Scores injured in Pretoria train crash

2011-04-08 17:26

Pretoria - A man was killed and scores were injured when two passenger trains collided on a rail bridge above John Vorster Drive in Rosslyn, Pretoria, on Friday, paramedics said.

Netcare911 paramedics arrived at the scene to find that two fully laden passenger coaches had collided and derailed. Two of the carriages overturned adjacent to the tracks.

"Paramedics are tending to the injured, most of whom had clambered from the up ended coaches," said Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeff Wicks.

Paramedics had called for additional resources from outlying areas to assist in the transportation of the injured to various medical facilities.

"The initial triage tally sits at between fifty and seventy patients. This number may change. Updates will be forthcoming," said Wicks.

The cause of the incident remained unclear and would form the subject of an internal and police investigation, he said.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-04-08 17:33

    Tragic. Is it just me, or do i detect that there is an increase in rail accidents in SA lately?

      BigMoose - 2011-04-08 17:39

      Pity it isn't the ANC gravy train that ran off the rails and killed all on board. Enough sarchasm, it's the week-end, so condolences to the family of the deceased and a speedy recovery to the injured. - 2011-04-08 18:04

      Rail and all! We have so much tech. and it still happens?

      Dr. No - 2011-04-08 20:19

      check the related links above their have been four incidents in the last two months alone. Something needs to be done for sure, howeve I assume there are more pressing issues such as finding out who is behind misquoting Malema in the newspaper. Truly tragic and I blame our government, they seem oblivious to the rise in rail related deaths.

  • JOHNNYBRAVO - 2011-04-08 17:37

    eish, it was apartheids' fault!

      tdk25 - 2011-04-08 17:47

      Come on man....people are injured...where is your heart??

      kidblack - 2011-04-08 18:47

      well.. technically.. it is apartheids fault... because if it wasn't for apartheid... we would have competent people and quality tendered equipment to operate our railways by now. i could be wrong in assuming that without the discipline imposed by apartheid anything would have happened at all. but thats another debate.

      Kadafi - 2011-04-08 18:50

      Yes, Its true, those trains were made during the apartheid era and now they are killing black people. Its time the ANC change them for good.

      Chris B - 2011-04-08 19:07

      Or rather if it wasn’t for apartheid then there probably wouldn’t have been trains at all – people would still be travelling by feet. @kb.Quality people to steer their feet and cattle by foot, yes. Quality tendered equipment, as per whom – typical each for their own African rule? Dream on!

      Rijger - 2011-04-08 21:17

      @ Kidblack Could you please explain how you arrive at your viewpoint? The fact of the matter is that pre 1994 Spoornet had a fleet of well maintained rolling stock, which included locomotives, passenger coaches as well as motor coaches which was used for metro services. Apart from that they had highly trained, highly skilled and highly motivated personnel to do the job. Nowadays quality passenger services is a thing of the past,the personnel that are left, completely demotivated to say nothing about their training and skills level and the maintainance of the rolling stock, railway lines, signal systems,etc left is nothing but horrific. Yet you want to blame apartheid? Just wondering who was in charge for the last 17 years....

  • mhaga.sabe - 2011-04-08 17:42

    Oops! Shocking news, we dont need this! I thought trains were the safest! Condolences to the affected families!

  • Monica - 2011-04-08 17:50

    How is it possible that 2 trains can run on opposite sides on 1 railway line. Was the person off-duty that worked out the roster for these trains? So sad!!!!!

      kidblack - 2011-04-08 18:54

      it happens all the time. rush hours are mostly in one direction, so some tracks are used for both directions depending on the time of day. you would think in an age where you can pinpoint a 5 cent coin from low earth orbit, these tragic incidents would be a thing of the past.

      Rijger - 2011-04-08 21:30

      Monica,railway lines are used in sections, say from point A to point B. That does not mean that trains can only travel from A to B, trains can also travel the other way, in this case from B to A. If the section between A and B is too long, there could be a crossing point between the two where trains are meant to cross . There are different methods in use to ensure the safe travelling from A to B or vice versa, in most cases either by semaphore signals, colour light signals, Centralized traffic control etc. All of these methods are designed to fail to safe, in other words to prevent accidents like this from happening. The sad thing is there was a collission, the causes of which will have to be determined and acted upon. Hope that answers your question.

  • Nunya - 2011-04-08 18:25

    AA train drivers and railway staff?????.....but it would never be admitted now, would it?

  • Kadafi - 2011-04-08 18:57

    These trains have been around since 1954, How can you combine today's technology with something this old?

      BrokenLink - 2011-04-08 20:02

      Now just think....the ANC have been around since 1910 or something..... Truly terrible that such things still happen. Even as a 3rd year computer engineering i could design a system that would automatically stop and trains on collision is there no money for this while R170m gets spend on Zuma`s house?

  • briansmith702 - 2011-04-08 20:01

    I used to travel to and from school for years. In those days it was unheard of of any train accidents. Sadly with AA we now have inexperienced and poorly trained drivers and more accidents in the last few years than I can remmber in the last forty years. What is the common denominator? Poor ANC cadre deployment and maintenance. Nothing else!!!

  • Mike Hoxbig - 2011-04-08 20:27

    Again, this is the awesome public transport that we're encouraged to use.

  • Capeboy - 2011-04-09 07:33

    Condolences to the families - but this is south africa where Zuma - his houses and cars for his wives are more important than upgrading the rail system and of course it all comes down to uneducated people who have jobs because they have the right skin colour!

  • Piet - 2011-04-09 08:42

    Dit het niks te doen met tegnologie of ouderdom van toerusting nie. Die toerusting is so ontwerp dat geen twee treine op die selfde spoorlyn kan beland nie. Die toerusting kon wel foutief gegaan het en dan tree die menslike faktor in. Die mens het hier fout gemaak en dit is hoekom daardie twee treine in mekaar vasgery het. Die punt bly staan dat die toerusting kan nie blameer word nie. Jammer oor die mense verlies en vir die wat seergekry het.

      Rijger - 2011-04-09 09:42

      Piet, jy is heeltemal in die kol. Dit is tog net 'n swak ambagsman wat sy gereedskap die skuld ge, dan nie?

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