Selebi won't leave hospital - doctors

2011-12-23 16:44

Pretoria - Convicted former national police chief, Jackie Selebi, is too sick to be discharged from hospital, said correctional services commissioner, Tom Moyane, on Friday.

He said the department had been informed by doctors at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria that Selebi's condition did not permit him to be released from hospital.

Moyane, together with members of the department's executive management team, received a briefing from the team of doctors treating Selebi.

"Mr Selebi will continue to receive treatment at the hospital and his condition, at present, does not permit for his removal and re-admittance at the Pretoria Correctional Centre to continue serving his sentence due to the seriousness of his condition."

A joint press briefing on details of his health will now be held on December 28 by the team of doctors, correctional services department and Selebi's family.

The department has said Selebi is being treated for "kidney related problems".

Selebi, 61, was taken to the nephrology (kidney) ward of the northern Pretoria hospital on Monday morning under armed guard.

The disgraced former police chief was booked into prison on December 5 to start a 15-year jail term. He was found guilty of corruption after he accepted money from convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti, and giving him benefits that included showing him a British drug investigation report. Selebi was president of Interpol at the time.

His appeal against his corruption conviction failed in the Supreme Court of Appeal on December 2. Selebi watched the judgment on television at home and collapsed when he heard the outcome, Coetzee said at the time.

  • John - 2011-12-23 16:53

    What is it with these ANC thieves? Eager to do the crime but suddenly too sick to do the time??? Idiots!!

      Larry - 2011-12-23 17:19

      Its ANC policy for when they get caught. Golf anyone? he is looking for partners, preferably not in Durban.

      John - 2011-12-23 18:06

      If he doesn't do us all a favour and die soon, cull him as he is costing us more money than he was ever worth.

      Shoosh - 2011-12-25 09:16

      happy Xmas chief thief, enjoying the "cold turkey"?

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 21:29

      Selebi is not ANC get your facts correct

  • Trevor - 2011-12-23 16:58

    Better Christmas lunch in the hospital than in prison....hope he chokes.

      Johan - 2011-12-23 18:58

      I know what he wants from Santa - a new set of golf clubs.

      John - 2011-12-23 20:20

      @Johan, Golf clubs are part of the scam package, don't worry about Santa, the taxpayers giving it to him.

      Sean - 2011-12-24 07:16

      Willy he clubs be delivered down the chimney or up his .......?

      Kevin - 2011-12-24 11:55

      You get golf clubs , a bar fight ,medical discharge and every morning when you get up you give the taxpayer a two fingered gesture.

  • Irene - 2011-12-23 17:00

    I sure hope that somebody's kidney was used in vain to keep this piece of filth alive. If they reckon he won't leave hospital that's fine by me so long as the day he does it's in a box.

  • Shoe - 2011-12-23 17:00

    Snuff with Selebi. Just let the man go home, if that is what needs to happen for this 'Selebization' of our long awaited holiday season to end. Who expected a man on dialysis every four hours to go home? Now why is it news when he does NOT go home? If this is Selebi's way of getting sympathy, well its working. Also, if its his way of irritating the hell out of every body, and out serving his prison term, Heeeey, its working too. Just give this man parole before we all develop PTSD from this story.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 21:32

      let him go to jaaaaail kidney or no kidney he is a convict

  • Shirley - 2011-12-23 17:03

    The flies must swarm around Selebis mouth with the ammount of bullsh@t he talks!!!!We all knew this would happen-you COWARD!!!!!

  • J.D. - 2011-12-23 17:19

    So why should Selebi go to jail while all his co-corrupt cadres and comrades is still loose and on the prowl. They should all join him to be fair.

  • rashaad0hendricks01 - 2011-12-23 17:20

    He can still go to prison there is a hospital. So stop with the excuses already

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 22:20

      The hospital in prison does not cater for every illness. Any prisoner that cannot be treated in the prison hospital is taken to a state hospital with a set of guards and he is treated there until he is well enough to return to the prison hospital. That is normal procedure. Selebi was placed in a prison hospital but needed specialized medical treatment so he was shifted to a hospital outside prison. If he is faking it like Shaik then there is a problem. Then I think there should be a way of suing the Correctional Services or the doctors who have been lying about his true condition. It seems as if the only way Selebi can prove the seriousness of his illness is by dying. Or if his health improves, return to the prison hospital.

  • Douglas - 2011-12-23 17:25

    isnt it amazing how he gets so ill ater being convicted. no indication of this beore. bit like Shaik unbelievably getting better after release. frauds?????????????????scoundrels???????????????

  • Mbeko - 2011-12-23 17:28

    Cell-ebi is using the tried and tested formula ! it worked with Shaik ! disgraceful !

  • Caroline - 2011-12-23 17:31

    FRANS. Most popular jail bird around.

  • Paul - 2011-12-23 17:35

    Who is ready to give uo on justice in South Africa? As bad as it sounds we all may as well considering the lowlife scum that makes up the majority if not all of the ANC just have to get "sick" to avoid jailtime upon being CONVICTED of any serious crime they commit,South Africa will end up in civil war if this is allowed to carry on,it may even end up like Somalia... No government,no Police,no Economy,no Foreign Investment or Trade,no Schools or Hospitals...nothing but sand to feed ones family or a quick death by AK 47 or Bomb Blast if lucky... Well I guess as long as the ANC top dogs are taken care of no one else matters regardless of race or culture,thats the message the ANC are portraying here and the more they allow this Injustice to take place the more the liklihood of what I just described comes into play,South Africas future is really starting to look nothing short of horrific for all but the ANC,we can all only hope that those who loyally vote them into power every election basing that decison uopn the "LIES" the ANC feeds them eventually wake up to reality and cast their votes to any party worthy of fixing this mess.

      Winston - 2011-12-23 18:20

      Paul, I'm happy to know that where the so called protection of minorities was a lie that in spite of that, I can connect with a brother in (arms) with whom I can agree. I couldnt have said it better. I ask where are these so called clever academic liberals that believed this system could ever really work. My guess is they have gone into hiding. Their voices have gone so quiet that even a graveyard speaks louder than them.

  • alainheidtmann - 2011-12-23 17:42

    Shame! He must be having the SHAIKS!

  • desertratbkf - 2011-12-23 18:00

    Ah duh!!!! Of course the thieving vermin wont! Yawn! So sick of this all! Sad that I dont even read the full report. Its HUMAN (snigger), logic not to banter on about all this, since its something that happens in SA society with all these GOVERNMENT (ANC) criminals! On a more inportant note, as a new years "REVOLUTION" let us as the public do more for the underprivileged, and more, for this beautiful nation. There is no doubt in my mind that we AS THE PEOPLE, can help out by just buying a can of beans,mielie meal, or whatever, which these vermin cant provide for. I read hundreds of posts every week! In essence, we want poverty to go away! These fat gutted B & B's who rule us, should go to jail! Theyre criminal to the core! Come SA. If you have a spare cent, lets help our children to "credible" charity institutions, to educate, feed and provide for, properly! Its been over 20 years..........WTF has changed? Except gotten worse off, for the people that fought for it. Julius excluded! I'm STILL trying to understand what part of the struggle he participated in! Not really important anymore (or ever was). Merry Christmas SOUTH-AFRICA!!!!

  • jerry.pres - 2011-12-23 18:02

    He wasn't sick before his appeal failed. So what is sudden sickness.

  • Winston - 2011-12-23 18:07

    I'm afraid everyone is missing the point on this platform. Yes selebi is a crook and so is agliotti, however the bigger crooks are the "DOCTORS" and the "JUDGES" yes yes yes the "DOCTORS" and the "JUDGES" Unfortunately the buck stops with them. They are the ones who need to be held accountable for allowing this to happen. If the doctors got it wrong with shaik then howcome he has not been sent back to jail. Ask each and every surviving family member of a murder victim if the "JUSTICE SYSTEM" works in the new S.A. They will all tell you that it SUCKS. Allow China to rule for a day in south africa. The politics of this nation is a joke. People do not realize how thay have been so hoowinked but then we shouldnt be surrprised because some of us know who is in charge of the "System"

      desertratbkf - 2011-12-23 18:17

      Indeed! It should be handed over to an INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENT, group of medical PROFESSIONALS!!!!! Not an orchestrated bunch of vermin who are ALSO being paid. Like this criminal was!

      Sean - 2011-12-24 07:41

      By the way was he ever on diallisis before the TV announcement, I have kidney failure as well as vasculitis on the the brain stem I am being treated at home! It takes a while for kidney failure to develop unless there was specific trauma like being in a car accident or a hard smash to the kidney or even forgetting to pee, perhaps he was holding not only his breath, but also his pee which pushed up into his kidneys. This is just foul play! Are there records of any previous visits to the ephrologist/s.? He must have fallen very hard to damage his kidney/s! A diallasis machine as well a nurse could be placed in the prison hospital, same difference, he deserves to start eating prison food like all his future inmates and nit from a hospital menu!

      Henk - 2011-12-25 08:37

      They said the prison hospital cannot treat renal patients over the age of 50. In other words, the prison hospital DOES have a machine, but they can't teat Selebi because of policy. They found a nice little loophole for Selebi to duck his sentence. The timing of this "illness" is the source of all the doubt, same as Shaik who suddenly developed high blood pressure the moment he was sentenced. It is easy to fake illness for a short while, but quite a diffent story to keep up with it for any length of time. The truth will come out one day.

  • Raymond - 2011-12-23 18:13

    Seems that when officially found guilty of a crime the hospital route sets a precedence. The prisons will be empty but our hospitals full. Can't the prison warders then be re-trained to become male hospital nurses otherwise they will be out of work!

  • RemoteMedic - 2011-12-23 18:26

    Deja Vu....

  • Sam - 2011-12-23 18:45

    Here we are again with DA people they have been calling for Selebis head, guess who is paying the bill, for DA everything is good when money is spent according to them on fruitless expenditure, any way according to DA when they waste money its investment when spent by black people its corruption. We warned DA to give Selebi a house arrest to avoid this, I wish they can raise this in the parliament and DA must give us a solution.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 20:59

      What on earth has the DA got to do with this? Do you know that you're actually implying that the ANC and it's supporters support Selebi and what he did and want him to get special treatment. But I seem to recall that Shaik was an ANC supporter. And Tony Yengeni who got special treatment in prison and on parole and Winnie Mandela who managed to stay out of prison are both ardent ANC supporters. So you you want to commit criminal offenses or want to be corrupt, join the ANC.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 21:04

      And if Selebi is GENUINELY ILL, as I think he is, he should be in hospital until his health improves enough to go back to prison, or to die in hospital or at home. And I say this as a South African Citizen, not as DA or ANC. And I think Shaik should be returned to prison to complete his sentence there and treated like any other prisoner.

      Kevin - 2011-12-24 14:38

      So Sam vote DA and stop the scum from destroying the country

  • peter.vanachter - 2011-12-23 18:45

    Selebi never had a problem before nor whilst his case was going on, all of a sudden he is sick, hope this idiot dissapears and soon...

      Sean - 2011-12-24 07:45

      Yes, why was there never any mention that he had a medical condition during the trial - was he too cocky thinking that he was going to be set free?

  • nspaynter - 2011-12-23 20:18

    I think the Shaik case has done an incredible amount of damage. He is at death's door and gets released on medical parole and then goes out doing his own shopping and even goes out to play golf! The purpose of medical parole is to allow GENUINELY ILL prisoners to go home and die in dignity (whether they deserve it or not, that's another issue) Shaik ABUSED the system. I have a feeling that Selebi is seriously ill and probably should be in hospital and will probably die there. But because of Shaik I am suspicious.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 20:24

      If Shaik has his medical parole withdrawn and he is returned to prison I will applaud justice been done. But as long as Shaik is free and relatively healthy, there is something terribly wrong with the system, especially as there are very ill prisoners, including those with AIDS, who are not given the option of release and have to die in prison. The system is unequal and discriminatory.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 20:27

      Tony Yengeni is another point of injustice the way he was given special treatment in prison and on parole and responsible for the chief of Goodwood SAPS in losing his job trying to cover up for him. Winnie Mandela should be in prison but she is still free.

  • Perfume5 - 2011-12-23 20:19

    Shabby Shaik was an excellent teacher, they will all follow his stunts. He spent more time in hospital than in jail.

  • Cheryl - 2011-12-23 20:59

    Tony Yengeni is another point of injustice the way he was given special treatment in prison and on parole and responsible for the chief of Goodwood SAPS in losing his job trying to cover up for him. Winnie Mandela should be in prison but she is still free. WHY?

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 21:15

      I think Sam gives us a glimpse of the answer in his comment at 18:45. It seems as if the ANC have no problems with it's members committing crime and fraud. That is sad. The government in power should be fighting for rule of law and justice. The fact that both Tony and Winnie are on the NEC of the ANC is and indictment. And now we have Julius on the EC for Limpopo even though he is under "discipline" from the party. Fortunately the SA law does not allow them to be MPs. But the ECs are in the hands of the party.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-23 21:33

      Remember the Travelgate sage in parliament. There were DA MPs who were also involved. The DA immediately removed them from parliament. Not so with the ANC.

      Stanley - 2011-12-24 14:21

      And Stompie is still dead, with the name Mandela being used in the name of the murderers? lol

  • nspaynter - 2011-12-23 22:12

    Tragically the only way Selebi can prove he is really ill is by dying.

  • Mitchell Nortje - 2011-12-24 02:47

    I bet if I was convited of a crime and collapsed I wouldn't be allowed to go in and out of prison like that.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-24 07:17

      Why not, Mitchell? If you are so ill that they cannot treat you at the prison hospital you are transferred to a hospital outside. That is normal Correctional Services procedure. And as soon as you are well enough you are returned to the prison hospital.

  • nikki.bodenstein - 2011-12-24 04:51

    Just wheel his hospital bed into a cell.

  • braamc - 2011-12-24 06:26

    The thieve should die, piece of sh*t and an embarrassment for this country, then so are his legal team and the doctors

      nspaynter - 2011-12-24 07:28

      It's great to hear that there are perfect people in our country, Braam. You never break speed limits, always wear you seat belt. And cheating on your tax form is a total no no. We need more people like you.

      Barefoot - 2011-12-24 08:24

      And why the doctors?

      nspaynter - 2011-12-24 08:49

      Barefoot, it's the Doctors who are qualified to do the medical examinations and reports. I have a feeling in Selebi's case everything is aboveboard, but in Shaik's case it seems as if Doctors were asked to give false reports in order to have Shaik released or kept out of prison. If there are Doctors who give false reports they are despicable and should be disqualified and imprisoned themselves. Sies!

      braamc - 2011-12-24 09:16

      @nspanter Happy to hear you are willing to pay with your tax money this haux. Someone like Selebi needed the highest degree of integrity and responsibility hence his position. I believe in what is right and wrong, my tax money should be spend accountable. Thanks for your compliment, doing my best to keep up with believes, will not support theft, bribery, corruption, non accountability, non performance culture. Try e-filing not difficult for tax form. Now get out and take your friend Selebi a food parcel for Christmas

      nspaynter - 2011-12-24 12:13

      Braam, If they sent Selebi to Drakenstein or Alandale here in Paarl I would certainly visit him. I do happen to visit prisoners on a regular basis, and that includes murderers, rapists and gangsters. But cannot bring in a food parcel. As he has been given Group A privileges I could buy him a pie from the prison shop. Normal prisoners are given Group B and cannot have contact visits or food from the shop while on Group B. They have to wait six months before they can get Group A. I was angry about that. Apparently ex members of the police or army and elderly people can be given Group A status immediately on arrival in prison. I don't believe that is fair.

      Kevin - 2011-12-24 14:39

      Cos they lie

  • jan.calitz1 - 2011-12-24 07:34

    He will at least be remembered as the arrogant, overweight man who broke the back of a once proud, effective Police Force, turning it into a pathetic Service in a record time!

  • Ryan - 2011-12-24 08:20

    We expected as much, you bunch of corrupt commie bastards!

  • sesom - 2011-12-24 08:24

    He will soon join Shaik on the golf course, of course, smoking cigars.

  • Pieter - 2011-12-24 08:31

    Dit is belaglik!!! "Hulle" maak 'n bespotting van ons regs stelsel!!!

  • Sheddon - 2011-12-24 10:59

    How can a convicted criminal refuse to go to prison? I think the people of South Africa should march to the hospital and wheel him out themselves...

  • Kevin - 2011-12-24 11:53

    Must be shaik's doctor on duty . You are going to die......go home....How lang do I have ......30 years at home. Why is the medical board not investigating and stopping schaik's doctors from practising forever. They would probably be guilty of fraud and theft from the big boss(the taxpayer).Even worse, imagine how many patients are suffering at the hands of the incompetent thugs

  • Thopa - 2011-12-24 12:07

    When its selebi there's an outcry, whilst Bees Roux & two of the Waterkloof four are enjoying benefits of been free like everyone else. SIES!

      George - 2011-12-25 09:42

      @thopa Learn to read and follow stories. Bees Roux paid a huge amount of money and best of all admitted that he was wrong. he did not go on appeal after appeal knowing he is wrong. So did the waterkloof four , they did not collapse after the concourt refused their appeal. They served time and they are set free by application from the authorities itself. Their parents did not bring the application. Now they want to appeal something they have recommended. What a load of rubbish , I for one do not take sides but let me assume Selebi has renal failure ( Kidney disease ) it does not happen when you are found guilty. Kidney disease is a disease that happens over a long time and there should be signs of it. unless you are a ANC criminal then your body is designed in such a way that it becomes seriously ill with all the benefits along with it. How many people are in hospital waiting for kidney transplants , go and check their file how long ago kidney diseases were detected. They are still waiting. Selebi gets this disease because he thinks the Appeal court sentenced him to dialysis and medical parole. Come on selebi and his legal team read the judgement it says 15 years in prison and not medical parole. Clive Derby Lewis has launched application after application after he has been proven ill and is ill for a long time but because he took a ANC cadre life he is not pardoned. he has served longer than all the anc criminals did together. What a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra - 2011-12-24 12:28

    Poor thing. He must be nearly as sick as Shabir.

      George - 2011-12-25 09:48

      Dont forget we need another bed. Bheki Cele is also on his way. Do not be surprised that he will get a stroke or something. Remember when he developed chest pains when he was confronted about the lease saga. The only time i can remember we had a proper police force was when it was ruled by General van der Merwe and no i am not a racist but rather a man of principles and integrity. There are black people out there that has the same qaulities go and get them and let them rule the police force and make it a force again and take the circus out of it.

  • Jb - 2011-12-24 12:33

    They cannot even stick to their own stories. Initially Selebi was supposed to have collapsed due to nervous trauma. Now suddenly, despite being under perfect medical conditions in a medical facility, his kidneys have gone chronic. It seems that the only "specialist" they could find on such short notice willing to issue one of their Bullsh*t certificates was a kidney specialist so Selebi's body conveniently adjusted. Do they think we are all idiots?

  • Jb - 2011-12-24 12:37

    What a scam!!! If I was an attorney I would approach all longtermers in jail and get them off using the Selebi, Shaick and Yengeni cases as precedents.

  • Peter - 2011-12-24 14:39

    What's with the MR Selebi? Surely he is Inmate 5433478!

  • june.loeve - 2011-12-24 15:06

    There are obviously a lot of tweets going on between Selebi and Shaik but we must not forget THREE doctors said Shaik was terminally ill.

  • Steve - 2011-12-24 16:57

    This a excerpt from "freeing disgraced national police commissioner Jackie Selebi on special medical parole." ?????? Special? lets have some press on this, while its still allowed!

  • Enlightened - 2011-12-25 11:34

    This issue should be investigated and if doctors are found to be untruthful about Jackie's health in order to keep him out of jail, they should be prosecuted, if found guilty, disbarred and prevented from ever practicing medicin again

      Beatrice Matlakala - 2011-12-26 14:45

      And if its true that the old man is sick, what do you suggest be done with the doctors, seeing that you already judged them and even recomending penalty for them

  • chris.faurie - 2011-12-26 09:08

    Let Jack1e pays what he owes the tax payer for his defence team, release him and forget about him.

  • Beatrice Matlakala - 2011-12-26 14:51

    He is getting a parole very soon, watch this space. All this media reports is just the tip of the ice berg.. Theres no smoke without fire...anyway let the old men be man... So many officials has taken bribes n why him? Agh.. Let him be

  • Enlightened - 2011-12-27 14:24

    What's wrong with this crook? he hasn't even met his "daddy"yet and he's already faking sick. Get the guy out of hospital and tell him that if he returns he'll be sharing the room with "daddy" during the long lonely nigthts. Sorry I am being so crude about this but these ANC cronies deserve every bit that comes their way. The damage they have done to this countyr has no price.Quite frankly, the only positive thing I can see is that apartheid is gone. Everything else is an absolute shambles. FINALLY, JACKIE MUST REMEMBER THAT IN COUNTRIES SUCH AS CHINA, HE MIGHT BE SHOT FOR ABUSING PUBLIC TRUST!!!

  • Enlightened - 2011-12-27 14:42

    Dearest Itumeleng, with your knowledge of politics, you should quite frankly repfrain from waving your views so openly. with regards th Selebi, it goes like this. from 1983-1987 he wasa representative of the sovie world federation of democratic youth ,based in Budapest.Ironically sviviet and democracy are contradictions in terms. In 87 he was elected head of the ANC (youth league)whilst in exile in Zambia. in 91 he was made responsible for the repatriation of exiled ANC mewmbers and in 94, he was elected as member of parlament for the ANC. I am not a historian but these facts you cab check anywhere. Guess thats why some of you still vote Malema. have absolutely no idea what you're voting for. Sorry. You just ridiculed yourself

  • Dawie - 2011-12-27 22:09

    Why does this has a familiar ring to it, or should I Shaik the idea?

  • Eva - 2011-12-31 05:38

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