Strike affects Ekurhuleni waste services

2011-03-02 14:23

Johannesburg - The Ekurhuleni municipality will appoint private contractors to assist with the solid waste backlog caused by the ongoing SA Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) strike, the municipality said on Wednesday.

Municipal spokesperson Zweli Dlamini said contractors, who would soon be appointed by the municipality, were expected to start working before the end of the week.

They would continue working until the backlog was addressed and the situation returned to normal.

"Generally the service is rendered in most parts of the region. However, it has been derailed in Kempton Park, Springs, Edenvale and Nigel which have been hard hit by the ongoing Samwu action," Dlamini said in a statement.

"We further encourage members of the public, who have the means, to take their waste to the nearest waste disposal facility, which are within reach of residents in all the affected areas."

The available facilities were the Nigel Waste Transfer Station between 07:30 and 18:00, Heidelberg Road Transfer Station between 07:00 and 18:00, Chloorkop Landfill between 07:00 and 17:00 (a water and lights account would be required at this site).

"The striking workers have been using the very same uncollected garbage to trash the towns. Although the metro moves in to clean the mess in the evenings, the workers return to trash them during the day the next day."

Crimes won't be tolerated

Samwu members have been on strike in the province since February 14, three days after the dismissal of seven of their shop stewards who allegedly assaulted a presiding officer during a disciplinary hearing.

Strikes by the union took place on February 21, 22 and 23 in Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane.

"The strike has not been well-supported as the municipality is able to render services to communities and conduct its day-today-activities in almost all the suburbs.

"However, the area of solid waste removal and maintenance of parks has been hard hit in some areas, something which has resulted in us looking at alternative interventions," Dlamini said.

The Ekurhuleni municipality again warned workers embarking in the strike action to abstain from engaging in acts of vandalism, intimidation, looting, assault and other illegal activities as these crimes would not be tolerated by the employer.

"We have a court order against such acts of crime and we have already instructed the police and the EMPD to arrest and charge the perpetrators in this regard. The law will be taking its course and we will also act internally as a metro," Dlamini said.

  • Goodolafrica - 2011-03-02 14:38

    Yet again striking for the sake of it. Oh just wait till the rates and taxes bill arrives at the end of the month showing we must still pay for the removal days that these idiots were striking.

  • Goodolafrica - 2011-03-02 14:45

    How many times have we been told that an outsourced company would collect the rubbish.....Never happened yet and if it does they are intimidated by the striking workers not to collect the rubbish.....

  • BakkieB - 2011-03-02 15:02

    We have not had any rubbish collected for 3 weeks. NO I will not go and dump it myself as I will not get a discount on my refuse collection.

      Goodolafrica - 2011-03-02 15:08

      Also get irritated that the bloody hobo's keep digging in the flippin dustbins..

  • jayrozz6 - 2011-03-02 16:55

    Typical South Africans, they strike each time they are presented with the opportunity to do so. I believe our unskilled labour force is failing to understand the meaning of strike. Conflicts among employers and emloyees are resolved through negotiations. It clear to me that the struggle against apartheid has left a significant effect which is popularly is become a habit or culture around striking workforce. This can be supported by the fact that unions in our country have been in the front of struggle to gether with the political parties. The continuation of visible involve of trade unions in politics is likely to futher weaken the employer as largely they are the government. Intimidations among parties are also supportin strikes.

  • cosmic_99 - 2011-03-03 07:22

    Will these fools actually do some work for a change? So sick and tired of grown ups having tantrums. I was at the Licensing department on Monday - those employees dont even deserve a salary never mind an increase.

  • - 2011-03-03 15:05

    What has happened to the contingency plan which supposedly was in place to collect refuse in Ekurhuleni or has Dlamini also gone on strike? All the uncollected refuse is now a health hazard.

  • christodup - 2011-03-03 15:50

    This has been going on for 3 weeks and our area(Kempton Park)is a total mess. Is the munisipality going to refund the the ratepayers for services paid for but not rendered? (just asking!) We should all go and dump our rubbish, including old paint, on the city council's front door. Then they will make plans to get the situation under control.

  • My5cents - 2011-03-03 17:00

    I would like to know whether all these strikers can now be fired for dereliction of duty. Why can't the municipality employ non-union workers? Scared of losing votes? What do they care - they will still cash their salary cheques at the end of the month. Meanwhile the residents drown in a sea of rotting garbage.

  • Kailif - 2011-03-08 07:34

    We pay for waste disposal but when it doesn't happen no credits are passed to our utilities accounts. Now we must dispose of it ourselves - how? Rent a bakkie? Or put the stinking, filthy, smelly stuff in our cars if we happen to own cars? And then also pay at the municipal waste dump to get rid of the waste? Assuming these government officials ever had any marbles I am convinced they have all since long lost it. There is no discipline in RSA any more and they have no control over their employees or contractors and then they expect the public to solve their problems but still pay them for services not rendered?

  • Vanessa - 2011-03-10 13:01

    Edenvale stinks and is now a serious health hazard. Stop catering to these idiots and fire the lot of them and get this mess sorted out.

  • Elizabeth - 2012-05-23 13:38

    Dear sir mad I'm interestet in thi jop

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