Selebi showed Agliotti secret file

2010-04-20 22:08

Johannesburg - Former police chief Jackie Selebi declassified a document from crime intelligence to share the information with his friend Glenn Agliotti, the South Gauteng High Court heard on Tuesday.

Selebi said this during day three of cross-examination by prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

"You, Mr Selebi, shared secret information with Agliotti and to do that you declassified the document," said Nel.

The document contained information about alleged peddlers, one of them being Jugen Kogel, a man Selebi said "spread false accusations about the Kebbles (the family of murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble) running businesses for me".

"Did you show Mr Agliotti any documents containing information about Kogel?" Nel asked Selebi.

Selebi responded: "I would have shown him a document containing information about information peddlers, and Kogel was one of them... because I was dealing with a person who was peddling wrong information about me."


Asked why he approached Agliotti instead of going directly to the Kebbles, who the allegations involved, Selebi said he knew Agliotti "had a close relationship with the Kebbles so he'd know who Kogel was".

Selebi lost his cool when Nel probed him further on the Kogel matter.

"Mr Nel, please, it doesn't help to be obnoxious," Selebi said when Nel asked why he was changing his version of what he did on learning about Kogel's allegations against him.

Said Nel: "Why did you lie in your evidence in chief? You said you came to know about Kogel because he was involved in business at Maverick Masupatsela. I put to you Mr Selebi that whenever you are in trouble, you change your version."

Selebi earlier accused Nel of orchestrating a media campaign against him, a similar accusation he made during Monday's proceedings. The claim relates to media reports in 2006 linking him to underworld characters.

"You wrote in your own handwriting that 'we (the National Prosecuting Authority) must keep this thing in the media," Selebi said on Monday.

Unnecessary to inform NPA

Nel had wanted to know why Selebi, after reading the reports, failed to approach NPA boss Vusi Pikoli to explain the nature of his relationship with Agliotti.

"Mr Selebi, now that you are in trouble you take on the prosecutor. You can't answer... you are an intelligent educated person so you pretend not to understand the question," said Nel.

Selebi responded that he had not deemed it "necessary to do so (inform Pikoli). He never asked about Glenn".

During Tuesday's proceedings, Selebi denied using his influence to help his friend Gary Varejes by organising an SA Revenue Service (Sars) tax evasion sting on the company, Tigon, owned by Gary Porritt.

"He (Varejes) told me there was a Sars person in Randburg who was misbehaving and causing problems.

"I took it he was complaining about this official and it was affecting him in some way," Selebi told the court.

Tax evasion and collusion

He agreed to introduce Varejes to Sars officials, but denied sitting in on the meeting were Varejes was to tell his story.

"Yes, I introduced them. They didn't know who Varejes was. I told them he had a tax matter to raise, then I excused myself because I know nothing about tax matters," he said.

Nel disputed this, saying Selebi had given a Scorpions investigator details of the tax evasion matter.

Nel told the court that Scorpions investigator Hans Van Loggerenberg "said in an affidavit that you Mr Selebi said there were people who have information on serious tax evasion and collusion of Sars officials".

Selebi denied knowing details of the meeting between Varejes and Sars officials or anything about Tigon.

The prosecution believes Varejes had a score to settle with Porrit, so he used Selebi to set Sars on Porritt's company.

Nel is expected to continue cross-examining Selebi on Wednesday morning.

Selebi has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice in connection with at least R1.2m he allegedly received from Agliotti and others in return for favours.