Spear ruling expected soon

2012-09-19 22:16

Johannesburg - The ruling on the classification of The Spear artwork may be expected in two or three weeks, the lawyers representing the Goodman Gallery said on Wednesday.

Webber Wentzel's Greg Palmer in a statement: "The chairperson indicated that, provided the panel is ad idem (in agreement) on the outcome of the appeal, a ruling may be expected within two to three weeks."

The Films and Publications Board (FPB) appeal tribunal heard Goodman Gallery's appeal on the classification of artwork on Monday.

Palmer said that oral representations were made to the tribunal by both the board and the gallery. It was chaired by University of KwaZulu-Natal Professor Karthy Govender.

The FPB classified The Spear with a rating of 16N in July, meaning children under the age of 16 should not have access to the painting because it displays nudity.

The gallery's lawyers contend the classification of the artwork was "impermissible and unsustainable".

The Spear, painted by Cape Town-based artist Brett Murray, depicted President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed.

The FPB ruled that its classification committee had the necessary jurisdiction to classify the painting even though it had since been defaced.

The lawyers argued that the FPB had no jurisdiction to classify an original artwork that had been defaced and removed from public exhibition.

But the board said the committee took into account questions of sensitive adults and broader issues of dignity in classifying the artwork.

The board said the rating was appropriate because the artwork was likely to be disturbing, or harmful, or age-inappropriate for children.

The gallery regarded the appeal as one of crucial importance to freedom of artistic expression.

  • anthony.richardson.961 - 2012-09-19 22:47

    Really people, don't we have more serious issues to attend to. This is an artwork as is Michealangelo's statue of David who also has his genitals exposed. \r\n\r\nToo much time and attention is being spent on things that do not really matter as a diversion to detract fom the real issues that are facing the citizens of this country.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-19 23:18

    Yep just another freaking side show, by the ANC cadres to distract the majority electorate but guess what, the limp-spear has all been covered up and the rest of us don't give a dam.... if you haven't noticed it is all about Mludli being fingered in his plot that is making headlines at the moment. This is much more funnier than the old limp spear.

  • an.a.969 - 2012-09-20 06:52

    The 'dicks' do they have any idea how many children younger than 16 , watch or make ,real porn on their cel phones?

  • IcemanGP - 2012-09-20 07:09

    Funny that Fkk all got said about the other artist that painted a wrinkled elephants trunk on Zuma.

  • roger.howdy - 2012-09-20 07:12

    What about the other painting???????????????? NO Fuss has been made about that... This has the Race Card all over it..

      winifred.watson.9 - 2012-09-20 08:50

      Exactly my thoughts. The 2nd painting was snapped up by the harem of ANCWL because it depicted the spear in his cultural dress. The first painting was painted by a white guy, the 2nd by a black guy so only one will get a rapping for it.

  • markus.botha - 2012-09-20 09:29

    If you want to paint a naked man in South Africa, you better make Damn sure what his skin color is and that he's not a retard.

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