Soweto rape case on hold

2012-04-20 21:49

Johannesburg - A man accused of kidnapping and raping a Soweto teenager, who is also the victim of a video-taped gang rape, appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court on Friday.

The case was postponed until May 4 for further investigation, said Lieutenant Colonel Tshisikhawe Ndou.

The 37-year-old man is accused of holding the 17-year-old against her will at his house in Bramfischerville, Soweto.

A report said that the man was not asked to plead.

Asked what language he spoke, he replied "Setswana".

He said he understood English.

He was told to hire a lawyer or to submit a request for legal aid.

The girl went missing on March 21 and was found at the man's house in a search launched after police became aware of the rape video.

Five men and two youths matching the descriptions of the rapists in the cellphone video appeared in court on Thursday.

The case was postponed until April 25 for further investigation.

The rape video went "viral" on the internet on Wednesday and was one of the main topics trending on the social networking site Twitter.

The National Prosecuting Authority has requested a psychiatric report on the girl.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-04-20 22:31

    Pure filth...with the lowest of morals....and influencing younger kids with his evil ways. Please NO SYMPATHY...FOR THIS SHARK SH#T MAN. Don't listen to his lies....they so sly in court cases here in SA giving lame excuses to get off....Let's hope the system finds guilty verdict.

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-04-20 23:41

    So difficult to do a proper job when our prez slithered out of his rape charge.

      Alf - 2012-04-21 07:35

      Our president "leads" by example!

  • Patsy - 2012-04-21 13:53

    Why do they need to 'investigate further' when there is a video of the entire appalling affair? Why does the victim need a psychiatric examination other than for treatment to her damaged psyche? What does her intelligence, or lack of, have anything to do with being raped? This has become a VERY strange country with VERY strange methods

  • Franklyn - 2012-04-21 22:03

    How can so-called good kids perform such a cruel and callous act like gang-raping a girl ? Im sorry,this really stinks of something that could happen in a community where women are suppressed and mentally challenged treated as less than human.

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