Sentencing of Pretoria tycoon postponed

2012-03-15 20:24

Johannesburg - The sentencing proceedings of Pretoria tycoon William Mbatha will be held at the South Gauteng High Court in April, police said on Thursday.

Mbatha appeared in court on Thursday and the case was postponed until April 11, said Colonel Tummi Shai.

Mbatha, who was arrested in 2009, has been convicted on four counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, four counts of kidnapping, four counts of unlawful possession of firearms, four counts of impersonating police officials, and four counts of being in possession of a police uniform.

During the robberies, homeowners were handcuffed and suffocated with plastic bags.

The robbers presented themselves as policemen, wearing police reflector vests and carrying police identification documents.

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-03-15 21:45

    Are we allowed to call someone a COON? Is a TYCOON a clone? Something like a cyclone or a typhoon?

      Sipho - 2012-03-15 22:01

      take your argument to this site! they are the ones who labeled him a TYCOON!! he's just a STICK UP MAN!!!! LOL!

      Art - 2012-03-15 22:28

      TYCOON is a VERY WEALTHY PERSON! This fellow must have worked for the Govt, sometime in his life... Only Govt pumps out TYCOONS!

      Johnny - 2012-03-16 12:29

      "Noun: Tycoon - A very wealthy or powerful businessman" Is crime now considered as a business ?? So the article can also read "Johannesburg - The sentencing proceedings of Pretoria crime business man William Mbatha... "

  • Sipho - 2012-03-15 22:38


  • Sipho - 2012-03-16 00:04

    he is the only TYCOON who forced his CLIENTS to "grab some sky" LOL!

  • Mark - 2012-03-16 07:27

    But according to Zuma the death sentence is inappropriate. Si instead we'll now pay for this scum to be cared for whilst he continues to vote for Zuma. Nice system we have here but useless.

  • jacques.vermaak - 2012-03-16 17:10

    @ News 24.Tycoon??? You surely meant coon?

      edward.malebye - 2013-01-20 12:11

      U all focus on th crimes. He has done amazing things for th people of Attrageville. Yes he was a croock bt he also had a good side

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