Sanral denies Winelands toll report

2013-03-22 20:22

Johannesburg - The SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) is not in a position to start work on the N1-N2 Winelands toll highway project in April, it said on Friday.

"Statements in this regard are mischievous and intended to influence public opinion in a particular direction," said spokesperson Vusi Mona.

"Sanral has never said it intends to start with the project or to conclude the concession contract on 20 April 2013."

Mona was responding to a statement by the City of Cape Town on Wednesday that Sanral intended resuming the N1-N2 Winelands toll highway project.

Mayoral committee member for transport Brett Herron said the city received notification from Sanral on 6 March, and undertook to provide the city with 45 days' notice of its intention to start working on the toll project.

"This means that Sanral could commence work on the project by 20 April 2013, without first resolving the city's concerns," said Herron.

He said a review application about the planned tolling was before the Western Cape High Court and was yet to be decided.

Mona said negotiations of contracts was a time-consuming and lengthy process.

"Only after the appointment of a concessionaire, and once funding has been secured, can the necessary works under the project be carried out."

There had been exchanges between Sanral and the city about a possible meeting.

Mona said: "It is untrue that Sanral is not willing to engage the city... however, we have noted the city's threatened action to interdict Sanral on the project."

Although Sanral respects the city's right to approach the court where it feels aggrieved, Sanral will also exercise its constitutional right in this respect, he said.

  • Clinton Bowden - 2013-03-22 20:30

    When ever they deny, it's the truth so bottom line they are going ahead. I have come to the conclusion that the tolls are not about collecting the money. It's about building the tolls and stealing all the money through its construction. Yeah sure the collections would just be a bonus but in all honesty it's thought the tenders the money is stolen. One thing they can ensure is mass payment upfront.

  • werner.nel.712 - 2013-03-22 20:30

    The public has already decided in Gauteng. F you I am not going to pay for infrastructure that is 40 years old.

  • Percy Ndebele - 2013-03-22 20:45

    The argument frm Sanral about Gauteng e-toll was we owe that foreign compony who has built the road 4 us thats why the e-toll should go on, bt now no compony has built anything in Wcape, what is their reason to continue with the e-tolling now?. If there's anybody knows what is the purpose of e-tolling if we r taxed pls school me.

  • Thavan Moodley - 2013-03-22 20:48

    they should not start at all. is it only in SA that the govt just goes ahead DOING THINGS THAT THE MAJORITY DOES NOT WANT ? it is a rip off as we have good roads. go to Mozambique or Zim and you will see that we are being ripped off. charge sanral for ripping off the public. remove all tolls.

      Hans Bezuidenhout - 2013-03-22 21:57

      I agree Thavan. Why must we pay toll on roads that existed long before SANRAL was a dream. It is time that the budgeted amounts on road maintenance be applied by recognised contractors and not fly by nights or the sauce train brigade

  • Marius Botha - 2013-03-22 20:54

    I dont need any thing to convince me that sanral is just one screwed up place that should not even be close to any power or money, they don't understand infrastructure or economy and they can not make any rational or logical decisions that would create a better life for all, no they are greedy, arregant b*stards that doesn't belong in that position, way to break down a country sanral, you will see how good you screw up this country!!!!

  • Mzwandile Jola Dlamanzi - 2013-03-22 21:19

    Hehehe, SANRAL is going to build these toll gates even in rivers.why are they all of a sudden desparate for money like this? Its like planting traps for motorists. For me, a bit of unethical thinking. On N1 there is already a deserving heugonot Tunnel and we understand why.

  • Celeste de Lange - 2013-03-22 21:31

    Take it from Gauteng.. No matter what they say, they are lying!! Civil disobedience is the only way! Judges are on SANRAL and ANC books, so it will go ahead!! Refuse to pay!!

  • rob.martin.94402343 - 2013-03-22 21:31

    Strangers to the truth.

  • jungleboy - 2013-03-22 21:42

    Hyenas on the hunt again.

  • Elsabe Campher van Daal - 2013-03-22 21:49

    So, not 20 April. Would it be 20 May, 20 June or never? You want do do the same thing in the Cape as what you thought would be good for Gauteng? Or are you still applying your minds? Please keep us updated :)

  • Cheslin White - 2013-03-22 22:02

    Stop the tolls at the polls. Problem solved ;)

      Dick Etheridge - 2013-03-23 16:30

      You're so right, citizen White ;-)

  • Jannie Visagie - 2013-03-22 22:32

    Wonder of they will slow the blue light morons

  • Prince Kgwale - 2013-03-22 22:33

    When they deny it u must know it's true. Mafias in charge viva gravy train viva!

  • Dylan - 2013-03-22 22:39

    Where there's smoke... There's gonna be a fire...

  • Joe - 2013-03-22 22:57

    Are you telling me that SANRAL can override a host city's wishes? Or am I reading this wrong?

  • precious.yumyum - 2013-03-23 04:34

    Can we sell Nkandla and pay for the upgrade and upkeep of all the country's roads???

  • Bradley Stewart - 2013-03-23 06:11

    Lies, lies and more lies. Always say no to Sanral and tolls!

  • Joshio Craig Fisher - 2013-03-23 07:08

    How do we get more money from the public? Lets build another toll road! Greed and corruption is the reason for foolish decisions.

  • DeWet Du Plessis - 2013-03-23 07:14

    Welcome to our world Capetonians! They WILL build it and you WILL pay for it.

  • Steyn Nothling - 2013-03-23 07:57

    We as citizens will burn you to the ground, mark my words

  • arthur.salvado - 2013-03-23 08:00

    Building roads is a cash cow for influential families and friends. It has to end and the action to the word NO must continue.

      Theo Schuurmans - 2013-03-23 08:54

      Hey Arthur. Do not forget that if it goes ahead our esteemed government and cronies cannot lose. The toll road shareholders make high profits and pay taxes to the government who now have more funds at their disposal and in addition it is bonus time for the government and cronies because the monies earmarked for construction and maintenance of roads can now also be appropriated.

  • Thys Louw - 2013-03-23 08:38

    I stay in Cape Town , our highways is allways standing still in peak hour never mind the corruption every body will be late for work

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-03-23 10:43

    We are all doomed aren't we?.

  • renier.lubbe.7 - 2013-03-23 13:11

    Where there is smoke there is fire and there was smoke a few months ago as well. If the public don't stand their ground on this issue the tolling will be imposed on more and more roads. Same as all other taxes... forever increasing.

  • Lance Elliott - 2013-03-23 13:52

    Good news for us is that there are enough crack heads here in Cape town to help with the 'dis-assembly' of the structure that will probably be made of a lot of useful 'scrap metal'...It will stand for a few days then dissapear...

  • Carl De Beer - 2013-03-23 14:39

    Build more Prisons you aswholes!

  • cherri.pye.5 - 2013-03-23 18:21

    Ons vattie k*k innie Kaap!

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