South Africans caught in US storm

2012-10-31 08:32

Johannesburg - Several South Africans have been caught up in the havoc caused by Superstorm Sandy in the United States.

Former Idols finalist Adeline Mocke is one of thousands of people evacuated to a shelter, reported Volksblad.

Mocke’s father said they had lost touch with her but believed she was safe. The last time they spoke to her was on Skype at 03:20 on Wednesday.

“She still said: 'Dad, we’ll be talking and then we lose the signal',” said Avril Mocke.

His daughter was living with an aunt in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was doing modelling work- and both of them had to evacuate the house and move to a shelter.

A former Bloemfontein resident who was now living in Rhode Island said residents were fearing floods and that up to 100 000 people were without power.

Marilize Venter said New Jersey had been hit directly by the storm and “everything was under water”.

  • customdesign - 2012-10-31 08:59

    Oh really? I thought the chances of a storm affecting 50 million people in one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the world would have a slim chance of South Africans being caught in it. I wonder if there were any Ozzies, Chinese or Russians in it? - 2012-10-31 09:49

      Yes. I lived in NYC for a short while, and there would go entire days where I'd be lucky to hear English while going around public spaces. Most common languages you will hear are Spanish, various Indian languages (Hindi/Punjabi/Telugu/Bengali/Marathi/Tamil etc), Chinese, Japanese, Korean. I think there are more immigrants (and first-generation descendants of immigrants) than there are people who have have been living there for generations.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-10-31 10:18

      Na, if it gets here they will call it Zuma....anything for publicity ne

  • mista.brown1 - 2012-10-31 09:14

    Nonsense! if you call this news.we have south africans almost everywhere, including jamaica,bahamas and cuba.

  • barbara.k.smillie - 2012-10-31 09:30

    My daughter arrived in New Jersey on Saturday - power out & trees down plus its really cold right now.

  • simon.brewer.35 - 2012-10-31 09:37

    I dont know what the yanks are complaining about - high winds, excessive rain and floods are a normal everyday occurance in PE!! We dont see CNN here..... - 2012-10-31 09:47

      Maybe because CNN is an American news company, they are much more interested in events that happen in that country? And also, in the USA, much more importance is given to disasters and loss of human life, whereas in South Africa it is largely ignored.

  • Antonio Avila - 2012-10-31 10:57

    i used to live in new york my language is spanish .i love south africa . but the people living here are so lacy, everything is for tomorrow and all the time begging . work work lacy people

  • lunga.matsikechangu - 2012-11-01 05:25

    Only one south african not several.where are the rest? Hopefully they are not drug mules there.

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