Schabir Shaik back in prison

2011-03-14 14:42

Durban - Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik has been arrested, Correctional Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula confirmed on Monday.

She told Eyewitness News: "He did not hand himself over. Correctional officers went and picked him up from his house."

Shaik, whose release on medical parole caused a major outcry in 2009, was taken to the Durban Westville Prison.

"Mr Schabir Shaik has been booked in at the Westville Correctional facility. We took a decision last night," the minister said.


At the weekend, the Sunday Times reported Shaik hit a man, Mohamed Ismail, outside a mosque in Durban. He had apparently parked in the man, who was trying to get to his daughter in hospital. Shaik reportedly punched the man in an altercation.

The police are already investigating Shaik for allegedly choking and slapping a Sunday Tribune reporter on a golf course about two weeks ago.

Shaik was released on medical parole in March 2009. Opposition parties questioned whether he really was "terminally ill".

In 2005 he was convicted of fraud and corruption and sent to jail for 15 years. The current president, Jacob Zuma, at the time was axed as deputy president following Shaik's conviction. Shaik was Zuma's financial adviser.

Shaik served only two years and four months of his 15-year term. He was released on medical parole shortly before Zuma became president.

  • shortcut - 2011-03-14 14:47

    please also arrest the dodgy doctors who diagnosed him terminally ill, for corruption ofcourse, they were obviously paid off.

      nic - 2011-03-14 15:11

      I agree, they should loose their medical licenses. What they did was completely unethical and dishonest. They are almost worst crooks than Shaik

      Johnny - 2011-03-14 15:13 it 1st of April already...???? ....this must be an April fools joke...!!!

      Blougroen - 2011-03-14 15:18

      First things first - the Doctors only did their jobs and accurately reported their medical findings - then the parole board concluded he is terminal - and now they are putting this poor sick dying man back in prison - surely Shaik must have a strong case against them for abusing his human rights by putting him back in prison ??

      Richie - 2011-03-14 15:28

      Agreed...WHY was he out in the first place. Where is the doctor that cleared him ...why is he still practicing medicine. Should he not be struck of the roll? Or is he running some government hospital somewhere?

      Richie - 2011-03-14 16:35

      WTF same old storie... until people are being held accountable for their actions this country will rot. Look at the eastern cape education crisis. People steal millions from starving children and what gets done? NOTHING. I fake investigation with some suspensions and side-ways deployment. If you steal you go to jail, period!!!

      frangelico - 2011-03-14 17:43

      @shortcut well said.Schabir made a miraculous recovery once released,he should have been dead within weeks of release instead he was seen riding the streets of Durban fit as a fiddle,lock him up this time with regular prisoners while you'r about it lock up Jellytot Mal-enema,Zuma, Floyd etc etc etc.

      Jayjay001 - 2011-03-14 18:10

      No way, Schabir Shaik for President of South Africa whoohoo, viva ANC viva, Amandla!!

      fracham - 2011-03-14 21:09

      Rest assured the release order came from Zuma. Everybody else is just a puppet in his mad game.

      spindoctor - 2011-03-14 22:25

      It is not the Doctors' responsibility to make decisions regarding medical parole - that is the job of the parole board. State Doctors are required to document medical statements all the time - for disability grants, medical parole, medical boarding, workman's compensation etc. The Doctors never have anything to do with the decision to grant or deny anything, they simply provide medical information. The medical information provided by Shaik's Doctors may have been factually correct - its interpretation and significance was determined by the parole board. An independent investigation has already established that the Doctors involved reported fairly; issues regarding this are the responsibility of the Health Professions' Council to investigate if required. The issue is the interpretation and conclusions by the parole board - whether their conclusions regarding Shaik's unfitness to be incarcerated based on the medical report were reasonable, and whether such conclusions were fairly applied; ie, would they have been equally applied to any other prisoner who had a similar medical report but who was not Schabir Shaik.

      A THEIST - 2011-03-15 18:10


  • unbeatabulls - 2011-03-14 14:48

    finally where he belongs, have ur sigar in jail thief!!!

      Gaanake - 2011-03-14 15:08

      Unbeatabulls, you believe that, you believe anything and everything. It's a carefully designed plan; a set up! The local electionas are arond the corner. This is another election ploy to show how tough the ruling party is, that it can even act against its own powerful comrades. I bet you 10 cigars, a luxury suite has been prepared for Schabir. He'll still roam the streets at night under the cover of darkness... but we will know, he's bound to clobber somebody again.

      Johnny - 2011-03-14 15:14

      ...he will be out of jail in no time... ....Ha ha ha ha ha ...!!!

      gizzy - 2011-03-14 15:35

      It's got everything to do with the elections. See, most of the ANC voters hate the Shaiks and are disgusted he got out of prison, while most of their family and friends die in prison. Just trying to look tough now but only until after the elections. They will release him and come with a comment made famous by the lying thieving crooks running the circus "innocent until proven guilty."

      Nice Guy - 2011-03-14 16:25

      If Shabir Shaik was black he would not be victimised like this. Why don't you racists leave him alone?

      rugdusty - 2011-03-14 17:22

      @Nice Guy ... rubbish you idiot ... malema should be in jail with him for inciting hate speech and being a general douche, zuma too for being corrupt . White Black Indian Coloured ... if anyone had behaved like these baffoons they would be getting their just deserves.

      IandI - 2011-03-15 13:51

      A golf-playing, cigar-smoking, journalist-slapping "ghost" back in jail..Wow..must be April fool then?

      Janine - 2011-03-15 15:08

      @Mr Nice Guy - I am not racist. The way that this man was let out of jail was wrong - the colour of his skin in immaterial.

  • Melly30 - 2011-03-14 14:48

    Ha ha ha... Karma she is coming for you and all your comrades!! Can't wait!

      Fanie - 2011-03-14 15:35

      Pappa wag vir jou.....

  • mnbain - 2011-03-14 14:50

    He should never have been free to begin with... although it begs the question as to whether he should have been the only one locked up - it takes two to tango.

  • Marie - 2011-03-14 14:52

    How long before he is released again??? Friends in high places can perform miracles - even give hom a terminal illness LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Phumla - 2011-03-14 15:14

      It wont be long, maybe six months or another two years then the chronic disease will be back again. Who says money does'nt make the world go round. Its all about who you know and clearly he has the right people on his corner.

      DW - 2011-03-14 15:28

      They will have to be a lot better this time round as the rules have changed since he was released. It will be a lot more difficult to cheat the system second time around. I predict he will get a presidential pardon.

      spindoctor - 2011-03-14 22:05

      He will be released shortly after the local government elections.. There have been numerous sightings of him doing things he shouldn't have been doing and being in places he shouldn't have been over the last year, all low-key. Now he suddenly gets arrested.. It's political damage-control, as usual..

  • Mike or Mpho - 2011-03-14 14:52

    What about Zuma? that criminal must also be locked up for raping justice in SA

      Savito - 2011-03-14 15:43

      You shud go first for impurifying this medium and country with your dellusions

      Kele - 2011-03-14 16:01

      savito u fool...wat world r u living in!!

      Cyberman - 2011-03-14 16:08

      @Savito - You ANC lot truly amaze me. You are loyal to your leaders regardless... If Zuma was caught on CCTV commiting some crime you would still stand by him - the question is WHY? Unless you're a close friend or family who has benefitted from BEE deal or tender, I really cannot figure out how anybody with a shred of intelligence can possibly think that the ANC have, in all honesty, performed well and served the people of this land. Just look at the utter mess around us - are you all blind!?

      Mundu - 2011-03-14 16:37

      @ know, you just can't fix stupid.

      Foxx - 2011-03-14 16:46

      You don't standup for something, you'll fall for anything.

  • Slapper - 2011-03-14 14:52

    Whats the betting that he is home in time for Tea??

      POLLENYS - 2011-03-14 14:58

      Well, let's hope someone loses the key this time. And they're quite adapt at losing and breaking things.

      sonofagun - 2011-03-14 15:02

      Adapt or dye. Adept is the right word, pollenysie.

      Johnny - 2011-03-14 15:15

      ...jip, ...correct.... .....he will be out for tea at home.......

      DW - 2011-03-14 15:29

      and die is the right word, sonafagun...

      derkus - 2011-03-14 15:38

      gin and tonic

      Ross - 2011-03-14 15:57

      And cucumber sandwiches.

      soupy - 2011-03-14 18:50

      72 hours...

      Michel - 2011-03-15 06:24

      I think you called it slapper

      Educated - 2011-03-15 08:21

      "Zuma was head of the ANC Intelligence" - LOL, you would think one would need to be intelligent before they become head of 'ANC intelligence'. In fact, I'm pretty sure 'ANC intelligence' is an oxymoron.

      berta - 2011-03-15 09:13

      My sympathies to schabir. I would also be livid if the criminal that got me into jail had become the bonking president of a country.

  • White_Rhino - 2011-03-14 14:53

    Zuma is suppose to be there with him !!!

      Johnny - 2011-03-14 15:16

      ...100% correct...!!!

      Toolman - 2011-03-14 15:28

      1000% correct. But Zuma will have him out very soon. As thick as fleas those two.

      zulufox - 2011-03-14 15:33

      Zuma was head of the ANC Intelligence, Shaik wasn't... Zuma is waaaaay smarter than your average being... that's why he is up there and you are when you are, commenting about him ...

      IrishLuck - 2011-03-14 15:54

      @Zulufox - I think Zuma's rise to power and his continued grip on it has more to do with the low intelligence of the average ANC supporter rather than Zuma's smarts. He is an absolute genius however at nepotism, corruption and knowing how to make sure all the piggies at the trough are directly linked to the Zuma clan.

      Grant - 2011-03-14 15:55

      Zuma might be cleverer than he looks... but then... how can he NOT be!!? :P

      zulufox - 2011-03-14 15:58

      @Homer, Zille is a distant second to Zuma...

      Kele - 2011-03-14 16:04

      zulufox and homer....zuma is dom,dommer than the average human being.. Go google it and you will

      Twoplusthree - 2011-03-14 16:13

      @Zulufox, ANC and intelligence. Now we talking about a moron with an ox.

      ANC-FTL - 2011-03-14 17:01

      Zulufox how can you even argue - it is blatantly clear that Zuma isn't intelligent. Have you witnessed one of his speeches? Let me guest you'll say Zuma is more intelligent than say Tutu right??? Its scary how naive you people are. Zulufox... one question - what do you want out of this country? PS It doesn't take much to outsmart a ANC supporter, its got zilch to do with Zuma's intelligence.

      Warren - 2011-03-14 18:13

      @ zulumoron: If Zuma is so clever, why does he run like a little biaatch every time Zille challenges him to a live TV debate on your beloved SABC? A) Coward? B) Something to hide?? C) Coward with far to much to hide??? Please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom, oh zulumoron, as to what the answer might be!

      Educated - 2011-03-15 08:24

      LOL, 'ANC intelligence' is an oxymoron. Doesn't say much for the ANC if JZ is the head of it either.

  • burtfred - 2011-03-14 14:53

    Just another ANC trick to get the Indians in KZN to vote for them. The fraudster Shaik will be released and pardoned as soon as the annoying little election is over.

      Cynical Sci - 2011-03-14 14:59

      interesting thought

      Wow! - 2011-03-14 15:00

      Can't say I really follow this logic. Please explain yourself.

      Cyberman - 2011-03-14 16:20

      @ Wow! What Burtfred is saying is that because Shaik has now been arrested the ANC are hoping to be seen as being "tough on criminals" in the hope that the Indians will reconsider voting for them after all which is unlikely. Usually they throw our a few yellow t-shirts or food parcels at rallies to win votes but that doesn't seem to be working so well any more.... Irony is that all those ANC supporters who defend Zuma and the ANC in these forums will be the same idiots toyi-toying and looting at the next service delivery protests in a few months time....then they only have themselves to blame for being so f*&^%$ stupid..

      SickofSAcrap - 2011-03-14 16:34

      WOW! go listen to the news report and you will hear them clearly saying that this is to show the community that the leading party are being "tough on criminals" he will be out in no bloody time! Just like the toll's, its all being done to favor themselves for the municipal elections, problem is they actually believe we are stupid enough to believe their antics! Idiots!!

      MM - 2011-03-14 16:58

      @ burtfred; ANC is in charge of KZN and it happened without Shaik, it has been growing in KZN without him, and will continue to do so...

      Koos - 2011-03-14 18:11

      Listen up buttfacefred,ANC does not need indian vote,majority of them vote D.A,we don't really need minority vote.get shut the f... up

      burtfred - 2011-03-15 20:00

      @Koos Charming. Really deep contribution to the debate you made there. Now go milk your cows, they love you to play with their udders.

  • serialong - 2011-03-14 14:53

    you never know with that man and the leadership of this country...he could have been sent to live abroad or samthin and we get told that he's in jail...i dont quite believe it.

      gizzy - 2011-03-14 15:38

      Or he could get a diplomatic post! Seems to be the dumping ground for all the incompetents!

  • James - 2011-03-14 14:54

    Some people are very stupid that they cant appreciate privilleges. He was parolled under some controversy yet he continues to behave like he owns the world. I wonder on what ground will he be parolled now. he may only be parolled in a coffin because the stupid Shaik couldnt see the support he got from his previous boss

      Grant - 2011-03-14 15:57

      Keep reading about him hitting people... It would be a pleasure being hit by excuse to hit back! :)

      Warren - 2011-03-14 18:33

      Being Zuma's previous financial adviser a.k.a. bribe facilitator, can you imagine the dirt he (Shaik) has on him (Zuma)? Unless, ofcourse Zuma now believes he is now so powerfull that said dirt, no matter what it is, can't touch him. P.S. I said previous as the Gupthas are the new "financial" advisers.

  • Fredster69 - 2011-03-14 14:54

    Child: Mom, what's for dinner? Mom: I am dishing up some huble pie my dear....

  • ? - 2011-03-14 14:54

    We need a hit squad to eliminate menaces to society.

      Thor - 2011-03-14 14:59

      YES YES YES.... You are 100%. We need a group that sort out this bastards before their friends in high places makes it all dissapear.

      slg - 2011-03-14 15:13

      No we don't. We do not want to be the Soviet Union or Libya or Nazi Germany or North Korea or Venezuela or Uganda under Idi Amin or Zimbabwe or etc.

      gizzy - 2011-03-14 15:40

      slg. Is it irnoy that you have named all the friends (leaders of those countries) of the ANC? Eish!

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-03-14 14:55

    What a joke, he gets let out when there aren't elections and as soon as elections come around he's back in the slammer. I say he's back in for a few weeks and he'll be let out because he's "almost dead" again.

      shirley.schoeman - 2011-03-14 15:00

      yeah, it won't be long before his family pay off another doctor to diagnose some serious health problems and once again he will end up spending all his time in hospital before being released. same shit, different day.

      slg - 2011-03-14 15:12

      No we don't. We do not want to be the Soviet Union or Libya or Nazi Germany or North Korea or Venezuela or Uganda under Idi Amin or Zimbabwe or etc.

      gizzy - 2011-03-14 15:41

      slg. But we are friends with all those countries! Well the ANC are!

      Khalib - 2011-03-14 15:45

      His big bru (the Prez Security Man) will certainly do something

  • ji - 2011-03-14 14:55

    keep the crap locked up this time .

  • suspiciousme - 2011-03-14 14:56

    Watch this sod suffer a major relapse and hovering at death's door within the next 24 hours - After not spending a single day in hospital or too ill to jol in the last 24 MONTHS!!

      Kenko - 2011-03-14 15:39

      I guess the parole board should take in account that it must be stressfull to be locked up, hence the rising blood pressure. Especially if the prisoner is used to the sweet life and a pally of the president.

  • yebocan - 2011-03-14 14:58

    want to say good on correctional services, but than again we are in an election will wait and see

  • Alan - 2011-03-14 14:58

    Good, hope this time it actually lasts and that he doesn't get back into hospital. May he die in peace now.................

  • Zolani - 2011-03-14 14:58

    Now please lets arrest the rest of his buddies starting with mr Z himself

      Rob - 2011-03-14 15:17

      Hear hear!! Arrest every one of them

  • Pauljay - 2011-03-14 14:58

    It must be his ghost that is going to prison. Is he not dead yet from his terminal disease....

  • Perfume - 2011-03-14 14:59

    Somebody is going to be hugging Shady very tight tonight lmao!!!!!....that is if he does not decide to feign chest pains.

      GrimReaper10 - 2011-03-14 15:08

      "Doctor, I have this stabbing pain in my bottom..."

      Perfume - 2011-03-14 15:25 you see the word "rape" in my comment...

      Hempo - 2011-03-14 15:35

      I say pomp him. He's pomped us enough allright.

      GrimReaper10 - 2011-03-14 15:39

      Nebs: "Doctor, I have this stabbing pain in my bottom..." Doctor: "Maybe you should pull you head out of it." See, doesn't have to be about rape and still be funny

      Nebs - 2011-03-14 15:46

      Come now guys if you're going to make inappropriate jokes, at least stand by your comments instead of backpeddling

  • GrimReaper10 - 2011-03-14 15:00

    "He had apparently parked in the man, who was trying to get to his daughter in hospital." But....Terminal ill Shaik takes priority over someone trying to get to their sick daughter, I mean, he could just die at anytime!

  • Pauljay - 2011-03-14 15:01

    What is the ANC definition of terminal illness- The disease you get in an airport waiting for your flight...

      Perfume - 2011-03-14 15:04


      Kenko - 2011-03-14 15:46

      Perfume, just to let you know. Don't say ROTFLMAO if you did not really roll on the floor laughing. I'll leave the ass bit for now.

      Koos - 2011-03-14 18:16

      very funny you should do stand up comedy...Not

  • Koos - 2011-03-14 15:01

    PAPPA wag vir jou!!

      Pauljay - 2011-03-14 16:57

      Koos, ek het nie geweet hulle laat ouens in die tronk internet access toe nie. Probably ADSL as well. lol

  • Hempo - 2011-03-14 15:03

    Oooh man, this made my day! Jailbreak Shaik, what illness will you now fake?

  • truthteller - 2011-03-14 15:04

    ha! blink faster than you can open jail

  • Shorts1 - 2011-03-14 15:05

    Let us now hope that eventually, as far as Shaik is concerned, justice prevails & is seen to be done as this criminal serves the full remaining balance of his fifteen year sentence. Zuma, however, still has to have his days in our courts.

  • Mgayi - 2011-03-14 15:06

    and the release date has been set for May 19th

      Perfume - 2011-03-14 15:23

      LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!

  • Skiballas - 2011-03-14 15:07

    after tonights supper he will suffer some indigestions and will get paroled tomorow....

  • JVR - 2011-03-14 15:08

    Good heavens! Full marks for whoever had the balls to make that decision. And yes, fire the doctors who diagnosed him in the first place. When I read the heading of this article, I first had to look at the calendar to make sure it is not an April Fools joke. Well done SAPS.

  • nic - 2011-03-14 15:09

    "The current president, Jacob Zuma, at the time was axed as deputy president following Shaik's conviction. Shaik was Zuma's financial adviser." Am I the only person who finds this completely shocking. I mean, I know this is not news but every time I read it it's like: WTF, am I dreaming??!!

      steve - 2011-03-14 16:29

      Ya Nic,I agree but we are living in the real Africa now where dictators and their henchmen prosper,the sh#%t will still hit the fan here bigtime.

      capetonian - 2011-03-14 17:36

      In order to be a corruptor you have to have a corruptee...not so? Is my English correct? But because of a "conspiracy" the case is dropped and we have a President heading up a bloated bureaucracy and with family members and friends feeding at the capitalist trough. Some guy called "zulufox" above made the statement that Zuma is more intelligent then Zille. In any debate - ANC vs DA she would eat him alive...and any of the his bunch of so-called cabinet ministers too. I really wish we could have the kind of debates on live TV as is the case in the US and other first world democracies - but we won't because they know the consequences!!

  • Joy - 2011-03-14 15:09

    now - THROW AWAY THE KEY !

  • Piet - 2011-03-14 15:10

    Is this the way to convince the white voter????

      Perfume - 2011-03-14 15:22

      They actually want to convince all voters

      Perfume - 2011-03-14 15:22

      They actually want to convince all voters

      Koos - 2011-03-14 18:20


      unskinnybob - 2011-03-14 20:26

      Koos the name your master gave you?

  • alfred - 2011-03-14 15:11

    Shaik will be out in two days time. Come on people, dont be naive. It's election time. There's a reason why Shaik thinks he's untouchable and this is just a dog and pony show before the elections.

      clifford.pike1 - 2011-03-14 15:44

      Perhaps, Alfred. But which scenario is more damaging to the ANC: 1) Shaik carries on like Al Capone on steroids and has a few more embarrassing incidents OR 2) Shaik gets a very public slap on the wrist, with the help of a scare from correctional services OR 3) Shaik gets immediately sprung from the slammer on an even more ridiculous technicality, putting the spotlight on the ANC and Zuma once more, re-affirming the DA's claims of gross fraud and / or corruption. Look, I have no idea what will happen next, but it will be very interesting. If this move was a hand of poker, the ANC would be playing a straight against the DA's flush, if you know what I mean.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-14 15:12

    Good Heavens, is there by any chance an indian in this woodstack? Maybe a conniving doctor too with multi RBillion contracts in black plastic bags and cooler boxes neh?

  • Lebzaton - 2011-03-14 15:13

    I don't understand this guy, which one is batter? being stack in prison or being stack in the comfort of your own home, couldn’t he just lay low for a few years ????!!!!

      Richie - 2011-03-14 16:49

      Genius like Zuma ... just ask Zulufox! LOL

  • Roche - 2011-03-14 15:14

    Cant believe it!!! Partially restores my faith in the justice system. Now if he would just prove to us he is terminally ill......

  • Sho Fukamachi - 2011-03-14 15:15

    please also arrest zuma while you're at it.

  • clifford.pike1 - 2011-03-14 15:15

    This will be seen as the ANC clamping down on corruption / fraudsters. Good political move, just in time for the polls. I'll be surprised if he gets sprung before the elections, if at all. Zuma can say "well, ol'buddy, ol' pal - I told you to lay low after you got released, you were supposed to be on your death-bed. All of these public incidents are getting a little... embarrassing. There may need to be, um, consequences." I mean - first the whole getting spotted driving his Beemer thing, then the backhand for the journo at the golf course, THEN the knuckle sandwich at the Mosque. He was becoming a mascot of the opposition. Who knows - Shaik could return to the slammer.

  • Linus - 2011-03-14 15:17

    He will be smoking cigars that spit at him

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-03-14 15:17

    Shaik, rattled & rolled into

      rammstein.f4n - 2011-03-15 07:52

      Currie_Mafia is actually Indian if I remember correctly. ;)

  • clintandmia - 2011-03-14 15:18

    What story is he going to use next? Come on guys he will be out in no time. This oky poke has got so much on the current president he will be out before sunset today. I mean why was he ever released before. This is one big fat joke!

      clifford.pike1 - 2011-03-14 15:51

      sure, but will Shaik wanna mess with the Guptas? They will make him an offer he can't refuse...

  • qaqamba - 2011-03-14 15:19

    ha ha ha ha ha, its about bloody time! Just imagine what would happen if all felons could fake a fatal illness, spend their days on the golf course and freely assault others. Now they better keep him there!

  • PB - 2011-03-14 15:20

    HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Hopefully he will this time round get treated like the criminal that he is. No cushy hospital-with-roomservice-meals jailtime like last time. Shabir, Bubba is waiting for you ....

  • Quinton Smit - 2011-03-14 15:20

    I reckon this is just drama for the elections - why would Shaik call up a radio station before arrested?? bunch of politicians playing the fool again and bending 'the rule of law' to be 'the rule of favours'

  • justice4all - 2011-03-14 15:22

    "Shaik hit a man, Mohamed Ismail, outside a mosque in Durban. He had apparently parked in the man, who was trying to get to his daughter in hospital." - NEWS24, what kind of a report is this. | He parked in a man - no wonder he was arrested!!! This man must have one huge arse. And was the mosque in the hospital? Come on - read your copy before you publish it. The quality of your reporting is consistently sloppy.

      moiraine - 2011-03-14 18:12

      I noticed that too.

  • jdeeathome - 2011-03-14 15:22

    he'll be out before christmas, he has a hold over Zooms that he uses to his benefit,

  • Doug - 2011-03-14 15:24

    So that is where Scandal gets ideas for their scripts. Or is it the other way round. Go Daniel GO!

      allie - 2011-03-14 15:34

      you only die twice-Sheik 00fokol

  • Richie - 2011-03-14 15:25

    Now arrest the people that let him out in the first place! Can herder-boy handle the secretes shaik carries?

  • zulufox - 2011-03-14 15:25

    I feel like Shaik wants to be in jail this time around... It's like he was begging for it... I wonder what the plan is, ultimately ...

      Logs01 - 2011-03-14 16:09

      He's "assisting" the ANC to "buy" votes. He'll b out again soon. Mun. election are here. ANC needs to "polish" the SA voters, as they are losing support faster than they are gaining. They MUST "show" to the voters that they are trying to be "just" and "fair" in their future "intentions" to support all the "crap' they are going to "sell" to the voters in the weeks to come.