'Snotkop' tells of drug past

2007-07-16 10:20

Johannesburg - Punk rocker Snotkop, also known as Francois Henning, 28, talked about his drug history on Sunday in an effort to help teenagers.

"It was a difficult decision to go public, but my aim is not sensation."

Henning, formerly known as kwaito singer Lekgoa, made his first kwaito CD in 2000.

"I was at the height of my kwaito career in 2002 and my drug habit was at its worst. Although I was a social user, it landed me in dubious situations. To use drugs is not just about the drugs, but also about the people you associate with."

He attended a drug rehabilitation centre in 2003 and has been clean for four years.

"I realised that if I was serious about my career and cared for the people I loved, I had to do something."

He said he was now living a healthy life and wanted to do something for the community.

Snotkop and his group will launch a national anti-drug campaign in September and already have 20 schools on their list.

"I don't want to preach or sound like a pastor. It's going to be a normal show and in between I will talk to the kids about my experiences on a level I would like people to talk to me."

His aim was to inform children about the dangers of drugs.

"Statistics have shown that most kids experiment with drugs before they reach Grade 11. They must realise there are other means of being creative and unique without using drugs."

He denied allegations in a Sunday paper that he had to sell his house in Northcliff, Johannesburg, and his car to pay drug debts.

"While I was using drugs I wasted too much money on the wrong friends and I easily spent R2 000 a night. But there were no drug debts."

His advice to young people was: "Get a goal in life, something you are passionate about. Then nothing will stand in your way. And choose your friends carefully."

Snotkop's new CD is expected to be on the shelves by Christmas. He will also record a DVD that will be available in September.