State disputes Jub Jub's blackout claim

2011-12-06 15:22

Johannesburg - The State prosecutor in the murder trial of Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye on Tuesday disputed the musician's claim that he blacked out during an accident that killed four schoolboys.

Raymond Mathenjwa told him in the Protea Magistrate's Court that he had given different versions with regard to the blackout.

"If you say you did not hit anyone until you hit the trees means you did not have a blackout," he said.

On Monday Maarohanye told the court he blacked out when he hit a curb after co-accused Themba Tshabalala crashed into his car. He said when he woke up his car had hit a tree and was on its side. He said he had not struck any of the schoolchildren when he crashed, and he knew this because his car did not have blood on it.


Maarohanye is on trial with Tshabalala on charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Their Mini Coopers allegedly crashed into a group of schoolchildren, killing four boys and injuring two others, on Mdlalose Street in Protea North in Soweto on March 8, last year.

Mathenjwa further asked Maarohanye if he had informed his attorney Ike Motloung that he had lost consciousness during the car crash. He said no.

He referred to evidence given by witness Katlego Nkomo that Maarohanye crashed into two children from Almond High School and that his attorney never disputed this. Mathenjwa asked him why this was the case. Maarohanye said he could not explain.

He told Maarohanye that his friend Tumelo Mukoka, who was a passenger in his car during the accident, did not mention that he blacked out.

Mathenjwa then read out Mukoka's testimony that Maarohanye's car was hit by Tshabalala's, causing Maarohanye to lose control and hit a curb. Mukoka further said after striking the curb Maarohanye tried to control his car, but it landed on its side on the side of the road.

The trial got under way just before noon on Tuesday because Tshabalala's attorney Mlungiseleni Soviti arrived late.

  • Bokfan - 2011-12-06 15:28

    Hmf Lock this vile little beast's damn attorney up for contempt of court, contempt of the victims and their families, contempt of the nation and contempt for the due process of justice.

      Yusuf - 2011-12-06 16:27

      i agree,he will have a blackout when papa gets hold of him in jail

      Yusuf - 2011-12-06 16:43

      i have not travis.speak for yourself

      Shoosh - 2011-12-06 18:27

      @Travis Ver"off-the"maak are you sure he is remorseful? how many more lies is this murderer going to tell before this trial ends in order to cover his arse? no remorse show, he can't even apologise to the parents of the deceased children he murdered

      Grant - 2011-12-06 20:01

      @Travis. I've driven under the influence - not proud of it. Praise the Lord I never had an accident. Sadly booze abuse runs in my family and my ex-wife's. My 2 sons could have been killed or indured when they wrote ther car off against a tree. The tow truck guy said he didn't know how anybody could have survived. (My son said it was a stupid pplace to have a tree). Having said all this, I maintain 'if you do the crime you do the time'. I've repeatedly warned my kids.

  • Bronwyn - 2011-12-06 15:30

    If he gets away with it, then just know SA is heaven for the wicked, the murderers, the thieves, the liars and worse. And then you question why people like Divani come to SA to kill - THAT is why, because its easy and crime pays.....

      Pierre - 2011-12-06 15:33

      If he gets away, I would be surprised if he sees next Christmas as the youth is waiting for him.

  • Pierre - 2011-12-06 15:30

    "If you say you did not hit anyone until you hit the trees means you did not have a blackout," he said. Nicely said.

  • Ben - 2011-12-06 15:36

    If you dont admit, does it mean that you dont regret your mistake. Would it not be better to say; I am sorry.

  • warren.groves - 2011-12-06 15:38

    Go Mathenjwa!

  • Koos - 2011-12-06 15:40

    why should there be blood on the car you idiot! talking crap is in you BLOOD!!!!

  • Shirley - 2011-12-06 15:42

    Arrogent little crackhaed! If this was an average citizen they would be behind bars months ago,but because this moron is a supposed "celebrity" the case goes on and on! Let him go and lets see how long he lasts with mob justice! That will be an interesting scenario!

  • Smanga Zwane - 2011-12-06 15:43

    I think I just had a black out... Right Jub Jub...

  • peggy.jackman - 2011-12-06 15:49

    I trust that Jub Jub's attorney will be fined for contempt of court!! What a waste of our hard earned money as everyone has to wait for the little pratt!

      Vusi - 2011-12-06 16:08

      Pegs, it wasn't Jub's lawyer who was late, it was the other guy's.

  • Michelle - 2011-12-06 15:51

    Ironic how the amnesia hits them when they kill children!! Just like the taxi driver who also claims that he blacked out and can't remember overtaking cars and landing in front of a train that killed 10 kids in the taxi!!! The fact is that they DID murder these children with their vehicles and need to pay and pay big time!!!!!

  • peggy.jackman - 2011-12-06 15:51

    I trust that 'Jub Jub's' attorney will be fined for contempt of court. What arrogance to keep the entire court waiting - and a waste od our hard earned money!

  • Mashudu - 2011-12-06 15:52

    JUB JUB No matter how good ur tactics are, You will never win this one period. Be a man and take responsibilities for ur wrong doings.

  • madsipho - 2011-12-06 15:54

    Can anyone tell me why do they let him do drugs before trial start?

  • Tilly - 2011-12-06 15:54

    One thing is for sure, they all lack Logic! The government criminals fake "sickness" Winnie "can't remember" and now the new one ....blackout! Is it a Y, X or duh chromo malfunction? Eish!

      Shirley - 2011-12-06 16:05

      Maybe lack of chromosomes???

  • Mashudu - 2011-12-06 15:55

    JUB JUB You're playing wrong cards at a wrong time. Just admit it, You and Your friend killed those kids.

  • Larry - 2011-12-06 16:10

    Oh Please send this guy away and double his sentence, for perjuring himself, the lying Bas***d. It wont bring the Kids back, but it might give the parents some closure.

  • Lynn - 2011-12-06 16:19

    Lock the Lying sod away for good. Shameful.

  • procold2 - 2011-12-06 16:21

    the judge should make a call and tell all of them they are talking rubbish, give the verdict and the sentence before close of bussiness, they are going to appeal anyway and they are all wasting to much time and money now

  • Refiloe - 2011-12-06 16:26

    I have been following the story, to my knowledge according to the eye witnesses Maarohanye came out of the car sat down and started making phone calls on his cell phone. The eye witnesses were not happy that he did not show any remorse at the time. To him it was like nothing happened or the people who were lying there were not important because he is a celebrity. He must just join Jackie Selebi because they disregarded the lives of people. They over rated themselves.

      Monique - 2011-12-07 08:03

      I hope whoever supports him in his music has a change of heart!

  • Refiloe - 2011-12-06 16:30

    State is correct, Jub Jub wants to save his skin that is all. He is lying so much it hurts.

      Shirley - 2011-12-06 16:50

      Unfortunately not enough!!

  • Frikkie - 2011-12-06 16:50

    Die klein wetter en sy maatjies was al breindood voordat hulle begin jaag het. Jy weet jy moenie drugs gebruik nie, of is dit ook apartheid se skuld? Smeer maar jou pooper Vaseline. Tyrone wag vir julle

  • Carolmct - 2011-12-06 17:32

    I think they are just prolonging this case and Jub Jub lawyers know the truth........... Even if they manage not to charge him with murder the fact is that this incident will haunt him for the rest of his thats a fact.

  • Thombela Bulelani Isaac - 2011-12-06 17:38

    This is just a waste of time and money, these people were supposed to locked up a long time ago, why are they constantly given some getaway opportunities while other criminals (who got murder cases) are already serving their sentences..???..

  • Winifred - 2011-12-06 19:01

    jub jub you must take your punishment you know what you were doing was wrong at the time so you must suffer. I hope those poor dead kids come back to haunt your soul if you walk free. May the picture of those kids lying dead around you never allow you to close your eyes at night and may the sound of their screams deafen you.

  • Robert - 2011-12-06 21:37


  • Koos - 2011-12-06 22:25

    On The 23 January 1960 an angry mob attacked 4 white and 5 black policemen at the Cato Manor Police station; they butchered the men and mutilated the bodies. The mutilated bodies, with genitals stuffed in their mouths, were then dragged through the streets by the mob. Beware of the angry mob jub jub....

      mark.dennill - 2011-12-07 08:37

      The only way justice will be served properly is when these pieces of rubbish get released and the kangaroo court gets hold of them and they deserve nothing less

  • Jason - 2011-12-07 10:42

    Bubba is waiting for you JubJub, you know what you did, so stop f*cking about and go to prison already, thats where you belong my man!!

  • Christine - 2011-12-07 11:12

    It would be interesting to see the results of a drug test taken now.

  • Hennie - 2011-12-07 12:03

    Sue hulle, aangesien hule onder eet lieg, hulle vold wat die regering doen....

  • Teboho - 2012-10-15 14:29

    Nobody is above the law in this country.. jub jub must go to H**L for all i care. they killed and they must be sentenced

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