Sotyu's comments show prejudice - Agri SA

2010-11-10 19:14

Johannesburg - Examples given by Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu in her argument that courts are racist show she is prejudiced against whites and white commercial farmers, Agri SA said on Wednesday.

"It is regrettable that Ms Maggie Sotyu played the race card in one of her first public appearances after her appointment as deputy minister of police by referring to 'racist courts'," Agri SA president Johannes Möller said in a statement.

"Her superficial comparison between two court judgements without referring to the underlying merits thereof, merely to score political points, is of concern and has undermined confidence."

Sotyu on Wednesday said South Africa's courts were racist because black criminals receive harsher sentences than their white counterparts.

More convincing arguments explaining her position and attitude needed to be given, Möller said.

"It regrettable that the deputy minister has, with these remarks, given rise to doubts concerning her insight and attitude."

He said Agri SA and the police co-operated well at different levels and there was an appreciation for the "leading" role Police Minister Nathi Mthethewa took when he implemented the updated rural safety strategy.

Political leaders such as Sotyu needed to realise that "utterances could contribute to either reconciliation and co-operation or to polarisation and violent behaviour", he said.

Sotyu, a former chairperson of Parliament's portfolio committee on police, was appointed deputy minister in President Jacob Zuma's major Cabinet reshuffle 10 days ago.

She reportedly made the remarks after a briefing to MPs on Tuesday on the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation's report on violent crime in South Africa.

  • pointblankza - 2010-11-10 19:45

    Very disappointing statements from the dep. It appears as if people are stuck in an era which they cannot release. With elections around the corner there has been a marked increase "blame the whites" statements. The race card is a vital tool for the ANC..

      Maleo - 2010-11-10 20:17

      Agreed -- easy way to impress the hoy pilloy.

      Johan - 2010-11-11 07:35

      The " race and aparthied " is always to be blame when the ANC have to explain why they are incompetent

  • Crest Publishing - 2010-11-10 20:07

    Why be surprised at what an ANC minister states at that sort of meeting? 1. What she knows about policing is positively dangerous. 2 Like any other ANC politician in a corner and hasn't a clue what to say sensibly, she resorts to it being all the fault of the whites. 3. The so called rural safety plan she lauds, has never worked and we have plus minus 3000 farmers dead or maimed since her Party took office and it continues. 4. She is part of what is being seen as a corrupt government harbouring an equally corrupt police force at all levels, where anything goes for the ruling party who can do no wrong. When criticised for outrageous behaviour, like her, they resort to that hoary old chestnut of Apartheid, White oppression, Cecil Rhodes, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. Save your bloody rhetoric for ANC conferences where they will enjoy it for eactly the same reasons I've stated here. Spookoctopus

  • Lawrence - 2010-11-10 20:55

    Media Tribunal In my opinion the naissance of the media tribunal was spawned at the ANC’s Polokwane conference, when numerous, embarrassed delegates smarting from the exposure of being caught with their hands in the cookie jar too often demanded that the ANC formulate a plan to shield incompetence, larceny and blatant nepotism from being exposed. Polkwane means “Place of Safety” – Media tribunal means ANC shielding ANC from exposure – If you are truly honorable, open and honest, your deeds can stand the exposure of the light – For many years the evil media controls of the apartheid regime kept many from knowing the truth, thereby delaying exposure and toppling of that government. Please do not go back to the dark ages.

  • Wishbone - 2010-11-11 00:19

    Will there ever come a time when a government of SA is a government first (who tries to solve the country's problems) and a political party second??? Maybe the second coming is sooner than we expect!

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