Shaik's 'racist attack' claims challenged

2011-06-03 08:25

Durban - Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik's claims that he was the victim of a racist attack at a Durban golf club are collapsing under scrutiny.

Media24 Investigations has interviewed more than 50 people working at, or members of, the Papwa Sewgolum golf club in Durban - and they all pour cold water on Shaik’s claim splashed on the front page of the Sunday Times last weekend.

Scores of people - including workers, managers, bar staff and members - have challenged Shaik’s claims that he was beaten up by four drunk men after he intervened when he overheard them calling President Jacob Zuma a k****r.

He claimed to the Sunday Times last week that he was kicked and beaten and called a “k*****-boetie” when he stepped in to defend the president.

Clubhouse bar

The incident supposedly took place in the clubhouse bar, which is small, and it is unlikely such an incident could have occurred without witnesses.

Zonke, the head of the bar, who declined to give her surname, said she was on duty every weekend including the weekend the incident was supposed to have occurred in her bar.

“If anything happened in the bar area I would have seen it. Nobody who works here saw anything or told me anything like this.

“Shaik plays here often but never comes into the bar area,” she said.

Aslam Peer, a respected member of the club and who sits on the club’s management committee, said: “We have thoroughly investigated the alleged attack. We spoke to all the staff, management, players and security personnel. There was no such incident as described by Shaik.”

Manju Patel, who manages the club’s halfway house and who is the wife of the former club president, said she knows nothing of the alleged incident. “If anyone saw or heard anything they would have told me. He [Shaik] plays here frequently, but there could never have been such an incident without one of us knowing about it,” she said.

Renuka Maraj, an assistant at the halfway house, said she was at the club the entire day the incident supposedly occurred and neither she nor the kitchen staff saw anything like that described by Shaik.

Waiting for pardon

The caddies and the club manager - who asked not to be named - said they found it strange that such an assault could have occurred without them knowing about it.

A group of 30 caddies who work at the course daily and who were interviewed by Media24 Investigations said they had heard nothing about the alleged incident. Security staff interviewed also said they knew nothing of it.

Shaik, speaking to Media24 Investigations at his Durban house, insisted the incident did occur and said that “generals” from the police had called him to ask if he wanted to lay a charge.

“I won’t. I am just waiting for my [presidential] pardon and then I’m going overseas. I am finished with the hate in this country.

“Why are you out for my blood?” he asked.

- investigations@media24

  • Felix - 2011-06-03 08:39

    Who believes convicted fraudsters any way... Does this mean that Sheiky called Jz a K****r himself?

      Jan - 2011-06-03 08:51

      He probably did while kicking his own arse...

      Aish - 2011-06-03 08:54

      LOL, good way to look at it Felix!!

      GinSA1 - 2011-06-03 15:29

      If he did, would he be wrong?

      Huck_Finn - 2011-06-03 23:18

      The little fraudster is sufferring from delusions of grandeur!

  • Sir-Vic - 2011-06-03 08:41

    they (parole board) must send him to prison... where he belongs.

  • dude_like_wtf - 2011-06-03 08:42

    The audacity of this guy never ceases to amaze me. If he's so scares of the people alienating him, he should go back to prison. On second thought, he should go to prison, period.

  • KC Coleman - 2011-06-03 08:42

    Dying??? He will probably outlive us all

  • mike - 2011-06-03 08:43

    just waiting for his pardon so he can f*** off with the money that he defrauded fron SA taxpayers ? what a scumbag

  • Gandalf - 2011-06-03 08:43

    Please, send the horrible little man away overseas, let him go leach off another country. Am sick to death of his crap, and all the corruption, fraud and sick favouritism he stands for as Zuma's chummy. He's a symbol of everything that is wrong with the ANC.

      SYLVERSTAR - 2011-06-04 10:50

      dont let the liar go with his loot (looted from us)

  • Sheda Hab - 2011-06-03 08:43

    There is a crime greater than racism and that is falsely accussing a person of racism. Sies, but this Shaik fellow is a pig.

      d54 - 2011-06-03 11:52

      Why insult a pig.

      AmandaWhereTo - 2011-06-03 15:06

      TheUgly is referring to an Episode of South Park, I'm pretty sure.

      TheUgly - 2011-06-03 16:23

      @AmandaWhereTo - Your quick. Really quick. Nicely spotted.

      SYLVERSTAR - 2011-06-04 10:51

      a muslem pig

      capetonian - 2011-06-04 14:28

      Actually pigs are amongst the most intelligent of all four legged mammals. They make amazing pets! So please don't include them in the same company as this oxygen thief...

  • George - 2011-06-03 08:44

    Shaik is an embarrasment to this land. He should be charged with defaming the white race. How can he concoct and allege that some white people beat him up for defending Zuma and the K word. He is desperate for attention and now wants us to believe that he is fighting or was beaten up for defending Zuma. He is out. The Gupta's are in. He should also be charged with fanning racial tensions. What a disgrace. Zuma's friends are an embarrasment to all of us.

      Warren - 2011-06-03 20:03

      In the report he is clearly admitting to arse-creeping by Zuma for a presidential pardon!

      capetonian - 2011-06-04 14:37

      To tell the truth, JZ is becoming an embarrassment to this country. I would love to be a fly on the wall in some of the western embassies when his name comes up for discussion... Let's all hope he doesn't get a second term!

      PikeLee - 2011-06-05 09:10

      The only thing scarier than Zuma getting a second term is the reality of who would replace him.

  • Al - 2011-06-03 08:47

    Oh siestog poor little Shaik! Seems like he should be checked out for early onset senility?????????????

  • Bevonk - 2011-06-03 08:48

    This publicity stint by Shaik is back firing big time. Anyway, how is he allowed to play golf regularly on parole? Two sets of rules.

      moiraine - 2011-06-03 16:27

      And not even real parole which is earned for good behaviour etc. He just got out because he found a doctor to claim he was dying.

  • ZAPMAN - 2011-06-03 08:50

    Dead man waliking ,Dead man playing golf,dead man assualting journo,s,DEAD MAN BULSHITTING

      croix - 2011-06-03 13:10

      Well put, Sir.

  • kilo39 - 2011-06-03 08:52

    Shaiks handicap is his mentality, thinking he can fabricate a story to buy sympathy for himself. He has again proven that he is a brittle human being labouring under the misapprehension that he is important. He must not be given a Presidential pardon as he has probably been promised, and he must serve out the rest of his time in gaol.

  • JJRR - 2011-06-03 08:52

    LAME ASS!!! now it is racism!!! Should be in jail!!

  • James - 2011-06-03 08:53

    WHAT A F&*(*&%$# WANKER ........ Youn are making a BIGGER ass of yourself buddy ....... Stop playing golf and go back to jail ......

  • ReThan - 2011-06-03 08:53

    Why do people like this even exist? i mean innocent people die every day but this criminal is still alive when he is supposed to be DEAD!

  • william.botha - 2011-06-03 08:54

    He's not a convicted "fraudster" for no reason. Fraud in as "can't be trusted".

  • Badger - 2011-06-03 08:56

    No wonder he doesn't want to lay a charge, cause there is FA to charge. Karma is a bitch, hey Shaik ????

  • WoodworkPh.D - 2011-06-03 08:56

    Ye go, run away from your own evils. Just don't help the country you run to to buy arms...pathetic

      StirMonger - 2011-06-03 10:22

      Arms that the country couldn't afford, cannot fly, cannot sail or cannot drive. But the commissions well spent by the party - in both sense of the word.

  • cj - 2011-06-03 08:59

    Pathetic fraudster. Very concerning to think his brother is our Main Spook.

      mark59 - 2011-06-04 10:23

      There I agree with is concerning that his brother is our main spook.

  • dotty_01 - 2011-06-03 09:00

    ag shame. i think we need to add mental illness to shaik's list of ailments.

  • MetEishYa - 2011-06-03 09:01

    and the police generals contact him asking if he want to lay a charge. The Corruption Club looking after their own

      GinSA1 - 2011-06-03 12:05

      Like the rest of his story, it will be a load of BS. don't tell me you believe it. The man has been cast aside, now will do and say anything to keep himself heard, seen.........

  • ReThan - 2011-06-03 09:03

    Oh and you know what Shait? kcuf uoy!

  • Susan Maritz - 2011-06-03 09:04

    Ja, please leave the country and go die elsewhere. We don't want your smell hanging around. What did you expect, nobody will hate you for faking that you are dying? The only person in this country who doesn't hate you is probably you.

  • crackerr - 2011-06-03 09:10

    It was obvious from the start that it was BS. One of the signs of stupidity is to underestimate others' common sense. This excuse for a human always makes the same stupid mistake.

  • struth - 2011-06-03 09:10

    yeah right, waiting for his presidential pardon (so its in the bag) and then run as fast as he can oversees. Where to I wonder ? I thought that if you have any sort of criminal record you are not allowed entry into most countries. Perhaps he is considering going to Libya. Lol

  • Brandon96end - 2011-06-03 09:14

    and the truth shall set you free. hehehe, PR stunt gone badly wrong. Please collect your "ASS of the week" award, sir.

  • Greg - 2011-06-03 09:21

    The one thing I really WANT to believe, I MUST believe, is that as soon as he gets his presidential pardon (didn't know it was a done deal), he's going overseas - to stay please, please, and never to be heard from again, not even when the fatal illness claims his life - just gooi his rotten flesh in the sea (sorry fish).................. What an ASSHOLE - nobody believed it anyway, but at least for once 24 did some real work and didn't copy and paste somebody elses work. Whahahahahahaha, what a TJOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barker - 2011-06-03 09:21

    The lousy somanumbatching icehole !!!

  • Joann - 2011-06-03 09:22

    I immediately thought that when he said he wasn't pressing charges that this was all a lie. I mean come on now?

  • Tartan - 2011-06-03 09:23

    Presidential pardon? NO wonder he is defending his "president" which must be an alias for partner in crime I thought he had to go home and die in dignity! Sure does take long to die. Now he is assuming that he is going to get a pardon and go overseas. Hope they have golf courses without "drunk men"

      croix - 2011-06-03 13:19

      Surely if he is planning to set himself up somewhere 'overseas', he has to be sure he's got some good years left to live. That also then proves his (and his doctor's) atrocious, stinking lies about being terminally ill! Rotten crook!!

  • Kevin - 2011-06-03 09:26

    What is he doing playing Golf when he should be behind bars. I cannot stand this man and it doesn't matter that he is Indian. If he were Black, White, Coloured or anything else it doesn't detract from the fact that he is a complete idiot and belongs with all the other CONFICTED CRIMINALS behind bars!!

  • Mom & Moody - 2011-06-03 09:41

    Why am I not surprised???

  • Greybeard - 2011-06-03 09:44

    Now let's up the Ante - Petition the President to make his pardon conditional on being acquitted on the assault charges. Bugger, I forgot for a moment WHO the President is.....

  • DanglyBits - 2011-06-03 09:45

    So what happened to his assault charge where he assaulted a journalist ? Anyone knows ?

  • crackerr - 2011-06-03 09:47

    Does anybody believe the criminal's handicap? He must be the world's loneliest golf player.

  • KomboKitten - 2011-06-03 09:49


  • Blue - 2011-06-03 09:55

    Rasism...fraud...theft of public name it..these things make up part of our lives today for which I have basically become accustomed. But just the mention of this F#%#$ name, makes my BLOOD BOIL!!!! And then he honestly believes he should be protected against a slap in the face....PULEEEZE!!!!

  • Ogre - 2011-06-03 09:56

    I think it is more a matter of the Ghosts Of Christmas Passed that have caught up with Shabir. Or perhaps another symptom of his terminal illness?

  • crackerr - 2011-06-03 09:58

    Does anybody believe this golfer's handicap? He must be the loneliest golfer in the world. Why did the previous similar comment disappear?

      GinSA1 - 2011-06-03 12:08

      it didn't. It's right there, was wondering why you were repeating yourself

  • Skiballas - 2011-06-03 10:00

    Amazing that the person who committed the fraud with him is also the person who has the power to pardon him. Viva ANC viva!

  • Martin-John - 2011-06-03 10:03

    “I won’t. I am just waiting for my [presidential] pardon and then I’m going overseas. I am finished with the hate in this country. Ok so how can this guy gets a pardon. I thought that the first step to pardon would be to at least admit to the crimes you were found guilty of. Secondly, I presume that the treatment for his deadly decease is better outside of this country? Interesting how a person that almost died in jail are now able to play golf on a regular basis, go about his daily routine and recovered so well outside the prison. Maybe he had the same type of Dr that Joost had, Missdiagnosed? Just a question....

  • John - 2011-06-03 10:12

    What a fraudster telling lies? For sure this is earth shattering news. Next you will be telling us that he isn't really terminally ill, he didn't bribe JZ and bears favour areas of high tree density for their ablutions

  • Kevin - 2011-06-03 10:16

    What presidential pardon. That needs to be another court case. He says he is going overseas but a dying man should not travel .

  • denman - 2011-06-03 10:20

    Didn't know he was a mental patient too...

  • Grant - 2011-06-03 10:29

    What REALLY happened, is Zuma's ancestor-spirits awrned him that some guys were planting a bomb under Zuma's car. So he called Superman to organise a lift to where the incident was occurring. Whilst he spied on them from a distance, he heard the K word, and lept into action. I fight with four men ensued (which shaik won with one hand - eating some popcorn with the other). He suistained a few injuries, but was quickly flown off to Mr Miyagi (from karate kid), who clapped his hands and rubbed them together to make them hot - then healed his wounds with warm palms. Superman then flew him back to the clubhouse before his drinks order arrived. So you kinda happened while he was at the clubhouse, but not ACTUALLY there for people to witness. Now come on - if you saved your president's life, surely a pardon wouldnt be too much to ask for?? Brave Sir Shaik!

  • sefeddt - 2011-06-03 10:30

    If was Pinochio he would have a long nose by now.

  • UmFaan - 2011-06-03 10:42

    Hmmm, why not ask his boet, Spy-King, to investigate this matter?

  • Snoek - 2011-06-03 10:44

    As far as I know you are not allowed to leave to country with a criminal record for 10 years. I wonder which country will take him in any case. Zimbabwe perhaps?

      GinSA1 - 2011-06-03 12:10

      You don't know much then Snoek. It depends on the conviction, not the time since you were convicted. And each country has its own set of regulations.

  • LOLWUT - 2011-06-03 10:45

    People targeting you have nothing to do with being racist. Its because you are lying, thieving piece of trash.

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-06-03 11:04

    he should of play golf on the WII