Son rapes drunk mom - cops

2003-01-15 21:25

Musina - Residents of the ordinarily peaceful town in Limpopo were shocked to learn about a woman who was raped by her 15-year-old son, his friend and her brother-in-law while she lay sleeping in a drunken stupor.

Inspector Jacques de Buisson, police spokesperson for Musina, said the 42-year-old woman, her husband and the three suspects spent the night drinking at their home.

The woman said her husband went to bed about 01:00 while she and the others continued drinking.

At some stage she apparently lost consciousness. When she woke up about 04:00, she found her 15-year-old son raping her.

She was apparently so shocked that she tried to commit suicide by drinking sleeping tables. She received treatment in time to save her life.

Du Buisson said it later became clear that her son's friend and her brother-in-law had also raped her.

All the suspects were apparently drunk when they raped the woman.

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