Search for missing Plett plane continues

2011-02-09 07:26

George - The search for a light aircraft that went missing over Plettenberg Bay would resume at first light, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said on Wednesday.

"No sign of a 'downed' aircraft was found on the surrounding coast and dense vegetation hampered the search and rescue 01:55 the search was suspended until first light," NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said.

He said an alert had been issued to all vessels at sea to be on the lookout for the plane.

The aircraft had been travelling from Queenstown to Plettenberg Bay and disappeared while trying to land near the Robberg Nature Reserve in heavy fog on Tuesday.

The single-engine aircraft was carrying two crew and seven employees of Italtile Ltd, the company's spokesperson Del-Maree English said.

"An announcement will be made as soon as further information becomes available," English said.

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  • - 2011-02-09 07:48

    too many of these plane crashes now... when will someone take notice?

      Mike - 2011-02-09 12:57

      And your point is?

  • Lightdancer. - 2011-02-09 07:48

    This is so sad to read...when will our pilots take control and stop flying/landing in such bad weather...risking the lives of passengers...!!!! my heart goes out to the families of those missing...

      Allin - 2011-02-09 07:57

      The aircraft (Pilatus PC12) is certified to fly on instruments. Both pilots also have/had instrument ratings.

      Jou-Ma - 2011-02-09 07:59

      where do you get off blaming the pilot? NO pilot can control what the weather will be like on his arrival or departure. get educated before you shoot your mouth off. If we only flew in good waether, im afraid no airline or charter company will survive. Pilots are trained and instrument rated. so no, im guessing the pilot did not get up that day and decided to kill himself.

      Mikemcc - 2011-02-09 08:04

      @Allin, all of which proved to be of no value under the circumstances.

      Mikemcc - 2011-02-09 08:12

      @Jou-ma, this is pure speculation of course but given that the vis was really bad, they aborted a previous approach and then disappeared without any further transmission this could well be another case of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), sadly this would then rest squarely on the shoulders of the pilots. I sincerely hope that the above scenario is incorrect but it has an all too familiar ring to it.

      Jou-Ma - 2011-02-09 08:35

      @mikemc - So in other words, he did abort and was on his way to George when he came down. My frustration was aimed at the statement that pilots must take control. Of course they are in control, its not like he deliberately flew his aircraft into the ground. CFIT is just a fancy acronym for " he flew into the ground without realising it" The generalising of all pilots to "take control " is stupid. Same can be said for all drivers then, since we all make mistakes. I can almost put my head on a block that this pilot and co-pilot was glued to their instruments, not having a casual chat with one another.

  • Allin - 2011-02-09 07:59

    News24 should be renamed News23. The wreckage has been located two hours before this was posted!

      Peter - 2011-02-09 08:24

      where did you hear/see this.

      Allin - 2011-02-09 09:33

      It was on a number of other news sites, as well as on the radio.

  • Soothsayer - 2011-02-09 08:03

    Something must be wrong with training of pilots.In 2008, 190 plane crashes were reported in South Africa.May be the pilots have taxi drivers's attitude.

  • Sharne Jacobs - 2011-02-09 09:06

    :'( cant believe this :( :(

      melrose - 2011-02-09 10:04

      What concerns me more is the families of those 9 people! One of the individuals is my brothers boss and they were all in the meeting yesterday in Queenstown. These people have families with young kids I cant begin to imagine their pain. I just heard that 8 bodies were found and 1 still missing. I pray for those families and loved ones that the Lord may bring healing into their lives.

  • Eloise - 2011-02-09 10:14

    Sad to say (Not in the news yet) they have found 8 bodies so far, including that of my cousins sister. May you all rest in Peace.

      mvcoller - 2011-02-09 10:49

      Your cousin's sister is still your cousin!!

      Eloise - 2011-02-09 12:47

      wel aangetroude familie.

      Mike - 2011-02-09 13:02

      In Afrikaans they only have one word for cousing and nephew/niece -which is neef or niggie. It is rather confusing. When you say nephew - you must actually say "my broers kind" or the like, etc

  • tharvard - 2011-02-09 11:11

    Can people in SA not stop blaming everyone else? Darn it, it was AN ACCIDENT! Can we not for once, not point fingers? Can we not for once, think of what is happening to the family members of the people onboard that flight? Have compasion, understanding, and reach out with love, not condemming. Even the pilots have family. I am ashamed to say this is what fellow SA people are like!

  • Justo - 2011-02-09 13:18

    I have once worked for Italtile GrouP,CTM.I know the Old Man (Mr Ravazzotti) and I would like to say to the families of the deceased ,may their souls rest in peace.To the families ,please may you find peace.

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