South African tells of cyclone terror

2011-02-02 15:54

Cape Town - A South African woman in Cairns has described feelings of terror after a category-5 cyclone bore down on the Australian city on Wednesday.

“I am freakin out major as winds are really picking up and eye of storm is very close now (sic),” Brummer told News24 via Facebook.

It is terrifying to say the least,” Dedrei Brummer, who has been living in Australia for 5 years, said.

Brummer said that she and her family had decided to bunker down in their house.

At the time of contact, Brummer said that the power had not gone down and cellphones and phone lines could still work but that with the eye of the storm still coming, “this wasn’t expected to last”.

Cyclone Yasi is expected to bring winds of up to 300km/h.

Brummer lives in Cairns with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. She is part of a Facebook group called South Africans in Cairns which has 73 members.

More than 400 000 people live in the cyclone's path, including the cities of Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. The entire stretch is popular with tourists, includes the Great Barrier Reef, and is home to major coal and sugar ports.

Satellite images showed Yasi as a massive storm system covering an area bigger than Italy, with the cyclone predicted to be the strongest ever to hit Australia.

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  • Ammie - 2011-02-02 16:14

    At least Facebook is still working...

      kgb123 - 2011-02-02 16:18

      that is more NB than anything else.... i cant wait for her next status update..

  • Ozman - 2011-02-02 16:14

    Bunker down girl, keep safe in the centre of the home, stay put even if the roof comes off.

  • Mike or Mpho - 2011-02-02 16:17

    why is this article so specific about hearing specifically from South Africans about the cyclone? Lazy journalism.

      kitikatter - 2011-02-02 16:48

      Maybe because true blue Aussies cannot be bothered to talk to small minded people like yourself?

  • NicolaWeaver - 2011-02-02 16:23

    All the latest videos of Yasi can be found on the following hub: Scary! They have people on the ground right now, providing video feeds and feedback from most affected areas. I hope that's useful.

      treatise1 - 2011-02-02 16:31

      Thanks for the link Nicola

  • Bobotie - 2011-02-02 16:23

    To Michael and Ammie You both disgust me in so many ways. To not have sympathy for people in this situation shows ignorance and selfishness. I know of many Australians including my wife that have compassion for the struggles South Africans face, and yet in times of this it is your cockyness that prevails. I do hope that no Australian will one day think of you two as true ambassadors for our country. To all those in need in Australia, our thoughts are with you in these dark days.

      kitikatter - 2011-02-02 16:53

      Michael, bugger off. Your lack of spelling and capitalisation speaks volumes in itself. Just FYI, Dedrei was contacted BY A SOUTH AFRICAN REPORTER while in dire circumstances to get a story, not the other way around. Idiot.

      sad1lad - 2011-02-02 16:54

      we also have dark days...

      AJ - 2011-02-03 06:39

      @michael - so then take the article as the experience of an Aussie in Australia, makes no difference. Who the hell was expecting 'extra sympathy' as you put it? It is simply someone detailing a cyclone experience. I also dont understand local vs international sites. In our opinion are people only supposed to comment and view internet sites housed within their countries borders? How very Chinese of you.....

  • treatise1 - 2011-02-02 16:31

    My sympathies. Stay safe!

  • abc101 - 2011-02-02 16:32

    If the crime in South Africa does'nt get you, the protesting in Egypt will and if that does'nt get you then the earthquake in China will and if that still does'nt get you then the cyclone in Aussie will.

      Charles Small - 2011-02-02 16:53

      Don't forget about the Volcano in Japan.

  • - 2011-02-02 16:34

    Live coverage from ABC network no geo blocking.

  • Riotous - 2011-02-02 16:36

    I am really concerned about those South Africans living in Australia. I told them to stay behind but the chose to plod along to some penal colony. Some divine intervention is just reminding them that they are great-great great grandchildren of people who could leave other people's chickens alone. Let us do something about it ....

      Riotous - 2011-02-02 16:41

      I am really concerned about those South Africans living in Australia. I told them to stay behind but they chose to plod along to some penal colony. Some divine intervention is just reminding them that they are great-great great grandchildren of people who could not leave other people's chickens alone. The husband must be love-biting a leg of lamb in the fridge. Let us do something about this terrible situation ....

  • Liesbet - 2011-02-02 16:37

    I once heard to put your passport and personal documents in the washing machine during the storm. Will stay dry and maybe the washing machine will survive it.... All the best!!

  • Charles Small - 2011-02-02 16:51

    Why is it, that news about a cyclone hitting Oz, is turned into a totally different story with all these comments. Some of you people should be ashamed of yourself for not caring about the people in this situation. All life is important, no matter where you come from, where you are or where you are going.

      Kobus - 2011-02-02 17:21

      Yes, I agree, Charles. I care about the Aussies as well.

  • sad1lad - 2011-02-02 16:52

    I hope expats also have sympathy for us just as we should have for them. Do you want to tell me that the expats don't feel vindicated every time Jooli-ass Malemda puts his foot in it and threatens the Boer? Or the rest of the ANC - type bozos do their usual? A storm will pass but the ANC won't.

      Sal - 2011-02-02 20:49

      Typical bile spewed by SouthAfrica haters.

  • Monde - 2011-02-02 16:54

    @Michael, "like reli now", 5years is a long time to be still classified S.Acan.

  • Monde - 2011-02-02 16:57

    @Michael, "like reli now", 5years is a long time to be still classified S.Acan.

  • semaj - 2011-02-02 17:06

    Such predictable comments from juvenile minds. Go to Aus, get slammed by a cyclone,( perhaps stay in SA, get killed by a minibus or worse, let us say murder).What puerile comments are these against people who are subjected to the vagaries of natural phenomena or rather of man-made casualties? I would like to remind our readers that at times, it was easy to find oneself necklaced by a burning tyre. Which is worse? Nature, or the the nature of man?

  • Kobus - 2011-02-02 17:31

    South Africans hitting on other South Africans who chose a better and safer life elsewhere, are fools. To then showcase your ignorance and lack of caring about those people when they are in danger, smells of a significantly lower level of civilization than that of those who left.

      hilary.keenansmith - 2011-02-02 17:40

      Nice to see some brains here Kobus, I agree with you! Small minds ... LOL

  • hilary.keenansmith - 2011-02-02 17:33

    I think those that do not appreciate the gravity of the situation should rather tune into "Days of our lives" .... that would probably interest them more!! This is a site for news not Politics. My interest is with all forms of LIFE, tragedy is not something to mock, for it will come to your door one day, sooner rather than later!!

  • Glowworm - 2011-02-02 17:39

    As always when these stories get published on News 24 it doesn't take long for all the anti immigration/anti S.African-living-overseas bigots to come crawling out, seems this time is no differt. But as per bloody usual most of them are missing the point. Hundreds of thousands of people are, as I type being hit by a category 5 tropical cyclone the size of the US. Perhaps we can put our politics and bigotry aside, for just a split second and spare a thought for many men, woman and children terrified as this storm tears into their houses and destroys a lot of what they own and probably even takes some of their lives. Yes some may be South Africans or even ex-South African. It does not mean they do not deserve your compassion. Grow up Michael! Your comments truly expose what a small minded, mean spirited, little man you are!

      Sal - 2011-02-02 20:42

      Anti South Africans in Aus or wherever have a God given right(apartheid mentality) to rubbish South Africa.their comments show what a small minded bigotted lot they are.

      sean.sharkie - 2011-02-02 21:37

      Sally P, you should perhaps have a look at yourself! The article about the cyclone in Australia. Where in the article did the it mention the expats being "anti South African" and that they "rubbish" South Africa? PS, not all expats have bad things to say about South Africa.

  • Idled - 2011-02-02 18:15

    I can't wait to leave S.A. I'm sick of dealing with apes.

  • Snotty - 2011-02-02 19:35


  • Sal - 2011-02-02 20:37

    True South Africans dont care the whiners go to.Yes u have every right but dont rubbish South Africa just because you hate wherever you are. Kitykakker and other Michael haters are perfect examples. Europeans never ever rubbish the land of their birth. Speak to the thousands in South Africa.One bit of advice to expat South Africa haters- invest in the JSE(20% return) Aus ASX(-5%

      Glowworm - 2011-02-03 12:13

      The reverse is also, if not more true! The hatred towards SA expats from S.Africans still living in SA is unparalleled. Why aren't the Brits all up in arms everytime one of them decide to move to Oz? Your first sentence is missing the word WHERE, as in "True S. Africans dont care( WHERE) the whiners go to. Curious as to what exactly defines a 'true S.African' and why exactly are S.African expats, 'whiners'? Also where exactly do you see people 'rubbish' SA because they 'hate' where they are? You may choose to continue to live in a country where crime is rampant, unemployment is high & the gov is corrupt. I don't choose that for my family, and my choice doesn't exempt me from commenting on SA. If anything I think that being raped, having a gun to my head & held hostage in a store robbery & being broken into COUNTLESS times gives me a 'golden ticket' to comment at will. Saying crime is bad isn't 'rubbishing' it's FACT! Just because you bury your heads in the sand, & say 'oh it's not THAT bad' while you arm your alarm, lock the trellidoor & put your gun under your pillow doesn't make it so. It IS that bad, & the longer you live in denial, the worse it will become. Do you honestly think that leaving everything behind, family, friends, your sense of identity is EASY? Sadly you probably do. Expats aren't the problem. Crime is the problem! Why all the offense that someone else dare seek a safer life for their families?

  • melissaleelithgow - 2011-02-02 22:22

    Ag shame Michael & co. Jealous are we? Don't blame expats because you don't have the guts or skills to leave South Africa. Sally P... Your comments are too stupid to comment on. I would rather face 20 cyclones than spend one more fearful night in SA. At least we had warning about the cyclone, who's going to warn you about the hijacker or rapist waiting for you? I also know that the police/ambulance/fire dept will actually come when I call - good luck to you and the SAPS! Let me know how that works out for you.

      Serendipity - 2011-02-04 11:06

      You have hit it on the nail, with your 1st line! Well done on a great post, some people just dont get it and never will!!!

  • pauls - 2011-02-02 22:43

    South Africans do care about other people and even the ex pats, just would be nice to have a real news report about the tragedy that they are experiencing there. Who the F*^% cares that she belongs to a face book page with 73 members in it? Really is that news? This reporter should go there right to the middle of the cyclone and stay safe in the middle of the house, duh! What grade are you in, grade 3? All Michael is saying is that this is "yawn" boring news. A real update on the situation would be nice not this crap about and ex pat that has been living there for 5 years and is on face book. Get a life and go post a comment on huisgenoot more your type of reading...hey maybe next she will be in it with a picture of her dingo dog and huge spiders crawling on her walls, she can tell us how she loves Aus and hoe she survived the cyclone just holding on to a street pole. They all very strong poles nothing like ours here in SA...we are all very interested in that can't wait to get the new magazine. News reporter go to the airport quick!!

  • Mine - 2011-02-03 00:04

    Expats don't hate SA... Some of us left for work, and love. I always wonder why people hate it when expats read their homeland's papers...we still care for friends and family there, and fully sympathise with some of the hardships. Just cause we don't live there, doesn't mean we don't care! QLD - this cyclone was a scary massive thing. a bit of compassion wouldn't be too much to ask for!

  • seshupo.mangwejane - 2011-02-03 09:25

    People should take care as it's natural disasters and we can't avoid them!

  • lenniezn - 2011-02-03 09:45

    God be with you ex-pats..... bet you wondering why you left in the first place...

  • lenniezn - 2011-02-03 09:46

    To all the expats living in OZ... god be with you.... bet you wondering why you left in the first place...

      Kalgirl - 2011-02-03 10:26

      No need to wonder why ..... I know why !!!!

  • Serendipity - 2011-02-03 10:50

    I am shocked at the animosity this simple article has created!! If you don't like reading about expats in Australia, then dont click on the article, read it and then still take the time to post a comment . . . it clearly states "South African tells of cyclone terror"! What in that title could possibly make you think its about something else?? Simple solution to this: GET OVER IT!! South Africans move to Australia on a daily basis, for what ever reasons they chose to leave. I have come to realise that the people who have issues with South Africans in Australia or anywhere else is this . . .they are to scared to make the move or just can't do it. Ignoring your personal hangups - Try have a heart for the trauma QLD has been through lately and not because its a South African in Australia but because there are human lives involved and suffering. This goes for all the major events happening around the world!!

  • Sally P - 2011-02-03 22:17

    Glowbum we South Africans dont care or hate people like you, we love you for leaving our country with the kind of hate inside you.What does concern us is when people like you constantly whine about your so called experience to justify your existence in your land of milk and honey.Stay where you are and comment on Aus website about the performance of the JSE.Many expats have returned after being robbed in Aus

      melissaleelithgow - 2011-02-04 02:47

      Ha ha... You're so funny! I'd love to meet the expats who returned because they were robbed in Aus!

      Glowworm - 2011-02-05 13:25

      @melissa- Obviously Sally has spent too much time in her locked up tight compound like house, because the lack of oxygen is making her delusional. This explains her grammatical errors, lack of sentence construction, obsession with the JSE and also the supposed expats obsession and these mythical Saffers running back to SA to get away from all the crime in Oz *roll eyes* Oh and Sally, did you come up with glowbum all by yourself? So original *try to roll eyes again to find them strained from over use*

  • Serendipity - 2011-02-04 11:03

    Where have all Michael's posts gone??? They appear to have been deleted. . . . . Interesting, considering he had so much to say!

  • dbrummer - 2011-02-05 06:53

    Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Our power just came back online now as well as our cellphones. We have been cutoff so to speak since Wednesday night, just after I sent the journalist of this article our experience. little did I know it was going to get way worse than it was at the time. There is no words to describe that night. I am still in awe of it all. All that matters is that we are ok and our house survived. Luckily we didn't cop it as bad as the guys just south of us.

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