Serbian fugitive may abscond - prosecutor

2012-01-20 19:26

Cape Town - The risk is high that Serbian fugitive Dobrosav Gavric will abscond if released on bail, the Cape Town Magistrate's Court heard on Friday.

State advocate Dave Damerell told that court: "He's done it already."

He was referring to the fact that Gavric absconded and fled from Serbia to South Africa to avoid a 35-year prison sentence for three premeditated murders.

Gavric was arrested last year, pending extradition proceedings, after the Serbian authorities requested his detention in South Africa.

He has since launched a bail application on which Cape Town Magistrate Joe Magele will make a ruling on February 3.

Damerell said Gavric's predicament was of his own making "and certain agencies have had to take action against him".

He was found guilty by a Serbian court of killing the warlord known as Arkan in Belgrade.

The home affairs department said on Thursday he had been declared "a prohibited person" in South Africa.

Director General Mkuseli Apleni said Gavric's wife Danijela Lazic and a child had also been listed as undesirable persons.

This meant that Gavric, who entered the country under the alias of Sasa Kovacevic, had failed in his bid for refugee status and faced deportation.

  • Larry - 2012-01-20 19:33

    He is already a fugitive from justice, so its a no brainer that the guy gets bail.

  • paullombard17 - 2012-01-20 20:45

    @Larry, absolutely the Justice System loves these doesnt matter what they did or where they come through, as long as you can give " eish ilunch moneey " then you are welcome..look at the 150 000 West African Drug Dealers and countless Fugitive millionaires gracing our shores..

  • bradlesliect - 2012-01-20 21:05

    and when he gets bail...he becomes the next head of NPA. Lets face it, one of the PRIMARY requirements to get into the BIG BOYS aka UNTOUCHABLES of bananaMENT is to have a record. Should you not succeed in getting out, claim medical parole...lie low for a up your tom with some tenders or is it thendhancies? oh wait...before i urself a house with a bunker which u can use to store your milk you going to get from the blow up cows u buying...then when you go over the sea...get a "shadow" plane to follow you...just in case yours has just been in for a MAJOR service and u might need a tow if you go down in the middle of the ocean trying to find Italy cos u heard that's where the titanic sank...again... on this dude getting out.

      John - 2012-01-20 21:21

      Talking about the plane, I remember when terrorist Thabo Genocider Mbeki sent a plane full of police stuff like bullet proof vests to his fellow terrorist Aristides in the presidential plane. What did Zuma smuggle? Who did Zuma smuggle? Anglioti to the Canarie Islands? From there he got a lift to Sicily to re-organize the Mafia?

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