Snatched Pretoria girl found after two years

2012-09-20 13:47

Pretoria - A Pretoria mother raised the alarm when she saw her missing 6-year-old daughter with another woman in Soshanguve, the Pretoria News reported on Thursday.

Thabisa Dongolwane told the newspaper her daughter, who cannot be named, disappeared on 25 March 2010.

A two-year search for the girl proved fruitless, but on Sunday, while Dongolwane was sitting with other community members, she saw her child and instantly recognised her.

"After I screamed and shouted that the woman was walking with my child, we approached her with some members of the community.

"But the woman said it was her child. We then went with the woman to her house and the man there said we should go to the police," Dongolwane told the newspaper.

The woman who was with the girl later confessed, at a police station, that she had abducted the child.

Constable Maanda Singo told the newspaper the woman had had a miscarriage around 2008.

"When she went back to her boyfriend, she informed him that she had given birth to a baby girl, but had left her with the grandmother [in Mpumalanga] as she was working," said Singo.

When the woman told the boyfriend that she was going to fetch the child, she went and abducted Dongolwane's baby.

According to the Pretoria News, the woman appeared in the Pretoria North Magistrate's Court on Wednesday on a charge of kidnapping. She would apply for bail in an appearance next week.

  • eva.walle.75 - 2012-09-20 13:50

    I wish more missing children can be found!

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-09-20 14:51

      Just imagine the chances of something like this happening! WOW!!!

      letwice - 2012-09-21 08:15

      In 2010, her supposed baby was meant to be 2yrs but she came home with a 4yr old and no one thought that was odd?

      preshen.govender.90 - 2012-09-21 08:28

      Storm is over

      sticky.toffee - 2012-09-21 08:40

      Can you imagine the joy of the mother. Awesome...great news for a friday!

      Pixi3kid - 2012-09-21 11:55

      @mike WTF is wrong with you?? they do not all look the same... geez trust one IDIOT no make a lame crack at a miracle story. As a mother myself I don't even want to think of the horror and feeling of loss if one of my kiddo's disappeared. Well on you MOM for recognizing your baby!

      bow.hunter.1884 - 2012-09-21 16:33


      hugh.robinson.56 - 2012-09-21 19:04

      I wish more people would act responsibly by not having children if they cannot afford it.

  • khanyi.kabeya - 2012-09-20 13:53

    The idiot should have been stoned,every child deserve to grow with a loving parent/s.

      barrett.bowley - 2012-09-20 14:08

      Who is to say she wasn't a loving mother Khanyi? i agree she must be a nutter and did something unforgivable by stealing someone elses child from them. But stoning is barbaric... who knows what goes through the mind of a mother who has lost her child?

      mo.matt.14 - 2012-09-20 14:29

      The poor kid. I can only imagine what trauma this is going to cause for the innocent kid.

      petrus.ngwenya.3 - 2012-09-20 16:09

      @barret Human theft, human trafficking, abduction, slavery, corrupting a minor. The abductor did this for her own selfish reasons. How can you "love" someone, and still treat them like a pawn purely for your own benefit? Are you saying that little 4 year old did not cry for her family when she was abducted?

      lionel.defrontignac - 2012-09-20 17:43

      Maybe she was stoned?

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-09-20 13:56

    Small kids are soo vulnerable !!! NEVER leave them out of your sight, unless you know, they are with other caring adults !!

  • sanda.mnyazi - 2012-09-20 14:00

    At least a happy ending to her trauma

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-20 14:18

      Atleast the child wasnt harmed.

      Jo.Davies123 - 2012-09-20 14:44

      I will be very surprised if this child doesn't suffer from emotional problems. At such a young age, this cannot really be comprehended by the little one.

  • debbieew - 2012-09-20 14:02

    A child is not enough to keep a relationship/marriage healthy and "normal". Miscarriages happen all the time and if the partner cannot love you without the child then there is no bases for a marriage/relationship.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-20 14:08

    Another miracle,following Lazarus pills.Ithink her hope and patience have paid. Where my is castle larger?Bcoz Ineed to share her happiness with her.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-20 14:08

    Another miracle,following Lazarus pills.Ithink her hope and patience have paid. Where my is castle larger?Bcoz Ineed to share her happiness with her.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-20 14:08

    Another miracle,following Lazarus pills.Ithink her hope and patience have paid. Where my is castle larger?Bcoz Ineed to share her happiness with her.

      Alan - 2012-09-20 15:32

      You got the shakes Harold?

  • susan.paul.330 - 2012-09-20 14:14

    What's new in south africa??

  • christina.setloboko - 2012-09-20 14:24

    nut case...

  • lielie.smit - 2012-09-20 14:25

    wow, two happy stories in one day! What an experience!!!

  • neutedop.opinie - 2012-09-20 14:25

    The girl is 6, was abducted in 2010 and miscarriage was in 2008. So when did the boyfriend see 'their' child the first time, and how did he not realise the child is 2 years older than it is supposed to be?

      Jacques - 2012-09-20 14:44

      Good point, lol

      gerald.marais.3 - 2012-09-20 14:50

      This idiot didn't ask to see his child for a period of two years and two years later he got a 4 year old? how dumb can you be?

      molateloestelinah.makgato - 2012-09-20 14:56

      It shows how dumb n irresponsible the guy is. Just happy the mother found her child.Estelinah.

      gillian.sanderson - 2012-09-21 07:49

      ridiculous story

  • lebohang.mokoma - 2012-09-20 14:29

    God plz protect my daughter nd daughters owt da 4rm a monster like dis 1, amen

      cosmic.tone.3 - 2012-09-20 14:46


      stuka.nel - 2012-09-20 16:10

      dont worry cosmic, God understood what she said.

      Msika - 2012-09-21 06:34

      She was probably speaking in tongues.

      phil.losopher.3 - 2012-09-21 17:31

      You should say: "Please protect my children from all the God's"

  • rdeacon - 2012-09-20 14:50

    wow the dates do not match up.. the child is 6 now.. im confused she had a miscarriage in 2008 and returned with a 4 year old in 2010?

      Khomotso - 2012-09-20 14:57

      The kidnapper is the one who had a miscarriage in 2008.

  • Khomotso - 2012-09-20 14:59

    There's a huge difference between a 4 year old and a child who's under 2 years. Didn't the boyfriend notice that difference? Anyway, I'm glad the child was returned to the her mother

  • peter.hall.3956 - 2012-09-20 15:06

    Child was just to collect money from goverment grant and her boyfriend what's the bet!!

      nicolelovelock - 2012-09-20 15:24

      you need a birth certificate to collect a child grant don't you

      ally.oh.7 - 2012-09-20 17:21

      Easy to get a false birth certificate --- she could claim she's from a rural area and didn't get one when the baby was born.

  • firstseed.mbeva - 2012-09-20 15:27

    If you miscarry you give it another shot,again and again. You do not steal other people's children

  • kaashefah.davids - 2012-09-20 15:47

    Uuuuuuuuuhhmm. 2 years ago the child was 4. The woman had a miscarriage and stole her to pass her off to her boyfriend as her baby she went to collect at her grandmother's. \r\nAM I SLOW?!?!?! \\:

      berrygirl - 2012-09-20 22:18

      No you are not slow. I'm just as confused.

  • alice.tompa - 2012-09-20 16:35

    Thanx God ! At least she did not kill the child.

  • alice.tompa - 2012-09-20 16:35

    Thanx God ! At least she did not kill the child.

  • francois.v.eeden.3 - 2012-09-20 23:34


  • moi.carla.1980 - 2012-09-21 08:20

    That Poor Mother must be over the moon with joy right now. What a stroke of luck. By the sounds of it, it seems that the child was at least not harmed or abused, which is definitely something to be grateful for.

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-09-21 09:34

    Now this is where micro chips in children would stop these parasites from abducting peoples children, time to wake up South African parents and demand that you child be micro chipped for its own safety.

  • hanno.vanhelsdingen - 2012-09-21 11:56

    Great news!!! Shame arme kind. Amagine hoe daai ma moet voel om haar kind terug te kry. Wow!

  • judith.nanni - 2012-09-21 14:09

    I am so glad she was found. Happy for the mother!

  • sifiso.msimango - 2012-09-21 16:35

    these bogus girlfriends must come to an end

  • maditabalucia.mmatli - 2012-09-21 22:30

    this is unbeliavable god works in miracles way,am happy for the baby"s mother,as for you a criminal justice must be served towards you and you serious need a help.

  • mart.botha - 2012-09-22 08:32

    The punishment for this type of transgression must be maximised to protect the children of this country. No excuses must be made for her mental capacity, social status or out of any feelings of pity for her. Making up these excuses for these criminals continues to weaken and endanger society as a whole and this must stop.

  • obadia.segwape - 2012-09-22 09:29

    no man this boyfriend or husband come on

  • eban.tempellhoff - 2012-09-22 14:01

    How fantastic !!! Happy reunion ....just WOW!!

  • eve.eland - 2012-09-23 07:52

    Morsig wt jy is h gn jy dai man se kind grtmak kidnaper

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