.

      katySA - 2011-07-21 10:30

      wishfull thinking i'm afraid

  • AA - 2011-07-20 18:37

    The only benefit is to you and your partners in crime who line their own pockets!! I would like to know how much the idiot who came up with the stupid idea in the first place, put in his own pocket.

  • Phaedioux - 2011-07-20 18:40

    Which reminds me - what are the government doing with the amount of money they get from every plastic shopping bag sold by the retailers? The original plan was to create recycling plants that would solve the littering problem and provide jobs?

      Rob Gunning - 2011-07-20 19:00

      Just goes into SARS bank account and is allocated to the national budget. From what I've read it's not allocated to anything special. Anyone else able to confirm or deny?

      Angel - 2011-07-21 05:45

      I understood the sale of plastic bags was to deliver a better quality, that did not happen either, Most bags torn by the time you walk out of the shop. Again we are being ripped off

  • maseratifitt - 2011-07-20 18:41

    We don't want toll roads. We will be happy with the roads you are supposed to build and maintain with our taxes. We don't want toll roads.

  • john - 2011-07-20 19:00

    How many times are SANRAL going to release this statement as a way to deflect from the real question: WHY ARE WE BEING TOLLED FOR SOMETHING WE'RE ALREADY BEING TAXED ON AND WHICH THE APARTHEID GOVT WAS ABLE TO SUPPLY FROM THE FISCUS AND EXISTING TAX STRUCTURES? Try answering that, SANRAL, and we might listen.

      AquaticApe - 2011-07-20 21:55

      The Nats built toll roads here in Durban and KZN many years ago. Because Natal never supported the Nationalists we were deprived of national resources and were forced to use tolls to fund some of the best roads in the country. All our toll-roads in KZN have un-tolled alternative routes.

      YasButIDunno - 2011-07-21 07:08

      @AquaticApe - I wonder if the Nats would have had more support in KZN if the voters knew that sutcliffe was heading their way? The only ones to benefit from these toll roads will be the cadres and the incompetent BEE road repair contractors. Get ready for a lifetime of roadweks.

  • Steve Wonderboy - 2011-07-20 19:05

    One politician, one bullet I say. Just put them all out of their misery so that we can get on with our lives. From what I have seen the whole government process can be automated and still produce better results.

  • Rygar - 2011-07-20 19:06

    I just paid over 400 for a flipin road tax disk and my usual taxes and now this???? f*ken mad man I WONT PAY !!

      Baddy - 2011-07-21 09:37

      I'm so with you on this. I refuse to pay. What are they going to do if noone pays? Lock us all up?? Ha

  • john - 2011-07-20 19:09

    SANRAL's next statement: if you stay for breakfast and ask for taxi fare home, then it's clear that you enjoy paying tolls.

  • David - 2011-07-20 19:09

    I cannot believe that there is any idiot anywhere in South Africa that can believe this load of crap, isn't Greece a great example, South African should stand together so that this can be STOPPED, all this money will def find its way out of this country to somewhere else seeing that this is not a South African initiative. People are going to be forced to pay for your normal license fees for your motor vehicle and also tax added to your fuel as well toll fees, please wake up SA and stand together for once !

  • David - 2011-07-20 19:14

    Please South Africa , for once please stand together, This is the biggest load of croc you can think of, toll fees will be excessive then you still have to pay all the taxes on your fuel as well as the huge fees on your licenses. Then to cap this all the money generated from these toll roads will leave your shores as soon as they are generated because this is NOT an SA initiative, look at Greece the same story and a living example

  • Atoombom - 2011-07-20 19:25

    Julle moet maar die agterstallige tolgeld uit my kom uitbliksem, ek sal nie betaal vir iets wat verniet moet wees nie

      Baddy - 2011-07-21 09:38

      Ek sal ssam jou bliksem. Ek sallie betaal nie. Haal jou nommer plate af en kyk of hulle jou dan kan kry. Moere

  • mario88 - 2011-07-20 19:35

    Our patriotic duty is to oppose this barbaric ANC government.Down with Malemas, Mantashes, Zumas, Vavis... All these BEE companies which will benefit from this project are full of ANC top dogs. Nobody argues that we need good roads but where is the logic to build very expensive tool system where 50% of collected money will go to people who will run this logistic nightmare. Why SANRAL does not want to open their books to show how much it all cost? It is not about improving roads but about sucking us dry.

  • Fanie - 2011-07-20 19:39

    Fact remains - if this goes through I have to change Jobs - I do 4000-5000 a month -I am an Systems engineer for a major IT companny and I worked out my routes with their website tool - R3000 a month extra after taxes

      Fanie - 2011-07-20 19:42

      and to topiot the back routes are so bad that I have forked out R3000 in tyre replacement and rim repairs this month.. damned if I do damned if I dont

      Atoombom - 2011-07-23 11:17

      Fanie, gaan eis daardie geld by Johannesburg Road Agency. Ek sit met dieselfde probleem wat rims en tyres aanbetref. Die klomp swart bliksems wat daar werk, steel die geld ipv paaie regmaak

  • colinw - 2011-07-20 19:39

    had motorists been asked in the begining if they wanted upgraded roads at the costs now on the table they would have voted NO ! We are now stuck with a fait accompli ! and what is the escalated cost going to be in say 5 10 years time ???

  • Looter - 2011-07-20 19:45

    BS! i wont pay either, come arrest me! anyone that fall in line with this has no backbone!

  • Phaedioux - 2011-07-20 19:48

    What happened to our once magnificent rail system (passenger and goods)? What happened to our once magnificent intercity passenger bus services that also used to handle parcel deliveries? What happened to our once magnificent innercity passenger bus/tram services? What happened to the once magnificent coal transporting conveyor systems that used to operate from mines situated right next to our Eskom Electricity generating undertakings? We needn't raise any racial issues on the services mentioned above - they used to handle all races very efficiently. What has happened to 17 years worth of levies for road building and maintenance that was included in the cost of fuel?

      Baddy - 2011-07-21 09:41

      I'll tell you what happend. New government happened. Since they took over the trains just got worse and worse. You used to be able to take a train to wherever you wanted to go. Then they took over and started pelting the trains at stations, robbing the occupants. Then the rail companies put bolts in the windows, so you couldn't open them more than 20cm and now it's just one big mess!! So yeah, they screwed us there too...

  • Diederik - 2011-07-20 19:58

    Just no one pay what are they gonna do arrest 2 million people!!!!!!!

      Baddy - 2011-07-21 09:41

      I agree, I am not paying, so need more people to join me and refuse to pay!!!

  • Pickle - 2011-07-20 20:17

    How much more is it going to take until we, tax paying citizens say..ENOUGH! the government is raping us all of our money, it is becoming more and more difficult to live these days. are education is shocking our medical facilities even more so. Our roads are a disaster yet we pay and pay and pay... What is going to happen to us? =(

      Scorpion - 2011-07-20 20:38

      Pickle You will pay and pay and pay as long as you live in Africa. They will take everything unill there is nothing left. I have just read this article and I am gobsmaked. I have never heard of anything like. The goverment I hear are prposing to also double the rates of your second home. To hell with the new rainbow South Africa.

      Pickle - 2011-07-21 07:22

      So very true scorpion, sadly like me and many others, we do not have the privileges to leave. so I guess we are doomed.

  • JadedJay - 2011-07-20 20:43

    One word - crap!

  • A View - 2011-07-20 20:55

    Nazir, stop trying to sell us something we do not want. Do we need good roads, yes, do we need to maintain and upgrade roads, yes. But fund them out of the taxes we already pay. SANRAL did not do its homework upfront and we are not willing to pay for this ever. Why did SANRAL not engage with the government and the public at large to debate the most appropriate way of funding the maintenance and improvement out of the fiscus. The national roads are a national asset which needed to be funded out of the national fiscus and not be funded out of additional taxes. Again stop selling us something we are not willing to buy, period, and please get with the sentiment being expressed by the general public.

  • Babba x - 2011-07-20 21:08

    This is typaical ANC mentally. Come up with the biggest load of b@llsh@t to create jobs and suck more money out of consumers. In SA we will be taxed to death under the ANC. We need a new government, a government that will not look away from corruption and misappropriation of taxpayer's money which they then realise they need to replace with money from somewhere else. We need the DA to stand up to this ANC monster

  • Bluescreen - 2011-07-20 21:12

    This entire story is a farce. It's already painfully obvious that the tolls are simply another way to milk the taxpayer to death, with ZERO benefit. We already pay excessive road maintenance taxes, that are included in the fule price. Where did all this money go ? Why must we pay again ? The motoring public needs to do what happened in Germany, where the publc simply ignored the tolls, and the system was dropped. The government cannot prosecute everyone. We elected them, we must reign them in, by force if needed !

  • ProudlyKgomo - 2011-07-20 22:11

    Nazir Alli and his crew must stop dreaming. WE DON'T NEED E-TOLL..PERIOD!! What we need is proper financial planning based on the current revenue base. Some homeowners, take 20yrs plus to pay off their homeloans based on their income. Now what is wrong in SANTRAL doing the same!!

  • Boetman - 2011-07-20 23:14

    Based on what logic do taxi's (commercial vehicles) pay 11c per km and private cars 40c per km? Except that most taxi's are black (and support the ANC) and most private cars are white owned (and do not support the ANC)? The principal behind tolls are to let many pay little, not a select few to pay much.............but maybe in this case Jacob has a finger in the till? Who knows which son stills needs a business of his own? And mining seems has its challanges. Better go into toll collection.

  • tracer - 2011-07-21 07:13

    i seem to remember those same roads being here when i moved to joburg in the mid 80's.......

      Bokkie 36 - 2011-07-21 08:16

      Yes, with one lane each side less perhaps, but serving the purpose very well, and very well maintained. But this government seems to fix things that ain't broke, and ignore the broken things the should fix!

  • subtle59 - 2011-07-21 07:21

    I am going to throw a bucket of mud on my numberplates every single morning.

      thabo.tebele - 2011-07-21 07:37

      @Suble 59 great idea mate,I never thought of it.By the way I'm currently working in Australia and the country was recently devastated by floods.The level of planning its very impressive especially when coming to road and rail transport system.I do bealieve if there was better fanancial planning South Africa could do better instead of always putting the cost on the tax paying citizen.y working in Australia and the country was recently devastated by floods.The level of planning its very impressive especially when coming to road and rail transport system.I do bealieve if there was better fanancial planning South Africa could do better instead of always putting the cost on the tax paying citizen.

  • johan - 2011-07-21 07:44


  • Bokkie 36 - 2011-07-21 08:02

    These road are nice to travel on, and I would be willing to pay what the taxis are paying, not a cent more. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be overloading my vehicle, and causing damage to the roads, so actually, I should be paying LESS than the taxis!

  • Watcher - 2011-07-21 08:51

    Once again I ask the unanswered question. The finance ministery must account to all motorists what became of the road building levy of 10c/lt that was added in the early 90's. It is disingenious to say that the levy merely goes into general funds and in any also misinformation to turn round and state that in 2010 the total expenditure on roads was R27 billion whereas income from the levy for the year was R20 billion. This might be true but what became of the hundreds of billions raised in the previous 15 years? Added to this is the next question, why is the repayment of the loan paid from the current levy income. This would leave funds over to continue to catch up on the backlog at all levels, local, provincial and national. Added to this is the burning question - Why was SANRAL created in the first place. The public works department already has the structures to call for tenders, adjudicate them and control the payments to the contractors without incurring all the unneccessary expense of set up yet another quasi government body with all its associated costs. Reduce all these unnecessary costs and the need for the tolls disappears.

  • Baddy - 2011-07-21 09:32

    You go COSATU!!! I will join you with your strike. I cannot afford their ridiculous prices. I NEVER agreed for them to do this, and I am not seeing any changes in the traffic paterns in the mornings. Still takes me the same amount of time to get to work on their "better, wider" highways. Make it 5c and I'll pay

  • JustinCT101 - 2011-07-21 10:15

    It will save on wear and tear, really? How? Better roads, but where did our taxes go, and why only gauteng, why is their coffers depleted and they have the highest income earning bracket in the land. Is pockets not being lined enough?

  • katySA - 2011-07-21 10:27

    So taxies that carry up to 20+ passengers get to pay a quarter of what a single driver in a regular car will pay???? And it's a known fact that these taxies cause more damage to the roads than regular users!

  • Organist-1 - 2011-07-21 12:17

    We had perfect roads before 1994 and the ANC took over to destroy everything. No tolls were necessary then and shouldn't be now. What utter rubbish that it would benefit motorists. Nazir Ali couldnt care less as he and his family have a free pass. As far as cost to the economy is concerned, he doesn't know what economy is. Thinks everyone earns Malemas salary of R25,000 for doing nothing ------- Just knowing the right people in the right places.

  • fsj - 2011-08-11 20:58

    Of course it will benefit motorists - fat-cat motorists from Sanral and government. Having a toll concession must be like having a license to print your own money. Just like NaTIS, this is nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme for people with the right connections. Nothing wrong with the principle of user pays, but that does not mean the user must get ripped off.

  • Porra - 2011-08-11 21:08

    Look at the condition of the R21 the tar is breaking up. POOR QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP.SANRAL saved the tar so that the tollgate payers, will pay for the repaires. POOR.

  • Porra - 2011-08-11 21:16

    To screw this SANRAL only u-taxi should use this toll system. WHY ????? EISH the U-Taxi will not be paying toll fees.

  • semaj - 2011-08-14 14:54

    Have scanned the posts and failed to see the question that should obviously be asked. Why are we about to be paying toll when a portion of that will apparently be going to a foreign country? SANRAL must come squeaky clean on that score and let us know exactly what will be creamed off by the foreigners, and what do we get in exchange from them?

  • tiotudg - 2011-08-14 21:01

    Alli het nie 'n ander keuse as om sy maaksel te verdedig nie.

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