Shoot the Boer agreement a court order

2012-11-01 14:02

Bloemfontein - An out of court agreement on the singing of the song Dubula iBhunu (Shoot the boer) was made a court order in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the ANC agreed to drop its appeal against a court order which in effect bans singing of the song.

The African National Congress signed the agreement with civil rights group AfriForum, and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (Tau SA).

The agreement reads: "The parties have agreed that AfriForum and Tau SA will abandon the equality court order and the ANC and [former ANC Youth League president Julius] Malema agree to abandon the appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal".

SCA President Lex Mpati made the mediation agreement an order of court.

  • annelise.venter.77 - 2012-11-01 14:11

    Can they still sing the song? Hope not.

      ditantane.kganakga - 2012-11-01 14:52

      actually yes, it will work like this: when there's a rally or so, only the the mass can start and sing the song the leaders will just try to seem like they are not part of the song. an example of this is when the Limpopo conference sung the "showerhead song" in front of Motlanthe, although he was there the ANC could not call him to order because he was not singing it himself. so do not get too excited.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-01 14:55

      No they can't.. ruling of hate speech still stands.

      ditantane.kganakga - 2012-11-01 15:08

      am just saying like it is not how people want it to be. @luther the song has got nothing to do with tradition. @PointBlank don't be naive, before the end of the month the song will be like a an anthem, is not what i like but is the trueth.

      handy.andy.3990 - 2012-11-01 15:10

      something tells me Malema's legal bills are stacking up...

      BulletProof. - 2012-11-01 18:34

      And how many people died because this?

  • luther.kingsley.5 - 2012-11-01 14:15

    Good, this should not even have happened in the first place, adult men singing and dancing to a song about killing people - sick!

  • lorain.maseko - 2012-11-01 14:17

    Great now everybody's happy,moving along.

  • gert.swart.393 - 2012-11-01 14:36

    This is 1 of the things that make SA the best country in the world.

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-01 16:11

      What, the ability of our choirs?

  • john.lundt.9 - 2012-11-01 14:48

    Malema and Zuma are always singing abt killing white people....i think its time people sing a song abt killing them, lets see if they like it.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-01 14:56

      Dude, seriously, move on.. Wanker.

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-11-01 14:57

    If you are stupid enough you will fall for this stunt. ANC looking for votes in the Afrikaner community because it's almost election time. After mangaung and when fatboy have been reinstated the pooh pooh will hit the fan again...

      zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-11-01 16:11

      Yes in the West Rand and Pretoria North the ANC was registering them in the 2007 municipal elections. If you think there are no dumb Afrikaners in South Africa you are so naive.

  • beki.khumalo - 2012-11-01 15:06

    We are making good progress towards unity as a nation, a pity the courts had to come to the rescue. Couldn't sanity have prevailed from the onset? It's violent song with no space in a democracy...

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-01 16:10

      Agree 100%. Yes, it's good news, but very sad the ANC were not mature and intelligent enough to realise this could not possibly be a part of our future. What a missed opportunity to once again gain a little respect. Instead, we see them having to be forced by Law to do the right thing instead of doing so of their own accord. Very sad.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-11-01 15:06

    Lets sing him a hymn..f*ck him !!!

  • craig.j.r.banks - 2012-11-01 15:06

    fantastic! now lets all move on, try to be tolerent of our slight differences and work towards making south africa awesome. all agreed? great.

  • john.p.steyn - 2012-11-01 15:40

    Um, guys can't we all just hate each other and not get along? Oh wait.

  • mlilomxolisi - 2012-11-01 17:23

    Malema nd Zuma haaaa ????? they playng with us father nd son&

  • deon.meiring - 2012-11-01 17:47

    Shoot the Boer??? Let them this is not Zim....what a joke

  • Sharief Be Cummings - 2012-11-01 18:48

    y dont we just legalize weed have joint and see wat happens then?

  • duncan.phopi - 2012-11-01 21:32

    malema he is a law abinding citizen.

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