Skateboarder killed on Franschhoek pass

2012-03-19 18:44

Johannesburg - A Johannesburg skateboarder died when he collided with a truck on the Franschhoek pass in the Western Cape on Monday, paramedics said.

ER24 spokesperson Andre Visser said the 28-year-old sustained fatal injuries to his abdomen, chest and head and was declared dead at the scene.

He had apparently gone to the Boland town specifically for the ride.

"He was being followed by a friend in a car during his descent. Upon entering a sharp bend, the skateboarder ran into a truck coming up the hill."

The driver of the truck was not injured, Visser said.

  • David - 2012-03-19 19:00

    A sure candidate for the Darwin Awards. Glad he only took himself out - could have caused a tragedy. Tough one for family and friends, though.

      faerrab - 2012-03-20 08:55

      White Blokes always getting killed unnecessarily , Surfer killed by Shark, paraglider killedafter parachute fails; hikers fall off K2, Teacher killed in Kurdistan(Hello its a Warzone; Woman killed after bungee cord snaps, Tourist trampled by Elephant, etc

      Mordakei - 2012-03-20 09:12

      Actually, the road was supposed to be closed for practice for an event tomorrow. Someone did not do their job and this poor guy paid the price.

      Michelle - 2012-03-22 13:00

      WTF? Darwin Awards, whats wrong you? This a person! you are talking about, how dare you! You shouldn't be glad about anything, so insensitive, I feel sorry you...

  • andre.s.kruger - 2012-03-19 19:03

    We were driving on the back roads behind Durbanville and Phillidelphia Saturday, and a road was illegally used for skateboarding, no police, no traffic officials. It seems to be happening all over without proper authorization and arrangements. Condolences to the family, excuse the ignorance of some country men

      Craig - 2012-03-19 20:15

      That was a sanctioned, legal race Andre. For more visit The skater who died today was at the race having the time of his life. I met him for the first time this weekend and saw it all over his face. He was enjoying his life in a way the callous commentators above perhaps don't understand. But we are distraught at losing a brother.

      Eebin - 2012-03-19 20:49

      andre. the race was legal and underwritten by an approved temporary road closure application by the City of Cape Town

      toni.stuart - 2012-03-20 06:47

      Janine, the legal and sanctioned race on Saturday/Sunday was on a different road to where the fatal accident happened on Monday. It's really important for people to get their facts straight before commenting. It is extremely sad and disheartening to read the callousness of all these commentators. RIP Carlos, you died doing what you loved. You will be missed, but your spirit for living life to the full will continue to inspired all of us.

      Martin - 2012-03-20 07:14


      Karl - 2012-03-20 09:50

      So at the end of the day he still shouldn't have been skating down that road because the incident took place AFTER the event. I have no problem with downhill skating, but the BIG problem it's not done in a responsible manner, I have twice almost taken a lighty out on his board as he's cut across infront of me trying to exit or enter the road. It is a terrible trajedy but you all also forget about the poor truck driver who will now have a court case he'll now have to defend himself against and the trauma of having to witness that. It's not always about you guys!

      Gerhard - 2012-03-22 10:05

      buhahaha Andre you child...

  • Gary - 2012-03-19 19:05

    this is really sad, condolences to his family

  • bobby.mykonos - 2012-03-19 19:06

    Probably saw this video of other guys on the same pass

  • AGvanderWesthuizen - 2012-03-19 19:11

    What was he thinking?????

      Ezette - 2012-03-19 19:27

      He wasn't thinking.

  • Alastair - 2012-03-19 19:16

    Extreme sports wouldn't be fun if they weren't really dangerous, so... c'est la vie. But spare a thought for the truck driver, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now has to live with that image for the rest of his life.

      Nelia - 2012-03-19 19:53

      The truck driver was NOT in the wrong place at the wrong time. The idiot on the skateboard decided to take his life in his own hands. The truck driver had a very traumatic experience because of the 28-year old brainless idiot.

  • Tertius - 2012-03-19 19:33

    I know the pass very well, and have fallen with a bicycle at very high speed. You only attempt this if you know that pass VERY well, if you don't it will kill you. And if I say VERY well I mean, VERY well.

      bluzulu - 2012-03-19 19:52

      Winner in the Bluuuuuuueeeeeeee Corner.......Teeeeerrrrtiiiuuuussss.

  • Gerry - 2012-03-19 19:43

    I often do the R45 - in a car, with good ABS brakes.. WTF was he thinking??? I can only shake my head, and wish the family strength. Ai!

  • dooskop - 2012-03-19 20:10

    comments on this site are like a thriller/horror story!!!!YIKES....THINK OF HIS LOVED ONES .....

      Megan - 2012-03-20 08:12

      THINK OF THE POOR TRUCK DRIVER WHO NOW HAS TO LIVE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT HE KILLED SOMEONE! Who will probably for years to come see that image every time he cloese his eyes. You want to participate in extreme sports and/or dangerous activities that's absolutely fine - but then do it in places where your actions are not going to affect other people who are simply trying to earn a living.

      Karl - 2012-03-20 09:53

      Couldn't have said it any better Megan!

  • Eric Schollar - 2012-03-19 20:22

    Darwin Award?

  • Shaun Viljoen - 2012-03-19 21:06

    My sympthies to his family he was a professional doing a professional job,making extreme videos we all watch love you bro RIP

      David - 2012-03-19 22:24

      "he was a professional doing a professional job" Bullshyte. He was reckless and had no regard for himself, or the other road users, or the possible consequences of his actions, and the consequences to those that cared for him.

      Megan - 2012-03-20 08:13

      Skateboarding down sharp bends on an open road is NOT being professional... it's being down right FRACKING stupid, and now some poor truck driver has to live with the nightmare!

      Karl - 2012-03-20 09:54

      Dude, he was a beginner, hardly professional at all!

  • Francois - 2012-03-19 21:08

    I'm deeply saddened by the degree of comments posted by some individuals on here who do not have the decency to show their face and easily hide behind false personalities. This young man was an adventurous human being. Yes, what he did was not well thought. But he still has family and friends that loved him, and he WILL be missed, even if some of you don't think so. To his family, my deepest condolences.

      JohnSA02 - 2012-03-20 07:07

      You are quite correct about some of the comments, and no matter how adveturous he was, this guy had NO right doing what he was doing in a public space, potentially messing with innocent peoples lives. He will be missed, but it could have been worse, and other families could also have been missing someone.

      Megan - 2012-03-20 08:16

      Francois, I'll be more than happy to stand right in front of you so that you can see me properly and clearly and I will still tell you that what this guy did was downright stupid! Of course he will be missed. Of course he has family who love him dearly... does not change the fact that his stupidity lead not only to his death but quite possibly the emotional destruction of someone who was just trying to do his job. Again, I don't give a shot what kind of activities people partake in, it's their choice. But it's incredibly selfish when you couldn't give a rats ass about how the other people involved are expected to deal with it when it all goes wrong.

      Karl - 2012-03-20 09:56

      Dude, just click on any of the user names and it will take you straight to their Facebook profile ;)

  • Shirley - 2012-03-19 21:30

    No even vaguely funny Sminikiwe, this is my nieces boyfriend, he was a good guy, it was a privilege and an honour to know him. RIP Carlos.

  • wjonker - 2012-03-19 22:06

    Don't feed the troll. RIP

  • An observer - 2012-03-19 22:54

    It is something I would have done, I guess. Sad though it is, I raise my hat and say, "Thank you, for doing something you wanted to do, without care about consequences. We all have to do that at some time in our lives. But sadly it didn't work out this time. If I had to count the number of times I did something stupid and dangerous, I would run out of fingers, toes, rosaries and abacuses. Love ya for trying.

  • Lacrimose - 2012-03-19 22:56

    Eish, you posters! Simnikiwe is pushing yr buttons - and succeeding. (see one of his/her other posts. She/he is a psychology student). You're all free research - and playing the game. Before I get blasted about 'off-topic' : Tourists please do not challenge our mountains, rivers, oceans. We live here and we don't take these sort of chances, with years of local knowledge. Skateboarding on steep, windy, bendy roads with blind corners against on-coming traffic is just plain doff. Trail car or no. You had a horrible ending because you had too many equally doff supporters for a poorly thought-out plan. You're buddy's gone, and that's awful. But you will have to live with your poor grasp of physics and road rules. When you disobey either or both, people die.

  • mollie.kruger - 2012-03-19 23:01

    Darwin Awards Nominee for sure!

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 07:45

      You must be one of the most insensitive creatures on this planet, wow, what if this had been someone you loved? Think before being so cruel - nasty!!!!! What a vicious woman you must be!!

      Michelle - 2012-03-22 12:55

      Just remember Mollie! Karma! How dare you say something like that about a human being, a wonderful individual who you don't even know, who made a mistake and paid with his own life! Put yourself in his family and friends shoes! How insensitive you are, If you have nothing nice to say then you shouldn't comment at all!

  • Shelley - 2012-03-20 00:10

    This is very sad,and he was a very good friend of our family,and my heart goes out to his family.RIP.Carlos.

  • Piet - 2012-03-20 00:20

    The driver of the truck was not injured, Visser said....What are the odds?

      Theo - 2012-03-20 06:44

      What if the truck driver swerved out and hit a tree or went down the hillside? That could quite easily have happened.

  • Jonathan - 2012-03-20 04:53

    hope everyone that wrote something bad or disrespectful to my best mate ''that they dont know from a bar a soap'' rots in hell for eternity!!!!!!!! curse on all your houses

      David - 2012-03-20 07:50

      Are you the "friend" who was in the car behind him? If so, you should be locked up.

      Rob - 2012-03-20 08:37

      You are hurting Jonathan & thats understandable. The self rightous that are more concerned with the legality of the incident, then the death of a young man, commenting here would not be so quick to " shoot from the hip " if it was their son. These are the same people who if confronted with the headline " Surfer kills shark. " Would grieve the loss of the shark. Idiots !

      Tammyn Flynn - 2012-03-20 09:01

      David u are a heartless piece of work and deserve to rot in hell!worry about ur own life coz u obviously have serious issues!u are a complete retard!carlos was a good guy that lived his life to the best not like u and ur sad little life!and it has nothing to do with u who the friend was that was following!

      David - 2012-03-20 09:39

      Tammy. Is it even worth responding to you? What we have here is a guy who showed utter disregard for 1) his safety (this is his perogative, agreed) 2) the law (not his perogative) 3) the safety of other road users (not his perogative) 4) the possible consequences of his actions (not his perogative) He chose to perform a dangerous stunt. He paid the price. Why should I have sympathy for his actions which resulted in his demise? As I said up front, it is a tough one for his family and friends. It is just fortunate that this stupid stunt did not end up with anyone else dead. They would certainly have had my sympathy. (ps. Ad hominem attacks are the last resort of people who have run out of arguments/sensible things to say)

  • Jonathan - 2012-03-20 05:02

    To all the disrespectful ppl that bad mouthed Carlos Trancoso , my best mate , hope you all rot in hell you poor excuse for humans , theres a special place for you in hell!!!!

      JohnSA02 - 2012-03-20 07:10

      And just who the hell do you think you are? Your "very clever" mate had NO right being in that space, just have a look at the price he paid, and the grief he has caused.

      Danie - 2012-03-20 09:26

      Carlos was a great guy. My condolences to you and his family.

      Sandy - 2012-03-20 13:55

      Well said Jonathan - I felt ashamed to be human after reading some of these self righteous comments. You have every right to vent, more right than the bunch of idiots who had such revolting comments to make. If it was their friend or if they even knew him slightly the shoe would have been on the other foot. So so sorry for your loss, what a stunning chap he was - he will be sorely missed! xxx

      theron.steven - 2012-03-20 14:10

      Jonathan I would like to give my condolences to you and the family, but the road is for car and bikes and that is what is should be used for. The truck driver is a good friend of us and a work college so what do he think whom he must feel, someone who want even hurt a fly. Strong to you.

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 07:49

      What differentiates a bike from a longboard - amazing how judgemental you lot are. I think Jonathan had every right to comment, Johan SA02 - who the hell do you think YOU are - who said he had no right to be in that space??? How dare you?! What makes you such an expert on who has any rights, and then to comment "very clever" - you must take the prize for insensitivity hands down - shame on you!!!!!

  • brionyl.french - 2012-03-20 05:18

    How daft can one be? And obvious the truck driver wasnt hurt... The roads are for cars, bikes, busses and trucks not skateboards, push scooters, roller blades or skates, thats what pavements were made! Idiots!!! Shame for his friend to witness and shame for the family, there son was the village idiot

      ldeletic - 2012-03-20 18:17

      you don't know what you are saying, you are the biggest idiot, not only for writing this moronic comment or the fact that you are too banged in the head to actually write correctly but also for being completely ignorant of what you are commenting about! its called 'downhill longboarding' you cant longboard downhill on a pavement, from your comment i wouldnt be surprised if you didnt see the obviousness of this statement. so do the world a favour and dont ever comment on something you are completely oblivious of.

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 07:52

      Wow Briony, you are really showing your low IQ here - find out a little bit more about the sport before commenting via public media?! And then you have the cheek to call a stunning young man, who you didnt even know - a village idiot - unbelievable. You ignorant little moron - how insensitive can you get?! Death is a very real thing and for whatever reason it happened, lots of people are hurting right now and your cruel and vicious statement shows what kind of a person you are. I would be embarrassed right now if I were you - shut it if you cannot say something positive and humane. Sis on you.

  • Eric - 2012-03-20 07:33

    Yes I feel for his family and yes he was adventurous and a free spirit but if that was My wife and kids coming up the hill and he hit them i would have taken his family out as well, what he did was reckless selfish and he was your friend?......thats no excuse, so go curse sombody els,s house you dweeb

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 07:53

      Cruel righteous bastard, seriously!!!! Show some sensitivity here.

      Megan - 2012-03-21 09:06

      Sandy, Eric actually has a point. If he'd hit a normal 4 door car and not a truck the occupants of the car could have either been seriously injured or killed. Why must other people pay the price and suffer the consequences of someone elses irresponsible behaviour?

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 10:29

      But he didn't Megan so why even speculate? Why can you not just be gentle and respectful for an amazing young chap who lost his life and left behind a lot of people who loved him? There was no intent here, he made a mistake and paid the ultimate price - do any of us have a right to pass judgement here? Be gentle with people's feelings, you might need the same in return one day - this goes for you and Eric.

  • pjcbs - 2012-03-20 08:01

    It is sad the way this guy went, but he has my respect. It is a pity that he did not follow all the safety precautions and not having any spotters down the run. One always feels sorry for the family left behind. He died doing what he loved, and how many people can say that?

  • Rene - 2012-03-20 08:48

    I am a resident of Franschhoek and I really think that stronger measures should be made to ban all skateboarding on the Franshhoek pass like this if you agree

  • Kirsty - 2012-03-20 08:50

    Totally agree with toni! i worked with Carlos, fantastic guy and he did not deserve this!

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 10:25

      So sorry for your loss Kirsty - I know how my son is hurting and he had only just got to know him. I believe he was a stunning guy. Hugs xxxx

  • Belinda - 2012-03-20 08:58

    You bunch of idiots - it must make you feel superior to sit in front of your computer and judge the world - ye who has not done anything irresponsible in their life then say something - as for the rest of you SHUT UP if you can't say anything nice. Carlos was my daughters boyfriend and a nicer person you could not find - better class of person than most of you idiots. RIP Carlos

      Sandy - 2012-03-20 13:56

      Belinda, my heartfelt condolences to you. My son spoke of your daughter and had only fantastic things to say about her. He was with Carlos when he died and he has taken it so very badly. Lots and lots of love to you all in this tragic time - what a loss to this world. xxxx

  • Chelsea - 2012-03-20 09:10

    Condolences to his family, such a terrible result of what must have been such a beautiful day on the hill. I think what so many of you negative people must remember is that the only reason you are be so harsh and judgemental is due to the bi law that does not condone skateboarders on public roads. Really what is the difference between a bicycle going down the pass or a skateboard, they can both end in the same result just as easily. Simply because of some old out dated bi law you hate the skateboarder.... Cyclist's should be in the exact same boat. Not right to be so carelessly mean about somebody's child/friend/brother/son. And one last think, all the people making all the negative comments should spend a month or 2 actually following the sport and learning the skill and technicality of skateboarding, attend a LEGAL race such as Fair cape which was the race on Saturday/Sunday and watch the beauty and graceful glide of a downhill skateboarder before commenting about something you know nothing about!!

      Sandy - 2012-03-20 13:59

      Refreshing comment Chelsea - this is a sport that does no harm to the environment and as you so perfectly described it, "a beautiful day on the hill". My son was there with Carlos when he died and they meant no harm to anyone, this was tragic but it has happened and we should all just be respectful to the family of this stunning young man.

  • Nick - 2012-03-20 13:07

    Ending the report with "The driver of the truck was not injured." is really great journalism. After all, we were really worried about the condition of the guy in the couple-of-ton truck. It's a bit like saying, an elephant sat on a mosquito. The elephant is okay though.

  • the.real.bjorn - 2012-03-20 13:37

    before you post your negative judgement over someone you didn't know, showcasing your ignorance of something you know nothing about, and your lack of any enthusiasim to live life to it's fullest, spare a thought for the family and friends of this guy who has to read your tasteless and tactless comments. stop hating. learn the ability to see and appreciate the world from different viewpoints besides your own limited, boxed-in existence.

      Sandy - 2012-03-20 13:59

      Hear hear!!!

  • alexastorm - 2012-03-20 13:45

    As one of Carlito Trancosos' friends stated Carlito was an inexperienced longboarder. I agree that they should have definitely been far more cautious, especially since Carlito was not an experienced skater and he attempted to skate a road that he had no further knowledge of. What occurred during Monday is a rare incident, and is avoidable if the correct precautions are taken. The majority of longboarders are aware of the safety risks and understand that they should only skate an unfamiliar road if they are with more experienced skaters who are knowledgeable of certain roads. It is unfair to state that skating is nonsense, and that it should be banned. Skating is an EXTREME sport and just because one being was not cautious does not mean the sport should be blamed for his ignorance (no offence). There are many longboarding groups upon the internet constantly instigating the importance of safety and awareness of the sport. We are not harming other beings by skating, but potentially ourselves and we are aware of that fact. If skateboarding is recognised as an extreme sport across the world, then why are we not supported like the many other extreme sports? Designated skating roads are non-existent, so may another being please enlighten me about where we as longboarders should skate? I believe skaters deserve more respect. R.I.P fellow skating brothah. May you continue to skate the asphalt waves to your heart’s content wherever your soul has transmigrated to. Blessed

  • Sandy - 2012-03-20 13:52

    I find it absolutely amazing that you all have so much to say and continue slamming Carlos - you judgemental bunch of pricks you! Have you no respect for his family and friends???? This is a tragic tragic accident, what right do you all have to pass judgement on it? A stunning young man lost his life and you all sit here high and mighty and act so virtuous and knowledgeable about the events of the day. Sis on the lot of you - you should be ashamed. Post a nice condolence that doesn't tear down and destroy - practice a little bit of humility in the light of such a sad incident. (Just a little aside, the driver of the truck got himself into trouble because he just carried on driving - my son was one of the longboarders right next to Carlos when he died) These comments made me sick to the stomach, I was disgusted with some of them!!!!!!!

      Megan - 2012-03-20 16:52

      A tragic, tragic accident that could have been COMPLETELY avoided!!!!! But yes, we'll extend ALL of our sympathies to the deceased while we completely ignore the life he ruined all in the name of fun...

  • dongaddin - 2012-03-20 14:16

    I feel ashamed for the people on this page who, based on a few lines of an article, can make such outrageous statements! Carlito died in my best friend's arms - you have no idea what he is going through having to deal with this and how he felt this morning when he had to wake up to the pure reality of what happened yesterday. All three guys that were there are truly fantastic people! I had the great pleasure of meeting Carlito last week when we had dinner to discuss safety before they left. I am really sorry that I will never be able to see him again. Safety is the first priority for these guys, as a sponsor, it is my first priority too. This was a deeply tragic accident that has left many people very sad. If you have nothing positive and constructive to say then don't bother posting your rubbish - littering the internet with your naivety and mislead assumptions!

      Megan - 2012-03-21 09:08

      The best friend who supported the irresponsible behaviour... you reap what you sow. And safety CLEARLY wasn't their first priority otherwise they would not have attemtped skating down blind corners on a public road open to traffic.

  • dongaddin - 2012-03-20 14:17

    Rest in peace Carlito, I'm sorry I could not get to know you better. To the Trancoso Family, my sincerest condolences... I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

  • Kerry-Ann - 2012-03-20 18:21

    Before people want to make nasty comments, that is someones loved one that you're all talking about and judging! Doing a sport or anything that you love doesn't make you irresponsible or reckless!! He died doing something that he loved. Regardless of how careful you are with ANYTHING accidents always ahppen. Just shows ignorant most of you are!!

  • Pierrepressure - 2012-03-20 21:50

    A tragic loss of a young person doing what he loved, irrespective of the circumstances. Have some of you forgotten what it was like to be young, care-free & taking risks?

  • Sandy - 2012-03-21 09:23

    Before any of you post another thing about this incident, first think of whether you would like your family or friends to read this if they were referring to your death and how it would make them feel? (And don't say you wouldn't do anything this extreme, never say never - just think first, and then pass your comments.)

      Gerhard - 2012-03-22 11:51

      Hi sandy, thanks for standing strong amongst all the cynical acid raining upon you, it seems like the internet brought out the worst in these people, but you are the better person. much love. XXX

  • Michele - 2012-03-21 09:58

    Poor truck driver, he now sits with a homicide record because of this idiot, the road/pass is not made for skateboard riders. Sorry but the chap did it to himself. I feel for the loss to his family but nothing for him.

      Sandy - 2012-03-21 10:24

      Sis on you. I would like to read your obituaries one day - so easy to diss the dead hey, coward! What he did was not intentional and he was a gentle lovely chap - you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

      Glen - 2012-03-22 12:26

      Why don't u mind your own business... It sounds like u have a hard enough job, being a tool! E A D

  • Michelle - 2012-03-21 11:03

    carlos was very safety conscious, so for everybody that said he is an idiot,look around you when you in your car, at every child that is not strapped in , talking on the phone, not coming to a complete stop at the stop street, going 70 in a 60 zone.... I bet you all of you do it,, so think twice before you judge... being in the medical industry..i get to pick you up..we love you Carlos!!!!

  • Gerhard - 2012-03-22 10:25

    Dear hoi polloi I have been following the comments on these articles and resisted to comment, for fear of stooping to your level, but here I am. Please do not sit behind your computer screens in suburbia just after going for a gym at Virgin Active, eating TV dinner in front of 7de Traan and having boring middle-aged sex with your aging grey wife, coming up with all these horrid things to say about someone that is a total stranger to you. I am a donwhill skateboarder, and a proud one to boot. We frequently ride Franschhoek Pass. We will not ride there soon again for fear of being stoned by bored villagers, but please just take note that it is possible to ride that pass safely and avoid all sticky situations. I knew Mr Trancoso, I know all the people present and I know exactly how the accident happened. I will not reiterate it here so you guys can masturbate over it. It was an accident, thats it. In conclusion, I need to direct a plight to all of you to keep your nonsensical jibberish to yourself, and to support us as a people. Downhill skateboarding is my life, and it will stay that way. We have already started negotiations for safer skating environments before this accident happened, and if you actually care, hit up the National Skate Collective on Facebook. The public's support is the missing link to our facilitating change with the government, so please stop hurting us any further, give us your support, and help us to stop things like this happening ever again.

      Michelle - 2012-03-22 15:23

      Well said Mr G! Totally and utterly support all you guys, and can say I am proud to be friends and involved with the downhill family. You all rock, and I will be there to support and help out whenever I can. Much love to all of you guys.

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