Six arrested for Lonmin unrest

2012-08-16 12:01

Rustenburg - Six people have been arrested following violent protests at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, Rustenburg police said on Thursday.

"They were arrested for various incidents of intimidation," Lieutenant General Zukiswa Mbombo said.

Police made the arrests between Monday and Wednesday night. The suspects were expected to appear in court on Thursday.

Mbombo said on Thursday that the police wanted to bring an end to the violence in the area.

"Today [Thursday] we are going to disperse those people."

She said the intention was to disperse them peacefully, but did not say what police would do if the group resisted.

A group of men armed with pangas, iron rods and knobkerries was gathered at the top of a hill, in Wonderkop, near the mine, at 08:00 on Thursday.

They vowed not to move until their pay was raised to R12 500 a month.

Lonmin rock-drill operators embarked on an illegal strike and protest march on Friday.

Ten people - two police officers, two security guards, three protesters and three other men - have been killed since the strike began.

  • michael.vanrheenen.9 - 2012-08-16 12:15

    Miners paying R12500 pm???? WTF is wrong with these people??? Why don't you sommer demand a car, house and cellphone allowance too? Maybe add free lunches and 2 hour brakes as well. And then Malema wanted to nationalise the mines as well??? WTF is wrong with some of our black community?

      talita.vandermerwe - 2012-08-16 12:30

      I can assure you that R12500 before deductions is fair. These miners work very hard and their work is dangerous.

      chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-16 12:52

      send queries to communications dept anc...

      itse.nnete.1 - 2012-08-16 12:55

      WTF is wrong with our black community is we are being exploited. I'm not in anyway condoning the violence.

      michael.vanrheenen.9 - 2012-08-16 12:59

      @ talita.vandermerwe - What are you smoking my dear? That salary is for tertiary qualified people, working in high thinking jobs! EG Managers, IT personel etc.... They work hard yes and the work they do is dangerous yes, but it's hard labour! Where the hell can you expect so much money when you work in a mine?

      shadreckmbiza - 2012-08-16 20:20

      So u mean R4000 is enough bcz they are not qualified?pliz guys they deserve better

  • bond.ndalo - 2012-08-16 12:16

    I hate these illegal strikes....i wish they come to an end.

  • BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-08-16 12:22

    I'm glad to hear some arrests have been made. Everyone has the right to protest, but they also have an obligation to do so responsibly without killing or behaving like a bunch of stone age cave men.

  • Kaykay - 2012-08-16 12:23

    When frustrated people (with less information in their minds) go on strike, and you go to work, you must know they do not think like you do and expect whatever they can do. I mention again, ill-informed people follow the lead of some people trying to achieve a point. We are talking about vulnerable people here who are led by some GHOST leader sitting in a mansion elsewhere to achieve his own agenda. Stay away from that place else you get killed. that is all am saying. @Shaylene.stenger I think the mine owners made enough money since years gone-by (during apartheid) till now and they still do for them not to worry about the effect of strike (On the a negative note so to say). People have been underpaid for ages in this country and all the gains went to some pockets elsewhere. You can dispute that if you can. I would say blame yourself as a white man to be earning what you say you are earning, or I should be asking you if you are really genuine. If you really are, I would suggest you go to this same mine in question here to look for a job and see if you will be paid what you are earning now. My bet is you will get these guys (on strike) to teach you their job (sorry you cannot do the shoveling underground) and you still earn three times they are earning. And in less than a month you will be their boss sitting somewhere in an office and telling us they are demanding unrealistic salaries. I mention again, Violence is condemned at all cost and no excuse for it.

      Kaykay - 2012-08-16 12:24

      These minors are used twice: 1. By the mine owners who are underpaying them and gain more profit. 2. By the UNION leaders who are conniving with the mine owners for control. Unions strike deals with mine owners and hence there will always be a fight for control. But this is information that those guys on the hill (waiting for the sangoma to give them strength) are not aware of. They will kill those who go to work without fear since they are ill-informed, some of if not most of them illiterate. They still believe a white man knows everything under the sun (with no disrespect to them). They have no idea killing someones father and brother is not going to give them what they demand.

      chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-16 12:53

      send queries to communications dept anc...

  • henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-08-16 12:29

    Only six? The whole lot should have been arrested running around with weapons. It is time we get legislation to limit the proliferation of the assegai. Forget about gun control! A Assegai free South Africa!!!!

  • herman.heil - 2012-08-16 12:34

    Typical african tradition or is it just recreational violence?

  • Hermann - 2012-08-16 12:35

    "Lonmin rock-drill operators embarked on an illegal strike and protest march on Friday." and is Friday technically tomorrow or are the journos/editors clairvoyant? The quality of our journalism is really sinking to new lows and I wonder why. The answer is not in the wind.

      ivan.leon2 - 2012-08-16 12:56

      The strike began LAST Friday (6 August 2012) - co-incidentally the same day that the Japanese commemorated the 67th anniversary of the dropping of the first US atomic bomb on Hiroshima!

  • Watkykj - 2012-08-16 12:48

    Will people stop defending these creatures!! If they were just striking, then it would have been fine!three fact people have been murdered has changed the situation competely! If I'm frustrated at work, I dont attack someone like a savage! They are SAVAGES! end of!

  • nicholas.graan - 2012-08-16 12:50

    Arrest and release. 10 people murdered yet not one person arrested for murder? Being arrested for intimidation is a joke. Those charges never stick and they are always released.

  • robert.cerff - 2012-08-16 13:10

    Strike?! I'd call that a riot. Should lock the up and throw away the key. Why is it that strikes always seem to end up so damn violent? If it's illegal, they really should just round them up.

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