Shaik in prison's hospital wing

2011-03-15 15:30

Durban - A "shell-shocked" Schabir Shaik has been placed in the hospital wing of Durban's Westville Prison while he awaits the outcome of a probe into allegations of assault and parole violations, IOL news reported on Tuesday.

“He is lying isolated in the hospital section of the prison," his lawyer Reeves Parsee was quoted saying.

"Schabir Shaik is confused and saddened at his arrest, which appears to be based on allegations in the media. There’s no evidence that he has violated his parole conditions, or proof of the allegations being levelled against him.”

Prison officials interviewed Shaik at his Morningside home, and then took him to Westville Prison in a correctional services car on Monday.

Parsee told Daily News that he had not been provided with any documentary evidence or factual basis for the arrest.

'Basis of arrest not known'

“All I have been told is that my client has been arrested for investigative purposes, nothing else. I understand that he will appear before the parole board within 48 hours to hear the basis of his arrest.

“However, we are concerned at his sudden arrest soon after media reports of his alleged altercation with someone - and are even more concerned that reasons for his arrest have not been substantiated.

“We are looking to see if the arrest was lawfully permissible, given the circumstances,” Parsee said.

Shortly before being whisked off to prison, an upset Shaik phoned the Daily News and said: “They are arresting me based on the Sunday Times report that I assaulted someone. They wouldn’t even listen to me or contact the three witnesses that have come forward.”

Yesterday, it was reported that three witnesses to the scuffle in the car park of the Masjid Al-Hilal mosque in Overport, told a different story to that of worshipper Mohamed Ismail, 42, who was involved in a parking altercation with Shaik.

'Shaik not the aggressor'

They claimed Shaik had not been the aggressor, and had not punched Ismail, as he had told the Sunday Times. Shaik’s Jeep apparently blocked Ismail’s exit, delaying Ismail’s departure to hospital to be at his daughter’s bedside.

Shaik recently had a scuffle with Sunday Tribune journalist Amanda Khoza on a golf course. She laid a charge of assault against him, alleging he slapped her.

In an interview at the weekend, Shaik said he was taking a cocktail of medications to control his health, including his blood pressure and heart problems, adding he risked going blind.

Asked if he was terminally ill, Shaik replied: “Terminally ill does not imply I am in a hospice or that I am about to drop dead today. I may have serious health issues, but it does not mean I am incapacitated and incapable of playing golf in my free time.”

Shaik was released on parole in 2009 after serving just over two years of a 15-year prison sentence for corruption and fraud following a probe into South Africa's arms deal.

The case against President Jacob Zuma, who was alleged to have received a bribe from a French arms company, now renamed Thint, was dropped, as was the case against Thint.

  • wattalotokak - 2011-03-15 15:37

    hmmm - and so it begins....

      Otello - 2011-03-15 15:41

      Oh Don't be so heartless..........the man is dying..........

      Viv - 2011-03-15 15:43

      Dying from what exactly Otello?

      thedailyreal - 2011-03-15 15:44

      we are all dying otello - but to be on the golf course really isnt a man on his death bed....

      whatsinaname - 2011-03-15 15:50

      Clive Derby Lewis IS dying, but look at the sympathy he gets.

      rammstein.f4n - 2011-03-15 15:53

      If he doesn't die now, he goes back to prison. That's the deal and was originally too. Either die or go back to jail. :p

      Krush - 2011-03-15 15:59

      @Otella, We're all dying - the process starts the day we're born - so what's your point?

      hermannb - 2011-03-15 15:59

      Otello..........we all start dying from the day we are born.

      NicolaG - 2011-03-15 16:03

      LOL. Yes, shame, his terminal illness must be messing horribly with his golf handicap. Have some sympathy for heaven's sake!!

      Mike - 2011-03-15 16:15

      What better place to die than on a golf course.

      POLLENYS - 2011-03-15 16:22

      Methinks we need some old style justice - someone to break his kneecaps and give him reason for being in hospital.

      Hardtail - 2011-03-15 16:26 you guys seriously believe this? i thought he was dead already! he is back in hospital, sure to contract his terminal status again (go and google the big mac diet to see how he did it)...and all just before the elections too? i wonder how quick before he is released this time? 1 week after the elections? 2? 3?....

      Rolie - 2011-03-15 16:33

      This is like Deja Vu - Shaik in hospital again?????

      moiraine - 2011-03-15 17:01

      Exactly Richie. Anyway, one of the risk factors for high blood pressure is stress. Therefore I am pretty sure everyone in prison has high blood pressure. Maybe they can all go on medical parole.

      Blougroen - 2011-03-15 21:12

      I hope the poor man has at least got a view of the golf course from his deathbead in the hospital wing.

      wattalotokak - 2011-03-16 08:41

      you guys don't get it - the minute he is in prison, he gets to see all the big things waiting for his ass: then he faints hahahahahaha

      Xolani - 2011-03-16 11:08

      @whatsinaname there is a difference between a murderer and a fraudster

      whatsinaname - 2011-03-17 10:40

      @Xolani Both are convicted criminals you chop! The difference is CDL did his time. Shaik had an all expenses paid stay in the vacation club.

  • kappaj - 2011-03-15 15:37

    Just like the prediction - back to hospital. Get his backside into prison!!

      Podgette - 2011-03-15 15:44

      Prison hospital at least.

      lukas2 - 2011-03-15 18:11

      he's in the wrong wing. He should be in the maximum security wing.

      Mr. Left - 2011-03-16 10:28

      We should suggest a new name for Westville Prison to the minasta of rehabilitation - Shaik don't wana live here no more

  • Dhar - 2011-03-15 15:38


  • Factual Fred - 2011-03-15 15:39

    Gosh, the authorities have no respect for the terminally ill!

      Mark - 2011-03-15 17:09

      Authorities..... SA has those???

      Fred - 2011-03-15 19:00

      He is about as terminally ill as I am, and I expect to live at least another 30 years. But he is connected, so as soon as the elections are over he will be back out on loose parole again, enjoying golf and everything that I can't afford to do. This is just another pathetic attempt by the ANC losers to try and garner a few votes.

  • zibbalans - 2011-03-15 15:39

    yahhhhh nehhhhh:(

  • A THEIST - 2011-03-15 15:41

    LOL !

  • Terrance - 2011-03-15 15:41

    Back to square one..

  • truthteller - 2011-03-15 15:42

    why hospital & not jail

  • spectre - 2011-03-15 15:44

    "it does not mean I am incapacitated and incapable of playing golf in my free time.” Does it mean he is incapable of sitting in a prison cell, or is it just that he doesn't enjoy shower hour? Strange how he never minded screwing on his own terms...

      PJ - 2011-03-15 22:51

      LOL !!!!!

  • Viv - 2011-03-15 15:45

    Gosh I was not aware that terminally ill meant that you will live for another 2 years and can play golf. Wow I hope that one day I also suffer from Shabeer's Terminal Illness.

      chris.debeer1 - 2011-03-15 15:50

      You are suffering from it Viv it is called life every day you closer to your earthly end. Some off us just take the word terminally ill a bit far.

      U1 - 2011-03-15 15:53

      We are allterminally ill. wea re all going to die one day. arn't we? ;)

  • muriel.farquharson - 2011-03-15 15:45

    Will they ever learn, you can only cry wolf once.

      moiraine - 2011-03-15 17:04

      unless you are friends with the government leaders, then you can do it as much as you like. He will be out soon enough.

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-03-15 15:45

    Please treat the terminally ill with respect,dignity and care - the man will not be around much longer . Let him make peace with his maker for he has sinned. May he rest in peace when he goes.

      Janine - 2011-03-15 16:09

      I am happy to treat the terminally ill with respect, dignity and care. Shaik, however, is clearly NOT terminally ill.

      DW - 2011-03-15 16:30

      Please confirm whether you have the same sympathy for Clive Derby-Lewis. Can he also go home to die? If not, then Shaik must stay in jail. But I bet you are too yellow-livered to respond to this post. You want Shaik at home but Derby-Lewis in jail - who is really dying here?

      moiraine - 2011-03-15 17:05

      Clive Derby-Lewis is in no state to play gold either.

      Fanie - 2011-03-15 17:10

      You can't be serious???

      Michel - 2011-03-16 08:42

      WiseOwl2, is not called WiseOwl(2) for nothing.... I think better let the real WiseOwl comment

  • Andy49 - 2011-03-15 15:45

    His golf scores must be pretty crappy if it is true that he is going blind. What an amazing self description of 'terminally ill' already been 2 years since his release & he still struts his 'terminally ill' stuff. What a joke.

      djg - 2011-03-15 16:35

      he's going blind because of Mrs Palm

  • WhySoAngry? - 2011-03-15 15:46

    lol ...did anyone expect ANYTHING else?? Shaik will be out in no time...with "stricter" bail conditions

      Carmaine Harrison - 2011-03-16 09:44

      ... or NO bail conditions....

  • googoodude - 2011-03-15 15:46

    I've never seen anyone that can put on like this man! When he is free he alive and well, but lo and behold he should go to jail, then he is dying again! This is ridiculous!!!

  • burtfred - 2011-03-15 15:47

    From the 19th hole to the hospital ward for the terminally ill, quicker than you can say "armsdeal". It looks like your cosy arrangement with JZ is over, Shabir. He has dumped you and now only has eyes for the Guptas - their bank balance is bigger than yours.

      Mr Hobbit - 2011-03-15 16:00

      Ha ha ha :)

      Perfume - 2011-03-15 18:19

      @burt...LOL LOL LOL LOL

      Michel - 2011-03-16 08:44

      Yes but he was to blind to see it comming :)

  • Thingamebob - 2011-03-15 15:47

    Zuma is so terrified of Sheik and his brother that sheik will soon be released but we should not be surprised. The Zulu is terrified of the Indian as well as the Pindi (melemba).

  • Zee - 2011-03-15 15:47

    No way.. can't be.. who would have thought!!

  • CygnusX1 - 2011-03-15 15:47

    “However, we are concerned at his sudden arrest soon after media reports of his alleged altercation with someone - and are even more concerned that reasons for his arrest have not been substantiated."....Well Parsee we as the general public are even more concerned with a convicted criminal walking aorund in our midst allegedly assaulting members of the public. Take your "legal bullshit" somewhere else!

      Wilfred - 2011-03-16 12:53

      Shaik was once a freedom fighter and I learnt a lot from him then. I still respect his guerrilla intelligence tactics then. Please read what I said well and do not just respond without putting analysis as usaully.

      CygnusX1 - 2011-03-16 14:08

      @ Wilfred...A "Freedom Fighter" no for exactly what "freedom" did this idiot "fight' for. The freedom of criminals to have the law on their side? To roam the streets freely, enter peoples homes freely, murder, rape and kill freely. My so called analysis not only on Schabir bit his ither two brothers was done a long time ago, before they were in the public eye but terrorist operators. You can tell me zip about the Sheiks!!

  • melhoniball - 2011-03-15 15:48

    If your not too sick ton play golf, then you are not too sick for jail either. From what I heard it's much more effort to play golf than to do jail time.

      Tieneke - 2011-03-17 08:28

      Even when I am feeling good, I would not spend the day playing golf! Now imagine how well he was actually feeling......

  • Shistirrer - 2011-03-15 15:49

    Don't hold your breath. He'll be out before the weekend, dying for another round of golf.

  • Fredster69 - 2011-03-15 15:49

    I wonder what his handycap is for a half blind guy...

      Michel - 2011-03-16 08:46

      Duh Fred, His handycap is his blindness

      rammstein.f4n - 2011-03-16 15:09

      Not so big on golfing terminology are you Michel? ;)

  • gizzy - 2011-03-15 15:49

    Off to a private hospital tonight!!!

      PAR - 2011-03-15 15:54

      Paid for by JZ cause they are "protecting" each other ......

      allie - 2011-03-15 16:14

      They will keep him drugged so he can`t talk in his sleep,like last time.

  • zumalema - 2011-03-15 15:50

    Life is a terminal illness ... I wonder if that's what he's got

  • Nigel - 2011-03-15 15:50

    I can bet this guy won't go 2 jail..his release the 1st time is the one which was stinking more than this...

  • Dog!! - 2011-03-15 15:50

    Ever heard of a reality show!! This is it. Shaik is nothing but a celebrity prisoner!!

  • Big Al - 2011-03-15 15:51

    WTF... he was well enough to play golf????

  • Tigra - 2011-03-15 15:51

    If he were truly too ill to be in prison, he would be too ill to play golf!

      Tigra - 2011-03-15 15:52

      Just check out the column on health24 called "Shaik down". Definitely an eye-opener!

  • Michelle - 2011-03-15 15:51

    Hy't tronksiekte man. Asof hy nie weet nie. Idiotiese sot!!!!

      Michel - 2011-03-16 08:48

      Ja tronksiekte en hy maak tronksaksies om uit te kom

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-03-15 15:51

    "Free time"??????. He's getting a lot of that isn't he? Criminals, they're all the same.

  • Just Johnnie - 2011-03-15 15:51

    If this carries on, all comedians will be out of work, this shaik-dude seriously cracks me up.

  • melinda.vandeventerlottering - 2011-03-15 15:52

    And despite these chronic health problems, the man constantly has a cigar glued to his lips!? Lock him up and throw away the key!

  • Tummi - 2011-03-15 15:53

    If there is such a thing as reincurnation i want to come back as Shabir the MAn is above the Law or can get sick at will wow

  • Grant - 2011-03-15 15:54

    Lock him up and throw away the keys the scheming useless sod.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-15 15:54

    Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaa - the man is dying again? I feel even Jesus himself would be impressed with the miraculous manner in which this man "rises from a certain death" everytime he is RELEASED from prison....

  • Abongile - 2011-03-15 15:54

    Pretending to be sick to avoid jail time has surely become more emotionally exhausting than being in jail for Schabir Shaik...

  • Ruby Jane - 2011-03-15 15:55

    they are so stupid...don't put him in hospital..put him on a golf course...that is really really good for ones health!! Espesially if your'e dying!!

  • B line - 2011-03-15 15:57

    He really is ill, can you imagine how it must be like in jail, poor guy. I spoke to his lawyer some time ago and apparently he is not faking his illness. Also, he wasn’t playing golf, he was just watching with his 1 eye.

      FerretGee - 2011-03-15 16:32

      Do you think his lawyer would admit that he is faking it? get real, the lawyer is paid to protect his client. Strange how he has a golf glove on, a club in his hand and is attired in golf clothes just to "watch with one eye". Hopefully your post was meant to be sarcastic!

      DW - 2011-03-15 16:34

      And you believed his lawyer?

      Andy49 - 2011-03-15 16:41

      @FerretGee @DW do you both believe what B line says?

      zottomike - 2011-03-15 21:28

      @ Andy49. I see you are back and still only commenting on what other people have said. No comment from you? You remain a Wanker!!!

      B line - 2011-03-16 10:28

      I was joking, I hate the bastart.

  • rix.wallace - 2011-03-15 15:57

    shame shabir, feeling a bit shaiky after all this... "the basis of arrest unknown" surely there must be a warrant of arrest to clear that up, if not, then wtf is he doing in jail... detention without charge rings a few bells donnit??

  • Michelle - 2011-03-15 15:58

    Seeing as he is so ill, it might be a good idea to try some of JZ's whoonga!!

  • Homo-Sapien - 2011-03-15 15:59

    @Viv & dailyreal uhm I think Otello was being sarcastic!

  • Jack - 2011-03-15 15:59

    one day on the golf course the next in the prison hospital - tragic isn't it.

  • Carlatones - 2011-03-15 16:00


  • kilo39 - 2011-03-15 16:00

    he might want to consider that he may be safer in this coming season of political assasinations,I venture that one severely under pressure President of a Southern African country may want to eliminate another one of the risks to his own wellbeing.......his 'Sell By Date' has expired.

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-15 16:01

    He's terminally ill. Wjy do they not euthanaise him, and put us out of our misery.

  • Point Blank - 2011-03-15 16:02

    Good enought o play golf, smoke cigars and dine out at resturants... but too ill to sit in a prison cell? Hahaha!! Whatever!

  • Souf-Efrikan - 2011-03-15 16:05

    He is lying isolated... He is lying everytime his lips move!! It seems that it is the horizontal position of the hospital bed that causes his deadly health problems... Maybe they should give him a spade, make him stand up and do some road fixing on a chain gang... when he stands upright on the golf course he seems to be doing just fine... it is when he is lying isolated that the problem starts... Maybe Pappa should share a cell with him, he won't get much time lying isolated then!!

  • Janine - 2011-03-15 16:07

    Ha! Didn't take long did it?

  • Mgayi - 2011-03-15 16:08

    "There’s no evidence that he has violated his parole conditions, or proof of the allegations being levelled against him" If the above statement is anything to go by then we are all wasting our energies commenting on this forum . Shab will be teeing off pretty soon

  • briansmith702 - 2011-03-15 16:08

    What a lying little muslim scum. He can play golf and assault people but now has to be placed in the hospital section. Just shows how sick and corrupt this ANC is. He should be locked up and the keys thrown away permanently. It would be good riddance to scum.