Sexwale supports media freedom

2010-08-11 11:04

Johannesburg - ANC heavyweight Tokyo Sexwale came out in strong support of media freedom at a leadership summit in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

“[Nelson] Mandela’s style of leadership... speaks about the freedom of expression, but, most importantly, also the freedom of the media,” Sexwale said at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit, where he praised the anti-apartheid icon’s style of leadership.

At the end of his speech, Sexwale, who is also human settlements minister, said he wanted to use the opportunity to take his own “leadership stance” about the media.

He said “a lot of heat” had been generated around the media in the past few days, in an apparent reference to the ANC’s proposal to set up a Media Appeals Tribunal for print media, which has been vocally supported by the ANC Youth League.


“A perception has emerged that the there is some kind of war between... the ANC and the media... I want to state without equivocation, from where I sit, from where I stand, where I come from, such a fight should not have a basis,” said Sexwale.

“... that the media should be fought, destroyed, that would be unconstitutional. That would be running against any value that Mandela stands for, that I stand for,” he said to loud applause.

Sexwale added that South Africans were made of “stellar stuff” and that people should be able to discuss hard concepts, even though it generated tension.

“These are intellectual discussions... I remain confident we will always find solutions through robust debate,” he said.

  • scud - 2010-08-11 11:17

    at last- an ANC heavyweight with backbone

  • Gambler - 2010-08-11 11:21

    Thumbs up Tokyo,I also believe in freedom of speech.

  • Vito - 2010-08-11 11:24

    Wise words from someone who understands the concept of democracy.

  • THE MAN - 2010-08-11 11:25

    go join the DA you are a sell out, you will never be president never

  • MAT Supporter - 2010-08-11 11:28

    What a populist sell out! I support the MAT and can see through the dust being kicked up by these media houses that refuse to be accountable. Nowhere have i seen an amendment (or proposed amendment) to the constitutional right to freedom of speech. So it is clear that any activities of the MAT would have to comply with this right - which right, i may add, has been greatly hailed by the media.

  • Ian D - 2010-08-11 11:29

    So at least there will be one ANC member not voting for the Bill in Parliament?

  • African - 2010-08-11 11:30

    I'm sure this man is not sure what he is talking about, if he is he was not going to be saying all this ru####sh. We are living in a country where there is conering, manipulative talks which are leading us nowhere. So I will advice you my man to come out of the box....

  • Steve - 2010-08-11 11:38

    Wow uncle Tokyo! It took a lot of guts to openly and in public declare your position on this issue. Just shows you, there are a lot of ANC guys with balls, who has to guts to stand up and say to the majority of ANC wooligans the are going to mess up something. Good for you Tokyo. We need more guys like you in this country. I would love to buy you a drink... Just say where and when...

  • SelloM - 2010-08-11 11:38

    I applause Tokyo for his stance on media freedom. That's the democracy we fought for, not this ANCYL dictatorship. It explains the recent visit by their president to Zim. ANCYL wants to turn SA into another Zim.

  • TJARARA - 2010-08-11 11:43

    Mr Sexwale does not necessarily depend on ANC. He knows that he can go back to his riches and continue making billions. So those who are afraid of losing key position in ANC support this media muzzle move. They are scared of Malema. They want to continue looting the state resources. They want to turn this contry into banana republic.

  • Karen C - 2010-08-11 11:47

    Well done! Democracy and the rights of the media are enshrined in our constitution. The focus should be on the problem and not the person - simply fix the problem and don't trample press freedom.

  • Anon - 2010-08-11 11:53

    Nice One Tokyo!

  • Gert - 2010-08-11 11:53

    no where does he say that he is against the tribunal. Zimbabwefication of South Africa is well on it's way. But when half the country has to flee South will we all be able to fit on Robben Island!

  • Anon - 2010-08-11 11:54

    You put the rest of the ignorant self indulgent ANC to shame. Good for you.

  • 06 - 2010-08-11 11:56

    To freedom,democracy and Tokyo!

  • lindiwe - 2010-08-11 11:57

    it makes me wonder why A.N.C IS afraid of the media if they have nothing to hide.PLS we are not stupid stop playing with us

  • Lyn - 2010-08-11 11:59

    Thank you Mr Sexwale you are a man of strengh and integrity

  • Maxi - 2010-08-11 12:00

    I am scared of ANC, they will be worse than National Party. I made mistake by voting for ANC all the previous years. I am afraid of you guys. You fooled us, big time...You (ANC)always think of next election, not next generation. Next time I wont vote for ANC, cope nor DA.

  • Katie - 2010-08-11 12:00

    Thankyou, Mr.Sexwale for standing up for what is right.It is not only guts you have to stand up for what is right, but also a highly intelligent brain.

  • Tulani - 2010-08-11 12:00

    We fought hard and long for our freedom now our leaders want to take our freedom from us Thank you Tokyo please talk to these comrades that are destroying our freedom .

  • Young Money - 2010-08-11 12:02

    BRILLIANTI!!! I repeat, there is nothing wrong about the ANC but the frot leadership it has. Big up sir! The Vavi's are also making a claim to stop these scavangers and i'm sure there are some other people that are righteous but too scared to stand up. Together we can go forward! The next step is to get rid of Malema and get someone educated to lead ANC in the next term. We need transparency, and only then we can all cheer and say that the ANC will lead till Jesus comes back!!

  • Jo - 2010-08-11 12:06

    @TheMan You're an idiot go join Mugabe in Zimbabwe, We don't need Nonthinking ANClitches like you in S.A

  • DeonL - 2010-08-11 12:08

    Tokyo for president! The Man you are wanted in Zimbabwe!

  • AJ - 2010-08-11 12:10

    Yeah, big words from someone with one of the biggest safety blankets in the land.

  • onemantribe@theman - 2010-08-11 12:12

    Two thoughts - firstly you are using media freedom to express your opinion, and you don;t expect anyone to rein you in nor muzzle you do you? Bet you hadn't even realised the irony of your words?
    Secondly - according to contemporary news report only now being released, from people who saw the horrors of the A bomb attack on Nagasaki at then end of the second World War - that attack would never have happened if the media had not been muzzled, and those media reports had been allowed to be printed. Are you starting to see the error of your words yet?
    So before you dance your way merrily into an ANC dictatorship, spare a thought for the broader picture. It ain't just about your tribal loyalties nor your immature need for character cults. It's way more frightening than that. We are fighting a total corporate take-over of access to information (look at the proposed Google-Verizon internet deal). Surely even you can see that information is the only level the public has to rein in dictatorships? Surely, please tell me your brain can digest these ideas? Otherwise you want a dictatorship, and if you do want a dictatorship, then you and yours in perpetuity are consigned to the dustbin of democracy.

  • Sledgehammer - 2010-08-11 12:14

    Tokyo is again miscalculating big time!!!!!!

  • AHu - 2010-08-11 12:16

    Media freedom and freedom of the press are a bedrock and cornerstone of any TRUE democracy[most ANC suppoters have only ever lived in THIS democracy]. As such, in most TRUE Democracies, there is strong and reliable recourse throught the Civil Law Courts under strong and disuasive Liable and Deformation Laws for anyone who wants redress with ample and significant compensation.The ANC's problem is that they wish to politically censure, and it shows loud and clear.For them to side track that route to protect their corrupt Cadres from large legal expenses [most are filthy rich in the first place]'doesnt pass the smell test'to me.

  • Weepee - 2010-08-11 12:17

    Nice to hear one of the true ANC cadres stand up for what the orginal ANC stood for in the fight for freedom.

  • DaveB@Theman - 2010-08-11 12:20

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Tokyo at least recognises freedom of speech, which is exactly what the ANC wanted in the aparthied era. But now it does not suit them to hear the truth about themselves.

  • Samuel Mabena - 2010-08-11 12:21

    Now this is what we're talking about. True leadership that leads by example. Well done Mr Sexwale. I salute you!

    Why can the new young breed of ANC wannabes not follow in the footsteps of our fathers?

  • Richard Southey - 2010-08-11 12:25

    It is always amusing to read the intellectual responses mixed with the chaff... Tokyo is a politician, he owns newspapers... Where there is smoke there is fire. Malema is financed by Tokyo Sexwale and is in his stable of loyalists, this is a strange politics is this... I do hope however that we can turn this around and create and maintain a strong republic, democracy and liberal constitution.

  • Tokyo for President - 2010-08-11 12:27

    Please Mr. Sexwale run for President and get rid of the rotten eggs within Government starting form Zuma down to the Malema maggot!

  • Dr Steve Brule - 2010-08-11 12:30

    Rock on Tokyo!
    @THE MAN, you know when I read your comments I can hear a stupid militant taxi driver with half chewed pap in his mouth.

  • reasonable - 2010-08-11 12:31

    mark my words. this man would be our next president

  • Concerned - 2010-08-11 12:33

    In a previous message I said...'be afriad...very afraid'. This media mussle tactics is only the start of moving to a one paty state. With malema on the horizon and with people around that have limited vision (like 'the man's' comments which calls anyone who does not agree with the ANC...sellouts....Take your riches and move people...time is very afriad, very afraid. Zimbabwe has almost arrived in S.A.

  • LETONA - 2010-08-11 12:33

    I should think Tokyo must be in front of all these antimedia/journalists,so that they must c the light through HIS TORCH.Where there is no freedom of expression,there is no democracy.Crime and corruption are masters of our country and are enemies to media freedom.

  • JS - 2010-08-11 12:38

    Well done Tokyo ! I think The Man is right - go to the DA and stand for president. Most whites will also support you as it is clear that you will protect the democratic rights of SA and even more so, have the right attitude towards a financially stable country, to uplift the poor without bankrupting the rich. We are with you all the way.

  • Pire - 2010-08-11 12:38

    What the ANC is doing at the moment is 100% the same as what Hendrik Verwoerd did back in the apartheid days and also what Hitler did back in the day. I can understand from the ANC's point of view to why they would like to muzzle the media. Its not nice to have all your mistakes/crimes/corruption/incompetancy etc etc on the front pages of all news papers every week. So instead of solving the actual problem they choose to shoot the messenger. The truth will always come out, no matter how hard you try to cover it up. The ANC needs more people like Tokyo to lead this country.

  • Mariki - 2010-08-11 12:46

    Tokyo Sexwale for President!!!
    An intellectual with integrity and knows what he stands for!

  • Fuzzy@ THE MAN, MAT SUPPORTER - 2010-08-11 12:49

    Fools, if it want for press freedom forums like this would be banned.

  • Steve - 2010-08-11 12:51

    Sexwale is a major shareholder of Avusa, who own The Sunday Times, Sowetan, Business Day and Financial Mail among others. It's a business move by Sexwale.

  • Sparky - 2010-08-11 12:51

    WOW!!! Shame thats a BIG UP Y...S to the ANC and there followers.Cant wait to read all the comments from there supporters .Good for you Tokyo.@ African, before you you accuse people of talking rubbish, read over your email a few times, even backwards if that will help!!!!

  • Bloody Agent - 2010-08-11 12:53


  • Mshana - 2010-08-11 12:54

    This article underlines what we have always said about the media, no where in this article is Tokyo saying there should be no media tribunal or that the information bill as tabled should be changed. Instead because Sexwale is seen a a safer option to Gwede Mantashe his words a trumpted as if they differ to those of the ANC, this is essentially what Gwede/Cronin/Zuma have been saying... Media freedom is guaranteed by our constitution and curtailing that will be going against the values of the ANC.

  • Mike or Mpho - 2010-08-11 13:06

    @THE MAN - It seems that you support corruption and a Banana Republic type of governance by your comment. At least it is now clear. Now go back to your tree and let the adults discuss

  • @African - 2010-08-11 13:07

    er.....WHAT? Whatever you were trying to say is complete rubbish, because no one understands the gibberish you are spewing.

    How can you comment on the MAT when you don't even understand the concept of a clear, understandable comment! Duh!

  • Lekuleku - 2010-08-11 13:10

    Its a free country.

  • OH DEE - 2010-08-11 13:20

    Beware the politician! Forever wanting to be reason in the midst of stupidity. He's just appeasing a bunch of scared white people at some fancy conference..only bcoz they can "relate" to him. He's just trying to make his own case for the presidency WHEN the current crop go bust come 2012! Very clever Tokyo

  • Mike or Mpho - 2010-08-11 13:27

    Lekuleku - agreed, and it can only be free if we have the right of a corrupt free government, something that the ANC and its brain-washed (a generalisation ofcourse) supporters don't seem to understand. I say VIVA Opposition, which ever it may be!

  • @Lekuleku - 2010-08-11 13:34 was a free country, welcome to the peoples republic of Mzanzi. Death to Democracy (and the SA Dream) with Applause. I hope you all embrace your futures as mindless fools. I for one do not beleive for a second that it will stop with surpressing the media, from next year we will all start paying more taxes and the true Socialist colours of the ANC will be seen...i hope you will all toyi-toyi in celebration...not.