Selebi 'wanted R10 000 for party'

2009-11-04 16:07

Johannesburg - Former police boss Jackie Selebi once asked Glenn Agliotti to lend him R10 000 for his son's birthday party, the South Gauteng High Court heard on Wednesday.

This was revealed in the explosive testimony of Dianne Muller, the ex-fiancée of the convicted drug trafficker.

"Selebi asked Glenn can he please lend him R10 000 for his son's birthday party."

Agliotti agreed but said he did not have the money on him and he would have to collect it another time.

"Glenn then turned to me and said 'lend my ass, I'll never see that money again'."

The next morning Selebi arrived at the office.

"Glenn told me he handed over the money."

Friendship of gain

On another occasion, she confronted Agliotti about the "exorbitant" amounts of money he was spending on clothing accounts.

"He said it was not for him, that he was buying clothes for Mr Selebi."

She mentioned a time Agliotti had bought a Gucci handbag for Selebi's wife on a trip to the UK, and another time he bought Selebi's sons clothing from the Fubu shop in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Muller described the relationship between Agliotti and Selebi as a "friendship of gain".

"I think they used each other for what they could gain from the friendship."

Didn't report matter

She earlier told the court how she had packed R110 000 in cash for Selebi at offices in Midrand which Agliotti also used.

"I counted R110 000 and put it in a white bank bag. I took it down to the boardroom and put the bag in front of Agliotti.

"He put his hands on the bag and slid it across to Jackie Selebi and said, 'Here you go, my china'.

"About 20 or 30 minutes later Glenn shouted Selebi is leaving. I waved goodbye and he [Selebi] had the bank bag in his possession."

Asked by prosecutor Gerrie Nel if she had taken any steps to report the matter, Muller replied: "How do you report something to the police when their boss is the person [implicated]?"

Muller said on average, Selebi came twice a month to the offices that she moved her business into in 2004, always "dressed in full uniform".


Muller was warned that, like Agliotti, she would receive Section 204 indemnity from prosecution on various charges if she was found to have testified "frankly and honestly".

According to Section 204 of the Criminal Procedure Act, a person guilty of criminal conduct may testify on behalf of the State in exchange for indemnity from prosecution.

Court will resume on Thursday morning to allow the defence time to consult the record of Muller's evidence.

Selebi is facing a charge of corruption and another of defeating the ends of justice in connection with at least R1.2m he allegedly received from Agliotti and others in return for favours.