Seri lambastes false media report

2014-07-20 18:22

Cape Town - A report by the Sunday Independent that the lawyers representing hundreds of Marikana miners receiving R5.13m in legal fees is inaccurate and misleading, according to the Socio-economic Rights Institute (Seri).

Seri says that the papers submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeal by Legal Aid SA states that no money has been paid to the miners, but that R5.13m has been budgeted for the miners' legal team.

Seri further states that the tender for funding has not yet been agreed to by Legal Aid SA or the miners, and that R5.13m is the maximum figure that has been budgeted for the miners' representation.

They also say that the figure in no way reflects any amounts that have been disbursed for the representation of the miners at the Marikana Commission.

  • Reality - 2014-07-20 19:15

    Does everybody that attack police get an allocation of R5.13m for legal fees?

      Reality - 2014-07-20 19:32

      Just think..there is lots of money to be made.. Just arrange with your lawyer pal to represent you,then attack the police and you get a R5.13M legal allocation that you can share.

  • Bento Maepa - 2014-07-20 19:27

    Whatever all this means. It is out in the open and the whole country is waiting and watching now. One false move we are on you.

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