Strike closes 23 Western Cape schools

2012-03-08 12:31

Cape Town - The mass protest action by Cosatu forced 23 schools in the Western Cape to close, according to a report on Thursday.

The Cape Times quoted education MEC Donald Grant's spokesperson as saying the problem of students staying away was particularly evident in the city centre.

"We received reports of absenteeism at some of our 'commuter' schools... due to transport arrangements being affected," Bronagh Casey said.

She added that the majority of provincial schools were unaffected.

Congress of SA Students president Bongani Mani on Tuesday called for teachers and pupils to participate in protests.

Grant hit back at the call, saying it was irresponsible to keep children away from their future through education.

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  • Jaz - 2012-03-08 12:44

    I bet no white schools affected.

      Anthony - 2012-03-08 13:20

      I thought the strike was a success apparently not

      J.A.Rademan - 2012-03-08 13:56

      Obviously not Jaz, in those shools the priority of the teachers is teaching, not politics. White parents don't allow their kids to be used as pawns.

      springbokke - 2012-03-08 14:11

      @ J.A. RADEMAN....Well said sir i commend you. ...To add, Home schooling sir, is the way to go....[ personal opinion.]

      Poloyatonki - 2012-03-08 16:06

      I think its because whites have everything, they dont have a thing to strike about.

      monique.dutoit - 2012-03-13 18:02

      What exactly is a"white"school. I see learners going to 2 schools in Wynberg on a daily basis, and I can assure you that at both of these schools there are more learners of colour attending them than "whites". As far as I am aware all schools are open to all learners irrespective of the colour of their skin

  • Peter-Peter - 2012-03-08 12:52

    'If you have toilets...but not enough, burn the ones you have in protest that you need more.' Thats right...stop the kids from getting an education...then complain that there aren't enough people with brains to complete a job...are these guys absolutely hellbent on effing this country up even more by stopping learnes?? The movie "Idiocracy" is the template of the new SA

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-08 12:53

      BTW, that wasnt a quote...just my understand of the protester mind

      Jaz - 2012-03-08 13:02

      "Don't worry, scrote. There are plenty of 'tards out there living really kick-ass lives. My first wife was 'tarded. She's a pilot now."

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-08 14:19

      lol... About Me: HR Manager Good looking Married My banking details are FNB 980980198, George with pin no. 8768. My age is a secret. thanks for the laugh Jaz

  • Nick - 2012-03-08 13:17

    This is all part of cANCer's plan to keep their voters uneducated and gullable so they remain in powers. Tribal Dictatorship at it's best!!

      Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-03-08 13:52

      All ANC supporters(myself included) are uneducated and stupid, we'll never put whites in power. Get over that fact or go home!

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-08 14:18

      lol, just proved your point

      Bob - 2012-03-08 14:31

      Duncan, obviously you will never put whites in power, I live in hope that one day you will put a goverment in power that look after all S Africans, that party exists, they are called the DA, they are not a white party, they are made up of creeds and cultures from all walks in this country, give them a try, if they fail you can always go back to the ANC in only 4 short years, what have you got to lose, give them a chance.

      Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-03-08 14:31

      Hehehehehe Daniel u just took the words right out of my mouth, These guys will complain forever, Question is does anybody care? No we don't , just to repeat what u already know ANC will still lead this country ( or kill it as u always say) deal with it or go to Australia....

  • J.A.Rademan - 2012-03-08 13:52

    Only in SA is it Ok to USE kids to further a political agenda. Pathetic ignorant parents not in charge of their kids anymore. Rubbish too slapgat to be called teachers condoning this. You will reap what you sow. This type of mentality will be the end of SA.

  • Mtshezi Yonk'insipho Iyawasha Mkhize - 2012-03-08 14:34

    Amazes me that White People say that this country is dying, Why don't they leave u are stupid if u leave in a country that. Is dying, if Apartheid couldn't kill this country the worst form of governance nothing will, if u think something will do us a favour and leave our country!!!!

      Tanya Viljoen - 2012-03-08 15:43

      Again. Why does this have to become a race issue? And it is not \your\ country, it is the country belonging to everyone who were born here.

  • Lee - 2012-03-08 14:40

    well to all that just want to strike think about this dont strike for your wages,salary strike about those that waste it well stop the fuel increase, fuel price going up everything going up, the fuel are sold cheapper outside south africa the same as electricity

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