Soweto train crash being probed

2011-05-20 10:48

Johannesburg - The Soweto train collision in which 644 people were injured on Thursday will be investigated, the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) said on Friday.

"A team of the RSR's inspectors were at the scene following the collision which took place at approximately 17:50. An investigation into what led to the collision is under way," spokesperson Lavinia Engelbrecht said.

A Metrorail train travelling from Mzimhlophe station towards Phomolong station in Orlando collided with a stationary Soweto Business Express train.

There were no fatalities. Amongst the injured only two men were critically injured and airlifted to Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeff Wicks said people were thrown 200 metres around the trains. "On arrival, paramedics found passengers from both trains lying on the track."

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  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-05-20 11:21

    IN-flippin-COMPETENCE...Train the mind to mind the train !

  • mboneni.radebe - 2011-05-20 11:35

    Mu cousin was also in the train when the accident and he suffered torn ligaments on the left leg.Good thing there were no fatalities and I believe it's human error so someone must be fired!

      RVQ - 2011-05-20 11:53

      We don't the hear heads are going to roll, we want to see heads rolling, top brass should held accountable so in future they leave zero room for error...

  • semaj - 2011-05-20 11:44

    Ag, the lady driver was probably doing her nails and did not notice anything

  • shozi - 2011-05-20 11:52


      RFC1795 - 2011-05-20 12:05

      As much as I'm anti ANC ... your comment is irrelevant

      SeMaarNet - 2011-05-20 13:25

      Why would you say shozi's comment is irrelevent??? Were it not for the incompetent decision makers in power the checks and balances would still be inplace to avoid incompetent people being forced into positions for which they are not fit to occupy...catch the drift

  • Puumba - 2011-05-20 11:53

    Right in my hometown!!!Thank God,they were all fine.

  • magszinovich - 2011-05-20 12:06


  • Creeky - 2011-05-20 12:09

    Could it be INCOMPETENCEY????? Can only be! Lately, wquite a few trains have been having accidents... maybe does have to do with INCOMPETENT PEOPLE!!!! These are people's live at risk here.... but seems like they are expendable.... just because of BEE / AA/ whatever...

  • POLLENYS - 2011-05-20 12:11

    Possible causes: Driver asleep (favourite passtime on the job). Cables to the rail signal stolen? (favourite passtime). On the other hand, it also happens in First World countries. And then the guilty are held accountable. Lets see.

      semaj - 2011-05-20 12:36

      Very few are ever found guilty in this wonderful country, as you will know, from the President down. If a trial ever happens, it gets postponed until it goes away.

  • AloninSA - 2011-05-20 12:56

    It really wouldn't be difficult to incorporate a GPS tracking system that works similar to a radar, which would simply tell train drivers where the nearest train is and how fast it is moving. The cost certainly would not have come to as much as the cost of damages from the accidents in the past year. (injuries, court cases, mechanical damage, etc and etc. SOLVE SOMETHING FFS!

      semaj - 2011-05-20 13:35

      Well of course trains on metrorail travel at such high speeds (?) that it would be impossible to stop within 1 km of a stationary train, so GPS might not be the answer? How about spectacles and a working knowledge of the route, knowing where signals are to be expected, and if they are not visibly there, bring the train to a squealing halt immediately? This is 2011 and we are running trains as though it is still 1900.

  • POLLENYS - 2011-05-20 13:16

    And a large majority - including the educated - simply condones that, because the guilty are also black. Won't it be wonderfull if we can ALL stand up against corruption, no matter where or who it comes from?

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