Slight relief for Western Cape train users

2012-03-30 22:23

Cape Town - Western Cape train commuters who buy a monthly ticket will only feel a fare increase of 13% and not 27% from April, Cosatu said on Friday.

The lower increase was a result of negotiations with Metrorail and the Cape Chamber of Commerce this week, said Congress of SA Trade Unions provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich.

He said single tickets and weekly tickets would still increase by 21%.

The parties agreed to expand free trains for pensioners on Tuesday and charge R10 per family on Sunday trips to the beach and for other social activities.

For off-peak local travel it was agreed to charge 20% of the current fare to the unemployed using trains for job searches and to children going to and from school.

"Cosatu, over the next few months, will continue in negotiations with Metrorail on consolidation of the zones and results thereof will be announced in the future," Ehrenreich said.

Metrorail announced on Thursday that fares would increase for the second time in nine years, from April 1, because of an increase in vandalism and energy costs.

Commuters were warned they would pay R1 more for all local single trips, R2 more for return tickets, between R8 and R14 more for weekly tickets, and R24 to R42 more for a monthly ticket.

  • thanuj.thulsie - 2012-03-31 06:39

    well there something good done for the less privliged people with no cars,1 point to cosatu for standing up

      Refugee - 2012-03-31 07:39

      @ Thulsie ...ill be responding to the post below you, white people really dont like anything associated with black people.COSATU did a good job instead of applauding the work done he shows his negetive attittude ,if it was DA im sure there would be more than 100 comments talking about a grate job done buy DA. Here is the fact : ANC will rule beyond all our life time ,instead of morning about everything we doing why dont you finally use that 1994 ticket to England or Australia because youve been singing the same song since then and im starting to think its not gona happened. Then again you cant afford to live anywhere outside SA thats why you will be stuck with us for the rest of your missareble lives

  • thanuj.thulsie - 2012-03-31 06:40

    well there something good done for the less privliged people with no cars,1 point to cosatu for standing up

  • an0nthinker - 2012-03-31 09:55

    Train vandalism, destruction of trains, cable theft, window theft and only 13% increase. Take the 13% and shut up.

  • braamc - 2012-04-01 05:39

    Another prime example of how a ANC semi-government institution destroyed and plundered it financially and operationally. As usual tax payers and the "poor" must fit the bill for incompetence and negligence and bad management, which off course earn millions in salaries, and the other millions is unaccountable.

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