Serial killer loose in Groblersdal

2012-09-09 14:16

Johannesburg - Police believe a serial killer is operating in and around the Limpopo town of Groblersdal, they said on Sunday.

"Following a spate of murders which have hit the Groblersdal area in the recent past, police have every reason to believe there is a serial killer on the loose," said Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

"Since April this year, a total of four women have been found raped and murdered [with] the modus operandi used being the same," he said.

The first body of a woman, in her late 30s, was found decomposing in bushes on April 8 near the Air Stripped informal settlement.

In May, a farmer found the body of Monicah Mohlahlo, from Masakaneng village, on his farm on Schoeman Road.

A third woman's body was found in bushes in Groblersdal in June. The body was burnt beyond recognition.

A fourth woman's body was discovered last Sunday by two women collecting firewood at B50 Mkholoane farm. The body was also burnt beyond recognition.

"Police have also launched a search after a 28-year-old Dinah Morulaneng Lekola of Groblersdal was reported missing on 27 May 2012," said Mulaudzi.

It was believed that Lekola went to meet a man who promised to give her a job. She had not been seen since.

"Initial police investigations done on the discovered bodies have shown that the deceased were raped before meeting their cruel deaths," said Muluadzi.

Police believed the serial killer targeted women and urged them to be extra cautious, and not to hitchhike.

  • antionette.oberholzer - 2012-09-09 14:25

    SA has a very high number of serial killers, it's just never reported on.

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-09-09 15:51

      Serial killing differs from mass murdering or spree killing.It's more psychological in its reasoning than random intentional or indiscriminate killing which is what South Africa is notoriously known for. Hijacking,robberies,farm murders are all aimed at exterminating certain groups of people in our society because of the wrongly perceived long held views about the victims of the crime. From the FBI: "Mass murders are committed by individuals that can fall into any number of categories that includes killers of families,co-workers,students and random strangers." "Serial killings usually have some common characteristics which suggest it was perpetrated by the same person or persons." A list of South African Serial killers: 1.Moses Sithole "ABC Killer" 38 victims. 2.Gert van Rooyen 6 victims. 3.Norman Simons "Station Strangler" 22 victims. 4.Daisy de Melker 3 victims. 5.Cedric Maake "Wemmer Pan Killer" 27 victims. 6.Stewart "Boetie Boer" Wilken 7 victims. 7.Sipho Thwala 19 victims.

      Barefoot - 2012-09-09 17:28

      antionette.oberholzer i agree the problem with our police (presumptive) is that they couldn't find a pattern/modus operandi if it was a big bear wearing diapers that hit them in the face while screaming \I'm a modus operandi.\ got to go now police at the door they want to know what is this modus operandi 'm talkin about, \no it's not an illegal drug inspector\

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-09-10 10:23

      Why are they only letting the public know now?, when the woman went missing in May already!?!?

  • stanton.clarke - 2012-09-09 14:26

    Limpopo again! I hope the cops catch this bastard soon.

  • desertratbkf - 2012-09-09 14:33

    Ah Zimpopo, you never let the country down on everything thats just utterly WRONG!!!! Yup, hope they find you soon you excuse for life, vermin!

      siyanda.yeni.5 - 2012-09-09 16:37

      Lol...Zimpopo! Nice name for Juju's province!

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-09-09 15:07

    eisch that Lim po po its like a son of yours that in jail you know about him but you dont talk about him aikona i think the coruptors should erase that province

  • jean.tredoux.5 - 2012-09-09 15:21

    I just don't understand, people do realize it's not against the law to sleep around, yeah you will be a bit slut-ish but you can put it in, get it over and done with and move on, with both people (hopefully) satisfied WITHOUT killing them!

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-09 15:21

    Can we send him a list? We would like to put a few politicians inside and outside the Ruling Party in it.

      siyanda.yeni.5 - 2012-09-09 16:30

      Making a joke out of this is not on! This is a serious thing! Lives have been lost here!

  • gladness.mashaba.33 - 2012-09-09 16:09

    Get the community of Diepsloot 2 go hunt this bastard b4 he kills more womens

  • siyanda.yeni.5 - 2012-09-09 16:32

    Since April? And the police are only starting to worry now,when already lives have been lost!

  • Rodney - 2012-09-09 16:36


  • eugene.henriques.9 - 2012-09-09 16:39

    Is this article part of that funeral plan ad right at the of this story?Very strange how this article would contribute towards more sales towards that funeral plan for on R29 a month.

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-09-09 16:41

    He has a modus operandi and our police don't have. How can a serial killer be on the loose since April while the TRT is busy abusing people who are drinking their own money. There is no sense of urgency here.

  • tshepo.ray1 - 2012-09-09 16:57

    Me do understand ths,th Maberethe police whr r they nw whn a dangours guy its on loose mara,continue to kill n those maberethe police they r buzy wth harmless people.he is on large free out there.

      comurray - 2012-09-09 17:47

      Please note this forum is not Mixit, here we write in either Afrikaans or English so everybody can read the comments OK.

      motleleng - 2012-09-10 05:12

      #idiot, go back to school

  • Steven Trollip - 2012-09-09 17:29

    @Siyanda.LOL Zimpopo!!!!Good one

  • comurray - 2012-09-09 17:44

    Being his part of RSA I'm sure Juju could locate this savage before he strikes again. Why has he not been consulted?

      karin.lore.5 - 2012-10-23 07:20

      Maybe juliarse has some extra mural activities we don't know about - maybe he's getting rid of his frustrations......

  • mahesh.visram.7 - 2012-09-09 18:50

    find this sob and give him what he deserves, death sentence, but first he has to be tortured like he was in the pits of hell, and then send him there

  • anthea.lagrange - 2012-09-09 19:39

    Please understand that this man is a psychopath, he doesn't think the same way as the rest of us. It is not about sex or pleasure as we know it. He gets off on torturing and killing. The people of Groblersdal must be educated on how to avoid becoming victims. He does not look any different to anyone else and probably blends in to the crowd perfectly. Let's hope they catch him soon, before he kills again.

  • stofel.sanoka - 2012-09-09 22:39

    Watch out people of grobie

  • lebo.madihlaba - 2012-09-10 09:04

    Watch out my homies there's a serial killer, young gals dont let any man or stranger taking advantage

  • seun.mogotji - 2012-09-10 11:46

    Why are they only letting the public know now?, when the woman went missing in May already!?!?Moenyane okae? SAPS limpopo they are only After Politicians. If it was Seun or Tladi he would be long caught!

  • Miz.Mahlodi - 2012-09-12 13:11

    I think we do need the community of Diepslot or at least for once solve crime like them, maybe this ruthless heartless inhuman monster wouldnt have targeted our town. how do we live in fear in our homeland and worried about our loved ones, being unemployed is tough and stressful, but it need not be the end of young women's lives. he must be found and RAPED, KILLED. #seriously angry & disgusted

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