Speed, fatigue blamed for 2 crashes

2012-01-21 20:44

East London - One person died and 18 people were injured in two separate accidents involving minibus taxis in the Eastern Cape, Arrive Alive said on Saturday.

The first accident happened at 06:00 on Saturday on the N10 between Peterson and Ncanaha in which one person died and 13 others were injured, spokesperson Tshepo Machaea said.

Machaea said it was suspected that speed and fatigue might have been the cause of the Quantum taxi losing control and overturning.

He said the second accident happened at around 09:00 and five people were seriously injured when the driver of another Quantum lost control of the vehicle near Elliot.

"They were on their way from Cape Town to a funeral of a three-month-old baby in Mount Frere," Machaea said.

The taxi was pulling the body placed in a coffin carried in a trailer. Another coffin was being arranged after the accident, he said.

"Both accidents raise concern of fatigue and speeding amongst drivers. We will investigate the cause of both accidents."

  • Boer - 2012-01-21 21:14

    They the taxi drivers have no respect for the rules of the road and no respect for people traveling with them. Thats the problem. But then again I can also ask why do they have Metro Police in South-Africa? Cause the Metro Police shorly are not doing anything about the lawlessness of the taxi drivers.

  • delahvonne - 2012-01-21 21:37

    I guess SA taxi drivers give 'Quantam Leap' new meaning

      Heinrich - 2012-01-22 18:22

      That's how we roll, brother. That's how we roll.

  • Anthony - 2012-01-21 22:17

    so what,s the taxi death count for this year 2012? and all you can say is fatigue and speeding, may I give you a cup of coffee so you can wake up.

  • dhuysamen1 - 2012-01-21 22:20

    The more the merrier. They do not appear to mind so why should it matter to us law-abiding guys. Each destroyed taxi equals a 300% possible reduction in the deaths of innocent people. Are there ANY RULES, LAWS, REGULATIONS or anything else to control this so-called "industry" ?

  • amoako - 2012-01-21 22:26

    ...being a foreigner in this beautiful country I wouldn't pretend there are no bad drivers in my country, but what I see here scares me. The drivers(especially taxi's) are always in hurry and I always wonder where they're going. I hope stricter road regulations are enforced before many road users are wiped off.

  • Trevor - 2012-01-21 23:40

    To much revenue being made from fines by municiplalities that it's budgeted in every year as "extra" income...and how many Politicians are Taxi owners/"kingpins"....nothing will change, we keep on hearing the same rubbish decade in, decade out...LOL..not even yearly anymore...

  • Zion - 2012-01-22 12:38

    This whole country needs a mindset change. Speed kills and only a fool will think otherwise. Since Thursday/Friday there has been many accidents and the verdict is attributed to speed in most cases. We may consider ourselves great drivers because our vehicles can cruise at high speed but when hit by an idiot at high speed too, then both sides are losers. In my opinion, from observations, the most vehicles driven at high speed are by white drivers driving those expensive vehicles like Beemers and mercs. During the last few months I spent thousands of KM's on the road.

      Zion - 2012-01-22 16:36

      It must be mandatory for thumbs down vendors to at least give an explanation for their actions.

      Zion - 2012-01-22 16:42

      In this case I purposely left out Taxi's and trucks because they fall into categories of their own. The reference to white drivers came from a personal observation while black drivers, on a one to one basis, do not tend to drive excessively fast. The average black driver drives a used car of an older vintage and not always roadworthy. Further it has been noticed that Black drivers are moving rapidly to the 4x4 market.

  • Heinrich - 2012-01-22 18:31

    Please get this into your head, Mr. Authority. Speed is ALWAYS involved in travel. It is defined as distance divided by time. If a driver falls asleep at 20km/h and he goes down a cliff, speed is still involved. Like life is always involved in death. You can't die if you are not alive. So we don't go around saying that somebody's death was caused by a broken neck and life.

      Zion - 2012-01-23 07:41

      maseratifittipaldi, Funnily enough I agree with you. Speed is always involved in travelling but unfortunately the word travel implies movement and movement implies velocity and changing velocity, yes speed in short. Unfortunately too, velocity is related to energy and the faster you go the more energy in your system and the quick stop is where the problem with speed and energy arises.

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